Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night codes the 12th day of the 12th Moon: Crystal Alpha 12

Blue Spectral Night

Blue Spectral Night
Red Spectral Skywalker Blue Spectral Night Yellow Spectral Warrior
  White Electric Mirror
“I Dissolve in order to Dream,  Releasing** Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled. “
Today’s Occult/Hidden Power is the 5th Solar Witness, Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror, which codes the   Supreme Golden Maiden, whom we awaken on Alpha 12.  Antipode Spectral Skywalker is the G-Force of Madame Blavatsky.  The G-force for Kin 63 is 13.8, Red Galactic Skywalker.  Crystal 12 is always coded by the PSI of  Kin 231:  Planetary Monkey.
Postulate 3.11“All geometries are thought-moments of the Galactic Brain, coordinated commands of God, incorporated in the most efficient forms possible, to be shaped by time into the progressive forms of the evolving conscious order.  Hence, all geometries are ultimately manifestations of sacred order.”
  Seal 3 NIGHT or Dreamer exemplifies abundance as the intuition of love.  GK-Saturn;  SIGNAL;  Southern Regions;  SOLAR PLEXUS.
ALPHA 12:  Release;  GK-Mars;  THROAT:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  RADION Cube:  RIGHT;  Codon Cube 26:  ████▌▐████ (SPACE) FRONT.  Fifth Lost Generation, 5th Solar Witness:  Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror.
TELEKTONON Day 12:  Baktun 12:  AD 1224;  Hidden SeedPerfection of mechanical clock.  “Woman clothed in the Sun” conquest of 13:20 New World by 12:60 Pope Nicholas V.  Pope Gregory XIII Gregorian Calendar  in 1582.  “13 Moons in exile”
Cube Six:  Death:  Reclaim and redeem Baktun 12; By my Warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!”  “May the Peace of the 13 Moon Way Prevail!”
Two more Crop Circles,  “Manifestations of Sacred Order” appeared during this Red Skywalker Wavespell of Space. This design appeared on Kin 56;  Self-Existing Warrior (Crystal Alpha 5) and it contains 12 groups of elements around a central Circumpunct, and is adjacent to a geographical Circumpunct  Codford St Peter, nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 3rd June  16.4 (which can also represent Galactic Seed) + Moon 8.12 and Year 4.4 = 6.7, which is Kin 46.  This Crop Circle appearred on the 5th day of Week 46.
Synchronistically, the next crop circle appeared on the Gregorian 6/7 (June 7). 
As readers know, that was the Galactic Birthday of Pacal Votan, and the day TMQ revealed his actual date of Birth and Death
She also mentioned that her Prophetic message was received on Kin 46 (6.7), and that the {Year (14.12) Moon (14.11) and Kin (18.10)} combined kin of the discovery of Pacal’s Tomb add up to 6.7, Resonant World-Bridger.    

uk2007br          Stony Littleton Long Barrow, Nr Wellow. Somerset. Reported 7th June.    “The Chamber Barrow of Stony Littleton is one of the finest Burial Chambers in Britain…Thought to be around 5000 years old, it resides in a remote location, cut off from the hectic 21st century

This Crop Circle appeared on Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday, exactly 4 Galactic Spins  after the Cube Crop Circle on his 27th Solar-Galactic Return.  How many circles do you see?  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 12.  Cube Six:  WORLD-BRIDGER    Kin 63

26 thoughts on “Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night codes the 12th day of the 12th Moon: Crystal Alpha 12

  1. thX TMQ for the actualized information on the crops popping up in English Fields.

    The one with the centered circle and 12 disciples is a well known form that communicates the 13th moon of the year – in a traditional view.

    The alternative view might be that the 12 are to be understood of 3 seasons a year around the 4th one aka the one with the open mind …

    In that perspective the centered one is to be understood as 4 circles and so we have actually 16 quarters aka seasons that communicate TIME as a phenomenon that illustrates how our planet sets the time-space illusion as a universal grid that embeds our mindsets …

    the other one seems to communicate 2 human beings considering the 7 “chakra circles” that pop up an eight one (“LOVE”) and center on number 9 – which is accompanied by 2 small yin/yang spheres. The 9th One is the intelligence power that radiates 2 dancing aspects of JOY.

