Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon codes Crystal Gamma 10; Cube 4: Flowering

Red Solar Dragon

Red Solar Earth
Blue Solar Monkey Red Solar Dragon White Solar Mirror
  Yellow Overtone Sun
“I Pulse in order to Nurture, realising Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.”
The Seventh Solar Wtness, Kin 200, Overtone Sun is today’s Hidden Power. The G-Force for Kin 61 is Blue Lunar Hand.  Crystal 10 is always coded by the PSI of Kin 229;  Red Galactic Moon
Today is the 6th Anniversary of the 2004 Venus Transit, which was coded by the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Kin 211:  Blue Electric Monkey.  These always happen in pairs, 8 years apart.  The ‘second half ‘of this rare event will happen on Crystal 8, of Spectral Wizard Year (June 6, 2012) which will be  Kin 9:  Red Solar Moon.   
Postulate 1.9:  “Genuine continuing consciousness, based on self-reflective knowledge of the Law of Time and its operating radial matrices of form and number, results in the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration, analogous to the creation of crystals in the inorganic realm.  The cultivation of these mental structures of prolonged duration constitutes the essence of Galactic Culture, which is understood as the cultivation of the Galactic Brain.” 21:  HUNAB KU—One Giver of Movement and Measure.  “Hunab Ku is beyond form, and empowers all streams and fields of Knowledge with the Galactic treasury of infinite wisdom and knowledge.” 
Twenty represents Totality, and the 20th Seal, Sun, circulates from 20 to 0.  20 + 1 = Unity.  “The Unity of Totality, 21, represents the 20 solar seals plus the Hunab Ku.”   The 21st  Archetype, Hunab Ku, will ‘Overtone the 20 seals’  on 20 + 1, (21)…  Seal 1,  Dragon. 
 Seal 1   DRAGON or Primal Force exemplifies being as knowledge.  GK-Neptune;  CARDINAL;  Northern Regions;  THROAT.
GAMMA 10:  Pacify;  GK-Jupiter;  Third Eye:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  The Antipode Sensory Quantum is complete.  ]Radion Cube:  FRONT. Codon Cube 26:  ██████████ TIME;   LEFT face. 
3rd Lost Generation  Kin 1963rd Solar Witness:  Magnetic Warrior Reawakened. “Return of the Sacred Warrior”
TELEKTONON Day 10:  1,440,000 Kin = Baktun 10:  AD 435  MAYA.  “Great era of Maya time science on Earth.”  Muhammad receives Q’uran.   Pacal Votan appears at Palenque.  In AD 692, he leaves the Telektonon Prophecy (same as “Angel with Rolled Script”)  for us in his Temple of Inscriptions..  Padmasambhava in Tibet.
Cube Four:  Flowering  “By my Warrior Seed flowering power, May the enlightening Solar power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of prophecy for all.”
As the Sun Awakens... (spaceweather poster, 200px)  This June 4th article  says the ‘Solar Power’ of the Sun is awakening–perhaps too much for our technological networks.   
The Queen of American journalism, Helen Thomas has suddenly retired.  This Yellow Lunar Star has served the Truth since 1943, and has been covering the White House since 1960.    She is shown here on her 89th birthday last August 4th,  receiving cupcakes from the President.  Synchronistically, she is Kin 13 Cosmic Skywalker, during the Cube 13 year of Prophecy, and news of her retirement (due to her controversial statement that Israel shuold leave Palestine)   came today which is Kin 13 in the Long Count!    Telling the Truth (about Afghanistan) also caused  a German Minister to suddenly resign this week.    Queen Rania says Israel's leaders feel 'licensed to do whatever they like' Another Queen telling the Truth is Queen Rania of   Jordan, who  “calls today for an end to the Israeli blockade that has turned Gaza into a “barely functioning, open-air prison ” and  that “humanity remains under siege” for every day that the blockade continues.   As Global protests continue, an American conressman calls for the arrest of Americans who participated in the Freedom Flotilla!    
Red Solar Dragon codes two authors.   English Author, Anna Sewell, wrote “Black Beauty“, (1877) which caused a young TMQ to shed many tears.   Mark Twain is an American author, known for his quotable wit.  His initials, M. T. =13.20, and his real name, Samuel Clemens (S.C.) equates to 19.3, Blue Electric Storm, which coded last year, when we awakened the 5th Bolontiku, Supreme Golden Maiden.  
Some of his quotes:  “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”  “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”  ” Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”  This last one reflects the 13:20 mentality of his initials:     “Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.”  🙂
TMQ greatly appreciated the comments  offered by Melovia, Crystal Moon (9.12- which reflected yesterday’s 13 Moon date  🙂  and by James, our Galactic Seed, who is the Guide for Galactic Sun
James asked   “I do have one question for you, TMQ: You said, “May the release of this information today increase awareness of Pacal Votan (including his current incarnation) and his (our) Supreme mission. ” “(including his current incarnation)” indicates that Valum Votan is the reincarnation of Pacal Votan? 
TMQ will answer that question  tomorrow, on the day that’s  coded by Wind:  Communication and Spirit.   🙂
N. S.  1. 22. 12. 10.   Cube Four:  Flowering            Kin 61                                           

