Pacal Votan Clear Sign; Kin 40 begins the Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment.

Today, Kin 40:  Yellow Magnetic Sun begins  the Yellow Sun Wavespell Four:  Power of  Enlightenment and Universal Fire.

Yellow Magnetic Sun

Red Lunar Dragon
Yellow Cosmic Human

Blue Crystal Monkey

White Electric Wind
White Spectral Dog

Blue Self-existing Night
Red Planetary Moon

Yellow Overtone Seed

Red Rhytmic Serpent

White Resonant Worldbridger

Blue Galactic Hand

Yellow Solar Star

The Code Spell for Kin 40, Yellow Magnetic Sun is:  “I Unify in order to Enlighten.  Attracting Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Yellow Magnetic Sun
White Magnetic Dog Yellow Magnetic Sun Blue Magnetic Storm
  Red Cosmic Dragon

Kin 40 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, and so is it’s G-Force:  10.4,  White Self-Existing Dog.  Additionally, today (0.1) plus this Moon (7.11) and Year (4.4) equal a third P.V.C.S.:  Kin 211:  Blue Electric Monkey (11.3)!  Today’s Analog is the Noosphere Constant:  19.1, Kin 79:  Blue Magnetic Storm, while today’s PSI is also a  Storm-‘a Magic Turtle’  Blue Spectral Storm, Kin 219  🙂 

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Nelson, and the time is 1:49 (1.13) as we note that the Hidden Power is 1.13, Cosmic DragonVern, Red Cosmic Dragon phoned last night to let TMQ know about  a 13:20 workshop that will happen on a farm in Canterbury (South Island) during the last 13 days before our GM108X Day-out-of-Time.  Kiwi Kin can comment to this blog to receive details.

Postulate 0.1 states:  “The fourth-dimensional Law of Time governs the synchronic order of the world of third-dimensional appearances.  Synchronic order is a fourth-dimensional principle, conforming to the frequency of 13:20 in any and all of its variable possibilities.”

Today is the Galactic Birthday of one of  TMQ’s sisters, who was born on 8/31 and who is currently in her Magnetic Sun year.  Happy Solar-Galactic Return day in your Solar-Galactic Return year, Ann!  🙂

 Seal 20 (0) SUN or Enlightened One or Bringer of Higher Truth exemplifies enlightenment as the prophecy of Hunab Ku.  “I turn the Cosmic wheel of the law, giving pure mind teachings among the Stars.  Awakening all things simulataneously is my task” 

Today we begin a new 20 day cycle with the  Galactic-Karmic flow initiated by Pluto and a new 13 day Wavespell;  Polar;  North Pole; Crown.

GAMMA 17:   PACIFY;  SP-Venus;  Third Eye (Agyan):  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.   MYSTERY;  PACAL VOTAN;  HUNAB KU.   Today we complete the Occult Sensory Quantum.  We ‘build’ the Front of the Radion Cube.  We place the 3rd line: ██████████ (Yang;  TIME) on the Left face of the Cube for Codon 43:  INDOMITABLE.
GAMMA 17:   3rd Year of the Mystery of the Stone:  AD 2006-2007;  Pacifying Establishes.
Telektonon Day 17:  Fourth Prophecy;  Aphasically linked to Seal Four, coded by Kin 199;  Victory Establishes Blue Self-Existing Storm, which also codes the Heart Oracle for  this year’s Bolontiku.  4th Lost Generation guided by 4th Solar Witness:  Red Lunar Earth.  Envision 13 Moons Peace restoring sacred vision of Heaven as new social form.  4th Weaving establishes 13 Moons’ power of Righteousness.
Cube Eleven:  MAGIC  By my conscious Monkey power of Magic, may Prophecy  establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth!”   “MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOn this first day of the Sun Wavespell, we Thank our Solar Sun   Sky  for sending in this link: for a group uniting Voices, Hearts and Minds for Gulf Restoration.  A Unity Wave is set  for the 5th ‘Hunab Ku day’ of this Gregorian year  (Friday May 21, coded by Kin 43, of Week 43, and Codon 43!)  
Synchronistically, on that day, we will all be singing the words GOD and LOVE–The themes we focused on yesterday:  Seal 19; Storm=GOD and Cube 10:  LOVE  🙂
The Gulf of Mexico  is home to so many thousands of nesting pairs of birds:
Birds fly over nesting birds on Breton Island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Lousiana Tuesday. The Gulf's wildlife are vulnerable to the oil spill resulting from last week's explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.
 These beautiful Rainbow clouds appeared above Los Angeles on Crystal Mirror (which happened to be the 24th birthday of the oldest of TMQ’s 13 Nieces and Nephews, George, (Kin 118) who attends U.C.L.A.’s Graduate School of Engineering in Los Angeles  🙂  Crystal Mirror also ‘reflects’ the combined Kins of  Moi (Planetary Serpent-5.10) and Kodiak (Lunar Skywalker-13.2) who are devoting their time and energy to the GM108X Day-out-of-Time at Spring Mountain (intials 19.13) near Las Vegas (which now represents ‘Vega’)  Picture This image from that page epitomizes  Hunab Ku and Pacal Votan, our Patron for Gamma, day of Peace.  🙂
N. S.  1. 22. 11. 17.       Cube Eleven:   MAGIC         P.V.C.S.  Kin  40

