G.A.P. Crystal Magic Turtle Day on Crystal Star Limi 13: Cube 7

Yellow Crystal Seed

Yellow Crystal Warrior
White Crystal Wizard Yellow Crystal Seed Blue Crystal Eagle
  Red Lunar Earth
“I Dedicate in order to Target, universalizing Awareness.
I seal the input of Flowering with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Intelligence.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The oracle for Kin 64:  Crystal Seed contains two Solar WitnessesAntipode 14.12, Crystal Wizard, is the First Solar Witness,  the G-Force for Pacal Votan’s Kin 60,  and it also codes the First of the last 7 Moons of the 13th Baktun.  The Analog, Crystal Eagle, is also a G.A.P.  The Occult , Red Lunar Earth is the 4th Solar Witness.  The G-Force for Crystal Seed is Spectral World-Bridger, which Mirrors today’s Gregorian date:  6/11  :).  The PSI for Crystal 13 is Kin 232:  Spectral Human, reinforcing the ‘Crystal Free Will’  aspect of today.  🙂
Postulate 4.12The increase in complexity of the biogeochemical process is characterized by the acceleration of the biogenic migration of atoms, and the incidence of ever more complex levels, inducing the transition from unconscious to conscious orders of existence.
Kin 64 reminds us of the 64 Codons based on the I Ching hexagrams and our DNA.  Stephanie South explains in her 13 Moon Almanac:  “These are bio-cosmically coded condensations of particular higher-dimensional thought forms“.
Today, Seed, is the 17th Vinal (of 20 days) of the Self-Existing Seed year.   “With a Song and a Rhythm“.  Only 44 days remain until the *GM108X*  Day-out-of-Time.
 Seal 4 SEED or Innocent One activates the centripedal force and holds the station of the 4th light gate. GK-Jupiter;  GATEWAY;  South Pole;  ROOT.
 LIMI 13:  “Purify;  GK-Earth;  Solar Plexus:  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Radion Cube: LEFTCodon Cube 26:   ██████████ TIME  on TOP.
LIMI 13:  UR EARTH 4  Night Earth   6th Lost Generation  Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm:  “Victory Purifies the Triumph of the RELIGION of TRUTH”   
TELEKTONON Day 13:  Baktun 13:  AD 1618  BABYLON PLANET  “Transformation of Matter.  Pacal Votan emerges from Earth to witness G-7 beast and Planetary Triumph of 12:60.  Time Wars fulfill 666.  Pacal calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge to BRING THE 13 MOONS BACK TO LIFE”.
Cube Seven:  ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Reclaim and Redeem Baktun 13:  “By the self-generating power of the prophecy Hand Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail!”  “By my telepathic force, may I  take back Babylon Planet for the Biosphere!”
This article  from China synchronistically describes the  12:60 version of  the “Crystallization of Human Wisdom”, which is the precursor to the Noospheric Crystallization of Human Wisdom.    http://www.tgdaily.com/business-and-law-features/50119-internet-is-the-crystallization-of-human-wisdom-says-china   This concept is described by 12.12, Crystal Human which codes the beginning of this Crystal “Warrior’s Cube  of Intelligence,” and by today’s double Crystal tone. 

Our ‘Magic Turtle’ CRYSTAL ROUND TABLE on the 13th day of the Crystal Star Moon,  produced an abundance of Cooperation and Synchronicity  🙂

       peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace    Picture    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace       


On this day when we Cooperate and  invoke The Religion of Truth, and proclaim:  “May Divine Truth Prevail!”, our 441 Cube of Truth and the greater Community offered information, websites, videos and inspiration.

