Valum Votan’s Crystal Seed Vision on Crystal Silio 14; Kin 65: Cosmic Serpent

Red Cosmic Serpent

Red Cosmic Moon
Blue Cosmic Eagle Red Cosmic Serpent White Cosmic Wizard
  Yellow Magnetic Warrior
“I Endure in order to Survive, Transcending Instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force with the Cosmic tone of
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.”
C O S M I C      P R E S E N C E     🙂    C O S M I C    P R E S E N T S  🙂 
      peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace          peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace    
Our most esteemed member of the 441 Cube of Truth, Valum Votan, Kin 11 (a.k.a. Kin 60  :))  contributed a great amount of inspiring information on the day of our Magic Turtle (12/12) Crystal Round Table!

This is his first communication in 78 days.  His last report was received on Kin 247 (19×13) Blue Cosmic Hand, which marked the Final 1,000 days until 12/21/2012.   Valum Votan’s full   Prelude to the Noosphere: Report and a Vision is here:  Following are excerpts that are especially meaningful on this Crystal Silio 14 when we focus on the Heart of our Earth, and the Rainbow Bridge:

“In her unified simultaneity of living wholeness where saint and sinner, hypocrite and truth seeker alike all breathe the same air and move by the same blood flowing in their veins, the Earth is already living the life divine, a planet body capable of seemingly unending self-transformation…. She possesses a mind and a consciousness that is whole and accommodates all of her living and crystalline forms. Over the aeons she has slowly emerged into an ever more conscious and luminous condition of being. Now she awaits her next sheathe of consciousness, the mantle of self-reflection to slip over her, a Rainbow Mantle brought forth by her children of tomorrow, those remaining attuned to the descent of the supermind.”

“She is a point of interdimensional knowing that receives its inspiration from the entirety of the cosmos as it has come to her, descending through her poles in endless plasmic waves for billions of years.

She only needs a handful of them (Kin) to take her into their hearts and simultaneously practice what she practices all the time: the supreme samadhi of always-existing unification.

“Returned to itself, the power of the mind can ultimately heal all things. The power of the collective human mind synchronized as a single planetary consciousness focused on a single point could alter the evolution of our mind and spirit irrevocably while providing us with the knowledge, insight and telepathic skills to turn our crisis into the Second Creation.”

Such a supermental event of consciousness by 2012 is possible

“Cosmic civilization throughout the universe, we will find out, had been waiting for us to come upon this solution”  The Mystery Queen  was overjoyed to read this ‘Crystal Vision’  with its inspiring message of hope, on the COSMIC   day of this   special  46th Week which was  coded by Codon 26:  TEMPLE of TIME: Cosmic Awareness Informed, and sealed by the  Sun symbolOn Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday, (6/7 = 6.7 = Kin 46) the  dates of Pacal Votan’s date of Birth and Death were revealed.  Two days later, on Planetary Wind, it was demonstrated that Valum Votan was the current incarnation of  ‘The Great Pacal’.  On Crystal Seed, so many Kin (and other’s silently) participated in the most special G.A.P. and Magic Turtle Crystal Round Table of the Crystal Moon, culminating with this “Crystal Report and Vision”  from Valum Votan!  🙂 

As these words are written, it is still the Crystal SeedMagic Turtle Round Table  in some parts of the Earth, and inspired communications continue to flow in from the 441 Cube of Truth.  How wonderful to receive this Cosmic Confirmation that we (or even ” a handful”) are sufficient to Accomplish the Second Creation which our Earth and ‘Cosmic Civilizations’ are  anticipating!  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  

 Kin 65:  COSMIC SERPENT contains two Solar Witnesses:  Antipode:  Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle, and Occult: Kin 196:   Yellow Magnetic Warrior.  The PSI for Crystal Moon 13 is Crystal Skywalker. The G-Force is Kin 27:  (7.1) Blue Magnetic Hand. 

