Kin 19; Blue Rhythmic Storm codes Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

The Code Spell for Kin 19;  Blue Rhythmic Storm is:  “I Organize in order to Catalyze.  Balancing Energy, I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Blue Rhytmic Storm
Red Rhytmic Moon Blue Rhytmic Storm Yellow Rhytmic Sun
  White Galactic Wind

The Antipode, Kin 149, Red Rhythmic Moon codes the Telektonon card for Moon Day 19/ Cube 13, and it is also the G-Force for today.  The PSI Chrono Kin of G.A.P. 7.4,  Blue Self-Existing Hand codes Planetary Moon Days 23, 24 and 25.  Today’s Analog is Kin 240:  Yellow Rhythmic Sun.  Our Sun is designated as Velatropa 24, so on this 24th day of the Planetary Moon, here are recent images of of  Velatropa 24  and 24.3 (our Planet).   🙂

      These stunning photos were taken by the new Solar Dynamics Observatory.
The Postulate for 19.6 states:  “The Synchronic Order of the Universe, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time, defines the “Divine Plan“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the Cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as “Revelation“.
Kin 11 plus Kin 138 = Kin 149.  On Cosmic 14 of year 4.4,  TMQ enters her 13.2 year, which added to 6.4 (Valum Votan’s current year), becomes KIN 19:   Rhythmic Storm.  We will enter GM108X and the Seventh Year of the Mystery of the Stone as Blue Rhythmic Storm, which is our ‘G-Force for Life’.  (Written at 11:11 a.m. !)
 Seal 19, Storm.  The Sign of Success has “already appeared.”  Storm catalyzing energy is the success of the field needing the rain.  Storm or World-Changer” exemplifies energy and self-generation as the Love of Hunab Ku**“.  SP-Pluto;  Gateway;  South Pole;  Root
Today we complete the first Solar-Prophetic Circuit of the 33rd Galactic spin.
GAMMA 24:   Pacify;  SP- Neptune;  3rd Eye:  ‘My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.”   MYSTERY;  Pacal Votan;  Hunab Ku**.  We complete the Unified Field Sensory Quantum, and build the Front of the Radion Cube.  On Day 3 of each week, we “Create the Triplet” by laying the 3rd line on the Left face of the  Codon’s Cube: Codon 45:  Ocean of Presence;  ████▌▐████  Yin;  SPACE.
GAMMA 24:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION;  Moon 196,  Yellow Magnetic Warrior. (Synchronistically, 196 is Valum Votan and Stephanie South’s combined Kin).  Today also corresponds to the 3rd Mystic Moon, 2013, coded by Kin 204:  Solar Seed, and to the year of Blue Resonant Storm.  Today, 19.6, added to the Moon (6.10) and the Year (4.4) equals 9.7 (Resonant Moon) which is the Antipode of Resonant Storm.
Telektonon Day 24:  Heaven Walk Day One.  Bolon Ik and Pacal Votan part again, to return to their respective Navigation Tower and  Accomplishment Tower.  24 (6×4)  We focus on the Telecosmic number power of Cosmic form:  4.  During Week Four, we Become the Victory of Prophecy.
Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm codes the  Austrian-born American Physicist,  Systems Theorist and Author, Fritjof Capra, who was born 8 days after Valum Votan.   Capra’s first book, The Tao of Physics” challenged  “conventional wisdom by demonstrating striking parallels between ancient mystical traditions and the discoveries of 20th century physics”.Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageFive of Fritjof Capra’s books have become International Best-Sellers.
From the “Master Synchronic Code Book“,  which was compiled by Kin around the globe, we learn about the 19 CodeThe 19 Code is based on the Quranic Revelation 19=260, a higher dimensional mathematical code to establish a Noospheric Resonance for the Closing of the Cycle 2012.  The basis of the 13 Gates of Redemption is the 19 Strand that perfectly codes the Tzolkin.  Beginning at the lower left (at Kin 19, today) and continuing to the upper right, the 13 multiples of 19 within the Tzolkin  make a perfect diagonal strand, the only such one within the Tzolkin.”
“Moreover, in the dot bar vigesimal notation, every multiple of 19 adds up to 19.”  “19 is the Supreme Number that underlies the Mathematical code of the Quran.  The numbers of verses of the 6 Suras (chapters)  of the Quran that are multiples of 19 add up to 260.  Hence, 19 = 260.”
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N.  S.  1. 22. 10. 24.   Telepathic Enlightenment.       Kin 19