The June 3rd Crop Circle with the centered circle and 12 disciples” (as S’ace, Kin 22, describes it, and more) also evoked a response from Reimar, on the day doubly coded by his Cosmic Kin;   Night.  He offered a  fascinating lengthy analysis which included the center as “extreme gravitational presences, hunabku21 potentizedded ” and ended with:  “The intersections of the 12 architectonical Speres are interdimensional Space-Travel-Faculty-Realms”.  🙂 

 The Pacal Birthday Circle on 6/7  triggered “a line of numbers   7 : 5 (13): 3:5 (13): 7”  for our Cosmic Night.  Cody, Overtone  Hand, (after seeing 12:21  :))found a total of 28 circles (including the circle containing the photo) in it!  S’ace, Solar Wind said  that this crop circle  “seems to communicate 2 human beings considering the 7 “chakra circles” that pop up an eight one (“LOVE”) and center on number 9 – which is accompanied by 2 small yin/yang spheres. The 9th One is the intelligence power that radiates 2 dancing aspects of JOY“.  That view was ‘seconded’  by Code=E, Lunar Skywalker

Christine,  Electric Skywalker perceived that  “four to the central pivot point seem to look askance at our ability to weave time forward or backward…Can we join the right and left sides of our brain in order to achieve this?  Swivel Spatter chakra memory diminishment rememberance?

Melovia, whose Kin, Crystal Moon, mirrors the 12th Moon, let us know of a meditation happening tomorrow, on  ‘Cosmic Serpent Silio’:  “The Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ New Moon  June 12:  A 24 hour conscious connect to the Unified Field of Divine Grace via the Planetary Crystalline Grid”.   It also calls for Cooperation from:  “ the Arcturians, the Telosians and other star nations of light for implementation of their quantum technology to help us in this massive clean-up.” (No link, so see her comment for details)

James, Galactic Seed contributed two stunning ‘must-see’ videos, “These videos are based on Solfeggio frequencies to Expand Consciousness, and Heighten your Intuition These are both 741 Hz” and which Christine described as SO USEFUL“. 

 Mike (Overtone World-Bridger) checked in New Zealand’s North Island, where he is promoting the 13 Moons in a unique manner.   Moi, Planetary Serpent, made a poetic offering, ending with:  “fin-d-in-G the rythme in the hue-mans
thru the mon-key and the hunab krewship of kuxan suum”
  The image used above to express the ‘Cooperative Hand of Accomplishment” came from her website.”

 Reimar, Cosmic Night guided us to a new site, in support of The Truth:  http://thuban.spruz.com/   and blessed us with:  “Love and bright sunshine over our 441 Cube of radial tender fabric.”

                    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peacePicturepeace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

May the Cooperation, Dedication and Wisdom you’ve all contributed to our first  “Magic Turtle Crystal Round Table” continue to  Flower during this Crystal Star Moon!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 13.      Cube Seven:  ACCOMPLISHMENT          Kin 64





19 thoughts on “G.A.P. Crystal Magic Turtle Day on Crystal Star Limi 13: Cube 7

  1. hi Claire 😉

    thanks for getting in a multi-logue by expressing the thoughts on the crop circles in this “seed” – crystal clear seed in exactly 320 kin from the yearkin004.

    tomorrow is …321 as the last 3 countdown numbers getting into the serpents GifT …

    in the bivideotex AM=ZN=1-13 GifT is also 7if7 and 7967 … where 96 is equal to 69 which resonates the oncoming CANCER episode from june22.

    “imagine … all the people”

    well of course i expressed my first thought where i said the crop is about 2 people in love which mostly is understood as a woman and a man …

    the 2nd thought (2nd creation parallel?) iz that the crop illustrates a single human being in love with al there is (its mirror aka the universe or probably multiple universes as a cosmos catalysed by the noosphere electro-magnetic device)

    maybe there is even a third thought

    in this infrastructure of 3 thoughts i see:
    1: the esthetically order – external – sound
    2: the ethical order – internal – rhythm
    3: the fusing order – trans formant – melody


    seeing the number 320 , i see 321 appearing and i also see:
    319 + 1 = 320
    there number 3 and 19 cooperate in number 319 – and i refer to the Time and Technosphere where 19 is mentioned as the crucial key in the Quran.


    i resonate to Joy being part of those Exercises that vibrate Fruitful Fellowship, S’ace

    • So great, s’ace
      i love all three of your INSIGHTs about this hovering Fieldwave Fractal Cropcircle- OUTSIDE phenomenon.

      as number 3.3 indicates the outside/inside mirrored
      under 13-mirror- compression,
      we are seemingly to be undergoing right now, and of our
      diverse 3,3/0,13,0/3,(2+1=) 3
      dimensionalmixedupbodyfeeling, .

