Kin 71: Blue Rhythmic Monkey codes Crystal Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness

Blue Rhythmic Monkey

Blue Rhytmic Monkey
Red Rhytmic Dragon Blue Rhytmic Monkey Yellow Rhytmic Star
  White Galactic Dog
“I Organise in order to Play,  Balancing Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.”
Today’s Antipode and G-Force are both coded by Kin 201:  Red Rhythmic Dragon, which also codes the Moon of the 12/21/2012 Solstice.  The PSI for Crystal 20 is also Rhythmic:  Rhythmic Sun.
Postulate 11.6:  “Development of the Holon is the principle vehicle of self-cultivation in the fourth-dimensional time of galactic culture.  This form of self-cultivation is carried out through conscious application of the Time Vector Potentialities and the construction of geometries of time through patternings of  Celestial Harmonics.”
 Seal 11, MONKEY or Magician exemplifies magic as the beginning of Prophecy.  SP-Venus;  CARDINAL;  Northern Regions;  THROAT.

LIMI 20:  Purify;   Solar Plexus:  “I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  ██████████ Top;  Radion Cube:  Right side.

Three Rhythmic Monkeys are connected to the Earth in 3 different ways:  Jules Verne, who wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised, is often referred to as the “Father of Science Fiction” (along with a few other authors).  “Verne was in fact not an enthusiast of technological and human progress.“, preferring the 13:20 values.  Some of his titles evoke the massive challenge we have in the Gulf of  Mexico:  “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

Dr. Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist brings his considerable expertise  to the Gulf of Mexico disaster here, where he discusses the ‘Nuclear Option–not!:  In another venue, “Dr. Kaku also discussed the possibility of the oil leak lasting most of our lifetimes.”

Rhythmic Monkey, environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill  Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image lived in this Redwood tree (named Luna) for 738 days  to prevent loggers of the Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down.  Her courageous commitment has been memorialized in many songs and tributes.

LIMI 20 :  Corresponds to this Year, the 6th in the Mystery of the Stone

TELEKTONON Day  20:    Seal seven, Silio, coded by Kin 254;  White Resonant Wizard.  7th Solar Witness:  Kin 200:  Yellow Overtone  Sun.  “13 Moons Peace way brings about Biosphere-Noosphere Transition–“The Glory!”

Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness;  7th weaving:  “By my Wizard power of Timelessness, may Victory discharge Prophecy of 13 Moons way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “May universal Peace Prevail!”

Here is a great essay by ‘Sky’, who has produced 13 Moon Calendars for over 10 years.  She discusses the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar which Valum Votan translated from the information left by ‘Galactic Master of Time’ Pacal Votan, and the Long Count which the indigenous Mayans have struggled to maintain after their books and calendars were burned in the 1500s.

We’ll close today with this Sky:Comet McNaught

Comet McNaught will be visible through the coming Solstice, before disappearing from Earth’s view forever.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 20.          Cube Fourteen:  TIMELESSNESS       Kin 71


9 thoughts on “Kin 71: Blue Rhythmic Monkey codes Crystal Limi 20; Cube 14: Timelessness

  1. my temple radiates reading this sentence:

    “13 Moons Peace way brings about Biosphere-Noosphere Transition–”The Glory!”

    3 oracle words i take on:

    Bio ~ 2 9 12 ==> 23 AM=ZN=1-13 (26 on the standard AZ=1-26)
    it becomes 1 less in ALYN: 22

    Noo ~ 13 12 12 ==> 37 (44)
    it becomes 3 less in ALYN: 34

    Glory ~ 7 12 12 9 2 ==> 42 (77)
    it becomes 3 less in ALYN: 39

    Seeing the values 23 37 42 in a graph …
    also 26 44 77
    and 22 34 39

    just contemplate at first glance

    then we see the numbers again and count them per decodex/map:
    resp. 102 147 095; again organize … by getting into the elementals:
    102 = 2x3x17
    147 = 3x7x7
    095 = 5×19

    just let them vibrate …

    bio > noo > glory

    rounding this exercise i announce next wednesday as 12th GLORYdaya in KweakSpellNov’ice: Crystal GloryDaya in Rabbit Empowered Moon also 25th day in DreamSpell / Telektonon

    ~~~ 1 hot item in “noo”:
    it spells number 37 which is in 111 222 333 … 999 while
    “noo” itself is an un/covered trinity-particle

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, TMQ, for finding and posting that perfect essay. It speaks exactly as I felt it to be in my heart!! Perfectiion!!

    “We are dreaming the same dream together; we are dreaming a common dream, and that is why we say, ‘we want to dream together the highest dream’…” ~ Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles (as quoted by Sky)

    Here’s to all awakening Earth Wizards and the Magic of Peace Prevailing!!


    Hola !

    I like this…
    Green comet over UK, in the week of the summer soltice for the H. north !!!!

    A/Z to 1/26…look

    Resonant tone
    The center from the wavespell
    The core…The hearth…The Green Chackra …

    (Kin: Manik = Hand, my Kin…7.13) to know…to heal

    Kin: Akbal = nigth

    over: UK
    U= 21…Hunab Kub
    k= 11… Magic Monkey…

    Once in a life time opportunity this summer solstice…
    be prepared:

    …make your Green Heart to shine under the Nigth,
    Reflecting that Ligth…comming from the Center of ALL,
    and like monkey’s in the cosmic jungle, jump from spell to spell…
    n’ find your Banana :))))) !
    B.2 = Spirit…WIND ~~~~~~~~

    In Lack’ech

    Just trust…Just LOVE

    Peace n’ Harmony


  4. CHUEN is the MAYAN term regarding MONKEY

    its numeric vibration
    in AZ26; AM13; YN12 iz resp.
    51 – 35 – 33 => 119

    do you recognize 119?

    ( think in the former II millenium statue in NY? )

  5. This is the comet THEY have been preparing for, breathe and relax, serenity is a breath away, nothing to fear but fear itself. Alpha Omega those that hear the cry and know the songs, will be HERE. BE, i am another yourself dreaming our dream.

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