Kin 42: “High Priestess” codes Spectral Alpha 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

The Code Spell for Kin 42:  White Electric Wind is:  I Activate in order to Communicate.  Bonding Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Death.”

White Electric Worldbridger
Yellow Electric Human White Electric Wind Red Electric Earth
  Blue Spectral Storm

Our Galactic Seed, James,  shows us another way to calculate the G-Force.  We add together the Kin numbers: Analog: 237, Guide:  (G.A.P.) 146, Antipode:  172, and Occult:  219  with the day’s Kin (42).  The total is 816, from which we subtract the nearest multiple of 260 (780) to reach today’s G-Force:  Kin 36:  Yellow PLANETARY WARRIOR. 

Today’s Occult, Blue Spectral Storm (19.11) mirrors the 13 Moon date:  19th day of 11th Moon  🙂  That day always corresponds to the PSI of  Red Cosmic Dragon.

The Postulate for 2.3 states:  “The composite of the difference in evolution in time among the stellar masses at any given moment in time create the full-range spectrum of possibilities in the energy-mind progression which defines the continuum of time and consciousness constituting the Galactic Brain.”

  Seal 2:  WIND, a.k.a. High Priestess  and Lady of the Winds holds the Power and Spirit of Prophecy at the Darka Pole–the South Pole** of the Galactic order.  “The High Priestess exemplifies Spirit as command of Prophecy.”   GK-Uranus:  Telektonon Earth Spirit Speaking Tube.  Core Family;  Equatorial Regions;  HEART.

ALPHA 19:  RELEASE;  Throat:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double Extended Electron at the South Pole”**.    ‘TEL‘.  5th Year of the Mystery of the Stone (2008-2009) 5th Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden.  Right side of Radion cube. 

Place  ████████ (Yang; TIME) on Front of Cube for Codon 43.

Telektonon Day 19:  Sixth Prophecy/Weaving and Seal 6 coded by Kin 149:   Red Rhythmic Moon.  “13 Moons Peace Way of Universal Telepathy becomes path of Biospheric Restoration.”

Cube Thirteen:  PROPHECY:  Victory of the White Horse Purifies the Biosphere.”  By my Skywalker power of Prophecy, may Prophecy Purify victory of the 13 Moons as the triumph of the Religion of Truth!”  “May Peace regenerate the Biosphere!”

Today has so many indications that we are now meant to exemplify the Planetary Warrior who restores our  Biosphere, beginning with the Gulf of Mexico.  *******************************************

On Kin 40, a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, this comment was received from a man who calls himself “Anonymous Kin”:





****************************************************************************************Just now, TMQ looked at the languages  into which yesterday’s blog was translated, and noticed that Queen in Portugese is “Rainha” which numerically (A=1, Z=26) equals 51, the Kin (Blue Crystal Monkey) that codes Madame Blavatsky.  The first line for Postulate for Kin 51 is;  “11.12:  …CA dominance of 12:60 historic cycle is unrelievedly masculine directed and oriented…”

A news article today presents an example of this:  “Archaeologists in southern Mexico have discovered the 2,700-year-old tomb of a dignitary inside a pyramid that may be the oldest such burial documented in Mesoamerica .  ” It may be almost 1,000 years older than the better-known pyramid tomb of the Mayan ruler Pakal at the Palenque archaeological site, also in Chiapas.”  “The older man was buried with jade and amber collars and bracelets and pearl ornaments. His face was covered with what may have been a funeral mask with obsidian eyes.”  Much later in the article, they nonchalantly mention“Nearby, the tomb of a woman, also about 50, contained similar ornaments.”

Valum Votan has written that one of the KEY aspects of the Closing of the Cycle is that the 5,125 year period of male-dominated History ends, with the emergence of the Divine Feminine which restores Peace, Love, Beauty and Harmony to our World.   A woman wrapped in a red sari, with long hair and four hands stands on a red lotus and holds two red lotuses in her two upper hands.

As many readers  know, the Male Priests changed the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar, which synchronized with the Feminine and Lunar cycles, into the unnatural 12:60 frequency which has resulted in War and a degree of mechanization that is killing the Earth and her occupants.  Humans are the only species who have deviated from the Harmonic 13:20 frequency which synchronizes us with the rest of Creation.. As Anonymous Kin writes, (and as Telektonon Day 19 reiterates) we must return to the 13 Moons Way to restore our telepathy, and to heal our Biosphere.