      Fusing order is Divine Order
      can this be the New Encodings stamped into our skull?

      Namste reimar

  2. Dear you refer to me as a Resonant Hand when I am in fact an Overtone Hand! I just want to make that clear hehee but Hey channeling is good too although I specialize in empowerment and Visualization !

    • Thanks Cody-
      Was thinking of how you RESONATE with the Sacred Ratio of 7 to 5, and then wrote Resonant!
      Instead, should have thought about how it was the day you OVERTONEd the Cube: 7; The correction has been ACCOMPLISHED 🙂

  3. A seat for the seed delivered by the Spectral Night Nutrition that gave this image (when allowed by walls)

    Anyway it shows 3 spheres catalyzing something and they are labelled “3 weeks” … but then where is the 4th week ?

    My clue for the queest signalled: they are 3 kweaks! aka 27 daya in a moon of 28 daya … the 28th one is the sun itself ordering its timespace grid as a sovereign governor installed by the cosmic orders as 9 Lords of Time can do just that …

    (i will see whether this image pops up; otherwise i’ll fix it alternative)

    • Thank You Melovia!
      Will post this today, in time for the Northern Hemisphere to be prepared! 🙂

  4. “Kin 64 reminds us of the 64 Codons based on the I Ching hexagrams and our DNA. Stephanie South explains in her 13 Moon Almanac: ‘These are bio-cosmically coded condensations of particular higher-dimensional thought forms’.”

    On this note I share something regarding the UR Runes and Codon Codes:

    “Each of the 64 codons goes through a 13-stage permutation sequence — each quarter runs 13 weeks so that each week is coded with a corresponding permutation of the quarterly codon. The first and thirteenth weeks are the quarterly master codon. From weeks 2-12, the codon changes one line per week beginning with the bottom line changing on week two to its opposite. On the third week, the second line changes to its opposite, etc. On the seventh week, the master codon appears in its inverse form. The process continues the following weeks until the codon returns to itself in week 13.”

    Yet more elegance and symmetry and order! I love it!


  5. an interesting message including nicolai roerich crossed ma pages …

    snapshot quote: “Nikolai Roerich thought that the land of Mu was the sacred land of Shambhala where the Aryan god was headed and which he had searched for his entire life. The explorer had no luck looking for the entrance to Shambhala on Karelia’s Valaam Island.”

    here it is

    iz this anoothere SEEDling, dear TMQ?

  6. Thank You S’ace!

    What a fascinating site with exciting news!

    “Shambhala, an underground dwelling of gods where the Stone Book is kept, a compilation of spiritual wisdom of ancient people.”

    Are the 7 volumes of the (CHC) Mystery of the Stone bringing the Stone Book back to life?

    Thanks for this SEED-ling on CRYSTAL (another stone?) Seed!

    Mysterious Shambala: MS for the 13 and 19 (multiplied = 247 from the first comment (yours) of my day) 🙂


  7. !!!129:921!!!
    Crystal Star UR: Uni-Verse-All
    The ‘R’ remains the mirror on the wall…Infinate 18…
    ‘Once upon a TIME there was a G-RA-ATE mirror ball…
    inside…eye could feel, sea, hear, touch and taste EVERYONE!!! We all could…
    this mirror ball shatterd into pieces….
    We all leapt to pick them up and restore oUR OMA…
    but when we picked up the pi-eces…picses…
    we got SO lost in our own reflection–we forgot
    we were to put them ALL back 2-Geather!
    Quilt the Quetzal
    Pause and U Puzzle
    the Coat of ALL!
    Come past the port of All!!!
    G-Ra-sea! 129 for these juicy links…

    underGround 2daya..
    Shambhala danced with Mu and Agartha…
    the male line electrified red;
    cosmic serPANt–self-existing warrior–galactic IX= CRYSTAL EAGLE
    female tree tri red;
    solar sun, spectral night, spectral URth= OVERTONE SUN