10 thoughts on “Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon codes Crystal Gamma 10; Cube 4: Flowering

  1. I hope this ‘astrological’ quote included here doesn’t tread on any toes 🙂 or offend the purist, but since it is relevant to today’s Gregorian date, thought I would post it for those who like myself find it of interest.

    ”What we’re witnessing and experiencing with the many different crises the world is facing is a paradigm running out: an entire framework of reality that can no longer contain the problems it creates, nor can it solve them. One key attribute of the current Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a calling of the tribes. It’s about individual awakening that leads to being drawn toward people with whom we are in affinity. Affinity means the sharing of common values, a worldview and a sense of purpose. Notice who you meet these very days. This conjunction, wherever it happens in the zodiac, is famous for meetings and the beginnings of relationships that turn out to be truly significant. For many reasons this effect may be amplified greatly now. We are at a convergence point, that is, a meeting point where we may meet our true identity and then gather with others with that knowledge…..

    The powerful planets are lining up on this thing called the Aries Point, which is pushing self-awareness and a sense of connection. They are Jupiter and Uranus, together about 2,000 times the size of the Earth. This conjunction, exact this coming Tuesday for the one-and-only time in Aries, arrives with an ongoing jolt of wake-up energy, with the world crashing into one’s living room and with a healthy dose of everything all at once…..Pluto in early Capricorn (an Aries Point influence, square Jupiter and Uranus) is offering the feeling that the world’s infrastructure is on the brink of collapse… Somewhere lurking in our minds is the notion that the old system has to collapse before the new one can emerge.” – Eric Francis

    I am not a follower of this; in fact I had never heard of this site before I saw this quoted in something else I received, but interesting how he has ‘WAVE’ in his site name and refers to the “calling of the tribes”! Here’s to everyone waking up, regardless of what catalyzes that awakening!!

    Melovia 🙂

    • next daya 29 in kweak is day 26 (+3) in dreamspell moon 12 …

      it’s ma birthdaya … :-))

      put in in ur agenda / noobrain and we have a huGGGy


      in Kweak it will be the 1st daya of the 13th Moon until july 22 (22/7=pi)

      july 23/24/25 will give 3 days out of Time catalyzing the Moon5 year !

  2. i’m looking forward to the answer TMQ gives on the incarnation issue …

    in my own vision the incarnation phenomenon is a matter of being aligned to the noosphere as a big fire “each daya” …

    actually i think this is the issue of 28 daya (+1) or
    27(+1)(+1) …
    the 27 numerically represent 3x3x3 (trinity in/out of trinity)
    (+1) iz about the personal/individual alignment => white color
    (+1) iz about the collective/harmoniq alignement => black color

    is a figure that makes the 29th dot “doubling one out of 28” affirming the fire inside into deliverance

  3. There is plenty of hope to go round. Even on a quasi-spiritual level, people are intrinsically “drawn” to the visualization practice as evidenced here.

    The next Dragon year in Chinese astrology begins January 23, 2012 – Kin 135 Overtone Eagle – two days after my signature, Monkey spell and three before our Claire 😉

    It is Water Dragon, and I know we can all feel the imminent crisis/opportunity as nearly as strong as own pulse with reference to our current planetary situation.

    Water (Chinese: 水; pinyin: shuǐ), is the low point of the matter, or the matter’s dying or hiding stage.[1] Water is the fifth one of Wu Xing.
    For other uses, see water (disambiguation).

    Water is yin in character, its energy is downward and its motion is stillness and conserving. It is associated with the planet Mercury, the north, winter and cold, darkness, night and the colour black. It is also associated with the moon, which was believed to cause the dew to fall at night. It is also believed to govern the kidneys, ears and bones. The negative emotion associated with water is fear, while the positive emotion is calmness. Its Primal Spirit is represented by the Black Tortoise. (Wow. Did not see that one coming. Garuda Crest? Oil covered?)

    In Chinese Taoist thought, water is representative of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness and pliancy; however, an over-abundance of the element is said to cause difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it. In the same way, Water can be fluid and weak, but can also wield great power when it floods and overwhelms the land. In the birth and nurturing cycle, water spawns wood, and is spawned by metal. In the conquest cycle, water overcomes fire, and in turn is overcome by earth.