Today’s Postulate 5.13 also relates to the Noosphere:  Evolution of planetary bodies from Biosphere to Noosphere are holonomic functions of stellar  evolution.  The synchronization of planetary Noosphere with stellar evolutionary programming marks the advent of the next geologic era, the Psychozoic.  The Psychozoic Era is defined as the normative sequence  of the evolution of the hyperorganic super conscious of a telepathically unified Noosphere.”

SILIO 14:   HEART:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of Buddha.  I DISCHARGE the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center (HEART) of the Earth.”  ANTIPODE Telepathic Time Atom complete.  Analog-Antipode Tetrahedron created.  From the HEART of the EARTH, visualize the CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE  RADIATE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING in every direction.

TELEKTONON DAY 14:  “Song of the 144,000 redeems the First lost Tribe;  White Crystal Wizard.***Cube Eight:  ART:  Bolon Ik’s First Weaving:  “May Prophecy target the  Victory of the Righteous.”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art and Harmony Prevail!”

EnJOY this 13th day of the Skywalker Wavespell and 7th day of Week 46.  🙂

 When we add 7.1 to 12.12 (representing the Crystal Seed Round Table during the Crystal Star Moon, and the Magic Turtle match of  today’s PSI tone and this  Moon) it becomes:


N.  S.  1. 22. 12. 14.       Cube Eight:  ART          Kin 65

14 thoughts on “Valum Votan’s Crystal Seed Vision on Crystal Silio 14; Kin 65: Cosmic Serpent

  1. Cosmic Presence/Cosmic Presents/Cosmic Serpents 🙂

    We are indeed a handful!!

    In Telepathic Oneness,
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  2. nice to clue the presence of present in serpent, Clair Voyant!

    but then what number values spark from that (serpent)?

    19 5 18 16 5 14 7 => 24 39 21 => 84 (7×12)

    8 5 9 11 5 13 7 => 22 11 25 => 58 (2×29)

    AL=YN=1-12 M=13 Z=0
    7 5 8 10 5 12 6 => 20 10 23 => 53 (prime)

    What to saya about the number where God is in All?

    53 => REED1 => Quetzalcoatl

    58 => MIRROR mirror on the WALL

    84 => WIZARDry from the Rhythmic Heart

    as a wild guess serving in-formation …. Bolon Ik Grounded S’ace

    • do the 3 spells work gathered together too?

      then we rely on the sum of 84 + 58 + 53 => 195

      which vibrates a Cosmic Eagle on a Cosmic Interval Daya …

      P.S. (ssst – whispearinG:) Enlightening the PresenT SerpenT with Vision from the Bite

    • Hey Daniel; Yeah, I saw that ~ thanks for pioneering and reporting 🙂 Now I’m going to HAVE to learn how to use this webcam! Also good to know there’s some other kin here who’ve been chewing on a RealitySandwich! (Seems VV has already given them his ‘blog’ of approval 😉 )


  3. this comment of TMQ on yestardays papers was received todaya:

    “247 is Cosmic Hand.� 19 x 13 = 247.� So, it is the result of our two most special primes�multiplied���:)”

    And it has 6 blackspots in it: � (card for a chance?)

    2+4+7=13 and we have cosmic serpent biting its T’ail …

    it is the 13th tone of the 19th wavespell just befor the 20th (0?) of STAR1-248.

    HOW to relate this to the cards we have todaya – SOULdaya8 in LIFEkweak2 (day 14+3=17=2.8) �

    • � <- symbol

      is on my screen a symbol with a diagonal black square with a white Question mark "?" in it …

      i realize myself that sometimes those hardward tools are behaving different in other countries …

      at out service!

