Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 26: Cosmic World-Bridger codes Moon 11, Gamma 3.

Today is full of Pacal Votan Clear Signs!  The 13 Moon date is 11.3, which codes the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of 11.3:  Blue Electric Monkey, the Kin that coded the Venus Transit of 2004.  Additionally, the G-Force of PVCS Kin 26 is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 40:  Yellow Magnetic SunGo to fullsize image  Palenque The total sum of the tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs found engraved upon his tomb in Palenque is 78.  Multiplying the Seal (6) and Tone (13) for Kin 26 yields 78, which is the Kin number for White Cosmic Mirror.

White Cosmic Dog
Yellow Cosmic Warrior White Cosmic Worldbridger Red Cosmic Skywalker
  Blue Magnetic Eagle

Today is a most ‘Cosmic’ end to the White Wizard Wavespell of Enchantment, with the Analog of 13.13 Cosmic Skywalker, and ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ as our Antipode.  .  We are guided by ‘Cosmic Love and Divine Loyalty’.  This convergence of  P.V. Clear Signs and Cosmic Kins occurs on Gamma, whose Patron is Pacal Votan, on the final PSI day coded by GM108X, Self-Existing Star.  🙂

The  Code Spell for Kin 26:  White Cosmic World-Bridger “I Endure in order to Equalize.  Transcending Opportunity,  I seal the store of Death with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am Guided by the power of Heart.”

Postulate 6.13 states:  “PAN is the advent of the Planetary art spore and the hyperorganic evolution into the Psychzoic era.  In the PAN-induced Psychzoic era, the evolutionary synthesis of crystal (32) and DNA (64), consciously regulated by the Law of Time (13:20), creates a Noospherically unified field of Planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a Planetary art spore:  Timeship Earth 2013, transmuted into a Stellar-Galactic unit for the exchange, transformation, and communication of  Universal energy impulses.”

 Seal 6, World-Bridger or Hierophant exemplifies Death, and holds the key to the Treasury of Revelations.  GK-Mars;  Cardinal;  Northern Regions;  Throat.
GAMMA 3:  Pacify;  GK-Mercury;  Third Eye:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”   MYSTERY; Pacal Votan;  HUNAB KU.  Build the Front of the Radion Cube and place the Third line of Codon 17:  ████▌▐████  (Yin;  SPACE) on the Left face of it’s Cube, which you are building around yourself.
GAMMA 3:  Katun Kin 196: 732, coded by the  Third Solar Witness:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior.  “Purification Recharge.”
Telektonon Day 3:  Baktun 3:  BC 2324;  The  Wheel.  “Pacal Votan enters the Meditation that moves the Wheel.  Receives conscious telecosmic number power from Bolon Ik 26 ** (13).  The Power of 13 moves consciousness. The Conscious power of 7 complete, and telepathically sent to people of Earth.”
On this ‘Cosmic’ Gamma, which corresponds to the Third Eye, here is a fascinating story about a 4 year old boy, who lost his sight at the age of 13 months.  This English boy named Jamie is learning to  see the way Dolphins do:  Utilizing the Dolphin’s system of echo location, or FlashSonar, as his teacher terms it, “will eventually enable Jamie to detect buildings from a distance of 100 metres”! Image Preview Image Preview Image Preview Dolphins and Sea Turtles are among the many species of marine and bird life that are victims of the heart-breaking ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.   This unprecedented (Pres. Obama says “potentially unprecedented”) crisis seems to be developing exponentially, on several frontsLoss of Life, (“Thousands of nesting birds, as well as one of the world’s richest spawning grounds for seafood, could be wiped out”  is just one example)    Environmental, Economic and Political.  These articles present some interesting ideas for your discernment:  and .
On this World-Bridger day,  guided by the Cosmic  Heart, let’s  join our Hearts with Kin 93 (Codiak Skywalker) and the sentiments he expressed so poetically:  
“Eye feel A Cry.
While Under Flood, n Warfare.
Oil spill,neglective Human Action in the Air.
Eye Give My Care.

I have a prayer.
For Our kin, n, an-I-mal body. n Form

For Our Creatures n the Sea….                     Go to fullsize image
Be Safe until We meet?”

And let’s also be in  Heartfull Connection with these Standing Women (and Men) S’ace (Kin 22) informed us of, who are Silently Changing the World:  We have a special chance to Stand With Them at 1300 (1 p.m.) on Spectral 8, coded by Kin 31 (reverse of 13), with the PSI of  Blue Crystal Hand, which codes the day (12/21/2012) the World expects unprecedented Change.

