Kin 60: Galactic Sun; Pacal Votan’s Signature codes Crystal Star Seli 9

Yellow Galactic Sun

Yellow Galactic Seed
White Galactic Dog Yellow Galactic Sun Blue Galactic Storm
  Red Rhytmic Dragon
“I Harmonise in order to Enlighten, Modeling Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Galactic tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of Flowering.”
Galactic Seed, which codes our 2013 Galactic Synchronization  guides us today.  Rhythmic Dragon, the Hidden Power also codes the Moon-out-of-Time which contains the 12/21/2012 Solstice.   The Analog is Blue Galactic Storm, whose Seal and Tone (19.8) can also represent Kin 198, Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Bolontiku, Supreme Golden Maiden.  The G-Force for Kin 60:   is Crystal Wizard (the First Solar Witness), and the PSI for Crystal 9 is Yellow Resonant Star.
The G-Force (2.12) of Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 60 (5x12)   matches the tone of this 12th Crystal Star Moon, and falls on 12.12  (which codes the Free Will Tower at the entrance to the Cube Journey, and TMQ’s G-Force) in the Long Count.  Moon 12, Day 9 add up to Hunab Ku 21, and 9 is a most significant number for Pacal Votan, besides numerically describing the Solar tone.  Yellow Galactic Sun occurs during the Week coded by Codon 26 (Kin 26 codes one of the Pacal Votan Clear Signs:  White Cosmic World-Bridger) which is represented by the symbol for Sun:Sun symbolHave the recent Crop Circles containing the Circumpunct been indicating  Week 46 of the Self-Existing Seed Year?   The synchronicities  extend to the Gregorian Calendar.  Today is  June 7th = 6.7, which is Kin 46, during Week 46.  6.7 occurs again in the following analysis.   First, we’ll briefly explore our daily orientation and telepathic practices.  🙂
Postulate 20.8:  “The 13:20 frequency of time maintains the order of bodies in motion as the universal order of bodies in synchronic relation to each other.  This Synchronic Order of the Universe is absolute, the supreme principle governing all relationships of bodies in space to each other, whether in motion or stable.  Because this order is conscious and mentally perceivable, it is also the determining mental and telepathic order of the Universe.”
 Seal 20 (0) SUN a.k.a. Enlightened One or Awakened One exemplifies enlightenment as the Prophecy of Hunab Ku.  Sun begins the Galactic Karmic Journey;  GK-Pluto.  POLAR;  North Pole;  CROWN.
SELI 9:  FLOW;  GK-Saturn;  ROOT:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Radion Cube:  BOTTOM.  Codon Cube 26:  ██████████ (Yang; TIME) on RIGHT face.  2ND Lost Generation;  Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle Reawakened.  2ND  year of Prophecy:  AD 1994-1995.
TELEKTONON DAY 9:   Baktun 9:  AD 41;  Lords of the Red & Black.  “Pacal Votan witnesses the triumph of 13:20 civilization in New World, Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku, confims teachings of Kontiki Viracocha.”
Cube Three:  Abundance  “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 visionary power in abundance.”  “May Truth and Peace Prevail!”
  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image Pacal Votan was born on Kin 60, Galactic Sun, in the year 603 A.D. and died on Kin 58, Rhythmic Mirror, in AD 683.  He was laid to rest 9 years later, in his ornate Tomb,  guarded by the 9 Lords of Time, inside his 9-storied Pyramid.   
 Page 111 of Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 2:  “Book of the Avatar tells us that Pacal Votanleft an exotic tomb in Palenque-Nah Chan (house of serpents) to attract attention to the prophecy.”…”the root of Cosmic History and all the prophecy comes from Palenque–this is the quintessential focalization of the GM108X Galactic Mayan Mind Transmission…”  “The Law of Time and the Prophecy of Pacal Votan are at the core of the myth of the Eternal Return”.
In the Mystery Queen’s first year, two  life-altering events occurred during the Crystal Wizard Moon of the Spectral Wizard year.  Her Brother John was born on June 7th,  and 8 days later the Tomb of Pacal Votan was opened.  Today, 58 years later, her Brother’s Solar Birthday and Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday coincide on Crystal 9.
Pacal Votan’s Tomb was sealed and dedicated in 692, 1260 years before its discovery, and  1320 years before  the December 21 2012 Solstice.  Like everything else about the meticulously prepared tomb, even the timing of its discovery held a message for us:  The need for Humanity to abandon  the artificial 12:60 frequency of 12 irregular  months and return to the Natural Harmony of the 13 Moons of 28 Days,  (and the 13:20 Timing Frequency mentioned in today’s Postulate).
The Mystery Queen surmised, that like everything else about Pacal Votan’s well-timed incarnation on Earth (determined after a 78,000 year Samadhi) we might benefit from looking at the Gregorian dates of his Birth and Death.  Internet searches (and reading everything Valum Votan has written about Pacal Votan) did not show the dates, but TMQ believes she has determined them.  That belief is supported by the synchronicities and 5 Pacal Votan Clear Signs associated with the Gregorian and Dreamspell numbers of Pacal Votan’s Birth and Death.
In 2007, from April through August, at least 140 formations in 15 countries were documented and photographed.  
This “Cube” Crop Circle appeared on August 1, 2007 at Sugar Hill (S.H.=19.8)near Upper Upham, (U, U = 21×21=441) Wiltshire.  That day was 4 Galactic Spins ago, on Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday
41 days later, (Baktun 9 began in AD 41  :))in this fascinating report, Valum Votan calls this Crop Circle a: ” ‘Clear Sign’ of interdimensional communication-a cubed telepathic message…”   (This Rinri Report was dated September 11, 2007, exactly 3 years after TMQ received the Prophetic Message on her computer on Kin 46 (Resonant World-Bridger), Lunar 20, PSI Resonant Skywalker;  Kin 33 (13.7)  
Valum Votan discusses the numbers associated with this Crop Circle, which appeared on the Long Count day of his Galactic Signature, 11.11.  “The 18 Cubes comprising the larger cube are a sign of the 144,000.”  “The 4 sets of 36 triangles also equal 144.”  He mentions that 18 x 11 = 198, and that the 54 sides of the cubes plus the 144 triangles also equal 198.  Kin 198, Electric Mirror codes the 5th Bolontiku, Supreme Golden Maiden.  (Kins 60 + 138 = 198)  Valum Votan also states “27 is the 3rd power of 9″
The Mystery Queen believes that Pacal Votan was born on August 1, AD 603, and that this crop circle appeared on Pacal Votan’s   27th Solar-Galactic Return!    603 was 1404 years before  2007.  27 x 52 years = 1404.  If we remove the zeros from 2007, it reflects the 27  Galactic Rounds since Pacal’s Birth.  (And, 1404 becomes 144, 12×12)
August 1, (Magnetic SILIO 7) of 2007 and of AD 603 are coded by the same numbers:  White Lunar Wizard Year (14.2) and Magnetic Monkey Moon (11.1) and Yellow Galactic Sun (20.8) add up to  another Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  5.11, Red Spectral Serpent. 
This seems to be a Clear Sign of the Date of Pacal Votan’s Death on 5/11 (May 11) 683 (on P.V.C.S. Kin 58).  Pacal disincarnated on Spectral GAMMA 10.  That  is Moon Day 10, Cube Day 4, whose numbers 10.4 yield another Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Kin 30;  Self-Existing Dog.
Nine is a significant number for Pacal Votan, “Heart of Nine“.  These dates for his Birth and Death show that he lived 80 years minus 81 (9×9) days.  His 27th  (9×3) Solar-Galactic Return was commemorated with this Crop Circle  on 9/1 (8+1=9) 2007 (2+7=9). 
Additionally, Pacal Votan’s Solar Birthday on August 1 is 176   days before Valum Votan’s Solar Birthday on Resonant 15 (January 24).  Kin 176 is Yellow Resonant Warrior, another Pacal Votan Clear Sign
After 3 years of excavation, on  Spectral GAMMA 17, (June 15th, 1952) coded by White Planetary Mirror, archeologist AlbertoRuz opened the massive stone door leading to the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan.  Spectral Wizard year (14.11) + Crystal Wizard Moon (14.12) and Planetary Mirror (18.10) add up to 46.33.  Reduced by 20.13 (x2) that momentous day becomes 6.7, Kin 46, reflecting today’s Gregorian date and this 46th Week.
All of the GM108X Mayan Mind Transmission accumulated by Pacal Votan during his 78,000 year Samadhi began to be released on that day.  From “Book of the Avatar“:  “All the samadhi was for the purpose of releasing prophecy, codes of time and Cosmic History, so the ending of the cycle could be cosmically sealed” with this knowledge.  This release “has one intention, to harmonically balance the planetary karmic stream and terminate the “War of the Heavens on Earth”.  The ultimate goal is “the attainment of full radial luminosity for all beings on all star systems.”
May the release of this information today increase awareness of  Pacal Votan (including his current incarnation) and his (our) Supreme mission. 
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 
N. S.   1. 22. 12. 9.   Cube 3:  Abundance    
Kin 60:  P.V.C.S. and Galactic Birthday of Pacal Votan

