Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Full Moon on Spectral Alpha 26

Red Planetary Moon

Red Planetary Earth
Blue Planetary Storm Red Planetary Moon White Planetary Dog
  Yellow Self-existing Human
I Perfect in order to Purify, producing Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water
with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.”
The G-Force is Kin 187:   Blue Overtone Hand.  The PSI for Spectral 26, 27 and 28  is G.A.P. Kin 153:  Red Planetary Skywalker.  Toda’s Challenge is Kin 179:  Blue Planetary Storm.  The Day, Moon and Year combine to make:  20.12939 days remain until 12/21/2012.
Postulate 9.10 “The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge synthesizes analog functions of the biopsychic, electromagnetic, and geomagnetic fields of resonance in a correspondence between Planetary and Human body axial identification and simultaneous collective telepathic projections.” 
Red Planetary Moon coded the year of the discovery of the Tomb of Pacal Votan (and the Birth of the Mystery Queen).  In the 7:7:7:7 Instruction Manual, Valum Votan refers to Codon 49   as ‘The Carpus Callosum‘.
From Stephanie South’s ’13 Moon Almanac” we learn that today is:  “The Wesak Festival of Universal Peace–Celebration of the Birth and Enlightenment of Lord Buddha“, and that Albert Einstein said that Buddhism has these characteristics which one would expect in a Cosmic Religion of the future:  “It transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; and it is based….from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity.”
  Seal 9, MOON a.k.a. Healer or Moon Priestess exemplifies Healing as the source of Love, and is the guardian of the Universal Water that nurtures and sustains all beings.  The Galactic-Karma cycle ends today with GK-Mercury.  GATEWAY;  South Pole;  ROOT.

ALPHA 26:   Release;  GK-Pluto;  Throat:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”██████████ (Yang;  TIME) Front.
Today we build the Right side of the Radion cube.

(Sorry, don’t know how to make that text smaller?!)

ALPHA 26:   ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE;  Fifth Solar Witness, and  5th of the Last 7 Moons of Baktun 13, both coded by:  Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror.   5th Mystic Moon of 2013:  Kin 206;  White Spectral World-Bridger. 

TELEKTONON DAY 26:   Oxlahuntiki:      Summoning the conscious Power of  13 (2×12=26).   Bolon Ik sends Pacal Votan the telecosmic power of 13, the Power of Time, to help him complete his power of Prophecy, (7).

Mars Here is a Martian landscape for Kin 93, who is ‘exploring his roots’.  This article “ describes how scientists believe they have solved a 40-year-old “Mars MysteryLa Salle SHot.jpg Code=E (Kin 93) has chosen this beautiful (slightly Martian-looking?) location for leaving 12:60 behind for 4-5 days, and immersing himself into the

“13:20 TIMING FREQUENCY:  Once the human mind is established in the 13:20 timing frequency then the frequency locks will open…The closing of the cycle is pivoted on bringing the Earth into the  correct frequency Range with the sun in the solar ring. Knowing how to close the ring is the function of the knowledge brought forth by the GM108X Transmission.  The key lies in the Frequency of registration between human consciousness engaged with the solar ring and the solar registration. This has everything to do with solar frequencies engaging the Earth’s orbit through human consciousness reengaged in the proper instrument of measure bringing it into a heightened state of consciousness. ”  (From page 74 of  C.H.C. Vol. V:  “Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South–Thank you Code=E for sending us this quote  :))

The ‘Lock‘ and ‘Key‘ mentioned above returns us to new analysis of the ‘KEYhole’  Crop Circle.  ” The keyhole crop circle may be inferring the merging of the energetic principles of Isis and Osiris, which is also confirmed by the circumpunct crop   the circumpunct crop   circle in the same field.  John Scott created these visuals.  Note his reference to the 28 dots equaling a menstrual cycle:  This Full Moon coded by the Planetary Moon is a double reminder of the Flow of the cycles of Women, the Moon, and the Thirteen Moon Calendar of 28 days.

