G.A.P. Kin 22: Solar Wind codes Planetary World-Bridger Moon Limi 27

The Code Spell for Kin 22:  White Solar Wind is:  “I Pulse in order to Communicate.  Realizing Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

White Solar Mirror
Yellow Solar Human White Solar Wind Red Solar Earth
  Blue Overtone Storm

Today’s Occult is  a G.A.P.:  Kin 239;  Blue Overtone Storm.   The G-force of Kin 22 is 8.2, Kin 28,  Yellow Lunar Star, which also appears on the 7:7:7:7 card for today.  The ‘Harmonic of Polar Light” is 288-260 = 28.   The PSI for these 3 days is  G.A.P. Kin 154, Spectral Wizard, which also codes our GSC, and whose G-Force of Galactic Seed codes our Cube Kin James, and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  Happy Galactic Birthday to S’ace!  Kin 22  was  among the first to comment at this blog, and his prolific and creative input is thought-provoking, encouraging  and appreciated!

Postulate 2.9 states:  “Higher evolved stellar systems and other Galactic orders** may investigate other lesser evolved systems through various advanced forms of Time Travel, but may not interfere in any way with the stream of consciousness, until it has evolved to the point of moment-to-moment self-reflective consciousness.  Only mutual telepathic awareness or recognition is allowed.”

 Seal 2. Wind.  The Mandala has “already been laid out since the beginning.”  Wind communicates Spirit, the essence of which is the Mandala of the original order.  Wind or High Priestessholds the Power and Spirit of Prophecy at the second light gate–the Darka Pole–the South Pole of the  Galactic order**.  The High Priestess exemplifies Spirit as the command of Prophecy.”  GK-Uranus ;  Core;  Equatorial Regions;  Heart. 

LIMI 27:  Purifies;  GK-Neptune;  Solar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Transcendance;  Padmasambhave;  AA Midway Station.  On the 6th day of each week, we complete the Radion Cube (Left Side) and the Top of the Codon Cube: ████▌▐████ (Yin;  SPACE

LIMI 27:  Corresponds to Kin 199, Blue Self-Existing Storm, which codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s “Awesome Vast Blue Sky”  Bolontiku, and the 6th of the 7  Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns.  The 6th Mystic Moon, coded by Kin 207:  Blue Crystal Hand is also fractally time-compressed into LIMI 27.  Today is also the final 21st day of the ‘extended’ Cube.  The 7:7:7:7 calls Limi 27:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY.

Telektonon Day 27:  Bolon Tiku:  The Summoning of the conscious power of 9.  Having received the summoning power of the 13 Oxlahuntiki, today Bolon Ik receives the power of the 9 Lords of Time, Bolon Tiku, the summoning power of 9 in the unconscious.

To read more about 9′s and 13′s, see Kin 205 (Moi)’s lovely comment on the Kin 21 post.  Seal 13 (Christine) has posted many fascinating comments this week.   Also, check out Kin 129  (Moon=Seal 9, M=13) (Melovia)’s wonderful response to the Day-out-of-Time appeal.  She  shares this  from Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac:”

The Codon 45, Ocean of Presence: In the traditional I Ching, Tsui/Gathering Together (Massing). Here in the upper triplet we have joy/the Wizard’s Song, and in the lower position, we have the Space triplet. This denotes the potential of space to accommodate a great gathering ~ hence Joy/the Wizard’s Song. Since the lower triplet Space also represents the Earth, this denotes the kind of gathering that is synchronized every year on the Day Out of Time.... If such gatherings are marked by a predominant feeling of spontaneous joy then the positive vibrations set off by such mass events can be Earth-transforming. In terms of the binary letters, here we have Mind between Space below and Radiance above. It is evident that if Mind is supported by Space (the meaning of natural mind meditation) there can be a release of transformative joy into the higher dimensions. This meaning of Oceans of Presence has great significance for the world-wide gatherings of 2012.”

Kin 22 is known as the Galactic Signature of Bolon Ik.  Page 11 of the “Galactic Meditation’ says this about her:  The great Pacal (Votanwas of a matrilineal descent, the right restorer and inheritor of the primal mother lineage and, hence, of the Divine command.  But the son (Chan Balum who inherited Pacal’s Earthly kingdom) was of Pacal, and not of  matrilineal descent, and so, in compensation, Chan  Balum and his successors glorified by inscription,  the sign of the Primal Mother of the Dynasty, Bolon Ik.” 