The Gulf of Mexico has presented us with an immediate challenge to exercise our powers of telepathy and Healing during this Spectral Hand Moon.  Please read (Kin 133) Christine’s latest contribution to this effort in Kin 41, Lunar Dragon comments.  She notes that yesterday’s Challenge, Lunar Monkey correlated to the KEY crop circle and to a man synchronistically named Carmen Dragon.  As she relates, this  Conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra performed on the Standard School Broadcast, sponsored by Standard Oil for over 40 years (during which L.A.s wonderful train system was removed and autos became firmly entrenched).  These and other synchronicities, combined with the Key crop circle are all clues to our current catastrophic Challenge:

GULF of MEXICO:  (3,000 times more leaking natural gas than oil, is an even worse problem)  (Live feed?) (Atlantic Coast threatened:  “There was mounting evidence last night that the scale of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has grown beyond all the initial worst-case scenarios, as thousands of gallons of oil continued to gush from the sea floor.”.  And yet,  “Instead of cleaning up the unprecedented catastrophe created by the Cartel’s mega-corporations (Halliburton, Transocean, and British Petroleum), these very same companies seem to be purposely killing our Gulf of Mexico (by inserting more toxic chemicals, under the pretense of cleaning it up.”
  Other reports show that new drilling is to commence near Australia 
These news items are presented so that we are aware of the scope and various aspects of the Gulf of Mexico Challenge.
This image of Vishna in his second Avatar as Kurma the  Turtle can symbolize the male and female working together, as these two who are depicted ‘Churning the Ocean“. 
Tomorrow, which is Kin 43 of Week 43, coded by the Codon 43Indomitable, the World-Wide Unity Wave begins   during which we will be singing GOD and LOVE
 This is the perfect time to be consciously using the Dr. Emoto technique upon the Crystals of Water in our Oceans. 
The three 43s add up to 129, Crystal Moon, or ‘Crystal Water’.  This is one aspect of the ‘Power of Three’ introduced by ‘Anonymous Kin”.  As Christine wrote: “Reduce E MOT IONS. Embrace Emoto-ions.”
Synchronistically, Stephanie South’s comment for Electric Wind in her ’13 Moon Almanac’ also applies to our  Oceans:  “”The air is (also)..filled with Plasmas, cosmic and solar sub-atomic electrical charges.  As you inhale, feel these charges coursing through your system, circulating through your etheric body.  As you exhale, feel yourself to be an electric transformative force, recharging your environment (especially our Oceans) with radiance and spiritual energy.”
 The preceding  is the first part of a  Threepronged strategy that is developing. 
Second:  The three 43s reiterate Codon 43:  INDOMITABLE:  Principle of Dynamic Construction Evolves Space”.   We need to telepathically construct ‘dynamic containment’ of this rupture in our beloved Mother Earth.   Yesterday’s Lunar MonKEY ANTIPODE led Christine to research the Antipode of the Gulf of Mexico:  She discovered that it is   “It is dead smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean in Mirror Territory”.,89.333333&t=h&z=4  Please contribute your ideas for the optimal “Dynamic Constuction for telepathic Containment” utilizing the ‘Whole Planet Holon’ with emphasis on the Antipode.
The Third part of the evolving strategy involves an idea suggested in one of Valum Votan’s Rinri Reports, several years ago.  He suggested that we choose a person in power (TMQ chose Dick Cheney) to ‘telepathically shower with Love and Peace”.   As the links shared above illustrate, the men who created this disaster could benefit from some loving, well-intentioned guidance.  Some Kin who are  drawn to this  aspect of three strategies may want to choose an oil executive or policy-maker to ‘work with’.
Tomorrow is a ‘big day’ for practising our powers of   Telepathy.  Additionally, it is a Galactic Activation Portal.  For the sake of our Earth, and our own spiritual growth, let’s be well-prepared PLANETARY WARRIORS!  🙂
Today is the 299th day of  Self-Existing Seed, which codes  Cube Year 13:  Prophecy.  299-260 = 39. 
Kin 39 (19.13)  also mirrors today:  Day 19;  Cube 13:  Prophecy.  19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 22. 11. 19.      Cube 13:  PROPHECY       Kin 42:  SPIRIT

24 thoughts on “Kin 42: “High Priestess” codes Spectral Alpha 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

  1. Read wave spell and spasmed.
    Just finished posting…yesterday.

    Speechless for NOW.
    Then NOW
    and then…NOW!