8 thoughts on “Kin 19; Blue Rhythmic Storm codes Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

  1. Lovely Night.
    Last Mom-ents of kin 18.

    Eye was told Eye was on “thin ice”.
    At my Place of 12.60.$.
    I replied. “Its too cold for that.”:)
    O.k. he states to Sky.

    “Someone would die for your job.” He states.

    Sky, replies”many already have,yah can have it back”?

    I Feel Tired. yet Amuzed?

    Not in the Mood.?


    New Daya!Organizing.
    Grandpa on Mind.Kin

    “Beautiful” E.m.i.n.e.m.>m.e.n.-I-.m.e.

    Lately I’ve been hard to reach I’ve been too long on my own Everybody has a private world
    Where they can be alone
    Are you calling me, are you trying to get through
    Are you reaching out for me, I’m reaching out for you

    I’m just so fuckin’ depressed I just can seem to get out this slump
    If I could just get over this hump
    But I need something to pull me out this dump I took my bruises, took my lumps
    Fell down and I got right back up But I need that spark to get psyched back up
    In order for me to pick the mic back up
    I don’t know how or why or when I ended up in this position I’m in
    I’m starting to feel distant again
    So I decided just to pick this pen
    Up and try to make an attempt to vent
    But I just can’t admit Or come to grips, with the fact that I may be done with rap
    I need a new outlet I know some shits so hard to swallow
    And I just can’t sit back and wallow
    In my own sorrow
    But I know one fact I’ll be one tough act to follow
    One tough act to follow I’ll be one tough act to follow
    Here today, gone tomorrow
    But you have to walk a thousand miles

    I think I’m starting to lose my sense of humor
    Everything is so tense and gloom
    I almost feel like I gotta check the temperature in the room
    Just as soon as I walk in
    It’s like all eyes on me
    So I try to avoid any eye contact
    ’cause if I do that then it opens a door for conversation
    Like I want that… I’m not looking for extra attention
    I just want to be just like you
    Blend in with the rest of the room
    Maybe just point me to the closest restroom I don’t need no fucking man servant
    Trying to follow me around, and wipe my ass
    Laugh at every single joke I crack
    And half of them ain’t even funny like
    Ah Marshall, you’re so funny man, you should be a comedian, god damn
    Unfortunately I am, but I just hide behind the tears of a clown
    So why don’t you all sit down
    Listen to the tale I’m about to tell
    Hell, we don’t gotta trade our shoes
    And you ain’t gotta walk no thousand miles


    But don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful
    Oh They can all get fucked.
    Just stay true to you so
    Don’t let ’em say you ain’t beautiful
    Oh They can all get fucked. Just stay true to you so

    Nobody asked for life to deal us
    With these bullshit hands we’re dealt
    We have to take these cards ourselves
    And flip them, don’t expect no help
    Now I could have either just
    Sat on my ass and pissed and moaned
    Or take this situation in which I’m placed in
    And get up and get my own
    I was never the type of kid
    To wait by the door and pack his bags
    Who sat on the porch and hoped and prayed
    For a dad to show up who never did
    I just wanted to fit in
    At every single place
    Every school I went
    I dreamed of being that cool kid
    Even if it meant acting stupid

    Aunt Edna always told me keep makin’ that face it’ll get stuck like that
    Meanwhile I’m just standin’ there
    Holdin’ my tounge tryna talk like this
    ‘Till I stuck my tounge on that frozen stop sign poll at 8 years old
    I learned my lesson then cause I wasn’t tryna impress my friends no mo’
    But I already told you my whole life story
    Not just based on my description
    ’cause where you see it from where you’re sitting
    Is probably 110% different
    I guess we would have to walk a mile
    In each other’s shoes, at least
    What size you where? I wear tens
    Let’s see if you can fit your feet