To give recognition to his true spiritual heir, Pacal Votan arranged for Lady Kabal Xok to be buried in Temple XIII
 (13), next to his, and with the same jade mask which denotes an equal spiritual attainment.  When discovered in 1994, she was covered in red cinnabar and is now known as the Red Queen.

Go to fullsize image Image Preview Go to fullsize image Palenque 13 by bareknuckleyellow.

This current news report shows how much the concept of a Queen has changed:  http://www.whoownstheworld.com/about-the-book/largest-landowner/  ‘Queen Elizabeth II… is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.  She is the world’s largest landowner by a significant margin’, and the richest individual on Earth!

When we have returned to the Natural Harmony of the 13:20 Frequency, such inequities (and even the concept of  ‘ownership’ of our beautiful Earth) will cease to exist.

Tomorrow we begin a very Magical Transition from the Planetary World-Bridger Moon of Manifestation to the Spectral Hand Moon of Liberation!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 10. 27.    eCube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY     Kin 22:  SPIRIT

21 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 22: Solar Wind codes Planetary World-Bridger Moon Limi 27

  1. Galactic Greetings TMQ!!
    This is Melovia’s sister, Mari here.
    My partner & I have only recently been introduced to Law of Time but are keen to learn… intrigued and fascinated as we visit your site. We would be honoured to be added to the Cube on this Kin 22 Day !

    Mari: Kin 192, Yellow Planetary Human, Core Family, Western Canada

    Chaz: Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed, Gateway Family, Western Canada

    Thank you so much… for all that you are… for all that you share!!
    Sending love,

    • Warmest Welcome to you, Mari and Chaz!

      It’s a delight to add both of your special Kins to our Cube, and it is the impetus ‘needed’ for TMQ to update and energize it this week.

      ThankYou for your lovely comments. 🙂

      And, thanks to Melovia for introducing you to the Law of Time and TMQ.
      Your G.A.P. Kin is an anagram of her Kin 129.

      Lots of Love to our Kin in Western Canada 🙂

  2. Happy Happy Galactic B-day S’ace
    Ur So Appreciated.
    Eye’m so Blessed to be U.
    Ur Loved through Rainbow Sacredness.
    Thank U.
    Thank u.
    Thank U.
    Eye Love U
    Crest 13?

  3. G.A.P.
    Lovely daya To Be U.
    Thanks shall be Fun in Spirit.
    Your Winds-ssssssss Blow Mi Change~>

  4. well well welll

    it seems i’m a dreamtarget o/the daya 😉

    and some intimates on this planet say i am a cause …
    i am a cause for -according spokeswoo&nooman – for:
    “making my natural mother trembling in her bed”

    nooF said?

    iz trembling a kin’o vibration …
    iz thiz what noo sphere means …
    and iz this about infolution aka involution …

    Quite some things to settle, aYeah

    i’lll have my first night on the beach this night …
    shifting to the month of maYa from april’s will

    bon noo’yage, ur bolon ik’us

  5. A Warm Windy and Sunny Day
    in the Eagle Regions (still*point)

    was flying this morning
    noo*ing to u

    Happy Galactic
    S ace so True
    my Noble Friend

    All Bows



  6. some jabbatalk aB’out ma throatkakrah …

    (i just permit this kind’a talk on ma DSkindaya)

    “LIMI 27: Purifies; GK-Neptune; Solar Plexus”

    is ma oracle draw ::

    the sound iz ))) ~ LIMIMAHMAH ~ (((
    (imagine a class full of Chartlie Brownies with Mouths as big as heads,
    or just Fred FlintstOne crying for WILMAH!!!)

    27 = 9 = 3×9 = 9×3 too in NOO: 9 kweakies in 27 daya!
    kweakie iz a fractal of the kweak itself as a treenitea thought to diGest

    PURIFIES is the VERB of crYstal cleared water


    Nep is as NAP is as SIP is as Drinking WATER or just WORDS from a TRUSTed WELL
    TU = DU = TOI = YOU = the other one
    NE = Né as in ReNé aka REBOURN ONE

    SOLAR = 9 = BOLON iz in BOLON IK (WIND = the rotation of all things)

    (powerful wizard)

    this from a Q’daya in the NETHERlands with LOVE from/to NEW ZEALAND

    • 🙂
      S’ace, please don’t limit such a beautiful broadcast of info to only your Kin day!