The circumpunct crop circle which appeared adjacent to the KEYhole Crop Circle can symbolize many things:  Here we see the circumpunct in the center of a Crop Circle which contains 10 points, for the 10th Planetary Tone of the Red Moon which codes the Spectral full moon.  Enjoy!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22 .11. 26.     ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE      Kin 49

21 thoughts on “Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Full Moon on Spectral Alpha 26

  1. sync toDaya is on the FULL MOON and Planetary Moon …

    and we have the 1st daya – SIRdaya – in kweak’s 12th moon – the crystalizer

    and then we have kin001 the magnetico crocodile aka dragon in LongCount … which iz as a NewCycleDaya

    Bringing specialties together in a cauldron spices the content into a delicious meal.

    49+1 => 50 as kweak’kin of the day … and this reminds me that the worldcafé ship got into its harbor yesterday : this by having completed the “arc” with the shipping of my fa(i)ther and mother. The common KIN value gathered was 3×2340 (9×260) + 60 … So in 10 days this value is reached from earth rotation through a space … having DreamSpell as a map, LongCount as a parameter & Kweak as a Rebel with(out!) a Cause …

    MooN values into both 50 / 47 (a bar of 3)


    • Congrats, Cap’n, from one of your earliest Crew, on bringing oUR first ship into port!! I had noted the new Wave happening in Longcount, too 🙂

      Yesterday listening to Drunvalo talking about the triple codes on each of the 83,000 gridpoint temples, etc. made me think of U and Kweak ~ I agree with U; spice is nice! Always as flavoUR to the main course, of course!!


  2. Just took an alternate route. And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye! 😉

    No JOKE.

    Shen Kuo or Shen Gua (Chinese: 沈括; pinyin: Shěn Kuò; Wade-Giles: Shen K’uo) (1031–1095), style name Cunzhong (存中) and pseudonym Mengqi (now usually given as Mengxi) Weng (夢溪翁),[1] was a polymathic Chinese scientist and statesman of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Excelling in many fields of study and statecraft, he was a mathematician, astronomer, meteorologist, geologist, zoologist, botanist, pharmacologist, agronomist, archaeologist, ethnographer, cartographer, encyclopedist, general, diplomat, hydraulic engineer, inventor, academy chancellor, finance minister, governmental state inspector, poet, and musician. He was the head official for the Bureau of Astronomy in the Song court, as well as an Assistant Minister of Imperial Hospitality.[2] At court his political allegiance was to the Reformist faction known as the New Policies Group, headed by Chancellor Wang Anshi (1021–1086).

    In his Dream Pool Essays (夢溪筆談; Mengxi Bitan) of 1088, Shen was the first to describe the magnetic needle compass, which would be used for navigation (first described in Europe by Alexander Neckam in 1187).[3][4] Shen discovered the concept of true north in terms of magnetic declination towards the north pole,[4] with experimentation of suspended magnetic needles and “the improved meridian determined by Shen’s [astronomical] measurement of the distance between the polestar and true north”.[5] This was the decisive step in human history to make compasses more useful for navigation, and may have been a concept unknown in Europe for another four hundred years (evidence of German sundials made circa 1450 show markings similar to Chinese geomancer compasses in regards to declination).[6][7]

    He also gave reasoning (earlier proposed by Sun Sikong, 1015–1076) that rainbows were formed by the shadow of the sun in rain, occurring when the sun would shine upon it.[97][98][99] Paul Dong writes that Shen’s explanation of the rainbow as a phenomenon of atmospheric refraction “is basically in accord with modern scientific principles.”[100] 😉

    So need to bed. Was waiting for your signal.

  3. “Utopia is really SYNTROPIA: turning altogether as one on the EARTH. SYNTROPIA is the opposite of the historical perception of entropy, where everything dies down and reverts to chaos and a genuine lawless anarchy. SYNTROPIA, on the other hand, is the Evolutionary momentum of cosmic evolution into ever greater harmony without END.