At Midnight, we transition from the Wizard Wavespell of Enchantment to the Blue Hand Wavespell of Accomplishment.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 11. 3.      Purification Recharge      P.V.C.S.  Kin 26

14 thoughts on “Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 26: Cosmic World-Bridger codes Moon 11, Gamma 3.

  1. Charles Mallory Hatfield (c. 1875 – 12 January 1958) was an American “rainmaker”. He was born in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1875 or 1876. His family moved to southern California in the 1880s. As an adult, he became a salesman for the New Home Sewing Machine Company. In 1904 he moved to Glendale, California.
    In his free time he read about “pluviculture” and began to develop his own methods for producing rain. By 1902 he had created a secret mixture of 23 chemicals in large galvanized evaporating tanks that, he claimed, attracted rain. Hatfield called himself a “moisture accelerator”.
    In 1904, promoter Fred Binney began a public relations campaign for Hatfield. A number of Los Angeles ranchers saw his ads in newspapers and promised Hatfield $50 to produce rain. In April, Hatfield and his brother Paul climbed to Mount Lowe and built a tower where Hatfield stood and released his mixture into the air. Hatfield’s apparent attempt was successful, so the ranchers paid him $100.
    Contemporary Weather Bureau reports stated that the rain had been a small part of a storm that was already coming but Hatfield’s supporters disregarded this. He began to receive more job offers. He promised Los Angeles 18 inches (46 centimetres) of rain, apparently succeeded, and collected a fee of $1000. For this effort, Hatfield had built his tower on the grounds of the Esperanza Sanitarium in Altadena, near Rubio Canyon.
    In 1906 Hatfield was invited to Alaska, where he agreed to provide rain for $10,000. This attempt was unsuccessful and Hatfield slipped out after he had collected $1100 for his expenses. This failure did not deter his supporters.
    In 1915 the San Diego city council, pressured by the San Diego Wide Awake Improvement Club, approached Hatfield to produce rain to fill the Morena Dam reservoir. Hatfield offered to produce rain for free, then charge $1,000 per inch ($393.7 per centimetre) for between forty to fifty inches (1.02 to 1.27 m) and free again over fifty inches (1.27 m). The council voted four to one for a $10,000 fee, payable when the reservoir was filled. Hatfield, with his brother, built a 20-foot (6 m) tower beside Lake Morena and was ready early in the New Year.
    On January 5, 1916 heavy rain began – and grew gradually heavier day by day. Dry riverbeds filled to the point of flooding. Worsening floods destroyed bridges, marooned trains and cut phone cables – not to mention flooding homes and farms. Two dams, Sweetwater Dam and one at Lower Otay Lake, overflowed. Rain stopped January 20 but resumed two days later. On January 27 Lower Otay Dam broke, increasing the devastation and reportedly causing about 20 deaths (accounts vary on the exact number).
    Hatfield talked to the press on February 4 and said that the damage was not his fault and that the city should have taken adequate precautions. Hatfield had fulfilled the requirements of his contract – filling the reservoir – but the city council refused to pay the money unless Hatfield would accept liability for damages; there were already claims worth $3.5 million. Besides, there was no written contract. Hatfield tried to settle for $4000 and then sued the council. In two trials, the rain was ruled an act of God but Hatfield continued the suit until 1938 when the court threw the case out.
    Hatfield’s fame only grew and he received more contracts for rainmaking. Among other things, in 1929 he tried to stop a forest fire in Honduras. Later the Bear Valley Mutual Water Company wanted to fill Big Bear Lake. However, during the Great Depression he had to return to his work as a sewing machine salesman. His wife divorced him.
    Charles Hatfield died January 12, 1958 and took his chemical formula with him to his grave in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.
    Hatfield claimed at least 500 successes. According to later commentators, Hatfield’s successes were mainly due to his meteorological skill and sense of timing, selecting periods where there was a high probability of rain anyway.

  2. Eye Leave Soon.
    Eye N Kin>Coordinated.
    Kin 29.
    S.E.A. Travel-In-G.
    S.a.l.t. to C-lean

    Eye Leave Paha-Sapa, For Last T.i.m.e.
    RainBow Bridge. (ACTIVE).
    Land. (Activated)
    Heart of Lakota Sioux.(Activated)


    t.r.a.e.h. of ~Mi~

    Eye Leave Blessed-kin Raven Family.
    Eye Leave Tatanka?
    In Bison, Eye r-O-a-M.(OM)

    To Walk with UR Projection…>>>>Straight into S-Ur-vice.


    Las Vega/Daya.

    To Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Todaya?
    Red Road?

    d.o.g. g.o.d.
    All is a #. God is a #.