      Sending LOVE from Soul/Seal/Zealand to NETHERlands and all of You 🙂

      • thX :: all u’r energetic transformations that vibrate so arousing through ma veins ~ dear TMQ & all of the Crew especially those who just stick to the noosphere itself – i’m sensing obliged to fulfill the task of the 4th Prince of Serendip ~ as a way to pronounce the BI’mission in a world that probably never was dreamed at all … but then there still are serpentic remains that show their tail – and they are just a tail , isnt that :-)) the life-force melodY

        So this last night was ma 1st night on the beach here arousing what it was given :: as i understood that simply while a labelled it as “in search for the elements: “The Larch!”

        And the Larch refers to a Tree by that name – dutch “LarIX” and that is both close to “L are IX” and “B ea TrIX” which refers to “Bea TRice”

        TRICE is than the TREE itself again , double/triple fractal ruling 28(-1)


        Then i looked into the KweakSpellCalendar which is postponed for a while on its blo* (g=>w) so i had to give it a special attention:

        DS 22 (4) white solar wind
        LC 234 (9) white cosmic wizard (closing windwave)
        3K 256 (13) yellow solar warrior (mobilizing elegant courage)

        what more to saya ~ each daya will indeed be as a birthdaya to cealebrate!


  7. The meaning of the name Zealand is From The Sea Land

    The origin of the name Zealand is Scandinavian

    Notes: “Zeeland” was originally an area of the Netherlands. New Zealand is a country in the South-Western Pacific Ocean.

    The name originates from the huge seal populations on the shores of Zealand, making the original name Seal-land (Sæl-land). In ancient Danish seal (sæl) and “soul” (sjæl) are very closely related words, as seals were thought to be souls of lost seamen.

    u da 1
    eye start packing
    sealed with a K.I.S.S.


    • Good to have this explanation clear , ma dear ONE SKY as unlimited …

      i had a nice conversation yesterdayeve with ad & ans & 2 surprise party visitors from “an unknown resort” labelled ALMERE.

      the sphere was verY creative indeed so close to the LEYLINE – which is so energetic between the Salty Water and the Sandy SILICO Coastline: we are really – pardon – are shifted from CARBON into SILICO age where not just this silly equipment with a keyboard as a handy facilitates!

      So i offered the suggestion to relabel our place into “MIJMERE” … and see MÈR as the SEA=ZEE itself ruling her waves go bye.

      “MIJ” is as ME and it also abbreviates from MAATSCHAPPIJ=SOCIETY …

      The AcademY can be closed … schooling iz over …
      :-{ … }-:

  8. YAY!YAY
    Kin 60
    Galactic Sun SEA-IN-GS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    with Joy that is ripen-in-G!
    planetary d.o.g.g.o.d
    compassportal-in-G in from planetary dali 15!

    and to she-are mi morn-in-G mail;

    In the light of the electric moon sounds beautiful…
    michelle obama is electric moon, and the GSC crew eye just left up north was also K29. The GSC crew has a sacred mission for the the we-ite house–so ridinG in the winds on this day will be G-ood to see what eye sea.
    Have the time?

    yes. after G-round-in-G….
    a rapid de-part-t-UR-e…
    back to this way to
    add oUR-SeaElves to the d.o.o.t….
    Cube….G-round l(ove)and-in-G stay-T-ions…

    On this day of Solar Winds…
    Eye visUal-eyez the sphere and our MOVEMENTS!
    eye am inhaled and exhaled through the tube of the cube…
    truth-telepathy-totality pump through mi viens…
    Sssssssssssss-kin land-in-G in each cell….
    naviGaT-in-G each molecule…
    pre=pair-in-G( arko iris) each sole-atom for OMA.
    19+108+(now radial, 23+24+10+9+9+10+24+23=132)+19
    19+108+132+19=278(purified by 260)=18
    Kin 18
    G-U-I-D-I-D by the fifth force of the mirror
    reflect-in-G COMPASS-THE-PORT-ALL-IN-G compassportal-in-G
    in from Planetary 23!
    Joy that ripens the Avatar
    Lover’s Re-Union…
    long count-in-G the solar d.o.g.g.o.d
    Helena Roerich….
    Solar Wind…UNITES!

    ashaland-san fran-seal-soul-land-netherland….
    sea…the RA…PAN (OshArt flow-in-G!)

