Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle codes Crystal Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation


Blue Planetary Night
Red Planetary Serpent Blue Planetary Eagle Yellow Planetary Seed
  White Self-existing Worldbridger
“I Perfect in order to Create, Producing Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Abundance
The Occult, Self-Existing World-Bridger codes Valum Votan’s current year, and Analog Planetary Serpent is Moi’s Galactic Signature.  The G-Force is Red Overtone Skywalker, and the PSI for Crystal 24 (and for Crystal 23 & 26) is G.A.P. Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon.  Today (15.10) plus the Moon (8.12) and Year (4.4) equals 27.26, minus 20.13 makes 7.13, Blue Cosmic Hand.  This special kin number (247=19.13
Postulate 15.10:  “The subliminal post-organic “conversations” become realized as the source of Fifth Force Chromatics, purely Fifth-dimensional cosmic electronic overtone aggregates.  The feedback nature of the Fifth Force Chromatics induces more refined levels of projective geometries, which in turn are fed back as higher, more refined levels of Celestial Harmonics.”
Here is a lovely and pertinent quote from Stephanie South’s 13 Moon Almanac for today, which happens to be  TMQ’s Long Count Signature:  Eagle sees all of reality as a sign of enlightenment.  All of reality is composed of nothing but signs.  It is the reading  accurately of these signs as they appear before you that leads to the fulfillment of one’s destiny.  (Literally while writing these words, TMQ  let Anzac ( Rhythmic Sun’s dog) outdoors and saw a large Rainbow cloud- a beautiful sign!  A little later, at 5:11, the clouds were Crimson, the reddest ever seen by 18.8 and 20.6  :))
 Seal15:  EAGLE or Seer exemplifies vision as the source of intelligence–without vision there is no intelligence.  SP-Jupiter;  POLAR;  North Pole;  CROWN. 
GAMMA 24:  Pacify;  SP- Neptune;  Third Eye:  “My Lineage is the Union of Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Radion Cube:  Front;  Codon Cube 52: ██████████ TIME on Left face.
GAMMA 24:  Extended Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   Return of the 3rd Solar Witness, who codes the 3rd of the last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns:  Kin 196:  Yellow Magnetic Warrior.  We also connect to the 3rd Mystic Moon of 2013, which is coded by Kin 204:  Yellow Solar Seed.
TELEKTONON Day 24Heaven Walk Day One.  Focus on Telecosmic number power of Cosmic form, which is 24 (6 x 4).  ‘Superconscious Power of Prophecy.”

 This wonderful Cube is from  (Thanks to Christine, Kin 133, for this link).  The author of this great blog, Neil Kramer, says:  ” let nothing be a barrier to your own spiritual growth and transcendence. Work on yourself and be committed. Display the spirit of the impeccable warrior in every moment.” 

Lord Alfred Tennyson was a Blue Planetary Eagle who wrote of such warriors in epic poems such as “The Charge of the Light Brigade” and in the book:  “Idyll’s of the King”.   “The whole work (a cycle of 12 narrative poems) “recounts King Arthur’s attempt and failure to lift up mankind and create a perfect kingdom.”  It also tells of Guinevere and Lancelot and Merlin.

    The Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table, and Sir Tennyson’s being the 4th of 12 children remind us that this is Week 4 of the 12th Moon.  It’s time to begin ‘cooperating’ for our G.A.P. Magic Turtle Crystal Round Table in two days!

This:   gives us a  perspective of our place in the Galaxy.  Thanks to Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night for that sober reminder, which shows the Sun as a pixel, Sirius barely visible and  Arcturus  the size of a pencil’s eraser head, while Antares is the size of a grapefruit! 

Yet, what is happening on our relatively miniscule Solar System is so critical for the whole unfolding of the Divine Plan, that we are receiving messages from way beyond our realm  🙂  Here is the latest:

Note  the nearby HEART for Day 23:  LOVER’S REUNION  🙂 “A Wonderful Formation has appeared in the mystical Vale of Pewsey to welcome in the Summer Solstice… (Near Oare, Wiltshire , England) This latest circle appears, like Wilton Windmill, to have some sort of coded message within the design”. 
This Crop circle appears to have 20 segments radiating from the center, and 12 concentric circles:  Another way to refer to the famous Solstice of 2012?  Eager to see what you find in this!

