Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 57; Red Overtone Earth codes Crystal Limi 6

Red Overtone Earth

Red Overtone Serpent
Blue Overtone Hand Red Overtone Earth White Overtone Wind
  Yellow Solar Seed
I Empower in order to Evolve, Commanding Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation
with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Life Force.”
Todays’ Antipode of 7.5  reminds us of the sacred ratio of 7 Galactic Spins to 5 Solar Spins, and of our Cube member, Cody,  who is coded by Blue Spectral Hand. Today’s G-Force is Electric Eagle, and this is the last PSI day coded by Galactic Human. 
Today is the first of  the  most ‘Pacal Votan Clear Sign-saturated area’ of the Tzolkin.  3 of these 4 days are P.V.C.S.s, ending with Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday  🙂
Postulate 17.5 “The sum of activities of the Angelic order, informed by the fractal free waves of God’s patterns of  intelligence, is hyperdynamically shaped by the input of organic and hyperorganic levels, whicch give form to the gractal free wave zone of Angelic order.   This form is called the Galactic Federation.”
 Seal 17, EARTH** a.k.a. Navigator or Synchrotron exemplifies Synchronicity as the Intelligence of the Hunab Ku.   SP-URANUS;  CORE Family;   Equatorial Regions;  HEART.
LIMI 6:  PURIFY;  SP-Earth**;  SOLAR PLEXUS:   “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the South Pole.”  Complete the Radion Cube by building the LEFT side.  Place ████▌▐████ (Yin;  SPACE) on the TOP of the Cube for Codon 11:  “DYNAMIZING:  Way of Conduct Shapes Space.” 
LIMI 6:  UR EARTH 2:  Solar Earth, Foundation:  Prophecy Tower.   Katun 6; –AD 791.  Coded by 6th Solar Witness:  Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.
TELEKTONON Day 6:  Free Will Tower:  Coded by 12.12, Crystal Human.  Baktun 6;  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes the I Ching 8 x 8 (64).  Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 Seals of Prophecy.”  From his Uranium crypt at the center of the Earth,Pacal Votan prepares the Law of the Cube:  4 x 4 (16)”  “Triumph of the Power of 12 over Time (Power of 13) in the old world.  Climax of the first Babylon”. 
Here is a quote from Carl Jung, found in  Stephanie South’s 13 Moon Almanac:  “Synchronistic events provide an immediate religious experiece, as a direct encounter with the compensatory patterning of events in nature as a whole, both inwardly and outwardly.”
During the Occult Watch of Self-Existing Warrior, TMQ experienced this while watching a rented DVD:  “The Blue Butterfly”.A trio are in the Amazonian Jungle searching for a “Blue Morpho” butterfly.  The Warrior topic was raised several times, culminating with the main character being painted as a Warrior in the most important scene.  Magic (on the day to “Feel the Magic”) permeated this beautiful film filled with images of nature’s smallest and most colorful creatures.  One frame even showed a 1&1/2 inch insect, identical to one  TMQ had observed that day in the sunshine, after she had gently removed it from  her chair  (one rarly sees insects here in New Zealand, and she was reminded of the moth Christine Kin 133 described rescuing).   The synchronicity of seeing that film on that particular day provided a taste of  the sort of experience  Jung describes.  🙂
Thanks to Christine,  Electric Skywalker for this fascinating article about how  “Human eyes can detect the spooky phenomenon of quantum entanglement” .  Incidentally, as shown here: iris can also serve as a map to our health, and perhaps, holonomically, to much more.  Others, believe our eyes serve as a conduit for magnetism:”Soul magnetism is expressed through the eyes, weakly or strongly, depending on one’s spiritual development. Some highly developed people are able to spiritualize or heal others solely by the magnetism of their eyes.” “Each human being is a medium through which God’s magnetism flows.”  ” All parts of the body that come in pairs–eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.–form magnets of greater or lesser power”.  The preceding  concepts can be applied in our work, and especially the following:

Gratitude for James, Galactic Seed, who sent this link   “The Peace in the Water project aims to bring together the most powerful creative tool available to humanity (OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and UNIFIED INTENT) with the most fluid carrier of energy (WATER) — to ignite a new global vision for PEACE in the WATER and across planet Earth.”IT ONLY TAKES A FRACTION OF 1% OF A POPULATION TO TANGIBLY SHIFT THE ENERGY OF A WHOLE AREA…”

On this LIMI day of PURIFICATION, let’s remember to also use our Powerful intent to PURIFY the water in the Gulf of Mexico.

  File:Ara macao - two at Lowry Park Zoo.jpg

RAINBOW Lorikeets, who are  “TRUE Parrots”,         are dropping out of the sky in Australia, due to a “Mystery Illness” dubbed the “Drunken Lorikeet Disease”.  Let these beautiful creatures remind us of the Rainbow (Bridge) and Truth.peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace441 Cube of Truth:  Today we welcome Melovia and Mari’s other 3 siblings into our 144 Community of the 441 Cube of Truth.   Melovia writes:  “Linda, my oldest sister (and Stephane’s mother), is Kin 55;   Blue Electric Eagle, Red Skywalker Wavespell, Limi Plasma, Western Canada”.  (Linda’s  Kin is the G-Force for today, Limi!)  “Karen,  is Kin 9 Red Solar Moon, Red Dragon Wavespell, Kali Plasma, Eastern Canada.”  This family has added  a lot of Catalytic Kali energy to our Cube! 

Their brother Jim is  “Kin 161, Red Overtone Dragon, Red Earth Wavespell, Limi Plasma, Western Canada“.  He joins us on the LIMI that synchronizes with his 5th tone of the Earth Wavespell; 17.5

TMQ’s two  Brothers are also joining us today.  Last night, she dreamed of her brother John, and phoned him today to let him know that he will be mentioned here on Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday.  He is a G.A.P.,  Kin 210,  White Lunar Dog, born on SELI.  He resides in the same city as our GSC 254.  

TMQ first learned of Quetzalcoatl descending Chichen Itza, from a guest at brother Bill’s wonderful Thanksgiving gathering, about 15 years ago.  Bill is a ‘Cosmic Quetzalcoatl’, Kin 13;  Red Cosmic Skywalker, and his Plasma is Gamma. 

Warmest Welcomes to our new Kins, 4 of whom hail from the MonKEY Bio-Region!  The 441 Cube of Truth will be updated during the long “Queen’s Weekend”  (for the English Queen) that begins now.  In a few hours, we enter the Crystal Star Cube Journey!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 6.       SOLAR EARTH     P.V.C.S. Kin 57

21 thoughts on “Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Kin 57; Red Overtone Earth codes Crystal Limi 6

  1. thX for the beautiful blue/turquoise eye!

    i received a message from worldcitizen forum here , which entitles “THE DISASTER OF MISPLACED POWER” …

    well isn’t that exactly what “time & technosphere” narrated about?!

    (i’m not sure if anyone can open that given link / might be membership protected => inform me, so i might copy it … or send it by mail)

    “the all-seeing eye talks on different level of mediating communes”

    • Went through to the Spin Or i G in.

      S’ace, do eye copy?

      EASTER I – april 4, 2010 – FAdaya in kweakgrid
      256 Warrior 9:pulse
      208 Star 13:endure
      204 Seed AWARENESS 9:mobilized
      Mobilize Impulse Artful & Vast In the Eye

      i got my pulse from a Questioning for the difference between Jesus and the Christ: that pulsed a dwelling cycle.

      i endured this question by passing 4 domains of Binding – Ratio – Mystic – Natur;
      and in nature the star-ion came in on the move / acting

      it came in by contemplating “the Passion of the Christ” aka “the Passion from Jesus” … and those labels contradict … the talent of the sower

      [[[{{{Jesus iz ongoing telepathic motion … Christ is seeded on one spot and from there a Tree is addressed on “some saying” … but then the sayings convert through time and cultures as wisdom harmoniqs then become more and more spiced by the intelligence aka the cosmic information for why we are all here as “one soul”}}}]]]

      Guess the DOG as LOVE-power-pet brings this together in this LOVEkweak …

      And we know the 10th moon is about manifesting “our seed as gridded specie”.