  9. ‘omit, ‘back to this way…’
    (om-mit….(be-raw-ring OM with/mit)

    and add ix-tra ‘E’ for the bridGe of the Osh-E-Art


  10. 2210093205:5023900122 (one by one=48–Solar Star)
    984 pineal-trait-ed by 441:144 (3T)=543-260(G-rounded by full spectRUm kin)= 183!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (k.i.ssss es to our galactic mirror!)
    183 to the 133=316-260(tzolkin/soul kin)=56 (mi occult)
    56+GMX108= 164 Electrifying the Seed!

    V.V 11+R.Q. 185+ E-Star 11= one-by-one 18
    207+18(from the horusEYEzone count)= 222kin serPANtea form-in-G

    48 (solar star horus-EYE-zone of 4kin) +
    164 ( ver-tikal One8tri+133+108) +
    225 (celesTALL seaSON-in-Gs, 11-185-11)=

    177 Galactic Earth G-round-in-G in the Cube of 3T
    May Truth Totality and Telepathy
    Move us All to One:enO

  11. S’ace your Galactic Birthday is turning into quite a party!! In that ‘spirit’ I’ve decided to invite some more Kin, and since my sister Mari has joined I’ll start with oUR planetary parents:

    Ruby, Kin 221, Red Cosmic Dragon, Cardinal Family, GK Neptune, Red Moon Wavespell, Gamma Plasma, Eastern Canada.

    Eric, Kin 18 (which I see Moi just mentioned, along with decoding Y-A-Y D-A-D… 🙂 ), White Overtone Mirror, Signal Family, White Wizard Wavespell, Gamma, Eastern Canada.

    (These two were married on Rhythmic 10 (Dec. 22) and this year will have been married 65 years!! Together they add up to 239 Overtone Storm which is the Occult of today’s Kin 22!!, and on the Body Holon together they form the ‘V’ for Victory/Votan and Peace!!)

    And I also add my two sons: Matt, Kin 227, Blue Rhythmic Hand, Core Family, White Wind Wavespell. And Cyrus, Kin 245, Red Spectral Serpent, Polar Family, Blue Eagle Wavespell. Both in Western Canada, and both born on Gamma (to my recollection (!) although Tomas’ site shows them both as Kali…?).

    ****S’ace and TMQ together equal Kin 160 Self-Existing Sun…. and they are certainly both radiantly bright and life-giving Lights!!****

    What a marvelous Crew we are, One and All!

    In Lak’esh a la Kin!!

  12. Ooops! Forgot this: Eric (18) is GK Neptune, Matt (227) GK Earth, Cyrus (245) GK Maldek…

    And the total of the crew I’ve just introduced + my kin = Kin 60 ~ Another nod to Moi and PV!!

    Melovia Crystal Moon

  13. Oh S’ace. You make me into a zombie! MUST EAT BRAINS! Character code control V


    (22 December 1666 – 7 October 1708) was the tenth Guru of Sikhism, creator of the Khalsa. The symbolic meaning of ‘khalsa sikh’ literally translates as “pure” from the Arabic word Khalis meaning “pure.”

    “From now on, you have become casteless. No ritual, either Hindu or Muslim, will you perform nor will you believe in superstition of any kind, but only in one God who is the master and protector of all, the only creator and destroyer. In your new order, the lowest will rank with the highest and each will be to the other a bhai (brother). No pilgrimages for you any more, nor austerities but the pure life of the household, which you should be ready to sacrifice at the call of Dharma. Women shall be equal of men in every way. No purdah (veil) for them anymore, nor the burning alive of a widow on the pyre of her spouse (sati). He who kills his daughter, the Khalsa shall not deal with him.”

    Guru Gobind Singh’s respect for the Khalsa is best represented in one of his poems:

    “All the battles I have won against tyranny
    I have fought with the devoted backing of the people;
    Through them only have I been able to bestow gifts,
    Through their help I have escaped from harm;
    The love and generosity of these Sikhs
    Have enriched my heart and home.
    Through their grace I have attained all learning;
    Through their help in battle I have slain all my enemies.
    I was born to serve them, through them I reached eminence.
    What would I have been without their kind and ready help?
    There are millions of insignificant people like me.
    True service is the service of these people.
    I am not inclined to serve others of higher caste:
    Charity will bear fruit in this and the next world,
    If given to such worthy people as these;
    All other sacrifices are and charities are profitless.
    From toe to toe, whatever I call my own,
    All I possess and carry, I dedicate to these people.”

    In-ten-t-ion – REAL-IZE – PULSE on Brother!

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