  3. Anima:aminA
    Maya we ix-track-T FormFrom
    the technosphere
    what it has ix-T-Ra-Act-Ed
    from/form US.
    Paha Sapa apaS ahaP
    spectral seeds the electrified wind
    speak-T-RAW-ALL Cities Elect-Tree-F-eyed We-End
    crystal ix-spear to mi libra-ay-Ted OsheArt

    sleeping in UR Cosmic Storm


    (res)pond the issue where crystal aligned media as hú-man(ix) take (res)pond’abilities … on higher selves (“s’11ns”)

    s’ might be a ref. to the serpent, aint that ~ after alll?

    😉 we shall over’co~me

  5. here i set free anoother “weeblY” pubiKAt’ion in order to keep’on urth contact …

    by this i inspire the standinGEE WooMAN all over the planet in a sphere …

    that cubees’


  6. “New World Water”

    [Mos Def]
    There’s nothing more refreshing (that cool refreshing drink)
    Than a cool, crisp, clean glass of water
    On a warm summer’s day (That cool refreshing drink)
    Try it with your friends

    New World Water make the tide rise high
    Come inland and make your house go “Bye” (My house!)
    Fools done upset the Old Man River
    Made him carry slave ships and fed him dead nigga
    Now his belly full and he about to flood somethin
    So I’ma throw a rope that ain’t tied to nothin
    Tell your crew use the H2 in wise amounts since
    it’s the New World Water; and every drop counts
    You can laugh and take it as a joke if you wanna
    But it don’t rain for four weeks some summers
    And it’s about to get real wild in the half
    You be buying Evian just to take a fuckin bath
    Heads is acting wild, sippin poor, puffin dank
    Competin with the next man for higher playin rank
    See I ain’t got time try to be Big Hank,
    Fuck a bank; I need a twenty-year water tank
    Cause while these knuckleheads is out here sweatin they goods
    The sun is sitting in the treetops burnin the woods
    And as the flames from the blaze get higher and higher
    They say, “Don’t drink the water! We need it for the fire!”
    New York is drinkin it (New World Water)
    Now all of California is drinkin it (New World Water)
    Way up north and down south is drinkin it (New World Water)
    Used to have minerals and zinc in it (New World Water)
    Now they say it got lead and stink in it (New World Water)
    Fluorocarbons and monoxide
    Push the water table lopside
    Used to be free now it cost you a fee
    Cause oil tankers spill they load as they roam cross the sea
    Man, you gotta cook with it, bathe and clean with it (That’s right)
    When it’s hot, summertime you fiend for it (Let em know)
    You gotta put it in the iron you steamin with (That’s right)
    It’s what they dress wounds and treat diseases with (Shout it out)
    The rich and poor, black and white got need for it (That’s right)
    And everybody in the world can agree with this (Let em know)
    Consumption promotes health and easiness (That’s right)
    Go too long without it on this earth and you leavin it (Shout it out)
    Americans wastin it on some leisure shit (Say word?)
    And other nations be desperately seekin it (Let em know)
    Bacteria washing up on they beaches (Say word?)
    Don’t drink the water, son they can’t wash they feet with it (Let em know)
    Young babies in perpetual neediness (Say word?)
    Epidemics hopppin up off the petri dish (Let em know)
    Control centers try to play it all secretive (Say word?)
    To avoid public panic and freakiness (Let em know)
    There are places where TB is common as TV
    Cause foreign-based companies go and get greedy
    The type of cats who pollute the whole shore line
    Have it purified, sell it for a dollar twenty-five
    Now the world is drinkin it
    Your moms, wife, and baby girl is drinkin it
    Up north and down south is drinkin it
    You should just have to go to your sink for it
    The cash registers is goin “cha-chink!” for it
    Fluorocarbons and monoxide
    Got the fish lookin cockeyed
    Used to be free now it cost you a fee
    Cause it’s all about gettin that cash (Money)

    Said it’s all about gettin that cash (Money) [x9]
    Johny cash (Money)
    Roseland cash (Money)
    Give me cash (Money)
    Cold cash (Money)
    [Repeat to fade]

    Cash rules everything around me,

  7. This was published on Cosmic Worldbridger, January 29, 1845.

    Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
    By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
    “Though thy crest be shorn and shaven thou,” I said, “art sure no craven,
    Ghastly, grim, and ancient raven, wandering from the nightly shore.
    Tell me what the lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore.”
    Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

    “Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil!–prophet still, if bird or devil!
    Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,
    Desolate, yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted–
    On this home by horror haunted–tell me truly, I implore:
    Is there–is there balm in Gilead?–tell me–tell me I implore!”
    Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

    We must pray for balm to heal this sick wound.

    Telektonon Day 3: Baktun 3: BC 2324; The Wheel.