      Let us see how we react on that with some common knowledge aligned , aYE?
      s’ace aka bolon ik / white solar wind in DREAMspell; galactic in TreeKweak

      Deepwater H or i Z on.
      I will eat yoUR brain.

      • first the deep water connection uncovert:

        that is the MARMOREUS aka CONUS MARMOREUS which opened ma personal PANdoorRA JAR … (which took some timecycles to read it in the most beautiful as(s)tonishining waya)

        second is the trickster meaning on “aka” which we understand as “also known as” but then it is als a’ka as a’muze …
        how is that?
        well muze is the original and authentic way to pleasure one another … and a’muze is a copied way to attract “one another”
        then KA iz the original way to “witchcraft” revelation into lifes pivotal streamy modes … as people are often just that …
        … and a’KA iz the way to copyh that into cultures as aKAdemics do … having this justified by salaries and taxes and arrangements made by democratic gestures (in a waterfall but not a system).

        3rd … the waterfall can be part of a system where the sun takes water from oceans, lakes and rivers and even from creatures as people (sweat). There the DAMP’litude reigns by being in a resonant field with … the NOOsphere Electrical Sphere as Van Allen scientifically but more as a real KA muzed this … and some as VV and his leaders and partners exchanged this in many forms’.

        4 ma brain has to be eaten or maybe it is to be eaten and then vomitted into a perfect Q mandala in about 9 daya of KAdeamoniQ gathering without a purpose , just purepose will “do re mi fa … sol”

        i myself wont miss ma brain …
        it is a mess’aged and needs to be dispatched anyway …
        (how to do that in a peaceful med’ / s’urgery)

        🙂 (-:

  2. Mirror Mama Claire.
    No words. Only Service to oUR LOVE. 😉

    Jack White – Kin 57 – Red Overtone Earth – Birth – 7/9/1975 +
    Meg White – Kin 106 – White Lunar Worldbridger – Birth – 12/10/1974 =
    Kin 163 – Resonant Night

    Did eye dream the Resonant Storm’s eye???
    I had already culled this mUSical goodie from the aether and then…
    I went and got my last load of laundry from the dryer and dropped a box of nails on my foot and smacked my head against the closing dryer door.
    Ba dum bump. 😉
    Must find all the (n)ails and pull them out, Aesop.
    The Rel i G-ions are AMP (MAP, PAM) i-n-G up (t)heir bases –
    and again there is something about the lower case t that clings to the oUT-moded 10 vs. the ever provocative vigesimal…20. Single Wing Red Fire on its way…

    Icky Thump – The White Stripes
    icky thump
    who’da thunk?
    sittin’ drunk on a wagon to Mexico.

    ahh well
    what a chump
    well my head got a bump
    when I hit it on the radio.

    redhead senorita
    looking dead
    came and said
    “Need a bed?”
    en Español.

    I said
    “Gimme a drink a water
    I’m gonna ‘sing around the collar
    and I don’t need a microphone.”

    icky thump
    with a lump in my throat
    grabbed my coat
    and now it’s reckon
    I was ready to go!

    and I swear
    besides the head
    she had one white eye,
    one blank stare
    lookin’ up
    lyin’ there.

    on the stand
    near her hand
    was a candy cane
    black rum, sugar cane,
    dry ice (and) something strange.

    la la la la la la la
    la la la la la la la

    white Americans, what?
    nothing better to do?
    why don’t you kick yourself out
    you’re an immigrant too.

    who’s using who? what should we do?
    well, you can’t be a pimp
    and a prostitute too.

    icky thump
    handcuffed to a bunk
    robbed blind
    looked around
    and there was nobody else.

    left alone
    i hit myself with a stone
    went home and learned how
    to clean up after myself.

