Kin 25: Red Crystal Serpent codes Seli 2 of Blue Spectral Hand Moon

The first Crystal Round Table of the Moon of Liberation is coded by  Kin 25:  Red Crystal Serpent, whose Code Spell is:  “I Dedicate in order to Survive.  Universalizing Instinct, I seal the store of Life Force.  With the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Navigation.”

Red Crystal Earth
Blue Crystal Eagle Red Crystal Serpent White Crystal Wizard
  Yellow Lunar Warrior

Today’s Analog is the First Solar Witness, Kin 194:  White Crystal Wizard.  Red Crystal Earth** Guides us today.  The G-Force for Kin 25 is Kin 167, which codes the Blue Spectral Hand Moon.

Postulate 5.12 states:  “The entire field of stellar mass is known as the Heliocosm.  The self-correction of the Earth’s biospheric  artificial time dysfunction is the critical point in preparing  the local Heliocosm for its concurrent evolutionary ascent into the Fifth-Force level of Galactic chromatic functions.  Fifth-Force  Galactic chromatics are the Fifth-Dimensional order of subliminal conscious functions which induce a purely spiritual evolutionary spiral within a given stellar mass.”

Our Heliocosm is going through major changes, and this week, Saturn is experiencing a blizzard so massive that it is visible from Earth.Saturn Blizzard

 Seal 5, Serpent, or Serpent Initiate generates the Red electrical circuit and exemplifies Sex as Knowledge.  (And, this is the Heptad during which ‘Vision Evolves Sex’)  GK-Maldek;  Polar;  North Pole;  Crown.

SELI 2:  Flows;  GK-Venus;  Root“My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  AVATAR;  Muhammad;  Crystal Earth**.  On Seli, we build the Bottom of the Radion Cube.  We also ‘build the Binary’ by placing this line:  ████▌▐████ (Yin;  SPACE) on the Right face of the Cube for Codon 17:  “Arousing Joy“.

SELI 2:  Katun Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle, the Second Solar Witness. –AD 712:  “Walk in Beauty.’

Telektonon Day 2:  Baktun 2  BC 2718:    The Pyramid.  “Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid- vows to remain in  the Earthly tomb  of Materialism until the return of Bolon Ik.  Telepathic union wiith Fu Hi,  China.  Focus on telecosmic number power of 9.  Prophecy power of 7 as revelation of measure.”

Crystal-toned days of Cooperation are optimal times for kin to gather in their      Round Tables’. “The Round Table is King Arthur’s famed table in the Arthurian legend, around which he and his Knights congregate. As its name suggests, it has no head, implying that everyone who sits there has equal status. The table was first described in 1155′. In the book “Merlin” written around 1190,  ‘the Wizard Merlin creates the Round Table in imitation of the table of the Last Supper and of Joseph of Arimathea’s Holy Grail table’. Camelot This painting shows King Arthur’s Castle:  Camelot.  The Vision of the Round Table (which applies to our Round Tables of Kin) conjures visions of camaraderie, communication, cooperation and chivalry.  Camelot, or the Return of Camelot evokes the feelings of Magic, Pure Hearts, Beauty and Joy.  When John Kennedy was President of the U.S., the time he and his wife Jacqueline spent in the White House was referred to as “The Return to Camelot” because of their “youthfulness, gaiety, and elegance“.  

The large poster from the Mystery of the Stone entitled “Eight Years of the Harmonic Conversion“, (nestled between the two ‘Venus Transits’) show that our ‘Return of Camelot’ began during the ‘Blue Catalytic Kali’ year (2007-2008)   which was coded by the White Lunar Wizard and carried the Magic of Cube 11:  Monkey. 

We are currently in the Wizard Wavespell of Enchantment, during sacred Heptad 41 whose Codon 17  denotes “Arousing Joy“.  Let’s start gathering in our Round Tables, generating the Magical energy of Cooperation and Joy, in preparation for our GM108X Day-out-of-Time, and the times that lie ahead of us.  🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 11. 2.                   Red Crystal Serpent Round Table Day   Kin 25


14 thoughts on “Kin 25: Red Crystal Serpent codes Seli 2 of Blue Spectral Hand Moon

  1. “Let’s start gathering in our Round Tables, generating the Magical energy of Cooperation and Joy, in preparation for our GM108X Day-out-of-Time, and the times that lie ahead of us.”

    Ur (all)-Way-s……..
    Right on T.a.r.g.e.t.

    Kin (2g)-ether.
    Power of K.I.N.
    F.O.R.M.E.D. U.N.I.T>
    S-UR-vice Sea-T At Table.
    To Give Complete Surrender.
    Under Pacal Vizion.
    Under Valum IN-FLUE-N-C-E.


    Puppett to Pacal.
    Mirrored:(5th) Matrix. Ordinance. of. Movement. Mobility.~Mi~

    G-r.ound. 2 S.E.A.
    B-e-come S.E.A. Serpent?
    B-e-come S.E.A (Sea)-rvice?

    Honor Blizzard.

    93.39. = (132)

    Lovely Daya for Navi-G-a-tion of the Eye?

    • so here we have an example of looking through the glass of time … space:


      (isnt QMT as GMT, AYah)

      az we were on the mirror of AM-ZN=1-13 alphabetical numbering;
      it recently appeared to renumber from the even deeper realm of seeing:
      AL=YN=1-12 & M=13 & Z=0 as the DRAG”ON

      Let us just see for the 2 truths here working together
      (i allow both systems as a whole communicating intelligent meanings)

      Q is 10 in the first …
      & Q ix 9 in the second (and i appreciate the typo from ma angle)

      They both count in the sum of 19 – the storm as a seal, aYah(tollan | )

      double Q crossed by its ancient intelligent ion placed in an outcast ( just the only valid option to G.O.D. )

      so, yeah we humans appreciate the decimal system from the vigesemal minus 1 (the active ion?)

      and 9 iz its ever magical roundabout … to be understood ba its intelligent force who cannot be infiltrated from G.O.D. s LAWS at eany ending understanding the prime core administration.