  8. Greetings! This is just a quick note requesting prayers and energies for our 144-441 Cube of the Truth member and deeply valued GSC 154 component, Kin 123 (Blue Rhythmic Night) who has been in the Eagle Region this past week for the passing on of her beloved Grandma.
    Death of one’s physical body, while painful for those who loved them during their time here on Earth, frees their soul and their essence and unites them with God before their next worldly visit. It can also provide those loved ones an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
    May healing and strength be with their family during this time of loss!
    Thank you for your thoughts…

    In La’Kesh
    ~Kin 109

  9. GSC 154.
    Eye offer Mi Prayer.
    Mi Healing.
    Mi Compassion.
    Mi Energy.
    Mi E=mocean.

    At Ur Service 123k.

    Use Mi S-Ur-vice.


  10. Our Beloved Daniel Kish, specializing in Echo Location is kin86–Galactic Worldbridger. Add him t our Cube for added in-sight/sound as we piel into the darkness-unknown-999–blind– ANIMAL SONAR GUIDE US!!!

    and this comes from a resonant sun, Ed, k20


    Approaching the night of June 23: Water and fire.

    The largest religious order of Ancient Mexico Warrior was the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors: OceloCuauhtli. The purpose of this Order in its origin was not war, its purpose was to initiate in the sacred mysteries of Life and Death.

    Learning sublime goal had the understanding that death is necessary for something is born, such as for example with the seed corn. Grain dies, it releases light and converted into a plant comes from a bean sprout much fruit.

    The human being as cosmic tuber, traveling the universe, has the potential to become a creature of the same nature as the Sun, into a being of radiant energy, a light body, a being Flowered.

    After years of learning, refinement and purification, the merit was obtained for the Institution. The Sacred Initiation in the Mysteries, was started with an isolation quarantine, vigil and fasting. Time is fully devoted to meditation on the learning, penance, service, prayer and ritual.

    Those who entered in this way understand that the “soul” was present in embryonic form. That the human being, formed of the same elements of Mother Earth, reflecting the proportions of the planet, receives an important heritage: “The Divine Spark.” By desire to go beyond establishing a bridge of contact with the embryo, which is fed by the actions arising from the sincerity of the heart, particularly of prayer, penance, art, service, and fully aware of the Ometeotl presence of God-Goddess, Masculine-Feminine, Sir, Madam, in all creation. This is called “Making the Body buds and flowers.”

    The symbol of this Order is the Atlachinolli, Water-Quemada, symbol of the strength of the Warrior of Life, which begins its struggle, its daily work, their daily life, with the delivery and strength of conviction to do things the way perfect, to act as a TOLTECA.
    In the center of these events and ideas he expresses the redemptive figure, which symbolizes rebirth itself: Quetzalcoatl.

    The Atlachinolli, translates literally as Agua Quemada. When water evaporates it burns, it becomes a light substance that rises into steam that has a high vibrational frequency.

    The symbol appears Atlachinolli referred to in important moments in the history of the Ancient Mexicans. For example it is one of the signs that appear to find the symbols of augury, which gives results in the founding of Tenochtitlan.

    These symbols associated with the burning water, running water are blue and red, bordering each side of the stone where the heart of Copil has sprouted as a cactus, both currents intersect, join and become one.

    Blue and Red, Water and Fire, the reconciliation of opposites that allows ascension to the heavens above.

    In the temazcal opposites are reconciled, water and fire together, the Atlachinolli splendid manifests itself and everything involved there is summoned to rise.

    The primordial wisdom, primordial tradition of mankind is ONE, expressed in different ways according to each culture.

    In other currents of thought, the Command Atlachinolli manifested in the concepts of John the Baptist – Water – Summer Solstice and Jesus – Fire – Winter Solstice.

    Among other things revealed an association of rites in relation to Water and Fire, carried out on the Night of June 23, to the dawn of the 24th, on the influence of the Summer Solstice.

    It is also claimed that the waters of dawn dew with which the plant leaves at dawn on June 24, have special properties, which to drink directly from the sheet reveal things heal. Recall that the photosynthesis of Light (Cosmic Fire) takes place in the leaves of plants in the vegetable kingdom. Again we see the union Water – Fire.

    Thus, in response to the ancestral roots of our Mexico, tonight in affinity towards the Temazcal Night, join the fire and water, the Atlachinolli, a perfect alchemy that occurs there.

    Those who do not have the means to do so, you can watch and meditate together to Grandfather Fire in a fire in front of a candle, or to thank the Water in all its manifestations sea, river, lake, fountain, a glass of the precious liquid of life, manifest purity of intention in the heart. This is great, the important thing is Ollin, get moving and try to direct.

    Atlachinolli, Atlachinolli, Atlachinolli the Temazcal

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