Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human codes Dali 1 of Yellow Crystal Star Moon

Yellow Cosmic Human

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic Wind Yellow Cosmic Human Blue Cosmic Hand
  Red Magnetic Moon
“I endure in order to Influence
transcending Wisdom.
I seal the process of Free Will
with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Intelligence.”
Postulate 12.13:  “Launching and navigation of the Time Transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where Time Vector Potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of Celestial Harmonics.  Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated Fifth Force Time Vector potential “bundles” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities”.”
Happy Galactic Birthday to YoniQ, our Cosmic Human!  Her Kin 52  inaugurates the Crystal Star Moon  and contains the Kins of several members of our  144- 441 Cube of Truth
Burbuja33 is her Analog,  Blue Cosmic Hand (247),  while Michael, White Cosmic Wind (182) is today’s Challenge/Antipode.   Matt is the G-Force of Kin 52:  Kin 166:  Magnetic World-BridgerSarah’s Kin 109;  Red Overtone Moon is the PSI that codes the first three days of every Crystal Moon.
Kin 52 is a Fractal of the Syrian Cycle of 52 years, and of the PSI Plate of 520 Kin (260 per Hemisphere)  A 52 day cycle is called a Castle in the Dreamspell Cosmology.  
 Seal 12, HUMAN a.k.a. Sage or Wise Judge exemplifies Wisdom as the source of Prophecy, and Prophecy as the enactment of Wisdom.  SP-Earth;  CARDINAL;   Core;  HEART.
CRYSTAL tone:  Ninth Chamber:  Round Table meets.  Future Action Prepared.
G.A.P. Kin 168;  Yellow Crystal Star codes this Crystal Moon of  COOPERATION.
Yellow Crystal Sun
White Crystal Mirror Yellow Crystal Star Blue Crystal Monkey
  Red Lunar Skywalker

This  45th Week corresponds to Crystal Star’s  Analog of Kin 51, Blue Crystal Monkey.  During the 12th Moon, “The Power of  Knowledge and Love is Crystallized”.  The Codon for this Week is: 11;

DYNAMIZING:  Way of Conduct Shapes Space.

████▌▐████ A▫G▫U SERINE





██████████  This line (YANG;  TIME) goes on the Bottom of Cube for Codon 11

DALI 1:  TARGET;  GK-Earth;  CROWN:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”.  Today we begin creating the Red Analog Time Atom.  Build the Top of the Radion Cube. 

DALI 1:  UR EARTH 1:  Outer Earth, Foundation:  Spirit Tower.  Katun 1: -AD 692;  Dedication of the Tomb of Pacal Votan.  Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard, First Solar Witness. 

TELEKTONON DAY 1:  Baktun 1:  BC 3113,  The Star PlantingPacal Votan enters Earth.  Christ and the 144,000 Kin of the Sacred Baktun Count.  Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge. 

This week is coded by Kin 51, and the letters in Euler add up to 51:  This tenuous link leads us back to the ‘Disc’ Crop Circle  that appeared on  May 22, 2010 (Kin 44 during Week 44) at the Windmill in Wiltshire.  The most recent analysis asks:  Has the “Greatest Equation Ever” appeared in Wiltshire?  Report upcoming.  It shows Euler’s Identity in ASCII code twice” (once using bars =1 and spaces = 0;  then again using bars = 0 and spaces = 1). Euler’s Identity may be written as e^(i)pi+1=0 whereas the new crop picture shows e^(hi)pi)1=0.” – Australian Scientist, Red Collie, in collaboration with unidentified emailer “Grail Seeker”  Euler’s identity is considered by many to be remarkable for its mathematical beauty.’s_identity 

Here is a beautiful CRYSTAL STAR Crop Circle, perfect for this Yellow Crystal Star (8.12) Moon:

This 12-sided circle appeared on 8/12/09: The same day the 2013 and The Mystery Queen blog began on Kin 21. (Aug ust 12 is also the Solar Birthday of Kin 51:  Madame Blavatsky)   The analysis found here   will inspire us during the 12th Crystal Star Moon:   “12:12;   This beautiful formation has appeared at Wayland Smithy on this day August 12th, The number 12 is significant within this design… This important formation with regard to its numerology, not only signified that this date was part of the message, but also of the overall design…there is a remarkable resemblance to Gothic Architecture, especially Rose Windows…(which),  utilise geometry on three levels: manifest, hidden, and symbolic. The 12 divisions throughout this Crop Circle design …point to the finite and infinite, Earth and Heaven, or matter and spirit, and of course the 12 Disciples…”.

