Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth begins the 4th quarter of Self-Existing Seed Year

“MAY PEACE PREVAIL!” kept echoing through TMQ’s mind as her heart resonated with the mournful tunes of the Scottish bagpipe players  at the local A.N.Z.A.C. observance.  On April 25, 1915, the Australia New Zealand Army Corps landed and engaged in war with Turkey, on the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  “The Allied Forces encountered unexpectedly stiff resistance, and both sides suffered enormous loss of life.”   Every year, hundreds of Kiwis visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day which is a national holiday.

As she watched various sorts of military groups in full regalia, TMQ pondered the irony of the harmonious household of Magnetic Mirror (18.8 and 20.6) which also contains a big Chocolate Labrador named Anzac, and a tiny AbyssinianGo to fullsize image cat named Oma, named for the Original Matrix Attained- (she  first met Valum Votan and Stephanie South exactly 39 Moons ago at Lamat Home.  She looks like the cat pictured here).  Our two pets (and their names) illustrate the dominating aggressive forces of 12:60 and the intelligent, smaller (but growing) loving and Peaceful  aspects of 13:20.  As the world teeters on the verge of World War III, let’s do all we can to ensure that we evolve towards the Original Matrix Attained.

The Code Spell for Kin 17:  Red Self-Existing Earth is:  “I Define in order to Evolve.  Measuring Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of  Navigation with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Space”

Red Self-existing Skywalker
Blue Self-existing Hand Red Self-existing Earth White Self-existing Wind
  Yellow Planetary Seed

Antipode 7.4, Self-Existing Hand  represents 144 in Mayan notation.     Kin 39,  Blue Cosmic Storm is the G-Force of  today’s Guide, Self-Existing Skywalker.  The tone of the Occult, Planetary Seed, matches the tone of this Planetary World-Bridger Moon and of the PSI for Planetary 22:  Planetary Serpent.   The G-force for Kin 17 is Blue Cosmic Night.

 Seal 17, Earth.  The Union-Practice  has “already been done“.  Earth, the indivisibility of all-evolving Time and Consciousness, is the Synchronicity (union-practice) of knower and known.  Earth or Navigator or “Keeper of the Synchronic Codes” exemplifies Synchronicity as the Intelligence of Hunab Ku.”  SP- Uranus;  Core;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart. 

The Planetary Cube Journey ends  Synchronistically on the Kin that corresponds to Solar Prophetic Uranus and the Heart of our Earth, manifesting the connection between the two planets of the critical Third ‘Telektonon Circuit’ which is the object of our Cube Journey  each Moon.

Heptad 40 always corresponds to Pluto and Maldek.  “Enlightenment/Timelessness Cell Established.”

Week 40 and Week 52 are both coded by the Master Codon 45 which governs this 4th Quarter.


Principle of Dynamic Construction Released into Time




████▌▐████    U▫C▫G

████▌▐████    SERINE

████▌▐████ Lay the Bottom line on the Bottom of the  Cube:  Yin;  SPACE.

      DALI 22:  Target;  SP-Saturn;  Crown “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Throne;  Christ;  Omni-Galactic Source.  Today we begin building the Sensory Quantum of the Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom.

Each day of Week Four in the 7:7:7:7  corresponds to two Moons: One of the Last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun (which are coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses), and one of the Seven Mystic Moons between the Moon containing  the 12/21/2012 Solstice and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013. 

DALI 22 corresponds to White Crystal Wizard which codes Moon 194 which begins on April 30, 2012.  The 1st Mystic Moon 2013, coded by Kin 202 is also fractally time-compressed into Dali 22.

Telektonon Day 22:  “New Jerusalem;  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete 2012.”  Telepathic Redemption of the Lost Planets becomes source of never-ending Victory!”

Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence   Bolon Ik’s 9th Weaving.  “New Jerusalem as the Crown of Divine Intelligence worn by every Human.”  “By my instinctual conscious Warrior power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of  Humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal Life!”  “BY THE POWER OF THE CUBE, MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”

Red Self-Existing Earth codes “one of the most widely read and most beloved writers in English literature,” Jane Austen.  

   Some of her popular novels were set in the first two  locales, and she was accorded the honor of burial at Westminster Abbey.  Kin 17 is also the Galactic Signature of several ‘Activists’.  Julia Maria Hernandez is an El Salvadoran Human Rights activist.  Elijah Muhammad is an American Muslim spiritual leader.  Eleanor Smeal is a Feminist who was the President of the National Organization of Women.