    • Beautiful! Now there’s non-ego and ‘letting go’ in practice! Thanks, S’ace!

      Melovia xo

    • What a beautiful video to experience! The end result appears just like several illustrations of “TOLLAN” in various Cosmic History Chronicles 🙂

  3. as 57 is a numerical 12 it may suit to place an article here that tells about 2000 and 12 and on the Council of 12 (=> note that 12 is a numerical 3)

    here is that article by link

    it strikes me there that mr. Martin Luther King is interconnected to that “shift”.

    it reminds me to an anecdote told by mr. Arun Gandhi (5th grandson) last year when he visited “me and ma country” on Ascencion Daya for some days – Utrecht – the Hague – Amsterdam -. He told about a visit by mr. King to India and to the place where Mahatma lived and worked. It is a public area now as musea have that function although some rooms are protected to enter (just have a view). Then Martin demanded the director to enter that deskroom where Mahatma often sat and worked (reading/writing/phoning/meditating) because Martin Luther wanted to talk with Mahatma Gandhi a’ka Bapu. When the museum closed he resisted to go out of the building – he stayed there for the night and another day and night … on the 3rd day the mission was accomplished …

    sorry :: spending time, count my bows ))))))))) … AHAU CABAN

    • well … after contemplating the exopolitickinGee …
      i got some focus on the daya mentioned as 10/10/10 11/11/11 12/12/12
      especially the last one 9 daya before 12/21/2012

      i used this calculathor to see and yu know 12/12/12 is vibrating 3/3/3 : 0, 9 and 27

      then the kin daya by then is 198 ~ electric wind …

      how precise that vibrates 3 for the tone, 18 for the seal and 9*22 for the kin …

      9 to 22 = 198 and sort of vibrates a 9th Lord(enear) of T’i~me …

      “why not” ~ “why not ice” ~ “Y noo: i C”

      ~~~ also see for the LC and 3K?

      LC gives Monkey 8/GalactiQ : 151 and is in the 8th column serial of 10 GAPs …

      3K gives 198+151 => 349 / 89 => Moon 11 / Spe(le)ctral

      ~~~ clue?

      Well , while ma brains are chopped and sucked away i rely on ma bones especially from the PELVIS … where an ion interconnects with the noosphere bank that says i was aligned to 89 for Quite some time … maybe because 8×9=72 and iz about 3x3x8 hours aka 3 full daya – the bar between kweak and dreamspell :-)) (got u)

      as always i wonder about the even nices clue i missed by being such a narcist for short whiles … pivoting to other states of mind , sorry bones, as shopping and getting some liQuids …


      alchemistery must be a thing as “all~KA~miss-thor-Y” ; -))

  4. It is great that we have welcomed our siblings into our 144/441 Cube together, TMQ! Thank you!

    With regard to “Peace in the Water” or any other positive focus of our individual/collective attention, it occurs to me for the millionth time 🙂 that all that is ever really required for the continued/ultimate victory of the (I’ll use a phrase I heard recently that seems accurate but without the fear/negativity charge) ‘service to self’ forces is the ongoing fragmentation of our individual/collective attention and the continued amnesia as to how important and powerful our attention really is. The overwhelming majority of people don’t focus on any one thing long enough to make any significant difference anyway, which is why all attempts at change through positive thinking seem at best ineffectual, at worst deluded and even irresponsible.

    Everything in this reality is primarily about splitting our attention into a gazillion little pieces, thereby rendering it essentially powerless in effecting change, regardless of our good intentions. Divide and conquer indeed!!!!