 Today (15.10) plus the Moon (8.12) and Year (4.4) equals 27.26, minus 20.13 makes 7.13, Blue Cosmic Hand.  13.7 is Kin 33, and Kin 247 codes our 144-441 Cube member, Burbuja 33  🙂  7.13 also reminds us of the 7 Last Moons of the 13 Baktuns, which we  connect with during the 4th week of each Moon.  247=19 x 13.

Postulate 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 10.      Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION     Kin 75

25 thoughts on “Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle codes Crystal Gamma 24: Telepathic Meditation

  1. Science is a way of looking at the world. The description it offers is not reality itself, it is a representation of reality. A very useful and pragmatic one. Yet the larger part of the scientific community, and certainly the entire mainstream media, are serving up scientific description as reality itself. This is like confusing the sheet music that provides musical notation for a Mozart piano sonata with Mozart’s actual music itself. It is not the music. Perhaps only a handful of virtuoso pianists have understood the music as it was originally conceived. Truly felt it, become one with it and thus became an authentic conduit to express and realize it.

    Perceiving this simple but crucial distinction helps to pierce the consensus veil of unreality.


    • What an awesome quote! Christine, you have mined (MIND!) us a precious gem in Neil Kramer! All-ways Thanks-U Sista!

      • I do what I can to hunt and cut and paste! Expediency, brevity, truthfulness are my watchwords! It’s nearly WARRIOR time and I’m feeling some liberation coming on. 😉

  2. The quote is Neil Kramer!

    The crop circle is begging us to understand that CONSCIOUSNESS IS CONSCIOUSNESS.





    No matter, no crime.

    Any place a little moUSe can go.

    Think pre-?posit?-ion-ally. 😉

    Stretch the limits of yoUR perceptION. Again. Hal. Of coURse you will dream. All intelligent bei-n-G’s dream.

    Enable yoUR visION.

    And please share. So much love for all who bear witness. 😉


  3. The Lover’s Reunion Windmill Crop Circle, to me, shows to have 20 segments in width (horizontally) and 13 (12 + 1 being the center) segments in length (vertically).
    Maybe it alludes to the 13:20 frequency, somehow, which we all know and love so well.

    It also resembles what looks like a disc drive:
    Possibly Binary coded information, with the filled in parts being 1’s and not filled in parts being 0’s.


    • James I had just come to the same conclusion! Definitely a Time-related Code, definitely looks like a disc-drive, and I even saw the binary! Our telepathic links are Cubed and Strong!!

      Now to decode….. 🙂

    • next to 164 and 129 i add my 22 – togather 315 (9) 😉

      i can agree on the 20 and 13 idea … and offer another way of seeing …

      the center stroke and the outer stroke are “not used” so they communicate 0 / zero (and 12 as a 0 see the clocknumbering)

      so we have 11 strokes counting from 1 to 11 from inside outward bound


      Then we can count the maximum number as number 66 (/11=6)

      This gives me the idea we are dealing with the I CHING , probably the Harmonic Index , the BI-phasic matrix and the 16 years of telepathic exercise on the 64 I-Ching codes …

      then i place them in an array starting at the top and going counterclockwise:

      4 61 25 61 21 56 20 56 38 58 27 58 23 63 2 55 10 55 10 55

      we see 9 single numbers & 11 numbers are in a multiple occurence
      55 IIIx
      56 58 61 10 IIx

      (i -bolon ik typo’22- close my 55 year cycle on the planet todaya/GLORYdaya

      well , we could see for the story told by the i ching oracle readings …
      which takes some time …

      so i close this – for the moment – with this notion:


      Hexagram 55


      Drums of victory
      (the garrison)

      Gua Poem:
      Abundance expansion
      The king inspires it
      No mourning
      Yi sacrifice at noon

      The great image says:
      Thunder and lightning arrive together: abundance
      The noble one decides lawsuits and carries out punishments


      heare is the link

      } a song by Alice Cooper enters my mind (“Y”) {

      “can a noble one carry out punishments?”
      ( iz this a BP movie carried by the White House ):

  4. In the spirit of TELEPATHY and SYNCHRONICITY, and FOCUSING our POWER for HIGHEST GOOD, from The Intenders of the Highest Good (

    “The Vision Alignment Project

    In THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT you will receive a short email each day with a Vision or Intention that you can align with by hitting a “Yes! I Align with this Vision.” Button. We will keep track of the number of people who have aligned with our Visions and it is our intention that we reach our goal of 1,000,000 Alignments in the days ahead. We know that each time you align with a positive ideal, you are consciously contributing to the creation of it, and that each person aligning with these Visions moves us all one step closer to bringing them to life. In this way, YOU can make a difference.


