G.A.P. Kin 77: Red Crystal Earth Round Table on Crystal Alpha 26

Kin 77:  Red Crystal Earth

Red Crystal Moon
Blue Crystal Hand Red Crystal Earth White Crystal Wind
  Yellow Lunar Seed
I Dedicate in order to Evolve,  Universalizing Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Challenge, Blue Crystal Hand codes the 12/21/2012 Solstice.  The G-Force for Crystal Earth is Kin 219:  Blue Spectral Storm.  The Guide;  9.12, Crystal Moon (Melovia’s Signature) is the reverse Seal and Tone of the  PSI that codes today and Crystal 27 and 28:  12.9; Solar Human, G.A.P. Kin 152.
Postulate 17.12“Engaged in the Galactic Federation as a pilot angel program, the radiosonic collective mass is spontaneously reformed within the intelligence design coordinates of God’s mind, as a fractal free wave form ready for reassignment to novel guiding functions.”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace🙂  Happy Solar Birthday to S’ace, White Solar Wind, who begins his Red Crystal Earth year  on this ‘Magic Turtle Day’!   S’ace works in the water field, so it bodes well for our Crystal Earth, that he is guided by Universal Water this year.  🙂 
Mike-Kiwi Allegiance reminds us during this Wavespell coded by his World-Bridger Seal (Overtone) that we need to orient ourselves into a larger unit of the Dreamspell:  The Castles.  The first 4 Wavespells of the Tzolkin, Kins 1-52, were in the Red Eastern Castle of Turning-shown on the left.  As represented in this graphic, each castle holonomically follows the pattern of  the daily Oracle of each Kin.  Each Castles contains 4 Wavespells.  We are now in the  White Northern Castle of Crossing (shown in the top ‘guide’ position.)    Next, at the end of the Yellow Human  Wavespell Eight, we will move into the Blue Western Castle of Burning, represented by the left Blue wing.  The Fifth and final Castle of each 260-day Galactic Spin, is shown in the center:  the Green Central Castle of Enchantment.  James, Galactic Seed wrote of this circle that appeared on the Solstice:  “The Lover’s Reunion Windmill Crop Circle, to me, shows to have 20 segments in width (horizontally) and 13 (12 + 1 being the center) segments in length (vertically).  Maybe it alludes to the 13:20 frequency, somehow, which we all know and love so well…”  James also feels it may contain binary coded information.  Kin 129 (Melovia) and Kin 22 (S,ace) agreed, and S’ace addedThis gives me the idea we are dealing with the I CHING , probably the Harmonic Index , the BI-phasic matrix and the 16 years of telepathic exercise on the 64 I-Ching codes …”  Reimar, Cosmic Night said:  “For me it looks like a Number-Lock (Zahlenschloss)———0-_-_-: )”  “ …and a definite clue is given , when our Hearts-Desires are ‘agricultured’.  ( This Crop Circle appeared next to a Heart the farmer had planted in the field.)   This 18-petaled Crop Circle’s similarity to British Petroleum’s logo sparked this from S’ace: “The “S’Oil Disaster” marks an even more crucial B(ifurcation) P(oint) than 911 already psi’ed” and
“some in un(iQ)ordered stream:   british pride**british prime**bulls p***s**bifurcation process**bivids postings**biovoid psi~ing”. S’ace also contributed this beautiful image of the crab for  the Cancerian astrological period (containing his birthday today) which began on Crystal 24. 
Melovia contributed this link:  http://www.visionalignmentproject.com/  Moi, Planetary Serpent shared a lovely long poem (on Kin 75) which included these lines:  “T-Eye-in-G US 2-G-eather…”  ” Dive in the Divin-it-E!” 
Today we welcome another Kin 205:  Red Planetary Serpent, Katy, who learned of us when she met Moi recently.  Katy is currently in Detroit Michigan at the U.S.  Social Forum where “I intend to share the 13 Moon Calendar here as I am also feeling an urgency to spread the word of Peace and Love to all through Natural Time.”
BurbujaCosmica33, Blue Cosmic Hand, wished us all:  “Happy Solstice brothers and sisters“, and reminded us of the opportunity to use Dr. Emoto’s methods for healing our Crystal Earth and of this:  http://www.Unitywave.com
You are urged to read Reimar, Cosmic Night’s posts on Kin 73:  Red Galactic Skywalker.  He offers  the  Diamond Light Infusion meditation from Archangel Metatron.  On this GAP day of the Synchronicity, it’s nice to note that  the letters in Metatron equal 108:  Self-Existing Star and GM108X!”  TMQ already agrees that it will ” help you FEEL more strengthened and empowered!”   Night 143 also writes about the 144 Frequency which “represents the code within the golden spiral of all the geometrical base units, termed atoms…”  We’ll close our Crystal Round Table with this lovely quote from John C. Lilly (who communicated with Dolphins), relayed through Cosmic Night:  “Cosmic love is absolutely ruthless, she loves you, if you like it or not”  🙂
    Image Preview     Go to fullsize image     Go to fullsize image
 Seal 17, EARTH or Navigator exemplifies Synchronicity as the Intelligence of Hunab Ku.  SP-Uranus;  CORE;  Equatorial Regions;   HEART.
ALPHA 26:  Release;  GK-Pluto;  Throat“My Country is the unborn  Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  RADION Cube:  Right;  CODON Cube 52:   ████▌▐████ SPACE on FRONT.  
ALPHA 26:  ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE.  Return of 5th Solar Witness:  Supreme Golden Maiden coded by Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror; Kin 198, which also codes the 5th of 7 Last Moons of the 13th Baktun.  5th Mystic Moon of 2013; coded by Kin 206:  Spectral World-Bridger.
TELEKTONON Day 26:   Oxlahuntiki;  Summoning the conscious power of  Time:  13.
The 13 Oxlahuntiki represent the feminine, and feminine power advanced today in the 12:60 arena, as http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/7455263/rudd-govt-was-losing-its-way/ Julia Gillard Julia Gillard  became the  first female Prime Minister of Australia.  It appeared to be a coup, as the popularly elected Prime Minister Rudd was suddenly challenged by  his Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Gillard.***cdn.wn.com/o25/ph/2009/04/16/f8e925f9f71987c3c19ac8c4aa5c176a-grande.jpg***Today brings more disturbing news from the Gulf of Mexico, but we’ll focus on a possible solution.  Some, believe the research  of  Thomas Townsend Brown may hold important clues.  He was the subject of this book:  “Defying Gravity, The Parallel Universe of  T. Townsend Brown“,    “In 1956, the aviation trade publication Interavia reported that Brown had made substantial progress in anti-gravity or electro-gravitic propulsion research.” 
These words from an unconfirmed source, are synchronistic today, Red Crystal Earth:  “There is no force called gravity, there is attraction and repulsion with magnetic polarities attracted and repelled.   The flows from the heart of the Earth are complex similer to Your own , and to keep them in control layers of materials , similar to Your skin etc. maintain the complex routes in-bound.The oil is attracted away from where it is because of polarities , to simplify this just imagine magnets that are attracting the oil towards them, the resistance felt by anything that is attracted the opposite direction is then called pressure.