    Blue Eagle is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming. Blue Eagle reminds you to step powerfully into your commitment as a planetary server! Your assignment includes whatever furthers your personal evolution and the evolution of global mind. You are an awakener, a transformer, an empowered gloal visionary. In your vision, you have compassion for others, and your decisions are made in the light of global consciousness. Ask yourself how you might experience compassion toward self, the Earth, and others. Be guided towards types of work, relationships, places to live, and projects that will benefit the Earth and her creatures. Allow your spirit to expand. Soar on your spreading wings and planetary perspective. Affirm: “Through your, Gaia, I am also transformed! I am awakening as the return of divine love and light. We are all one. Gaia, as you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed, and together our petals open ecstatically to the new Sun of Flowers.”

    You are a member of the one global family, a planetary server and transformer. Blue Eagle asks you to join in lifting the collective mind. It is up to each one of us to hold a positive vision and affirmation, for the means by which this miracle will occur is through changes in the one affecting the greater whole.

    Imagine the profound impact your loving thoughts have on planetary mind. You do make a difference! As you connect individually with the larger crystal grid network, your power is multiplied exponentially. This galactic grid is also known as the Mayan cobweb.

    The greatest gift you can offer to the planet is to simply be the love. Believe in yourself and your dreams and visions! Remember your special gifts, your path of service on Earth, your promise to serve the light. Everything you are connects to the greater whole. You are starseeded! You have the vision of the eagle. Believe in your dreams. You are the hope and the vision revealed.

    Cube Four: Flowering “By my Warrior Seed flowering power, May the enlightening Solar power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of prophecy for all.”

    …and ends February 9, 2013 – Kin 257 Planetary Earth (Which also codes December 21, 2010 and the final two year countdown.)

    Red Earth is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.Red Earth is the access point to your natural alignment with Earth force. It is the unis mundi, the point of perfect centeredness in the eternal present from which all alignment and magic manifest. Your center, the Earth center, is the secret of gravity’s magnetizing force. Red Earth is the channel of harmonic synchronization that is aligned with the galactic heart. From the center point within self, you align with this galactic center and connect through your own crystalline structure to the larger crystal grid network. To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water, and the seven directional guardians.

    Cosmic consciousness is not just ‘out there’; it is also resonating within you. Be sacramentally rooted where you are. You are made of the Earth! Look through the ‘eyes’ in your feet. Your body is the present focus of your consciousness – through it all gifts are received. Remember, too, that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness of it; therefore, the way you perceive the Earth and your physical form affects the information you receive.

    Red Earth is the Earth keeper, the keeper of the garden, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth. Earth keepers preserve the harmonic relationship with nature by connecting to the wisdom held in matter. In Latin, mater means “mother”. As you bring light into yourself, you bring light into matter. You and the Earth both contain the holographic seed of the new consciousness emerging.

    Center yourself in the present moment! This is where you can most beneficially observe the synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger purpose. From here your mind can learn to be keenly observant, allowing the larger pattern to take shape as naturally as the small brushstrokes that eventually complete a beautiful painting.Sit in simple relationship to the Earth, like a poet enraptured in a forest. Be rooted where you are now. Out of synergistic centeredness, you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe. This synchronization can be seen as the alignment of your personal myth with the greater myth of our times. Myth is the framework or “story” in which the truth of the cosmos is revealed in symbolic form. Utilize it to catalyze your unfolding alignment.

    By accepting your physical form and your growth process in this world, you access the hub of centeredness out of which all the truth and magic of the universe unfold.Take off your shoes. Touch the one Earth. Find a place to dance with the sacred hoop of life. Contribute your vision as an awakened member of the global rainbow family!

    The above reading is an excerpt from the book, “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner

    We mUSt have VISION in order to guide.
    Today codes both my Biofather and Sister – and I wish them love on this day of Nurturing Realization.


  4. I’ve just ‘discovered’ (and I qualify that because often I find my ‘discoveries’ have long been known to everyone but me! 🙂 ) that there exists a lovely correlation between the Dreamspell and Long Count Kins: they always have the same Guide Power, i.e. today’s Kin 61 is guided by the power of NAVIGATION, as is the Long Count Kin 13.

    Always good to find a unifying element/factor! 🙂


    • Dear Melovia;

      What a lovely discovery! 🙂
      And thanks for your ‘astrological offering’ which ends with:

      Here’s to everyone waking up, regardless of what catalyzes that awakening!!

      🙂 TMQ

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