    AHAU AKBAL }}}*|*{{{ kisses and huggies in abundant oveflowww!

  2. The polar directional pad of four to the central pivot point seem to look askance at our ability to weave time forward or backward. “Up or Down” through PERSPECTIVE. Pole dancing, as it were. 😉 From the ever present NOW. Can we join the right and left sides of our brain in order to achieve this? Swivel Spatter chakra memory diminishment rememberance? Seems up yoUR alley, S’ace.

    Kinda reminds me of this –
    Stone-circles??? HAHAHAHA!

    The Neolithic Age, Era, or Period, or New Stone Age, was a period in the development of human technology, beginning about 9500 BCE in the Middle East[1] that is traditionally considered the last part of the Stone Age. The Neolithic followed the terminal Holocene Epipalaeolithic period, beginning with the rise of farming, which produced the “Neolithic Revolution” and ending when metal tools became widespread in the Copper Age (chalcolithic) or Bronze Age or developing directly into the Iron Age, depending on geographical region. The Neolithic is not a specific chronological period, but rather a suite of behavioral and cultural characteristics, including the use of wild and domestic crops and the use of domesticated animals.[2]

    Tonight on the Self-Existing Wizard Show::
    NO JOKE!!!

    Melovia. Weird. 😉

    OH WOW.
    Barssiah 133 (04:53:02) Kin 41 Lunar Dragon, May 20, 2010

    So at the “buy and trade” counter today we had our 66666th transaction. 🙂
    I didn’t realize how funny that was until I just saw a saved episode of South Park where they parody “Tron” as metaphor for Facebook’s ubiquitous distracting uselessness where the hero wins control of his life back by winning a round of virtual “Yahtzee” with 5 Sixes ;p

    There were RAINBOWS all the way home from Stockton to Modesto – very bizarre!
    I have many thoughts about Miss Pan DOOR a – peeking through the Key-hole-crop.


    Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
    she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
    fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
    lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing
    Zeus the Cloudgatherer.


    • maybe PANdora is actually a fraud from the origin PA’NOO~RA

      PA indicating PA~CAL VOTAN
      NOO ” TMQ’s trip
      RA … the sun as stargate


      UN ~ locked

      • Watch a small child “wave” their head back and foURth as they can and then giggle ferocioUSly with glee…and you’ve got it. It is a KINETIC circle.

  3. Dear Kin,
    Here is a call from the Children of the Sun :

    “The Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ New Moon Saturday, June 12
    A 24 hour conscious connect to the Unified Field of Divine Grace
    via the Planetary Crystalline Grid, part of our new consciousness matrix!

    …with unified meditation during 4 synchronized world times:

    Sydney: 8 pm; India: 8 pm; Paris: 8 pm; New York: 9 pm

    Unified Focus for this New Moon Cycle ~ PURIFYING MATTER:

    Assisting Gaia in Transmuting the Environmental Toxicities of our World

    This new moon, we are stepping fully into our authentic power to actively and consciously transmute environmental toxicity in our lives and our world. We allow the White Flame of Purity to manifest in us, as us… dissolving our own places of fear and polarization. We then radiate this flame out through the Crystalline Grid with a unified vision of a pristine and sustainable organic world.

    We call forth assistance from all beings of light and especially:

    The Cosmic Elohim, Creators of Form
    The Masters of Transmutation and Alchemy
    The Angels and Archangels
    Mother Gaia’s Elemental Tribe…
    Air Sylphs, Fire Salamanders, Water Undines, Earthly Gnomes
    All Nature Spirits and Guardians

    We also request immediate action from the Arcturians, the Telosians and other star nations of light for implementation of their quantum technology to help us in this massive clean-up.

    As Earth Ambassadors, we merge on the Grid as one living flame and transmit the alchemizing effect of the cosmic sacred fires through every core cause, effect, record and memory of all discordancy and that which adversely affects environmental condition. We place special focus upon the Gulf of Mexico, the worldwide chemtrail situations, our water and food supplies.