17 thoughts on “Pacal Votan Clear Sign; Kin 40 begins the Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment.

  1. The next Galactic Birthday for kin 40
    is in 260 days on 2/2/2011

    My much loved Auntie Nita was born on Groundhog Day. 😉

    Much inversion may occur.

    Lest of riposte.

    The next Galactic Birthday for kin 40
    is in 260 days on 2/2/2011

    Love cube,

  2. Origin and recording

    “Black Hole Sun” was written by frontman Chris Cornell. Cornell said that he wrote the song in about 15 minutes.[1] He used a Gretsch guitar to write the song, and commented, “I wrote the song thinking the band wouldn’t like it—then it became the biggest hit of the summer.”[2] Cornell came up with the song while using a Leslie speaker. Guitarist Kim Thayil said that the Leslie speaker was perfect for the song as “it’s very Beatlesque and has a distinctive sound. It ended up changing the song completely.”[3] The song was performed in drop D tuning. Drummer Matt Cameron called the song “a huge departure.”[4]
    [edit] Lyrics

    Regarding “Black Hole Sun”, Cornell stated, “It’s just sort of a surreal dreamscape, a weird, play-with-the-title kind of song.”[5] He also said that “lyrically it’s probably the closest to me just playing with words for words’ sake, of anything I’ve written. I guess it worked for a lot of people who heard it, but I have no idea how you’d begin to take that one literally.”[6] In another interview he elaborated further, stating, “It’s funny because hits are usually sort of congruent, sort of an identifiable lyric idea, and that song pretty much had none. The chorus lyric is kind of beautiful and easy to remember. Other than that, I sure didn’t have an understanding of it after I wrote it. I was just sucked in by the music and I was painting a picture with the lyrics. There was no real idea to get across.”[4] Commenting upon how the song was misinterpreted as being positive, Cornell said, “No one seems to get this, but “Black Hole Sun” is sad. But because the melody is really pretty, everyone thinks it’s almost chipper, which is ridiculous.”[7] When asked about the line, “Times are gone for honest men,” Cornell said:

    It’s really difficult for a person to create their own life and their own freedom. It’s going to become more and more difficult, and it’s going to create more and more disillusioned people who become dishonest and angry and are willing to fuck the next guy to get what they want. There’s so much stepping on the backs of other people in our profession. We’ve been so lucky that we’ve never had to do that. Part of it was because of our own tenacity, and part of it was because we were lucky.[8]

    From the mouths of babes. Nearly illiterate, holy babes.

    Which begs the question.

    Just what exactly is oUR worst case scenario?
    A ga-in-G
    Not to be negative.

    Oh WAIT. Aye. U’ve not heard the true gospel.
    Here it is.

    Ether time.
    C 😉

  3. toDaya i was graphing Sunseals on a SIT-BALL

    This “sit-ball” is about 40 cm diameter and has lines on it as spheres from the center …

    in the middle i put the yinyang symbol
    then the kweakclock of 8 hours as units/kin a cycle …
    then i imagined 3 spheres as the core one …
    and placed DRAGON in sphere 1 … then WIND in sphere 3 and then i proceeeded in a flow guarded by the sun burninGee …

    at the end a story was told with 20 seals jumping sphere …
    and i ended with the 1st 4 again while 3×8=20+4 …

    i thought this iz a very nice exercise to play with the seals and experience “a unique story” from the suns B’urNoo …

    In LaK’esh ala kin! Sun1 ~ ONE :: MagnetiCO’operatinGee

  4. seeing those seagulls fly …

    reminded me to this line-up 😉


    contemplatinGea number 40 made me realize 2 full cycles of 20 seals fit within 5 rounds of 8 around center of the sitball as a planet/being/soul

    Then each seal finds itself in a counterposition , often in another sphere …

    hmmm , what iz happening dear TMQ?

