Kin 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent codes 16th day of Spectral Cube Journey

For our final day in the Spirit  Warrior’s Cube Journey, we are blessed with a new crop circle!   But first, let’s orient ourselves into the final week of  Spectral Hand Moon.  The  44th Heptad Path:  Free Will Evolves  Timelessness.  This 44th Week of Year 4.4 corresponds to Codon 5:  PEOPLE TOGETHER:  Tree Evoves Space.

The Code Spell for Kin 45:  Red Rhythmic Serpent is:  “I Organize in order to Survive.  Balancing Instinct, I seal the store of Life Force with the Rhythmic tone of Equality,  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Red Rhytmic Serpent
Blue Rhytmic Eagle Red Rhytmic Serpent White Rhytmic Wizard
  Yellow Galactic Warrior

The Guide and PSI are both coded by Seal 5, the Serpent, which leads us to another reptile, the Turtle, who has carried the 13 tones on it’s back for millions of years–To ensure we remember the 13 Moons in time.  Today is WORLD TURTLE DAY. Western Pond Turtle  For A Treasured Friend. Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageMay is a busy month for Turtles. Many have recently emerged from winter hibernation and are beginning their search for mates and nesting areas. For this reason, May 23 was designated World Turtle Day.  (Appropriate, since 23 codes the Telektonon “Lover’s Reunion”  🙂  “…all seven species (of Sea Turtles) are arguably the most endangered animals on earth.”   The drawing of the Turtle’s 13 shells says “God is” on the shell that corresponds to Tone 11, which codes this 11th Moon of Liberation.  Note that the 28 smaller shells around the perimeter:  The Turtle carries the 13 Moons and its 28 days!

Postulate 5.6 states:  The PSI Bank is the “brain” of the Biosphere, the guiding force of the evolution of time and consciousness governing the evolutionary stages of the biosphere.  As the repository of all thought, unconscious and conscious, the PSI bank remains in the instictual unconscious until the advent of self-reflective thought.  The Noosphere is the PSI Bank made into the continuing conscious regulator of life.”

 Seal 5:  SERPENT, a.k.a. Serpent Initiate or Red Enigma generates the red electrical circuit and exemplifies as the beginning of knowledge.  GK-Maldek;  POLAR;  North Pole;  CROWN**.

DALI 22: TARGET;   SP-Saturn;  CROWN**:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we begin building the yellow Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom.  Build the TOP of the Radion Cube.  Lay the Bottom line of Codon 5 (Yang;  TIME) on the Bottom of  its Cube.  A▫G▫G  ARGININE






██████████ ***

DALI 22:  Return of the 1st Solar Witness:  White Crystal Wizard, which also codes the First of the Last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun.  Today also corresponds to the First of the Seven Mytic Moons of 2013, coded by Kin 202: Resonant Wind.

TELEKTONON Day 22:   The Warrior’s Cube of INTELLIGENCE Complete.  Pacal Votan’s promise of 13 Baktuns fulfilled by the power of the Nine Lords of Time.  Telepathic redemption of the Lost Planets. 

Cube Sixteen;  Intelligence:  “By my Warrior power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of Humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal Life.”  “BY THE POWER OF THE CUBE, MAY PEACE PREVAIL FOR ALL!”

Jara, White Solar Mirror commented that the 4 Watches of each day vary according to the season, so “it reflects a mutable duration of time”, instead of being 6 hours each (as TMQ wrote on Kin 41)  She is correct, as stated on the Law of Time site: 

First Watch:          Midnight to Dawn  (Analog kin)
Second Watch:    Dawn to Noon         (Guide kin)
Third Watch:        Noon to Dusk          (Antipode kin)
Fourth Watch:     Dusk to Midnight   (Occult kin)
NET TimeTMQ actually prefers to keep them as 6 hour periods, because then the smallest Holonomic unit (a Kin) remains consistent, with the 4 Watches of the day corresponding to  the 4 weeks of a Moon, and the 4 quarters of the year (which remain the same:  91 days, regardless of the amount of Sun).   Thanks to Jara for clarifying the Watches, and, as always,  each person is free to choose their own way of observing them  🙂 

This latest Crop Circle appears to contain (although an accurate count is difficult)  a total of 91 lines (reminiscent of the Codon’s Yin/SPACE and Yang/TIME LINES) within its 12 segments.Image It appeared at Wilton   Windmill near Wilton, Wiltshire on May 22 coded by Kin 44;  Yellow Overtone Seed. 

This article, by Richard C. Cook  who spent 26 years as  U.S. Govenment analyst, is well worth reading:  Mr. Clarke has written several books, including “In the Footsteps of the Yogi: The 1999 U.S. Tour of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj,”  and he was recently named the U.S. director for White Light Books, a company based in Australia that focuses on the merging of public affairs with world spiritual currents. 

Enjoy this day dedicated to the   28 Day/13 Moon  Turtle!  🙂

N S.  1. 22. 11. 22.        Cube Sixteen:  INTELLIGENCE        Kin 45

9 thoughts on “Kin 45: Red Rhythmic Serpent codes 16th day of Spectral Cube Journey

  1. And more WW’s 4 U.

    Another rumination on Umberto Eco’s unread library. The undigested gems in all oUR collections.

    I checked out a book from my father in law, Self-existing Hand, born Cosmic 28, the day before the DOOT 😉 Father of the Lunar and Rhythmic Humans, Husband and Brother, respectively, boURne of he and Mother, Rhythmic Skywalker about three months ago and it got all freaky with me todaya! 😉 Attempting spine representation:

    The Outline of History
    Modern History
    H.G. Wells




    Volume III

    Copyright, 1920, 1931, 1940.
    Triangle Book 14 West 49th St.
    New York City


    PG. 1111

    Will inform tomorrow.
    PVCS being a twit.