    The Vision for our Earth

    We envision our Mother Earth in her Highest Light, where all the waters, everywhere, are pure and clean; where all the plants and animals who dwell in and around the water are living their lives happily, healthfully, and joyfully; where everyone who depends upon the water for their leisure or their livelihood is grateful for the abundance they enjoy;

    where the skies are true blue and clear; where all man-made clouds are a thing of the past; and where every breath we breathe is sweet, vibrant, and life supporting;

    where the land – everywhere we go, everywhere we look – is pristine and pulsating with life; where the trees are radiant and beautiful, the farms and gardens flourishing with fruits and foods of all kinds in all places; where the animals, both wild and domestic, are respected and guaranteed to live their days in peace and safety;

    where the people are honoring and caring for one another in every land, in every home, in every way;

    and where Mother Earth, herself, is tended to like a garden; where her beauty is celebrated always; where her beaches, her deserts, her pastures and prairies, her meadows and mountaintops are sacred to all who walk there; and where her Highest Good is considered and honored.

    And, finally, we see Mother Earth as a living entity, evolving on her own and joyous on her journey as she becomes a brighter star. We see a Mother Earth who is proud of us, proud of all of us, because we have done what we came here to do.

    That is our Intention for the Highest Good of All!

    (As you line up with this Vision for the Earth, it becomes your Vision too! You can align with this Vision for our Earth by signing up for THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT. It is the first Vision you will receive.)”

    Here is the link:

  5. Dream-in-G in Man-dalas…
    Dream in the ‘G’…7:13 Alpha Beta Re-uni-tied….
    Al Risha…
    T-Eye-in-G US 2-G-eather…
    through the U in Mu
    Ma, Me, Mi, Mo, Mu
    with psi the pi of US is N(14 and 26) -E-…sssssssssss
    Time is Art
    and the OsheArt Roars!!! with emOcean!!!
    B-Ur-th-in-G the ‘G’ in Eve-Ra! E-ther-in-G!
    the E the E the E the E…
    Dive in the Divin-it-E!
    13 wheel is real-it-E
    Pierc-in-G the E-ther we Sea
    Cosmichael kali-in-G!
    release the old to be-urth the Noo
    T-RAW! and D-RAW! the doors
    open and PAN-DOORA Forms!!
    G-Old-eden in-Side
    TAN-IN-G oUR Hide
    by the RA-ys of the SUN
    and mi eyes b-URTH the emOcean
    SEA-RA-IN-G the DivaOcean
    Quest-ION-the Spheres
    and slip thru the G-rip of the Atom-MOSS-phere
    drops illuminate mi mind
    RA-in-mi-bow Eye Focus to the Point
    J-oint and Ann-oint mi
    to the U
    in A E I O and U
    SUM times EYE ask Y
    mi occult reveals hidden signs
    and mi PI- kalls in RA–
    who be the Author-IT-E???
    Quest-ION the Author-it-E?!!!!!
    Set, Plot, and CliMAX the Store-of-E–
    Re-Unite the her-Store-E
    with the Hissss of Sir PAN Tea
    Kall in all Kin–the Kin of ‘G’!! 7:13
    in the hand of the Cosmic we find…
    Star Seeds of the Ultimate Mind….
    Jellyfish wish–
    heart is her mind
    mind is heart
    One More Time from the Start–
    Quest-ION the Author-It-E
    Eye Free the Ka in Ra
    and Sea…
    Borders CUM a C-RA-ASH-IN-G dawn
    we ONE
    Mi Body is My Temple
    And EYE am a Moving
    Battery of Light–
    Quest-ION the Sphere
    B-U-I-L-D-IN-G the NooMirror
    Eye sea Eye and Eye sea U
    Becuming ONE we BecUMe too!!
    40 is a 25 and 65 blow-sss-OM-ssss in
    with the origin-All Sea-in….