    Lately I’ve been hard to reach I’ve been too long on my own
    Everybody has a private world Where they can be alone… so
    Are you calling me, are you trying to get through oh
    Are you reaching out for me, I’m reaching out for you
    so oh oh

    Yea… To my babies. Stay strong.
    Daddy will be home soon
    And to the rest of the world, god gave you the shoes
    That fit you, so put em on and wear em
    And be yourself man, be proud of who you are
    Even if it sounds corny,
    Don’t ever let no one tell you, you ain’t beautiful

  2. G-O-D night mi amo-rays…
    SOL G-Ra-T-E-full…
    ‘what did they walk on?’
    kin 64…crystal seed…
    in hand…
    in heart…
    in mind…
    in spirit…
    planted in the coreOfdezone..
    dreaminG d.o.o.t.s…..
    kisses to the VAST BLUE SKY!!!!

  3. So I got my paint chips back from my Self-existing Seed – she is a prolific painter and they have been at her house for the last five months to channel her hue-cus. A request for numerical interpretation:

    Galaxz tm by Dunn Edwards
    They were printed in Canada in 5/93. (Hey Girl!)

    On the Blue-green strip that I am represented – and I really can’t believe it:

    Top to Botttom – Darkest to Lightest

    1. Jewel Green – DE 394 U1 – My Grandmother’s first name is Jewell, only living grandparent at pre-sent.

    2. Prussian – DE 393 M2 – endless fascination on Eastern European construct – there is so much codebreaking to be done – “Gott Mis Uns” the LAUGHING HOLLOW HEADED PORTAL KING?? What?

    3. Krissy – DE 392 M2 – My nickname as a child (2-5) was “Kissy Chrissie” because I HAD TO, MAN! LOL 😉

    4. Solar Flare – DE 391 L2 – UH…..I actually heard Keanu (DOGSTAR is his band, for Xrists sake) say, “Whoa,” in my head. What was that again S’ace?
    I paused in the middle of composing this to express com-pass-ion with 93k and had planned to re-post that amazing solar flare video, but you already have the still in a coll-age so I needent! 🙂 (:

    5. Infinity – DE 390 L1 – ‘Nuf said.

    6. Equaly Yours – DE 389 L1 – ‘Nuf said.

    7. Promise Me – DE 388 L1 – ‘Nuf said.

    8. Queen’s Way – DE 387 L1 – Jaw dropped in disbelief.


  4. i just looked at the moon – quite dampY from here …

    by that flash i count the infinite water fractals communicating the night …

    TED brings a Guy named WOLFRAM and his SCIENTIFIC approach sets attention on triangle graph …

    it reminds me to the PASCAL theoretic walktalks which caused him to be a target …

    a comment vibrates “this is the kind of thing that makes massive change”

    parallel uniQverses are definitely revelating and shifting 3th dimensional bars …

    entering SUN7 about 7 hours from this spot ~ when the dawn arises the dutch edge ~ leyline between sea and land …

    catalyzing noo 😉

    • I read about this in Wired a few months ago – and they said it “failed the ‘cool test.'” Meaning that the “Q factor” of pop culture identification based largely on the purchasing habits of the youth culture – read: acceptable losses – didn’t permeate through to the elite of the Technocracy as a viable BUSINESS MODEL – but as an app (33) for the iphone at $50 US it’s being used by the edge of the populace for unprecedented mathematical awareness capture – M-pathy – (and I tried three times to make that quotation mark lay straight next to the “Q, and it won’t. Figure that one out. Never mind – it sorted itself out. Weird/Wired! And yes, my screen is clean. 😉 ) Stephen Wolfram EXPLAINING application – wow. Infinite Improbability Drive Evolution Commences. I showed it to Mr. PVCS, and as a regional inventory control manager for a major food manufacturing corporation – it was like I gave him bone and he threw it at the Monolith. 😉 But I kid, your comment is going to have a large ripple (read: booze, again KIDDING,) effect immediately. KNOWLEDGE (no ledge! You can’t ever really fall off the mountain.) IS POWER. To CHANNEL, GUIDE, NURTURE, LOVE and send on it’s m-err-y way. It is not ours, and yet we wield it. What grace.


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