 Here is a ‘Cosmic‘ quote for ‘Humans’ to consider,  from “Book of the Timespace” found on the page 52 “Babylonian (12:60) time runs against the grain of Natural (13:20) Time.  But even here,  in the final stage of mechanized disorder, is the fulfilment of a Cosmic pattern.”   🙂

N.  S.  1. 22. 12. 1.       SPIRIT TOWER:  Hand of Prophecy        Kin 52     

7 thoughts on “Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human codes Dali 1 of Yellow Crystal Star Moon

  1. we have a birthkindaya here: YaniQ cielebreaths!

    the Healing Garden visit was very nice …
    the crystal music poll had a premiere with 2 V-piano’s playing from MANDALA’s

    technical seen the 1 is polled in a straight square and the other one in a diagonal square, which is a technique that produces overtones in the sphere.
    result from this vibrational effect is people getting relaxed and open(minded).

    actually i think this new way of making musique needs support from conservatoria and the facilitating industries => it will post the human kind in the better ratio considering the cardinal core strifes.

    here a link to a demo-list (that one is played wit a single V-piano)

    soon a tube-clip will be available with shots from the première!

    GOODdaya! AHAU EB 😉

  2. math-beauty triggers me to the third trigram idea in the i-ching oracle spells.

    here the example how 64 fields merge back into simply 8 typos

    then what can be the use of this exercise?

    well, i think it gets into an interesting field of seeing similar typos appear into “boxes” that seem contradicting and at the same time fuse analytic stages as mindsets floating.

    here the gathered example where lisa’s YI was the source-field that popped up vibrations from the i-ching hexagram readings …

    how can this give another interesting match from the TZOLIN that actually states to be related to the i-ching tables/hexagrams?

  3. this image

    gives the idea about what a bird constellates:

    to tipping points are the good and true: eagle and condor …

    the bird fusing them is the quetzal – the beauty …

    in this waya 2 dualistic birdtypes / decisionmakers …
    go similar in the honoring of the whistling beauty … the quetzal
    (representing birdsongs)


  4. as we see this crop we maya ask ourselves …

    the meaning of the 4+4 symbol in the outer ring that shows 2 lemniscates/butterflies in a 90 degree power alignment and the 4 dots in the diagonal/crossing positions … (kay?)

    in ma spell it is a symbol for the clock of 8 hours … which is a power of 3 when we see the 2**3 notation as 2x2x2=8 and also as a sign it should be passed 3 times in the functions sound, rhythm & melody (rhyme). In total it is token 3 times + 1 more in a choir. in total it is token 4 times, the mystery number opens all heart(h)s.

    so 4(x2) is in each “flower” and it produces the unity-dot between a couple of flowers as “the estafette bar” : the healed earth itself as each ones healed soul which glorifies in the beauty of it all.

    maybe this iz what bolon ik communicates’

  5. HALLOOOOOO YaniQ! A very merry unbirthday to you! 🙂

    S’ace – dammit, my head was already in disarray and you made it even messier!

    I just read the opening preface to the CHCII – it wasn’t time until NOO. Pg. XV

    Cosmic Science was an extraterrestrial precipitation that occurred on Earth in 1969-1970, through a Colombian engineer Enrique Castillo Rincon. Not coincidentally, these were the same years that whole Earth consciousness was formed, when the human developed a feedback mechanism to see Earth from space. This created a noospheric activation that was received as a signal in the higher dimensional circuitry of the AA Midway Station (the place of the “Earth guardians”) and then into the circuitry of the higher dimensions.

    At that point, the earth attained a minute but significant point of self-reflective consciousness. It saw itself. That precipitated the descent of Cosmic Science, which was timed to the embryonic origination of the superhuman homo noosphericus. The actual conceptualization or conception of the superhuman occurred specifically on Solar Moon 1 of the Electric Seed year (March 7, 1970, Kin 188). This was the actual conception of the superhuman. Between this time and 2012, there is a 42-noogenesis (six cycles of seven years or seven cycles of six years), until the actual emergence of that superhuman, homo noosphericus. The Cosmic Science transmission was the signal that the gestation period had begun.

    Interestingly the UTC does not become implemented until my second gestation is underway.

    Time zones around the world can be expressed as positive or negative offsets from UTC; UTC replaced GMT as the basis for the main reference time scale or civil time in various regions on 1 January 1972.[4]

    Re: Fw: [2013 and The Mystery Queen] Please moderate: “Resonant Wind codes Galactic Gamma 3 and the First Mystic Moon of 2013”
    Thursday, February 18, 2010 3:15 AM

    “According to my calculations I am now in my 7th incarnation in this life – early childhood, late childhood, high school, first marriage, 2 years of autonomy, second marriage (current, and it hasn’t all been pretty – my husband is a 132, and as this whole countdown is about the 12 to 13 perceptual shift, I’m sure you can imagine how annoying a Lunar Human could be to an Electric Skywalker.) and my self-nominated title of Barssiah – both a pun and a lifestyle. At each phase of growth and/or experience, my Shape-shifter has quite easily shed its skin to accommodate the life lesson, and while I have had some pain in my life, I harbor no enmity toward myself or those that I am no longer in Frequency with – I have always intrinsically understood that holding hatred or bitterness inside makes no sense. I also seem to have really good genes, aside from the allergies and rheumatoid arthritis, I look about 10 years younger than I am. This is not a boast – it just figures into the drama.”