    • i really get mused with your art, dear MOI!
      Serpent & Life-Force Dedicated 😉

      it mushroomed my noomind vibrating on CON-SCI-O-US-N-E-SS……..

      that the last syllable (silly label?) NESS …
      originates from the French Word “NEZ” …
      that is the NOSE

      Then “Né” is the adjective of the word “Naître” (can u confirm Mrs. DuMoulin?)

      NEZ value is 13+5+1 => 19 (2nd “10”)
      or 14+5+26 => 45 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9)

      then i could simply not resist the urge to call this 😉 in a glimpse
      (i have spectaclues on my nose, u know …)

      s’ace in his last hours for closing the 55 planetary cycles
      (notice 55 in anoother comment in this serial)

  6. T-Eye-in-G US 2-G-eather…

    There was thick cloud cover in the valley today. Just before the sun set, I was driving home and there were two “T” clouds mirroring each other like this:

    As near as an approximation as I can diagram. I am also wondering if anyone else has been through a funk since the beginning of the Worldbridger wavespell. I’m through it now, but I and at least three of my co-workers have been up and down the emotional gamut – unexplained feelings of abandonment and separation – one had a panic attack – just a lot of sadness, really. Just wondering. 😉

    In Lak’ech,

    The New DEVO is GLO UR i oUS!!!

    cURrent lineup:
    Mark Mothersbaugh Kin 240 Rhythmic Sun
    Bob Mothersbaugh Kin 15 Lunar Eagle
    Gerald Casale Kin 101Planetary Dragon
    Bob Casale Kin 244 Planetary Seed
    Josh Freese Kin 171 Lunar Monkey 😉 (Hi Code=E)

    = 251 Self-existing Monkey 😉—fresh

  8. Speaking as a father and a man (everyman), whom has cryed and cryed over know the knowing of the imposed Gregorian calendar and its effects and the shame of those that imposed this negative brain numbing device. I am currently 11 days into a 28 day heart bio rhythm self awareness data gathering test. I started on the 14th day of this crystal moonth, which was the new moon (no moon). I believe all time is based on our females menstrual cycle that follows the 13 cycles of the moon, which in turn gives us our universal galactic connection 13.20 frequency. I also believe our daytime heart bio-rhythms are mirrored in our dreamtime, and that daytime thought of money, stuff and the associated Gregorian influences are of a negative thought process not congruent as universal galactic human beings. Until there is a calendar reform, we as human beings will be continually denied our universal declaration of human rights, #1 born free not to be stressed and frustrated by an imposed mind controlling process to make money and pay to exist on this planet we were born free on. We travel 666,666 miles per hour on this planet together.

  9. Eye LOVES ALL of U!!
    Nez. We bloom into oUR flow-E-Rrrr brain through the Nez…the smells activate and tri-GG-eR MEMORIES that link us CON(with) SCI(PSI) O(PI) U(!U!) Nez( nose) with my conscious power of PI, each breath eye take re-minds mi that eye am con U!!!! In ALL WAYS! Mi PSI bank is opening thru oUR nose, nez…flow-errs…of RA!! May oUR Sol blow-sum RA-in-BOW re-memberances in oUR Jellyfish minds!!
    The key-of we…
    suggests a ‘sadness’ in the ‘dia’…be-cause of the Gregorian influences…
    may we ‘inhale’ a full-specTRUm in the Dia..
    May the Sun’s RAys be our con(s)TAN-T round table…
    and may we dream in man-dalas in the night…
    This came as a soothing re-memberance of our Dia Dance;

    133! 331!
    The T clouds!!!!
    Uni-Tea Clouds….
    G 7:13
    T 20:14
    37 is the Sea-Enteral Clue!!!
    Gruss Gott!!!
    May we all Sea ThRU the Spectaclues…speak da clues
    into the Number-Lock
    Loch Ness
    Loch Nez
    In the Flow
    2-G-eather we Are
    A Rio Stream
    Back to de Eye-in-Chants!!!

    Chi-Ant-in-G the Ra thru the Key-in-the-wHolle
    RA!Dia Sun-Iks

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