6 thoughts on “Kin 60: Galactic Sun; Pacal Votan’s Signature codes Crystal Star Seli 9

  1. Beloved TMQ! May I be the first to congratulate you on your outstanding decoding achievement! With this post you demonstrate beyond all doubt the power of the Prophecy and the perfection of your own current incarnation and the role and service you are here to perform. It is always an inspiration and an honour to behold one who is so obviously fulfilling their destiny!

    In Lak’ech ala Kin,
    Melovia Red Crystal Moon

  2. The Rinri-III-4-1 report also notes, with regard to the ‘Cube’ crop circle, that there are 3 sides showing for each of the 18 cubes and that 3 X 18 = 54. I would also note that 18.3 is Electric Mirror, which is Kin 198!

  3. I concur with Melovia, Crystal Moon, and congratulate you for your epic decoding skills! Your knowledge has helped me to understand some of the more complicated truths involved in the Process of returning to the 13:20 frequency. And, I am thankful for your dedication to this website.

    I do have one question for you, TMQ: You said, “May the release of this information today increase awareness of Pacal Votan (including his current incarnation) and his (our) Supreme mission. ”

    “(including his current incarnation)” indicates that Valum Votan is the reincarnation of Pacal Votan?

    Please explain.

    In Lak’ech –
    Galactic Seed 164

  4. as we know i like to see :: altearnatives we did not see be:: 😉

    Upper Upham, (U, U = 21×21=441) Wiltshire
    can also be identified by :
    Upper Upham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    when we just look a the U (turn turn turn) character occurence of 3 …
    we see that in the 3 to 6 cubes in the ring …
    and a cube has 3 dimensions length, width, height/depth

    U is the 6th character counting from Z=1 and 5th from Z=0.

    When we see W as double U: UU then we get U U UU U => 5 U turns!
    and the last character is K as | < …
    | is the time vertical(ender) symbol and < is both the pointer to the time symbol and to the spine! as center tool in the bodily equipment!

    < is also the all-seeing eye … the third eye …

    that may also be the reason K is character number 11 aka inner and outer self "united"

    at ur sir'vice BI'22

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