      So indeed we understand why prince Will-i-am inherits about 1/6 of the planets grounds because he is the legal sun of princess Dianah …

      and she is a SPENCER! sort of legal inherithot of mr. Winston Churchill.

      Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
      (Blenheim Palace,Woodstock, 30 november 1874 – Londen, 24 januari 1965)

      Quite some relevant stuff when we even see WOODSTOCK appear, AYah?

      Hmmm, i even visited BLENHEIM Palacio ~ felt it in my bottombellY ringing for some investigations … why CHARLY (“Brown”) could not be installed inbetweeny 😉 Crux: We do not install whistleblowers on a Crowny Seat …

      There iz some parallel in Holland happening where we had prince Claus von AMSberg who guided his sun to the Throne while in the mean time grandpa “Benno” came out of a PANDA cave (WNF fund?).

      From CARBON to SILICO is perfectly arranged by the Lady with the BIG Round Hat honouring the AZTEC WHEEL And … she loves SATIRE, i can tell u simply cause i happen to be her second’anth(em)

      And we have a second’anthem on LUNAR WIND in 3K, the occult spell on clrear and clarifying screen simply while there iz no dutchman left to decrypt ma crypt ( except ma Lover, of source => the ultimate trained dissonant’hem )

      ~~~ anyway let see for WIN-STON’ES spell number revelating the myst:

      as a birthday scan

      and 141 SPECTRAL DRAGON : 26th nonGAP in the serial of 30nonGAPs
      as his passing momentum

      well 144 might have been the spirits KIN to leave planet of change dimensions , AYah(tollan)

      Noof Said, where Sir iz the 1st daya of each kweak as SÌRdaya refering to SIRiUS <= to be decrypted!

  2. (14:04:14)

    U RANG?

    Contained. O.M.A.

    To Foc.US.

    Locust Focus.
    Hocus Pocus.

  3. Holy synchronicity Batman!
    Calculated Chaz & my combined kin 76 yesterday… Yellow Spectral Warrior Tone 11 on 1st day of Spectral Moon 1:11 (and our address is 111) !!

    Guided by flowering… we plants 3 roses in our garden (1st time ever for roses!!)
    1 yellow, 1 white, 1 climbing red rose…
    Melovia here to help & a great teacher of natural time!
    (very confusing & overwhelming @ 1st, but I’m getting it…)

    Our Dad’s Kin is 18 & so was his mothers (Dorothy) mentioned May Day – Kin 18!
    What are the chances of that?!?

    Our 2 eldest daughters (of combined 5 kids), both born in 1983 are in relationships with same combined Kin 183!?!
    What are the chances of that?!?

    My daughter Ashley (Kin 119) getting married Kin 107 (like New Year’s in Natural Time) to Kevin (Kin 64)… and we are just introducing this concept to them as well…!

    Kin 108 Day Out Of Time will be quite the celebration for all of us!!

    Lots of love to all in our round table,
    ~ Mari 192 ~

  4. ~Eye~ Must Confess,
    Or Simply:
    My Heart Beats out of Eye Chest.
    At Best.
    Eye feel A Cry.
    While Under Flood, n Warfare.
    Oil spill,neglective Human Action in the Air.
    Eye Give My Care.

    I have a prayer.
    For Our kin, n, an-I-mal body. n Form

    For Our Creatures n the Sea….
    Be Safe until We meet?

    • Oui, 93.

      We all weep and mourn. Will discuss this unfolding devastating disaster today.

      26.138 .

  5. 25-Crystal Sea-R-PAN-T-2-Cosmic Hue-in-man-52
    our True Ankh…Thru Ankh…
    the Eye of the Storm…
    U RANG.
    And we AnnSea-UR-ED
    ED= guardian of the riches,
    line-ear 9 (999% 0f our dark matter–coming through the OneEyed Ankh) 1.999
    Radial in womb; 16 warrior- P and S (P.S. Seal the Ark.)
    16+9= 25.
    “Eye dedicate in order to Survive
    Universalizing instinct, Eye seal the store of Life-Force
    With the Crystal tone of Cooperation-
    Eye am guided by the power of NaviGation’

    AL=YN=1-12 M=13 Z=0
    ED = 9 (x3)=18….A mirror of our inner we-all-TH.

    oUR Key-Chiron
    T-UR-NinG CHI Full on…opens Mi-R’s…(mi infinate R’s–warrior-mirrior R remains constant…18)
    Kali-Eyed by and tuned/toned in-2 merKure-E mi-sages….



    In Beauty may I walk.

    All day long may I walk.
    Through the returning seasons may I walk.
    On the trail marked with pollen may I walk.
    With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk.
    With dew about my feet may I walk.
    With Beauty may I walk.
    With Beauty before me, may I walk.
    With Beauty behind me, may I walk.
    With Beauty above me, may I walk.
    With Beauty below me, may I walk.
    With Beauty all around me, may I walk.
    In old age wandering on a trail of Beauty,
    lively , may I walk.
    In old age wandering on a trail of Beauty,
    living again, may I walk.
    It is finished in Beauty.
    It is finished in Beauty.

    Navajo, translation by Sister Pamela Clare


  7. on the galactic roundtable site, aye see more fear. (T)hey! do not possess the map. Re-direction necessary. eye am guided by the power of navigation.
    😉 Seed planting….

    Love Q all,

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