    This is, I believe, the great hope presented by Dreamspell ~ if enough of us would focus on this one constructive framework as a unifying/correcting element, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME not giving our attention to ANYTHING other than our highest vision for our own lives and in fact all of life ~ without any arguing about what that looks like for each of us, so long as it is ‘constructive’ ~ we would be not only an effective, but an unstoppable force for the healing and restoration of this planet and all life upon it.

    The mechanism is there, the mechanism is already in place ~ the mechanism is our POWER and FOCUS of ATTENTION. It functions and has always functioned, perfectly, irrespective of our knowledge, belief or habitual practice (as does, say, gravity).

    This is the thought that occurs to me this morning as an aid to my own focus:

    If we woke tomorrow to find that the Earth had somehow thrown off all pollution, that all of Nature was restored to original and perfect balance and harmony, that all people everywhere had regained their eternal youth, beauty and health, had laid down their arms and lost all interest in war and competition and were now only interested in love, art, community, sharing, joy and celebration and peaceful coexistence with all of Life…. Would you be able to honestly say, ‘Yes! I helped make this happen! I have given my attention, my precious Life energy, to no negative appearance or possibility! I have thought, spoken and dreamed of nothing else!”

    ~ OR ~

    Faced with the ‘realities’ we seem to be facing currently, can we honestly say that we had no part in their creation because we have given those things not one iota of our precious creative energy and love in the form of our thoughts, feelings and attention ~ or simply rendered our positive ‘input’ insignificant because our attention was too scattered, fractured, or contradictory?

    I want to be able to know without any doubt that I am part of the solution and not the problem. It is not personal and it is not about judgment. IMO it is just the nature of this reality and ourselves as superpowers within it, incredibly potent and unlimited creative beings whose power has been usurped through the fragmentation of our attention and being lulled into forgetting our true power, what it is and how we use it, so that it remains mostly as an unrealized potential, or something unwittingly harnessed and harvested by some outside force that has always known (and has never forgotten) all about our power ~ and has been bent on one thing only, our destruction and destruction of this planet and much more, and whose agenda has never changed and whose FOCUS has never wavered ~ keep us slaves by fragmenting our attention, keeping us competing and fighting with each other over God and Money, screwing with our DNA, and condemning us to an endless loop of artificial Time ~ and all without the vast majority even suspecting a thing!!

    Even while I am forced to admire the brilliance and effectiveness of the strategy that has been used against us, I still recognise and accept my own ultimate responsibility in this. It’s never to late to say, “No.” Once you see the cage you can get out of it. No one can take my power without my consent (on some level) and I take mine back!! I don’t accept the programming any more!! I don’t buy it! And mostly I will not hate. I hate nothing and focus only on what I LOVE.

    Love really is the answer, and this is how it’s the answer. Here’s to giving EVERY waking thought, feeling, and ALL of our attention to our vision of UTOPIA, because we want to be able to say, when the magic happens, “I co-created this!”

    Here’s to the Power of Love & Magic, Kin!
    Melovia Red Crystal Moon

    • On pg. 29, 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation

      Self-declaration Six, “I consume dualistic thoughts as food,” is the root teaching of cultivating non-ego on the spot. (Predictive text – ego = dim)
      Through developing intrinsic awareness, instantly recognize all thoughts which convey sentiments of selfhood or lack of compassion and cut them on the spot. This teaching enhances the basic practice of the UR Theology of Peace, “Atonement and Reconciliation of Self and Other on the spot. Divine Absolution in the Now.”

      You are absolutely right. Those with FOCUS ride the eye of the storm.

      ME LOVE i A!
      CHR is T i NE

      Remember, i is the imaginary number. 😉

  5. Speaking of Pacal Votan Clear Signs… of the 13 P.V.C.S., interesting to note that there is one each of every Tone except 10, Planetary, and 7, Resonant, of which there are two (Kins 20 and 176).

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