    We envision, radiate and know that all negative energy in our environment is transmuted, requalified and reunited with Divine Love, just in our asking and intention. We are seeing in great detail the crystalline purity of our own elemental natures both within and its reflection without.

    We draw forth from our new consciousness matrix the record and program for our New Earth’s organic and renewable energy sources, sustainable technology and the divine intelligence in implementing necessary changes to facilitate grand transformation.

    May we qualify that all outcome be in accordance with Divine Will and the highest good for all concerned.

    This is OUR World. We stand united as ONE ETERNAL LIVING FLAME of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power!

    Blessed Be and So It Is.”

    On Crystal Silio 14, Kin 65, for those so inclined, let us add oUR power of Real Time to this unifying endeavor, and include this worthy call in our Weekly Silio Meditations.

    In accordance with the Law of One: All for One and One for All !!

    In lak’ech,

    • Freedom ’90 lyrics

      I won’t let you down
      I will not give you up
      Gotta have some faith in the sound
      It’s the one good thing that I’ve got
      I won’t let you down
      So please don’t give me up
      Because I would really, really love to stick around

      Heaven knows I was just a young boy
      Didn’t know what I wanted to be
      I was every little hungry schoolgirls pride and joy
      And I guess it was enough for me
      To win the race? A prettier face!
      Brand new clothes and a big fat place
      On your rock and roll TV
      But today the way I play the game is not the same
      No way
      Think I’m gonna get me some happy

      I think there’s something you should know
      I think it’s time I told you so
      There’s something deep inside of me
      There’s someone else I’ve got to be
      Take back your picture in a frame
      Take back your singing in the rain
      I just hope you understand
      Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

      All we have to do now
      Is take these lies and make them true somehow
      All we have to see
      Is that I don’t belong to you
      And you don’t belong to me
      You’ve gotta give for what you take
      You’ve gotta give for what you take

      Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy
      What a kick just a buddy and me
      We had every big-shot goodtime band on the run boy
      We were living in a fantasy
      We won the race got out of the place
      I went back home got a brand new face for the boys on MTV
      But today the way I play the game has got to change
      Oh yeah
      Now I’m gonna get myself happy
      I think there’s something you should know
      I think it’s time I stopped the show
      There’s something deep inside of me
      There’s someone I forgot to be
      Take back your picture in a frame
      Don’t think that I’ll be back again
      I just hope you understand
      Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

      All we have to do now
      Is take these lies and make them true somehow
      All we have to see
      Is that I don’t belong to you
      And you don’t belong to me
      You’ve gotta give for what you take
      You’ve gotta give for what you take

      Well it looks like the road to heaven
      But it feels like the road to hell
      When I knew which side my bread was buttered
      I took the knife as well
      Posing for another picture
      Everybody’s got to sell
      But when you shake your ass
      They notice fast
      And some mistakes were built to last

      That’s what you get

      I say that’s what you get

      That’s what you get for changing your mind

      And after all this time
      I just hope you understand
      Sometimes the clothes
      Do not make the man

      All we have to do now …

      I’ll hold on to my freedom
      May not be what you want from me
      Just the way it’s got to be
      Lose the face now
      I’ve got to live 😉


  4. “I Dissolve in order to Dream, Releasing** Intuition…”

    These videos are based on Solfeggio frequencies to Expand Consciousness, and Heighten your Intuition 🙂 These are both 741 Hz.

    • SO USEFUL.
      Even with eyes closed through entire sequence – eye could sense definite “left dark” “right light” in a room where the indirect incandescent lighting was actually opposite. Seriously. Beautiful. 😉

    • i wondered about 741 …

      741/3 = 247

      iz that a prime?

      i’m aware of 432=3×144 ; close might be 5×144 = 720 gap of 21 hz
      maybe that iz the base-bar of 740+1 (or 736+5)

      just wondering on the formula behind it all

  5. I just got up from meditation in which I stated the days affirmation and when I walked in my kitchen the clock read 12:21 ! : )d