Red Self-Existing Earth is referred to as Nahui Ollin in “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.   “In the center of the Sunstone is an Eagle bowl representing our Sun.  The four glyphs around the center circle represent the four past worlds…  4 Earthquake (Caban, Earth) is Nahui Ollin, the symbol that contains the whole form of the central core of the Sunstone.  …The Nahui Ollin is the summation of all the previous world catastrophes…On Nahui Ollin of  2000 (May 5), eight of the planets were lined up on one side of the Sun, with the Earth on the other side.  Much has changed since then…Many people do not realize that the Apocalypse is happening now, in slow motion.”

“The shaking Earth is at the center of the Solar ring.   With the accurate measure of 13 Moons, each with 28 days, the Solar Ring can be made conscious and harmonically normalized.”  The  name (page 179) of the Community upon which we are  modeling ours,  is:  “Circle of the Solar Ring;  Community of the Cube.”

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 22.      Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence        Kin 17:  Synchronicity

9 thoughts on “Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth begins the 4th quarter of Self-Existing Seed Year

  1. P.E.TS.>S.T.E.P.:>
    (60):(: Galactic Sun :)(20.8)

    In Cube(441)(144).

    We Attain. Our Origin.
    We Express, Our Importance.

    We Perfect What We Do?
    Through Our Vibrant Tone of ART.
    Our Dedication To The Promotion of Galactic Culture.
    This Culture is Attained.
    This Culture is Of Crest 13 Importance?
    With Desire,Devotion,Dedication, D.O.G.SS.G.O.D.
    As We are intertwined in Vertice Formality.
    Star Group Meditation.
    Serpent Power of Like Force. To Continue.

    Diversity is Optional.
    As well, as Shapeshifting..
    Ill Remain In Solar D.o.g. Form?

    Silently Becoming Eye.Solar.(Serpent):

    The Code Spell for Kin 17: Red Self-Existing Earth is: “I Define in order to Evolve. Measuring Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Self-Existing tone of Form. I am guided by the power of Space”.

    I will Hold Matrix.
    I will Be a Rainbow Bridge Constructo.
    A Servant to The Sacred Elders.
    A servant to (-E-)Star Council.

    Our paths have not only Crossed,we are becoming One.A cooperative Unit for Sacred Vision of Timeship2013. Ship.Earth.


  2. “Homonoosphericus is the first stage of soul consciousness, evolving out of the Material plane.

    Homo-Noosphericus realizes through whole body perception,that the mind is the planet, and the planet the Mind.

    The Human Body is just a little transistor unit with the potential to enter into a much larger mental consciousness/spiritual field.

    We are at the ultimate stage of Cosmic History: Catalyzing Involution to


    From Density To Light.

    Cosmic History:
    An initiation that transitions those sincere seekers, from the condition of materialist consciousness, to increased levels of cosmic consciousness.

    Cosmic History encourages you to take time to know your mind. If you can see what the limits, of your present state of mind are., then u can go beyond”
    C.H.C. Volume 2
    Book of the Avatar
    Valum Votan / Red Queen


  3. Long count-in-G the moon…
    Rises the we’Avatars…oceans…c’ocha…
    Regala…gebo…ripens the throne…
    G-rounding in EDUEN…FullSpectrum alphabeta…112 Galactic Hue-man…
    Sea-Ys…mira mira…look to the PSI…
    PSI be-rings mi to Galactic 6…
    Mira’! Look to the PSI!
    Light searing torch initiates transcendence…
    The NeverEnding Story! May Peace Prevail!
    Dive-in…Ali connected in this daya…
    Galactic 6…Solar Birthday of Helena Roerich…who’s galactic’light signiture-
    Rings in at 230…Solar D.O.G…
    Knowledge initiates the view…
    merry-in-the-age…weaving solife as-send-DANCE!
    through the valleys of death…Kali
    ‘death refers to the storehouse of spiritual power that we can draw from in this life to enhance the meaninG of our journey’ beloved kin185
    we-ork-in-G at th speed of light…full spectrum
    G.O.D.S y GeoDiosas!
    Eve-Ry Spirit has the Chi-(d)ance to fly!
    Be…bee bumble…
    not too humle…not to proud…
    But say it OH so LOUD!