      • being on another screen in the same country i even wee the symbol different than elsewhere … so indeed communication is background distorted …

        just notifyinGee

  4. being in the energy creation of Cosmic Present Cosmic Eagle Cosmic Hand
    got me into the bivideotex of ETHICA (SPINOZA)

    E 5
    T 7
    H 8 — sub 20
    I 9
    C 3
    A 1 — sub 13

    summed 33

    realizing just bringing T 1 down to 6 (ALYN convention ‘))
    brings it into 32 (4×8=2**2×2**3=2**5=half64 & numerical 5) halfway DNa stationery and also HUMAN6 in ‘HANDWAVE

    Then Spinoza was very (up)set alone while his family were traders and he was bringing down the need for trade ThoughTwise …

    another bivideotex(to UR))?

    s 8
    p 11
    i 9 === sub 28
    n 13
    o 12
    z 1 === sub 26
    a 1 === sub 1

    visionalizes a full bird where 2 moons of 27 daya are bridge by “one” number 28 …

    okayokay the sub at the end is added to 26 (the 26 characters) as the most wide bar on the traditional key-board … the space-bar (cute!)

    and number 28 is sybolized with a downbackarrow textured “Enter” (here)

    as a final touch kissing hands on the back

    ‘) ALYN is shorty for AL-YN-1to12 & M=13 & Z=0 (as Moon Zone planeth)

  5. We need to petition Wikipedia to begin making all date annotations in Mayan. Wolfram Alpha is already doing it. Who can think of the most constructive way to attempt contact. Just finished Lord = Jose’s report.

    This number is also the magic constant of n-Queens Problem for n = 5. 😉

    * The Gospel of Matthew is probably written between 60 and this year.
    * Paul of Tarsus ordains Timothy as bishop of Ephesus (traditional date).
    * In China, the first official reference to Buddhism is made.
    * The first Christian community in Africa is founded by Mark, a disciple of Peter. Mark begins to write his gospel.
    * Probable martyrdom date of the apostle Thaddeus, also called Saint Jude in Armenia.
    * Probable martyrdom date of the apostle Simon the Canaanite in Armenia.

    In the Roman Catholic Church he is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. They should know. They’ve been subverting the HOLY act of sex for EVER.

    Saint Jude’s attribute is a club. He is also often shown in icons with a flame around his head. This represents his presence at Pentecost, when he received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles. Another common attribute is Jude holding an image of Jesus Christ, in the image of Edessa. In some instances he may be shown with a scroll or a book (the Epistle of Jude) or holding a carpenter’s rule.

    We must build. Our Secret Magnetic Warriors are raising their clubs.

    “The power of the mind created the machine and the artificial time that governs our lives. Returned to itself, the power of the mind can ultimately heal all things. The power of the collective human mind synchronized as a single planetary consciousness focused on a single point could alter the evolution of our mind and spirit irrevocably while providing us with the knowledge, insight and telepathic skills to turn our crisis into the Second Creation.”

  6. The Magnetic Warrior Calls BETWEEN kin. A
    14 second GAP.

    ZOO = NOO, with a directional pad shift.

    Fo’ US 😉

    Zoo Station

    I’m ready
    I’m ready for the laughing gas
    I’m ready
    I’m ready for what’s next
    I’m ready to duck
    I’m ready to dive
    I’m ready to say
    I’m glad to be alive
    I’m ready
    I’m ready for the push

    In the cool of the night
    In the warmth of the breeze
    I’ll be crawling around
    On my hands and knees

    She’s Just down the line…Zoo Station
    Got to make it on time…Zoo Station

    I’m ready
    I’m ready for the gridlock
    I’m ready
    To take it to the street
    I’m ready for the shuffle
    Ready for the deal
    Ready to let go of the steering wheel
    I’m ready
    Ready for the crush

    She’s just down the line… Zoo Station
    Got to make it on time… Zoo Station

    Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright
    It’s alright… it’s alright… it’s alright… It’s alright

    Hey baby… hey baby… hey baby… hey baby…
    It’s alright, it’s alright

    (Alright, you can turn it up)

    Time is a train
    Makes the future the past
    Leaves you standing in the station
    Your face pressed up against the glass

    I’m just down the line from your love… Zoo Station
    You know I’m under the sign… Zoo Station
    I’ve got to make it on time
    Make it on time… Zoo Station
    I’m gonna be there… Zoo Station
    Tracing the line… Zoo Station
    That’s alright… Zoo Station
    Just two stops down the line… Zoo Station
    Just a stop down the line…

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