    Forming the Vision…

    IK Blow-IN-G BoloN
    T=ime M=mi star’ies Q= quetzal ( a form of ratzal, a pause in the puzzle…)
    Time Coats All with the Quetzal of Mi Staries
    FORHM-IN-G the V.V.is. ION
    PAW!!!! KALI-in-G OMA!!!!
    Planetary Art Whole… A PAW!!
    OMA!!! Original Matrix Attained…


  8. PER-I-ODE
    P.A.W.S to kiss O.M.A.S
    (she l.o.v.e.s.s.e.v.o.l kisses….)
    to sea:
    ” The primordial worlds and knowledge must be brought 4ward in T.I.M.E. through the initiates so they can conduct the rites of initiation. This is conducted by the serpants that dwell beneath the pi-RA-mi-Ds in the subterranean crypys.” CHC Book IV pg. 181
    note page…sage…magi-master
    IK blew the book open to this number–sumber 181–the ‘R’ remains constant….rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….the only other ONE that dew….is the ONE=A. RA. AR.

    Eye giggle and breathe into a DEEP space…
    body is speaking…
    learning its movements…

    when eye build the time atom each week…
    the time cube…
    eye build it from toothpicks and spice drops…
    it started as a cube…
    but then it felt to becume a star…
    So, on each face of the cube eye built a pi-Ra-mid…
    eye build the entire cube on Dali…then visual-eyez the plasmas filling in each daya…
    mi plasmas are coded to the chromatic scales…for it speaks to mi CalloSeaUM…
    but the finished Star-Cube has 21 vertices…
    6 pi-RA-mids, or FACES…
    an inner cube..
    inside the cube…a OsheArt…Cure-Zone…
    So when eye visual-eyez the face ‘filling in’
    Light/Color fills each pi-ra-mid too-
    and at the base of each pi-RA-mid–
    where the tri-angle base meets the cube face–
    eye have placed an orange establishing Kat-all-iktik Kali vertice–
    to G-round/

    until 2daya…
    eye did not think to ‘name’ the pi-Ra-mids
    or to FEEL which names they have for them SeaElves…

    Top Dali
    Bottom Seli
    Front Gamma
    Rear Kali
    Right Alpha
    Left Limi
    Inside heart…

    the toothpicks connects ALL vertices. Each vertice has a line to the heart-center. Krew-She-ALL….
    wHuNaB KrewSheAll…

    eye envision the toothpicks are the 7 sacred metals…
    intertwined as a ‘fiber optikal’ mercury messanger….meridian lines…
    the 21 vertices of course…
    oUR kin…
    the spaces-cube-pi-RA-mid filled with the Rainbow Light Plasmas…

    Then the Sphere of Ra-Dion goes around this on Silio…
    Along with an elixar infused with the CODON’s CODE….


  9. Rain..bow L0V3

    today… 12:13 is the sunny 6th birthday From Lola, my daugther and member of the cube of true as kin blue resonant eagle,

    today I see a beutifull rainbow around the sun…on that instant I connect whit ALL You/Me

    Love Me
    Ligth Me


    • Burbuja, A very happy (if belated) birthday to Lola!! And thanks for sharing your Rainbow 🙂 Melovia

  10. Moi I would love to be able to see your toothpick cube ~ not that your description isn’t extremely evocative 🙂 UR words require real ATTENTION! to decode and be rewarded with the pearls. Well worth the ‘effort’ 🙂 And UR not the only one of our CUBED Kin with this talent…

    Smart/KinD = nice combo 😉

    I like ORANGE too, even though it not incl-HUE-ded in the Dreamspell/Tzolkin


    Anagrammers Anon.

  11. yay me-love-ia!
    ’tis true…
    it is a G-if-t to be able to speak mi tone-G-U-E here–
    and feel understood.
    We are ALL in the cube…
    re-membering oUR heartsong…
    Sing-in-G oUR way back to the ONENESS
    in order to reach the 999ness…
    thanks for the anagrammers cookies!!!

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