  2. He Shoots to Explore Our Space.
    He Smiles into the Mirror at the Smile n Tears on His Face.

    He Pretends he.s UnD-UR JAh Arch.
    He Sent his Wish on the Wings of a T-Ur-Quoise Sparrow.
    Through The Valleys Of Miss Mars Fire!De-sire-Transpire-Higher-Lower-Knower Giver Gifter Healer.SAGE.


    Eye Remember Eye Tribe.
    kin by kin.
    Face by Face.
    # by #!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whos To Tone.
    Who’s To Own?

    Winds are blowing me.

    Will Mercury Push Eye(GSC) To??

    Code=E attended a 3 hour Mormon Church S-Ur-Vice with a lovely Mormon Sister, this morn… For We met last evening…….This was a blessed moment.
    So Eye Decided to Partake in the PLAY??
    Eye Shave Face.
    Eye Dress Up, Cover Tattoo’s Remove Jewelry.
    Eye Look Like a Dark skinned Mormon.
    Just Shape shifting.
    Act-UR .

    She didn’t JUDGE.
    She Stays in My Heart.
    As I Must DEPART.

    Eye’m one of Pacal’zzzzz KIDZ.

  3. Yes, Code=E, Pi G mentally challenging, dealing with the Joseph Smithies. 😉

    Pg. 1111

    The Outline of History

    To her (America) community many things were platitutes that had led to the Old-world communities, entangled still in the ancient political complications, the quality of a saving gospel. President Wilson (Thomas WoodroW Wilson, Kin 214, Rhythmic Wizard 😉 ) was responding to to the thought and conditions of his own people and his own country, based on a liberal tradition that had first found its full expression in English speech; but to Europe and Asia he seemed to be thinking and saying, for the first time in history, things hitherto undeveloped and altogether secret. And that misconception he may have shared.

    We are dealing here with an able and successful professor of political science, who did not fully realize what he owed to his contemporaries and the literary and political atmosphere he had breathed throughout his life; and who passed very rapidly, after his re-election as President, from the mental attitudes of a political leader to those of a Messiah. His “notes” are a series of explorations of the elements of the world situation. When at last, in his address to Congress, January 8th, 1918, (Kin 130, Cosmic Dog, exact center of the T’zolkin in the center of the Time Vector Potentiality, what a Wiz 😉 ) he produced his Fourteen (HA!) Points as a definite statement of the American peace intentions, they were, as a statement, far better in their spirit than in their arrangement and matter.

    This document demanded open agreements between nations and an end to secret diplomacy, free navigation 😉 of the high seas, free commerce, disarmament, and a number of political readjustments upon the lines of national independence. Finally, in the Fourteenth Point, it required “a general association of nations” to guarantee the peace of the world. He sought “peace without victory.”

    These Fourteen Points had an immense reception throughout the world. Here at last seemed a peace for reasonable men everywhere, as good and acceptable to honest and decent Germans and Russians as to honest and decent Frenchmen and Englishmen and Belgians; and for some months the whole world was lit by faith in Wilson. Could they have been made the basis of a world settlement in 1919, they would have forthwith have opened a new and more hopeful era in human affairs.

    But, as we must tell, they did not do that. There was about President Wilson a certain narrow egotism; there was in the generation of people in the United States whom this great occasion came – a generation born in security, reared in plenty and, so far as history goes, in ignorance – a generation remote from the tragic issues that had made Europe grave – a certain superficiality and lightness of mind.

    Hello? This is MonKey town.

    Posulate 0.13
    The point of space intersected by any of the absolutely infinite set of (13:20) time vector potentialities is either pre- or unconscious in the domain of potentiality, or evolving from conscious to super conscious in the Dominion of Time. The practice of the dynamics of time or celestial harmonics is only possible in point of space which has attained to a continuing or super conscious condition. The super conscious point is defined by its capacity to order simultaneous vector potentialities in a conscious arrangement of purpose.

    Eye am guided by Navigation.

    Through the DEEP WATER, EYE see the HORIZON.
    Peace without victory.

    Revolution, wind the Ouroboros.

    Cubing in M aye n D.

    138? 738?

    While that image was loading it said at the bottom of my screen
    Waiting for…


  4. Dear 93.93.132(PVCS)

    Wow. Three HoURs! I enjoyed UR visual!

    Burning bush, eh? U really R on fire!

    If the winds blew U northwest you could drop in for a visit. It would be nice if we Kin had already remembered how to fly so we could visit each other. I have just been planting seeds in my garden… don’t even know if I’ll be here all summer to tend it, but it seems right to plant anyway 🙂

    BTW, you know 132 is my Occult?


  5. TMQ, I can’t seem to access that Richard Cook article… Thanks for the crop circle update (I counted 91, too 🙂 ) . It would be nice to be able to decipher that pattern!

    Melovia xo

  6. Mike Kiwiallegiance formerly Michael Keri Peters here from Aotearoa New Zealand the land of the rising sun, please pray for me . I am fighting the imposed Gregorian calendar in our justice courts, by exposing the effects of squeezing 13 lunar months of 28 days into 12 months of the Gregorian calendar. The Zionist have been harvesting from the masses, following the true cycles of time, the law of time, and 13 explain clearly the negative effects of following this imposed Gregorian calendar. When i win my court case, then Aotearoa New Zealand will truly be the leader of the free world, following the harmonious calendar of synchronicity our universal galactic calendar. Every document signed with a Gregorian date will need to be reviewed.

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