    The game is afoot….
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:45 PM Spectral 13 Kin 191 Solar MonKEY 😉 Also the GS of Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode (FAST FASHION) who is at the musical apex of my food chain.
    Martin Gore Kin 161 Overtone Dragon +
    Andrew Fletcher 146 Electric Worldbridger =
    238 Self-existing Mirror

    Sent to

    No response. Typical male with his head up his own cosmos. 😉

    I just linked to your page from the Red Ice Creations website. I am utterly convinced that you’re on the right path. If we’re to believe in the Singularity, all parts of the human equation must be considered and inclusive. Nothing can be lost, if we have the right mindset to cull the data from multiple disciplines; the connections are all there just behind the looking glass. The seemingly facile precept that energy can neither be created nor destroyed is something that people like to use to refer to external phenomena solely; but I posit that every breath, every work of art, every celestial body, every megalith, every song, every thought in this universe is internal and eternal. I have been studying the 13 moon calendar on a daily basis as the synchronization tool for our coming induction into the galactic community and focusing on chakra field control as a means of buffering the increasing deluge of information: I liken the sensation to being an asteroid entering the Earth’s atmosphere, only it’s my consciousness that must be protected from the increasing “g force.” (Gee, that makes me think, ha ha.) There is an excellent animation that illustrates precisely how I feel – Spoiler Alert! The universal grief cycle is demonstrated in a very accessible format – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance; which when such knowledge is in the hands of the enlightened, creates states of serenity and joy.
    I propose that our burgeoning ingestion of micro and macro waves, on an exponentially advancing scale is directly affecting our DNA and that what is increasing the Schumann resonance, and, literally awakening the physical planet Gaia in conjunction with the synthesis of man with machine. Batteries, appliances, vehicles, the financial system failure, increasingly complex music that pairs philosophy with virtuosity to embrace both form and function, increasingly fractal and realistic online synthetic life, noise both “natural” (I just think the term is silly, everything is “natural,” else it wouldn’t exist in this projected existence,) and every supposed molecule outside of man’s perceptual corporeal being that vibrates Other will capture our atttention in a desperate attempt to recognize itself. Primarily as a species we are a collection of stories, and few minds attempt to cross pollinate art with science, but it is thankfully happening more and more. Keep up the good work! I have a few Ourobouros in my enclave as well.


    My husband revealed to me last night his memory of coming to this world, from another, which he had never shared with anyone. He described being a blur among other blur beings on a conveyor belt heading towards “life” – whether that was actual birth or conception he doesn’t know. My head hurts.

    I just fully digested Melovia’s story, and WOW. And I am very curioUS as to how she found S’ace in the first place – she seems to have been tending a fuse that led her to the T’zolkin. The William thing is very provocative. Way too many math-synchs to go unnoticed. And he is quite attractive. 😉 While I have always fought the “White Male Reality, ” I’m a sucker for what I call the “Nazi Youth,” ultra clean cut and yummy. If we’re going to get all hyphy with the metaphors then let me lay this one on you – I came to the conclusion that if I am the 2nd coming, the only thing karmically that makes sense is that my husband is Hitler. He has been bound by FEAR ever since this whole thing began two years ago – calling me a failure, and crazy, simply because those feelings come from within HIM and his unrecognized debt. This is all meant to be funny, mind you, and I had the realization while on the toilet and he was halfway through a shave and his “Hitler ‘stash” wasn’t shaved off yet. 😉 There have been so many Christ/Hitler jokes swilling about it’s uncanny. The day before I started at F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) in October 2008 there was a Family Guy episode where Jesus works at a record store. And on now to Rasputin Records to seal my doom.

    WHOA. And with quotes from Michael Newton no less.

    I am convinced that everything is possible if not probable. The Infinite Improbability Drive, to quote Douglas Adams. It is inside me, therefore, it is inside all.

    I KNOW things A LOT without knowing why. I really need to pay attention to him right now so I’ll sign off with this:

    Much love,

  6. thX :: conGraTuLations to YaniQ, ma partner here on so many tracks’

    about the head getting overloaded i only can advise to keep centered on the breath / sacral center …

    this is why i promote the WOHLSAM upside down pyramid(th) , see here a wrap


    on hitler this bivideotex exercise:

    hitler = 8 9 7 12 5 9 => 24 26 => 50 = 49+1
    adolf = 1 4 12 12 6 => 35 => 34+1

    total 85 = 84+1

    when we take the full name we might insert the space value and add 27 to the total: 85+27 = 112 = 111+1

    for the moment i skip the oracle reading …
    exercise should not give the answers right away, aye 😉

    disclaimer : the messenger is just facilitating aeons to bridged alignments

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