    “i’m lost in synC!”

  5. S’ace… that sounds a wonderful exercise! I only wish you could draw me a picture… well, I guess you did 😉 but U know what I mean! Makes me wish I had a ‘sit-ball’ to play with! 🙂

    On this glorious SUN Wavespell Magnetic Daya that reveals our Purpose…

    “YELLOW SUN provokes us to honour the Solar Life Force that sustains our Planetary Whole. As our local star, the Sun is the lens through which we receive radiant emanations of energy/information transmitted from the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku). Let us receive the majesty of this Universal Fire, that it may ignite and enlighten our inner Sun ~ our internal source of Divine Light. May we awaken to the precious reality of who we truly are ~ sparks of the same great fire of Life which illuminates eternity….

    Foregoing the attainment of concepts of ‘enlightenment’ we can discover our True Nature IS enlightened. Let us release the striving for betterment, and accept the awesome actuality that already is! Allow the Universal Fire to burn away doubt and debate. All questions are answered by the searing truth of that which we have always been ~ the zero; formless consciousness; wholeness.”

    ~ from 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year

    The perfection already is!!! It’s just ‘hiding’ underneath the illusion!!

    In Lak’ech!

  6. well Melovia,
    this iz about the idea

    it can be about 60 cm diameter!

    usually they are mentioned to sit at an office and dynamically stimulate the spine for an active balance …

    i use them on the beach to let children play with them …
    and watch out for the wind: he’s blows them away harder than anyone can run!

    the exercise was in the spirit of seal hand: doing a thing without a plan but on guidance delivers much knowledge to accomplish “other stuff” …

    why dont u just drop by this summer?

    😉 xoxox

    • next to the “ballseat” exercise i wondered about the word “reebok” …

      it vibrates the verb “REE”, which iz a command to change winds …

      bok iz a “mail goat” that can jump/skip mountains … high


      can this indicate the SUN’s WAVE … that also holds LongCount 260 – Cosmic Sun which delivers 260+48=308 at 3K: SolarStar in 8 daya … ?

  7. 20

    i am the Enlightened ONE
    Coded by the Yellow Sun
    My # is 20
    The Universe Total-EYE-t=E.

    In Meditation was I conceived
    From Meditation was I Born, AND
    For Long Aeons have I dwelt deep within this Meditaion
    I am the Higher truth and the RenewUR.UR.UR of Life

    Many Names I am Called…..
    But they only name my outer Form????
    My FIERY CLOAK that U call the SUN????
    Elighten One, Enlighten ALL??
    I am the Fullfilment of The PROPHECY of Hunab Ku.
    Hunab -Ku.
    I know places By Tollan…
    Strictly TOLLAN of the Awakened ONES?????Tollan.
    CHC Book Of TimeSSSSSSSSp’ace
    Valum Votan/Red QUEEN.

    93.What A Cosmic Storm.
    California LoVE.
    DesErt Warrior Todaya>>>Infinite GSC.
    SEAs of Trea.

    paths with another Resonant Skywalker.133.
    Sir Carlos~>

    Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 – mid-August, 1992) was an American itinerant who adopted the name Alexander Supertramp and hiked into the Alaskan wilderness with little food and equipment, hoping to live a period of solitude. Almost four months later, weighing only 67 pounds (30 kg), he died of starvation near Denali National Park and Preserve. Inspired by the details of McCandless’s story, author Jon Krakauer wrote a book about his adventures published in 1996 titled Into the Wild. In 2007, Sean Penn directed a film of the same title, with Emile Hirsch portraying McCandless.

    kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle
    I Channel in order to Create
    Inspiring Mind
    I seal the Output of Vision
    With the Resonant tone of Attunement
    I am guided by the power of Accomplishment .

    TO CUBE !144.411.!??????

  8. So Ex-c-Eye-td.
    We Meet Soon in sea-s of Desert.
    Thats Sky Walker Galactic Activation Portal.
    Mirrored F’ces

  9. Aye… might just do that! 😉

    Speaking of REE, changing winds (or tacks)…

    022 ~ 220 ~ 242 has got to be the ultimate sail-UR

    Solar Wind ~ Crystal Sun ~ Galactic Wind

    Shining Cees!!!! 🙂








    13:20 WORLD AWAITS.


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