  2. I read this.

    This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, but with the whisper of decaying petroleum products. That’s the apocalypse envisioned by Kevin J. Anderson, author of numerous “Star Wars” novels, and Doug Beason. In their third novel pairing, Ill Wind, the beginning of the end is an oil tanker spill in San Francisco Bay. Ill Wind deals with an unexpected end to the world as we know it and the attempts by the U.S. government to hold the nation together, for good or ill. A very readable and believable story, this book takes its place among other speculative visions of the way our world will end, and how the pieces will be picked up.

    Curled Up With a Good Book Alex Kramer is a bioremediation researcher for oil giant Oilstar, cultivating natural microbes to clean up millenial civilization’s messes. His Prometheus microbe is experimental, awaiting approval by the federal government for use in oil spill cleanup operations. Racked by the pain of leukemia and grieving the deaths of his wife and two children, Alex Kramer feels he has nothing to lose when the Oilstar tanker Zoroaster spills its entire cargo off the shores of San Francisco. He prepares a modified Prometheus for Oilstar to use in its defensive public relations plan.

    Todd Severyn, a Wyoming cowboy who has worked oil all his life, is put in charge of the Zoroaster cleanup. When the tanker sinks before all its cargo can be offloaded, he takes Alex Kramer’s Prometheus microbe up in a helicopter to spray the spill before the bioremediation process can be stopped by court injuction. What Todd and Stanford microbiologist and chemist Iris Shikozu don’t know is that the microbe they release is a mean cousin to the samples Iris okayed for the operation. This Prometheus doesn’t stop at gobbling up crude oil in a restricted area. It can feed on gasoline and most of the plastics made from petroleum — the very fabric of modern civilization. Most frightening of all, it can spread through the air.

    As the “petro plague” spreads across the globe, the Speaker of the House becomes president after the assassination of the President in the Mideast and the Vice President’s death in an elevator malfunction. He orders martial law, and the armed forces are suddenly in charge of domestic law and order. Communications break down as quickly as petroleum-based polymers do, and pockets of totalitarianism spring up. Air Force Brigadier General Ed Bayclock, an efficient and deeply patriotic commander, takes charge of the Albuquerque area, brutally enforcing his strict brand of martial law — including public hangings of curfew breakers and petty thieves. Spencer Lockwood’s solar power research station is nearby, where small satellite solar collectors beam power down via microwave to an antenna farm that harvests and channels the power. His work becomes known to General Bayclock, and Spencer’s power station is targeted for confiscation under martial law.

    A downed naval pilot, a social activist, the Zoroaster’s captain and the criminal responsible for the spill all play a part in how society begins reconstructing itself. As the central characters’ lives intersect and diverge, humanity’s rebirth becomes a hopeful possibility. Anderson and Beason have constructed a cautionary tale that avoids being preachy even while it coaxes us to be aware, to think. Ill Wind blows fair.

    There is a dream I have been having a scene about since I was v saw “The Day After” – which scaredsacred the hell out of me.

    I am walking along the 580 near the Altamont (book detail – LOCATION – shockingly internal assignation of image from age 12 youthdream) skywalki-n-G away from the Bay in the mindset of realization…
    “Oh, well. It’s okay that I can’t ever have kids. There are plenty of others to take care of.”

    Later in the plot the one thing that starts the spirit is mUSic. They hold an impromptu concert at the Altamont with handmade instruments.

    The point is, we survive.

    it’s just too dry around here.

    The find raised the possibility that Olmec pyramids might contain similar tombs of dignitaries, especially at sites such as La Venta. Olmec pyramids, while well-known, have not been excavated, in part because the high water table and humidity of their Gulf coast sites are not as conducive to preserving buried human remains. (The Most Important Remains in the World. TM. No Q 😉 All Rights Reserved, greedy bastards. 😉 )

    Eye surmise the iceberg exists and shall guide US. The “tombs” are INDOMITABLE.

    We can have your new gills ready in a week, Alice. E last i city of mind are required. Remember: i is the imaginary number.

    Babel fish? You will want to communicate, eye sURmise.

    It does taste a bit weird, i’ll admit.

    GET F LEX i BLE (6 degrees of language interface chit chat)–2152339

    From the back to middle and around again
    I’m gonna be there ’til the end
    100% pURe LOVE.

  3. mike Kiwiallegiance here, thats my new name, iv’e ditched my Gregorian prison number birth toe tag name, my sons and i are combined kin241 and my blending partner are combined kin 70(partner being kin 111) we add up too kin 51 today like everyday is a blessing. Know the knowing it’s over for the Gregorian calender of death ((God is in us, love of the babies love of the unborn babies.

