Kin 36: Yellow Planetary Warrior codes Spectral Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

The Mystery Queen was delighted to find so many wonderful comments posted here during her absence!  Special thanks to Melovia (Kin 129) for maintaining the daily orientation so beautifully.  Christine, Kin 133 shared so much, on both a personal level and, like S’ace, with  links  to enchanting and/or informative places.   Moi, Kin 205 contributed here, as well as  on the marvelous site she and Kodiak Skywalker, Kin 93 maintain.  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceTMQ  felt very connected with our 441144 Cube of Truth during  her Meditation/service  experience.    The last news item  she read before disconnecting from  12:60 influences was about  the 7.4 (Mayan for 144) earthquake  that struck Indonesia, on the 8th day of Moon 11, whose PSI of 7.12, Blue Crystal Hand,  codes the 12/21 Solstice of 2012.   We are reminded again of those numbers, which are the square roots of 144 and 441, because  today (16.10) plus the Moon (7.11) and the Year (4.4) add up to 7.12, Blue Crystal Hand

The intent for telepathic connection crystalized with a long and vivid dream of the co-authors of the Cosmic History Chronicles this morning.   Synchronistically, 9.6 (V.V. and T.M.Q. combined) added to 16.10 equals Stephanie South’s Galactic Signature:  5.3.  🙂  Now,  there is some ‘catching up’ to Accomplish” on this 13/7  day  with an abundance of  Hand/Avatar energy. 

Yellow Planetary Seed
White Planetary Worldbridger Yellow Planetary Warrior Blue Planetary Night
  Red Self-existing Serpent

Seal 7, Blue HandAccomplishment codes the current Wavespell and Moon,  and Cube 7 of our 16 day Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.   The Code Spell for Kin 36:  Yellow Planetary Warrior is:  “I Perfect in order to QuestionProducing Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Flowering.”

Today’s G-Force is White Overtone Wizard, 14.5, which reflects today’s Gregorian date:  the 14th day of the 5th month.  The PSI for the 13th day of the 11th Moon is always  White Rhythmic Wizard.

Postulate 16.10 states:  ” “Radiosonic compost” transduces into light the remaining third-dimensional entitization.  This moment of stellar excitation releases the final evolution of alternative personality fourth-dimensional holon aggregates, “Collective radiosonic mass”, into a pure condition of super to subliminal soul boat transmigratory encounters.  Arrival at this condition represents the limit of application of celestial harmonics as the index of evolutionary time vector potenialities within a given holonomic macro-order, Galaxy.” galaxy cluster found 9.6 billion light years away  (This photo shows) “Galaxies belonging to the most distant cluster from Earth ever detected, recently discovered by a team of Japanese and German researchers, (which) are marked with circles”.   These Galaxies are 9.6 Billion Light Years from Earth!   (UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO/KYODO PHOTO)  9.6, Red Rhythmic Moon, is on Telektonon card 19.13.  It felt synchronistic to read of this after returning from the retreat, where TMQ met such lovely people, including a German and two Japanese Kin, especially  Misato, a lovely young woman (who resonates  strongly with Rainbows,  2012, and the 20.13 Natural Time)  from Kyoto, which is an anagram of Tokyo (TMQ’s place of birth).  

 Seal 16, Warrior or Pathfinder exemplifies  Intelligence as the synchronization of fearlessness with the unknown.  SP-Saturn;  Gateway;  South Pole;  Root chakra.

 LIMI 13:  Purify;  GK-Earth;  Solar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Transcendance;  Padmasambhava;  AA Midway Station.  Today we complete the Radion Cube (Left side) and the  Cube for Codon 58;  Radiance of Joy:  ████▌▐████ (Yin;  SPACE) “Completes the Sixth” side, the Top of the Cube.

LIMI 13:  UR Earth 4;  Night Earth    “And by the Night when it draws a veil over it“.   6th Lost Generation  Kin 199,  Blue Self-Existing Storm reawakened.  Victory Purifies the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.

Telektonon Day 13;  Baktun 13:  AD 1618;  Babylon PlanetTransformation of Matter.  (as described in today’s Postulate)  “Pacal Votan emerges from Earth to witness the planetary triumph of 12:60.  Pacal Votan calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge” to bring the 13 Moons back to life.

Cube Seven:  Accomplishment.  Use your stored Prophecy Hand power to reclaim and redeem  Baktun 13.  “By the self-generating power of the Prphecy Hand Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail!”  By my unconscious telepathic force, “May I take back Babylon Planet for the Biosphere!”

Two crop circles appeared in England on the 288th day of  the 13 Moon year (May 9th) The first one shown appeared at Clatford, England on Kin 186, Self-Existing World-Bridger in 2009.  Cliff High made a great analysis of this, concluding:  It “is more likely a temporal reference  ‘map’ pointing us toward the alignment of  the Earth  (from Earth’s point of view)  with the Milky Way galactic center on 12/21/2012 at 11:11 a.m.”