    Cloud free-Orm-in-G…
    SeaY- Mt. St. Helens last eruption…
    5/18/1981—Kin115–spectral eagle…
    connecTea-in-G seaElf exit-in-G earth
    crystal mirror=Kin 55 electric eagle…=androgynus cooperaT-ion–
    and david bowie…
    EDUEN house con-figures at electric moon–kin 29
    Michelle Obama is kin 29–
    EDUEN house=29
    Asha-land (crew of 3 met on electric-warrior–signiturs add up to Kin 16
    LasVegas14(discovered on wizardofOZone)=kin98
    crystal mirror+2daya (PSI!)=kin55
    -E-Star G-EYE-did=11
    = Kin61 solar dragon…
    + V.V. 11
    +R.Q. 185
    +TMQ 138=334-260= Kin 74 solar wizard…
    198 G-old-eden maiden
    139 Diana
    51 MHB
    60 P.V.
    230 Helena Roerich…
    239 (Vickey…geodiosa enTerG-in-G
    =917-441(3T)=476-260=216kin Galactic Warrior
    AWESOME VAST BLUE SKY! 199+216-260
    kin155= crystal eagle…
    Nicholas Roerich kin204
    Isreal Morph Dwarf kin247
    PolsishPavleeko kin84= kin94 electric wizard….
    ….be-ra-inG it oma….
    -E-Star Afa kin153
    Makahiki kin200
    13Ben…..=kin106 lunar worldbridger
    94= reduced by 260= KIN 230 SOLAR D.O.G
    Rowena Pattee Kryder…
    PG. 169-172
    + 25 Black Buffalo/Cosmic Body-Agent in the Creative World of the New Earth-Human Actualization–Key phrases–Wholeheartedly Incorporating New Knowledge–Standing in Balance in Vast Extremes–Transforming Passion into Compassion–COMPASSPRTALS–Stone Ulexite
    Symbols 101,102,103,104+pages=25 SeaBuffaLotus…=kin 235
    235 reduced by 260= KIN 205

    2 Geodiosas arrive…Glenda (the good witch, kin116)
    and Louise (Thelma…we are flying…Kin110)

    205+116+110=Kin 171 Lunar mon=key…
    Lunar Monkey+Mt. St.Helens Eruption=kin 26
    Cosmic Worldbridger….
    13th Clear Sign…..COMPASSPORTAL to Magnetic Moon 23
    wavespell of the wizard…seli…wunjo-!JOY YOJ! That Ripens the Avatar…
    ‘Eye endure in order to equalize
    Transcendin-G opporTUNE-it-E
    I seal the store of death
    with the cosmic tone of presence
    I am G-EYE-Did by the power of HEART! (hello age-in helena…)

    wade(underGround ArkiTect arrives kin11)
    KanoeT Ia…kin85 arrives… (As Eye am drawIN-G a Rainbow Ship…canoe..T!..Ia!!! Ia…
    Obama…Magnetic Night kin183
    ‘Kevin’…with Bell-ize and Ghana…Resonant Night…kin123
    Mary-Lin/counter to Kevin= Kin 8 (our Star!)
    26 (clear sign)
    11 (wade)
    123 (kevin)
    183 obama
    29 m. obama
    8 mary-lin-star…
    PSI CHRONO WOVEN/IN-Vesta (geodiosa of the hearth…)-Ed (guardian of the riches)…through sole-atom–3 fields…Roerich solove….soluna…solife…
    p.s. Clark….p.s. Seal the Ark!
    with faith we have wINGs…
    (drawIN-G-s commence…doodle….mi OsheArt….)

    Muse-IK-All notes con-Tin-U 4 8 moi-rrrrrrrrr pages 4 this daya…
    but eye leave these 4 pages-sages…late now…eyes we-ent HIM…
    JAH-Tropha tree makes an appearence…
    polonia tree…
    one-infinite-tree-of- know-in-G the ledge… 138!
    Love 100, love 133, love 242 love love love ALL of U!
    In this daya…compassportaled bi galactic 6- Eye
    EnTerG MI
    Hidden Tree-Assures…Kin 174
    and ‘The Give-IN-G Tri’ to close cycle…
    2G-Ether in LOVE EVOL….kin85
    7 SeaR-PAN-Tea Resonates through the 13 B-RA-IN-CHI’s
    in the TRI…
    G-Round-it in the SeaStars…

  4. this very line on the bottom vibrates quite a hymne:

    N. S. 1. 22. 10. 22. Cube Sixteen: Intelligence Kin 17: Synchronicity

    twice the number 22 strikes here while it a tippingpoint of the prime bird 18 oncoming on URdaya in Kweak : OVERT’ONE MIRROR

    then 1+10 vibrate 11 which indeed gives 55 as the sum: 5×11

    and 11 aligns to kin011 – VV himself 😉

    Here Intelligence speaks Synchron i : CITY = TOLLAN

    skydivine’ & kiTesurfinG ~~~ “happyme”

  5. the 45 codon in the 4th quarter vibrates 13 (4+5+4)

    and this is decisive – as mycards spell the overTone Mirror’s URdaya Effect 😉


    quite a message there in “octave” …
    can u feel that, my beloveth kin-dear?

    45 also brings 1 by 5-4 and 20 via 4×5 as a pro-(via-)duct

    quite a game “this life” aYe

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