  6. Guided by my own power doubled, i apply an interpretation, or better an association-fed dreaming-procedure, as the other may be more loaded with personals.
    with lingering intuition of love…..: )

    When thought -moments of the galactic brain
    come forth as this ‘Manifestations of sacred order`P 3.11
    on kin 56 self existing warrior
    they may complain:
    The larger space in the middle symb spot is the architectual sphere, not suns, but extreme gravitational presences, hunabku21 potentized

    Encircled by large circles of smaller starcircles form one gigantic circle of 100
    symb 12 “Big” circles: in the middle are the diverse capitol architectural complexes.

    or more out of the common known glyphs of quarantine-world: 12 Starsigns, in the middle THE 13th; dark circle with radial connection to hunabku, as the ‘white hole’ in the center…..embedded by the spider cristal webshaped cobweb of the interdimensional spheres.
    Who knows a little about the spider as 13th sign,,,,and by the way, who is this everywhere appearing ‘golden shining maiden’ (tones of a REM-song cling in my ear)
    The 12 galactic sectors have a Central Sun connected to the ‘Sacred Order Geometrical Star Grid and they have 12 outposts. May be gaia is an outpost?
    The intersections of the 12 architectonical Speres are interdimensional Space-Travel-Faculty-Realms.

    For the other one, cropcircle on galactic birthday of Pacal Votan on 6.7grego, occult resonant worldbridger, i just found out a line of numbers
    7 : 5 (13): 3:5 (13): 7 whatever it may mean….

    And my dear Kin, i would like to invite everyone to have a look at this site, which i stumbled over, so to say, appointed by an incredible amount of synchronicities and i just signed up.….the dragon cube on the slippy tiles of Serpentina.
    If you are fond of physics, the physical plane and the tenth world: enjoy

    Check the Thuban Stargate of 2010 and the Star Pentecost May 16 2010

    love and bright sunshine over our 441cube of radial tender fabric reimar

      • Hmmm…
        Tasty thoughts.

        Were Dragons the Alchemical Chimera of Dinosaurs et al?

        Before the magic was lost (mURdered)???

  7. “the other one seems to communicate 2 human beings considering the 7 “chakra circles” that pop up an eight one (“LOVE”) and center on number 9 – which is accompanied by 2 small yin/yang spheres. The 9th One is the intelligence power that radiates 2 dancing aspects of JOY”

    This is My IMAGE to Dream with.
    word GanGstar

  8. thirteen people to convince that our heart bio-rhythms, are at there most efficient and healthiest following planets 13 moons bio-rhythm, which will force a calendar reform. Its not too late to re-deliberate, plug in the positive, “13 moons” push out the negative “Gregorian calendar”. Realign in natures time real time natures time.

  9. * This page was last modified on 27 October 2009 at 15:35.

    It is a little too obvioUS.
    The LAW has not been “modified” since 2007.


    * This page was last modified on 27 October 2009 at 15:35.

    It is a little too obvioUS.
    The LAW has not been “modified” since 2007.

    ARE YOU AWAKE??? DATA MINING JUST AS DEVASTATING AS REAL MINING. They are lazy…we can still unplug, CHOICEFULLY – wake the HELL up!


    No despair.
    Only resolve and mindfulness.

    Not in some dystopian nightmare. Just here.
    Ready to rock out to some wicked tunes!


  11. on this day/kin a message of Prince Charles of Wales popped up in the media:

    “The real problem, he said, is that we in the West no longer believe in the existence of the soul.”



    “It is no good just fixing the pump and not the well.”

    What is his KIN?

    did we miss the man all the time?

    14 November 1948 gives DS210 LC147 3K357/197

    delivering resp. lunar dog; self existing hand; lunar earth

    which one do u choose as most relevant?

    u know my choice ~ although is there a choice?

    anyway lunar spice might have been the reason he had to loose his throne !?

    people demand certainty, comfort and luxury … aye?

    but then what does the soul rely on??

    this posting is on 12.13 kweakwise 12.16 aka WINDdaya LIFEkweak …
    tomorrow we will have SOULdaya 😉 on Cosmic Serpent biting its Tail

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