    • repeatinGee the word and sound in a rhythm and rhyme …

      KiWi ~ KiWe ~ KeyWe …

      gentle turns a key in a wormhole …

      KEY :: WE & US2
      UR T H(olonomiQ Sapiens Sapiens)

  4. Eye, F~eye~nd Book of the Mystery to be a G-u-ide for mi as we are work-IN-G toward the DOOT!

    pg. 63. CHC. Valum(2). Book of the Mystery.

    “Every person in this new society will be liberated, allowing each to create Themselves ANEW, becoming phenomenal works of Art. Everyone will Realize they are literally the living expression of a divine Embodiment.”

    “Only a Few Brave Souls dare go into the unknown:They Become The SUPER SHAMANS and Mediums of The Masses. We will soon see a new society NOOOOO Longer based upon fear and oppression:A NEW RACE OF ARTISTS.”

    CHC Book Of TimESpaCe Valum(5)
    pg. 120


    I enter UR Universe
    Through the Second Light Gate
    My # is 2.
    My # is 2.
    The Challenge of Wind
    As it turns in every direction
    Harnessing the Power of the “WORD”
    Let Ur Tongue speak only what is Glorious
    IS My Challenge to U!
    For I am the Lady of the Winds
    Keeper of the Mind Tunnels, opened through Crystal song
    Frome My Crown, my hair Emerges
    As the top Knot of the Infinite
    I am the Holder of the Spirit of PROPHECY
    I harness the energy of Breath filling the body with vitality
    The Jewel on my forehead is the indestructible wisdom that Illuminates
    My Every Thought
    Sent by divine Decree
    My command is always directed
    To your spirit Essence alone
    Listen For Me ALWAYS when the WIND……………
    ARISES from NOOWhere?

    Upon our arrival full circle to the Desert last Evening.
    Eye (93) Code=E.
    Was Granted a pure and Vibrant Download of My Home.
    For as eye was shown how My Planet was Home.
    Eye was there with Kin of a Tribe.
    We were Gathered in Preparation for our Planetary Departure of Our HOME.
    SHE’s in me.
    Shes Coded In Me.
    I am Mars.
    Proud of My HomeLand.

    Galactified=WIDE AWAKE.


    “When the Hand of the Lord is Held/When the depths of his heart is known/When the Heavens are entered/When the Puzzles are solved/The worlds of Humans are integrated, and when your worlds are integrated, You become bees rushing to Honey, Moths rush-in-G toward the LIGHT. Do not ever forget, Our Friends, that Moths do not hover around candles with no light. In empty hives no Bees are Found. Our (LOVE.EVOL) is for the entire Universe.”



  5. Absolutely inspired and inspiring blog today, dear TMQ! UR Service is Electric indeed!

    And yet amidst the important work a little playing with Kin combinations: 129 + 133 = 2 (2.2) so together we R the High Priestess! And 129 + 93 = 222 (2.1) GAP… Spirit moving… 🙂 And Moi and ! together are a Solar Wizard (14.9) in this Sun Wave ~ and I never met a Wizard I didn’t like 😉

    Awesome contributions from A[we]LL !!

    The Kin Ship Sails on Crystal Waters

    In Lak’ech,

  6. Mia~ A-door Mia~Cubical.
    U make Mia Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Sea-Star. Gang-Star. All-Star. HomeTeam.
    The NooTEAM.
    The Team that Nooo’s
    We K=now Art.

  7. Eye No A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N.No.
    Take Away My Social Freedom.
    Eye Be SLAVE TO TRUTH?YAh Jah Truth.
    Jah Speak TRUTH.

    To M Lakota Culture,Mi People Of Conquer.
    .In Prayer.
    In Silence.
    In Honor of Mi Warriorism.
    Mi Crazy Horse.
    Mi BreastPlate.

    Eye Feel Paha Sapa.
    She Is My Heart.
    Look Geographically at the U.S.A(United Solar Artists)
    The BLACK HILLS Are The HEART of THE Nation.
    The Ru.UR Nation.

    Eye Mayan.nayaM.
    Maya-N.N………Aya M.

    The Code Carrier. MOnkey Play with an Electric Wind To Blow Through My Shock Doctrine.
    VALUM VOTAN Vizzzzz-EYE-On.

    Shock. I Must admit that Eye so love the Creative PANIC>2 Moon Mars Girl.
    Im Sea-n-G.

    To the Space.