    CHC.VV/RQ/TIMESPACE:page. 172:

    Moi:How R The Snails?


    • snail-in-G conVENT-ion!
      picked fresh flow-errrrrrrrrrrrS
      for them five in the plasma of kali…
      noo aloe vera found…
      thee love:evol
      they will hold the space here for a few days while
      eye noo’ve north to Bee-Raw-in-G
      bee-amore-in-G to the ‘MotherShip’ in Saint. Fransico…
      they like the small yellow sweet flow-ersssssss
      and sleep upon the rose-mary…
      snail kisses sessik lians

    • Awesome!! Have a Great Time and we’ll want to hear all about it when you Galactic Return!! Hey, Code-E Kin 93 do you know that if you look at the 441 Matrix (the one that came printed out with CHC Vol. V ~ I’m colouring all our Cube Kin in with a pencil, including the new Kin # I get by adding 181 to everybody, which so far is working really well 🙂 ) U and I are exactly balancing each other; you are my Opposite Number, and I am URs. Cool, huh?

      Thanks again, bro’…

      Me-love-ya 2

      moapa= 125 (all line + womb) galactic serpent
      moab=84 rythmicaly seeds
      maldek=132 the lunar hue-in-men
      mars=111thru resonating the play!

      we play…yalp ew
      in order to create!
      sacred noo-v.v.-menTssssssssss
      Be-Ra!-in-G jah Ra!in and bow
      to de lunacy!
      Pull-in polarites 2-G-ether…
      G-rounded in his play…
      her waters flow!
      may the red rocks rock and roll!!!!!!
      mi rrrrrrrrrrrrr’s!

    • Better late than never 😉

      10.11 (50)
      Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is multiply aesthetic: the atomic-cellular genetic rearrangements are intrinsically aesthetic; the techniques and celestial harmonics of rearrangement are by design aesthetic; the social forms required to evolve the techniques are biologically aesthetic. By the law T(E)=Art, PAN encompasses all and everything as a whole systems order elevating instinctual consciousness into the telepathic orders of continuing and super conscious.

      11.12 (51)
      Because CA dominance of 12:60 historic cycle is unrelievedly masculine directed and oriented resulting in distortion of female roles as well, repressed psychic energy channeled into secondary personality of the holon double tends toward androgynous types where male and female personality characteristics are combined in varying degrees of expressive power.

      Would that everyone could learn to swing both ways. Not an issue for me. 🙂


  4. Sometimes I Feel To Declare Mardi Gras.
    For Me-diation n Me-ditaion:
    Can Be Red Spectrum?

    EYE Feel Red.
    In Codice.
    Cubical Hunab -Ku- Movement.
    Movement giving Telepathy.
    UR S.UR.V.V.(gm108x)EYE:C:=E.(service).
    Ill be In Cube As Always Lovely Flock of SeaGullzz3.93.132

  5. this iz ma conclusion refering to the triangle with 3 angles expressed:

    2×72 and 1×36

    the 72 iz mirror of 27 , alas
    it iz fractal composition of 9×8 = 3×3 x 2x2x2
    3×3 iz a square and 2x2x2 iz a cube

    then 72 has both 108 as its component on a line …
    and it has 288 as its component math from 360 degrees
    ah: 2×144=288!


    then 2 numbers 72 refer to a relationship both:
    * inside the human being itself : 2 hemispheres, 2 hands, 2 feet etc.
    * outside the human being itself: 2 gender, yin/yang, ebb/flood etc.