This huge Crop circle appeared 5 days ago at Stonehenge.     Both of these crop circles appeared on Spectral 8, which is coded by the  PSI Chrono Kin of 7.12,  Crystal Hand.   As noted above,  Kin 207; Blue Crystal Hand codes the 12/21/2012 Solstice.

The back cover of “Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 4:  Book of the Initiation” states:   “December 21, 2012 marks the grand planetary initiation–it is not an end unto itself–but a beginning for those who can make it past the threshold.”  May we all be sufficiently prepared for this momentous and magnificent event!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 11. 13.      Cube Seven:  Accomplishment   


17 thoughts on “Kin 36: Yellow Planetary Warrior codes Spectral Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

  1. R.A.D.I.O.S.O.N.I.C.=
    :149: LINEAR.


    PATHFINDER: alson known as the warrior, the intelligence AGENT, the Cosmic Scientist, and “CODE-BREAKER”, BY NAME. The Pathfinder holds the 4th seat of power in the 5th Court, the court of HUNAB-KU. Pathfinder Exemplifies intelligence as the synchronization of FEARLESSNESS with the Unknown.


    In O-C-E-ana.
    93. Tribe of Warrior.
    At UR Sea-RRRRRR-vi-C-e.

  2. great to have this WARRIOR who SUCCEEDs this MONKEY (::ONCE in a LIFETIME)

    anyway i had a synchrone contact with a sort of artist this noon

    he gave me his website to scan …

    and we share some cosmic narratives fusing in labels starting with WILL……

    for example “WILL I AM” and “all will be different” …

    to keep this dense at the crypt of a “babyborn”


  3. Pacal Votan Clear Signs.




    PAN is the Advent of the Planetary art spore and the hyperorganic evolution into the PSYCHOZOIC era. In the PAN induced Psychozoic era, the evolutionary synthesis of crystal(32) and DNA(64), consciously regulated by the Law of Time(13;20), Creates a noosperically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore; TIME SHIP EARTH 2013 Transmuted into a stellar-galactic unit for the exchange, transformation, and communication of universal energy impulses.


    Harmonic Rearrangement of the synchronic order through biogeochemical transductions are special case sensory teleportation exercises in which the wavespell geometry of the time pulsar is consciously utilized to reverse atomic and molecular spin. Time Vector Potentialities are coordinated from within the P.S.I. bank and biogeochemically located within a telepathic field. Utilizing techniques of collective sensory teleportation, a particular corruption may be “dissolved ” back into its original condition of non-existence potentiality and/or released as atmospheric radiance.

    Anyone Wanna Play?

    Eye have E-mportant Mi-sss-Ion.
    Clean Trash On Beach.
    Skywalker To Ocean.
    With Warrior
    With d.o.g.g.o.d.

    Sacred Science.

  4. Talking Heads This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) lyrics

    Home is where I want to be
    Pick me up and turn me round
    I feel numb – born with a weak heart
    I guess I must be having fun
    The less we say about it the better
    Make it up as we go along
    Feet on the ground
    Head in the sky
    It’s ok I know nothing’s wrong . . nothing
    Hi yo I got plenty of time
    Hi yo you got light in your eyes
    And you’re standing here beside me
    I love the passing of time
    Never for money
    Always for love
    Cover up and say goodnight . . . say goodnight
    Home – is where I want to be
    But I guess I’m already there
    I come home – she lifted up her wings
    Guess that this must be the place
    I can’t tell one from another
    Did I find you, or you find me?
    There was a time Before we were born
    If someone asks, this where I’ll be . . . where I’ll be
    Hi yo We drift in and out
    Hi yo sing into my mouth
    I love all those kinds of people
    You got a face with a view
    I’m just an animal looking for a home
    Share the same space for a minute or two
    And you love me till my heart stops
    Love me till I’m dead
    Eyes that light up, eyes look through you
    Cover up the blank spots
    Hit me on the head Ah ooh

  5. 57(17.5)

    The Sum of activities of the angelic order informed by the Fractal Free waves of GOD’s patterns of intelligence, is hyperdimensionally shaped by the input of organic and hyperorganic levels which gives form to the fractal free wave zone of angelic order. This form is called the GALACTIC FEDERATION.


    Parallel universes are Co-existent thought-moments to whatever thought-moments evolving bodies in time may choose to experience and act upon.
    As such, parralel universes are capable of being experienced fleetingly in the conscious state, as prolonged visualization in continuing consciousness, and as a shadow store of imaginal choices for the super conscious.


  6. 40(20.1)

    The 4th Dimensional LAW OF TIME governs the synchronic order of the world of 3rd dimensional appearances. Synchronic Order is a 4th Dimensional principle, comforming to the frequency 13;20 in any and all of its variable possibilities.


    The 13;20 frequency of time maintains the order of bodies in motion as the universal order of bodies in synchronic relation to each other. This synchronic order of the universe is absolute, the supreme principle governing all relationships of bodies in space to each other whether in motion or stable. Because this order is conscious and mentally perceivable, it is also the determining mental and telapathic order of the universe.