    This Cube is our Sacred Space,Created for the Evolved Artist.
    Be Female.
    Eye Female.
    Mr. Male Leader…
    Welcome The NooNess.
    The NooooMISS.

  8. Please welcome kin 153. Red Planetary Sky walker. To Cube.????

    Healer OF VE-G-US.LA.LA.


    LETS GO HOME 133.?
    Lets BrIng HOME…..Home.EMOH?

    Eye feel so strongly that Maldek n Mars R Not GONE?

    2 moon 2 MARS.

    Deimos:: (Terror/Dread)::

    Phobos:: (Panic/Fear):

    IN PURfect Harmony:

    Bring Mars Home.

    Space Challenge:


    • on “HOME” i have this story:

      8 12 13 5 => 38 in the bivideoTex aka AM-ZN=1-13

      then the revelating AL-YN=1-12 & M=13 & Z=0
      brings 37 as its number where GOD iz in ALLL

      and there u are : while 9 iz the magical number in 10-clock (decimal)
      37 iz the magical number in 38-clock 😉 (nutchnutch)

      and 37 is the 3rd part of 111/222/…/999 … having 1-9 as the multiplier

      and 38=11 and do realize : 3 is EARTH and 8 iz … UR ANE
      see the TELEKTONON game designe by VV & BOLON IK …

      So … a clock of 3×8=24 does the whole pivotal event merge …

      FusinGee People that make the world go A’ROUND
      (a gift to the whole PAN DO RA T’ea~M)

  9. Don’t Let Me get Yah wrong.
    I love to Pretend.
    I Do Get??????
    Do U Get?????
    Wheres yah Voice.
    Given a choice.
    I am a CONVICT.

    What IF??

    My Voice To Loaud.
    Eye Wanna Hear UR’s

    The Echo is Serene, yet I call my Sea-Star From Mars.
    Bring The RED Spectrum With U!!!!!
    Come Walk.
    Lets Walk.
    Lets Play.
    U Become??
    Eye B?

    Eye REady.
    Red Flowing Hair to shoot through my skin,flesh n Bone.
    Explode Fear.
    EGO Mudrder.
    I ripped Em out from the Inside.
    Off UR Bridge.

    G-u-eye-d-+=eD By Death.

    M-eye- Next Kill.
    Eye PLAY.



  10. “Teardrop”

    [Liz Fraser]

    Love, love is a verb
    Love is a doing word
    Fearless on my breath
    Gentle impulsion
    Shakes me makes me lighter
    Fearless on my breath

    Teardrop on the fire
    Fearless on my breath

    Nine night of matter
    Black flowers blossom
    Fearless on my breath
    Black flowers blossom
    Fearless on my breath

    Teardrop on the fire
    Fearless on my breath

    Water is my eye
    Most faithful mirror
    Fearless on my breath
    Teardrop on the fire of a confession
    Fearless on my breath
    Most faithful mirror
    Fearless on my breath

    Teardrop on the fire
    Fearless on my breath

    Stumbling a little
    Stumbling a little

  11. Oh yes.
    Almost forgot.

    Fasiculus Chemicus was revised by Dee sometime between 1631 and 1633 and translated from Latin into English by Elias Ashmole in 1650 under the anagrammatic pseudonym of “James Hasholle” (by substitution of the letter J for I). However, Dee was displeased with Ashmole’s translation, and wrote to him:

    I am sorry you or any man should take pains to translate any book of that art into English, for the art is vilified so much already by scholars that do daily deride it, in regard they are ignorant of the principles. How then can it any way be advanced by the vulgar? But to satisfy your question, you may be resolved that he who wrote Euclid’s Preface was my father. The ‘Fasciculus’, I confess, was my labour and work.

    In the early 20th century Dee’s alchemical manuscripts were among items stolen by the so-called “Mad Monk” Rasputin during the last years of the Romanov dynasty.

    HA 2 the HA!!!


  13. i really enyoyed this WIND o’42 with its beautiful illustrations!

    a daya later i got this dutch original narrative on the numbers 0-9 (i linked it with machine-translation into English).

    the openinGee 2 lines goes as:

    “Communicate with words is as closely as possible along each other gone talk. Even already two people speak the same mother language, then the associations and associated perceptions by word can differ. …”

    still i grow on the idea people who’ve never met can get very close ~ probably because they did not see one anoother (?) ~ and they are “both blinded by the light” …

    but then, know i still like to see … “c” & “c the sea … and its horizon where the vertical’ender breaks a life into a stream”

    hú GGGeeS

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