    36 expresses 4×9 where number 4 iz the mystery number form ::
    thgis form :: is both in the 20 seals : especially the last 4 earth – mirror – storm – sun and in the 13 tones : 13 is a numerical 4 and it expresses 27 (+1) when we see to -13 -12 -11 … 0 (0) … 11 – 12 – 13 : count them and you find 27 and 28: 27=3x3x3 and 28=4×7

    also 13 iz centered by 7 and 7 by 4 ( 4:7::7:13 VV codex )

    this as an add in oUR crypt(ic) womb men’struating streamy blooD 😉

    BoloN iK ~ IX wave factor 9

  6. considering the crop given:

    just outside on the right we see 3 spheres:
    Sun – Earth – Moon

    they are also shown in the 10 petal flower which is as a BEAUTY as a GOOD and as a TRUE unity figure where the infrastructure shows BOWs as the web of a spider does in the wind.

    this web iz an expression of DIVINE principles that can be read from the given geometric ratio; and the reading makes individuals get at awe and at the end accept the mind massage as ultimate message / absolute sovereign intellect navigating specie(S).

    10 iz the expression of 2 numbers that both express many essences from formulated functions coöperating “what can be communicated vast”.

    Liberating Moon (11) bridging into Moon of Cooperatio-n (12)

    “The PSI for Spectral 26, 27 and 28 is G.A.P. Kin 153: Red Planetary Skywalker”
    and 153 iz a “9” : 9×17 (8) ; 17 iz seal EARTH Navigating its Destiny

      • U R right, of course!!

        How about 1221 / 8 = 152.625 ??

        Sorry ~ I made that miscalculation a long while ago relative to something else ~ all this time I thought it was right… funny how we can carry along an erroneous conclusion for quite a while all unaware, as it were… 🙂 This error needed correction and now it is! Thanks!!

      • planetary skywalker takes to the rythma’atea-kall-ra-tikal
        mi’RRRRRRRRRRs call-in-G
        sat on di UR n(26! y 14! 40…+1 we
        send the lunar draGon to diva-hoUR
        1224 hoUR
        n.i.n.e Gia nineJah

  7. the earth sync of todaya ~ SIRdaya ~ gives this page

    then we see again to the TMQ page with the KEYHOLO(nomic) …

    the triangle in the gnosis is:

    * intellectual (incl. mirror/echo)
    * emotional (incl. mirror/echo)
    * gland ur brain (motor-instinctual-sexual)

    so we have 3 main devices
    we have 2×2 dualistic realms
    we have an inner realm with 3 subdevices

    and we have 3 spheres as sun/earth/moon within other cycling spheres

    😉 to dream it away into the zero continuum

  8. The western character D iz profoundly illustrated in a hebrew character/form on this page

    when we understand that character as the ouroboros aka snake eating its tail aka Quetzalcoatl it refers to number 4 – while D is the 4th character and it is the 3rd masculine character where A is a feminine SOUND …

    in the character-set of 27 characters having space=silence as the 7th one … 20 masculine characters align to the 20 seals in tzolkin.

    wouldnt it be a nice exercise to label the 20 to a seal?

    izn’t the 1st try just following the sequence?

    B=Dragon => Birth
    C=Wind => Communication
    D=Night => Dream
    F=Seed => Fertility / Fruit

    G=Serpent => Gift
    H=Worldbridger => Handyman
    J=Hand => Jestermind
    K=Star => Key

    L=Moon => Liberathor
    M=Dog => M’other
    N=Monkey => Nature
    P=Human => Potential

    Q=Skywalker => Quetzalcoatl (Reed1)
    R=Wizard => Root
    S=Eagle => SnapShot
    T=Warrior => Talent

    V=Earth => Velatropa 24.3
    W=Mirror => W = VV => Valum Votan 😉
    X=Storm => Xylophone
    Z=Sun => Zeromatic

    well, as a playful 1st draw looking ::ward :: (M)otherOnes

    in lak’ech ala kin!

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The U.S. Geological Survey reported a massive earthquake hit the Pacific Island of Vanuatu at 4:14am (What?!!) local time. After the initial 7.2 (what!?) quake shook Vanuatu, there were two additional very strong 5.7 and 5.2 magnitude aftershocks within 30 minutes.

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