    The inverse binary symmetry pattern of the 13;20 matrix extended over 4 plates or time functions establishes the PSI bank as the holonomic registration of the Galactic Brain fully encoded on a planetary scale. As a result, the PSI bank contains the complete complex of time vector potential creating celestial harmonics, accesible through the Dreamspell Codes.

  7. 106(6.2)

    In order to consciously participate in the evolutionary moment unfolding as the biosphere-NOOSPERE transistion and the advent of the Psychzoic era, 13:20 tools in complete accord with the LAW OF TIME are essential both for making the transition into 4th Dimensional orders of functioning and for the construction of vehicles for time travel.


    Principle uses of telepathic technologies and time travel are for: restoration of personal magnetism and vitality, correction of imbalanced collective social patterns including elimination of toxic waste, the creation of the circumpolar rings, the restoration of the interplanetary flux tube system, and the exploration of higher Dimensional (Galactic Universal Life) spiritual functions of the super and subliminal consciousness.


    The Radiosonic weightlesness of the atomic structure of the planetary art spore (Earth) occurs in order to offset increases in post-primary thermic and luminic properties of the stellar mass of the heliocosm as it consumes more and more of its atomic mass preparatory to arriving at the moment of excitation known as SuperNova.


    Wheteher 3rd Dimensional ego is aware or not, impulses received by Holon are transmitted to heart as instinctual sense, to be perceived, either correctly or incorrectly, by mind as “Insight”. Soul is 3rd-Dimensional conceptualization of Holon.


    The effect of the triggering of the circumpolar rings of planet earth, the Noospheric ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is the restoration of the planet’s homeostatic flux tube regulator. The flux-tube system is the electromagnetic bridging that originally connected the different planets of the solar system by their poles linking them into a system of harmonic resonances maintaining the stability of the entire field of the stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary orbits.

    441.144 Matric Crew. Please f-EE-l To add to this.
    Thanks all.
    In 1.

  8. WAU.
    Ocean-ik Brine…
    sea-p-in-G from UR RU sss-kin…
    Clear Signs Syn-the-Size-in-G….
    13 screens pulled up to
    we-Or-dssssssssss flutter
    to our cream…
    PAN…Mo Pan…
    pass the bread and butter
    Heard it was a GrapWine!

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  10. Kin 93,

    Thanks so much for the Clear Sign-al-s… So much to learn, so little Time!?! But at least Time well spent… what could be wURthier?

    I’ve been playing with these PVCS #’s too…. the Mystery caLLs…

    In lak’ech

  11. Oh Lordy. How are you all? Weye’re a bit crazy. 😉

    The Quran, the holy book of Islam contains 114 chapters, or suras.

    Sonnet 114

    Or whether doth my mind, being crowned with you,
    Drink up the monarch’s plague, this flattery?
    Or whether shall I say, mine eye saith true,
    And that your love taught it this alchemy,
    To make of monsters and things indigest
    Such cherubins as your sweet self resemble,
    Creating every bad a perfect best,
    As fast as objects to his beams assemble?
    O! ’tis the first, ’tis flattery in my seeing,
    And my great mind most kingly drinks it up:
    Mine eye well knows what with his gust is ‘greeing,
    And to his palate doth prepare the cup:
    If it be poisoned, ’tis the lesser sin
    That mine eye loves it and doth first begin.
    –William Shakespeare

    The C.R.M. 114 Discriminator is a fictional piece of critical radio equipment in Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove (1964), the destruction of which prevents the crew of a B-52 from hearing the recall code that would stop them from dropping their atomic bombs on the U.S.S.R.[1] In Peter George’s novel, Red Alert (1958), which was the basis for the film, the device is called the CRM 114.[2]. Peter George was well-informed – under the US military “Joint Electronics Type Designation System (The “AN” System)”, CRM is the designator for a Cryptological Radio Maintenance item, and 114 is a perfectly feasible series number[3].

    To ensure the enemy cannot plant false transmissions and fake orders, once the attack orders have been passed and acknowledged, the CRM 114 is to be switched into the receiver circuit. The three code letters of the period are to be set on the alphabet dials of the CRM 114, which will then block any transmissions other than those preceded by the set letters from being fed into the receiver.

    Kubrick also used a homophone of “CRM 114”, “Serum 114”,[4] for the name of a drug injected into Alex to help his reformation in A Clockwork Orange (1971).[5]

    Other non-Kubrick works contain references to “CRM 114”, in apparent homage to Kubrick:

    * An amplifier in Dr. Emmett Brown’s laboratory in Back to the Future is labeled “CRM-114”.


    Back to work!

  12. Galactic Serpent…’waterworld’
    Kevin Costner…
    kin 125…
    May the GMX108 G.U.I.D.E
    his moooove-ments….
    May his heArt resonate with oUR crystal core this daya, Silio 14!
    Maya he FEEL oUR connection–
    And be of sURvice…


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