If a local FIELD of magnetic orientation was created above this well head the oil would not be attracted towards it, the hole would then seal naturally, as does your skin.”  This seems like an idea worth exploring.

Crystal Earth coded the 20 year anniversary  of the Harmonic Convergence.Crystal Land
N. S.  1. 22. 12. 26.        ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE           Kin 77

22 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 77: Red Crystal Earth Round Table on Crystal Alpha 26

  1. Kin, here is an interesting, powerful and constructive analysis of the Wilton Windmill crop circle:


    Happy Solar Birthday, S’ace!! (And I’m not certain, but I think we may have missed Code=E’s Solar Birthday last Dali ~ 6/21, Kin 73 ~ maybe you’ll let us know, Kodiak Sky? 😉 ~ and if so, happy belated!! 🙂 )

    Might it be helpful to post the 52-day Castle diagram as on page 274 of the Almanac (if there’s an on-line version somewhere). Speaking for myself I know I found it much easier to relate to the flow of Wavespells and Castles over the course of the whole galactic Spin. “The castles and 260 galactic gateways of the 260-kin galactic spin present a complete map of the geography of galactic time.” Dreamspell p.30.

    And to Claire, our dear Mystery Queen, may I express on this Magic Turtle Crystal Day my deep and continuing gratitude to you for the knowledge and insight that you share with us so generously each day. Through your efforts and commitment you are the wonderful lynch pin that keeps oUR Noo Cube pulsing in Time/Space!

    And Gratitude as well to all Kin for contributions both seen and unseen! 🙂

    • thX Melovia and all the Noo~Meambers Amplifying So Bright & IntenDSense 😉

      i had a wonderful daya on the beach …
      even got a quarter pizza presented out of noowhere …
      sundaya i get some visitors’

      i composed a peace of cosmo art’ this SIRdaya in kweak’alignment

      it is a wooden piece of 20 to 90 cm.
      on it stones, glass, shells and a human vibration “frigebile”

      numeric translated in 6 9 9 8 5 2 9 12 5 => 56 (11)
      my next round on the planet in earthcycles?
      also Yellow OverTone Warrior ! ripened …

      the 11 signifies the SPECTRAL period …

      btw CRYSTAL EARTH somehow vibrates in line with Yellow Crystal Sun, my LongCount Vibration (as a beam)

      anyway “it iz a wonderful life”
      in lak’ech a la kin
      S’ace ~ o’22 (3rd 4)

      • oops’ to
        “frigebile” : 6 9 9 8 5 2 9 12 5 => 56 (11)

        correction on the counting into 56 …
        (something twisted the figURes)
        it must be 65 also numerically 11 …
        and also result out of 13×5 (years?)

        i could not find the word on the internet …
        so that ignited my interest to it
        (and while it is on the “peace” of noo-art)

        ~~~ to the 2 swans image this notion

        a swan form is as number 2
        2 swans therefor symbolize 22 ~ thX ClaireNoo!

        ~~~ METATRON 108 (9 x 12)
        in the AM-ZN=1-13 decodex it results in
        13 5 7 1 7 9 12 13 : 26+41=> 67 (13)

        see how the word TRON vibrates 41 – God’s Interval


    • aGAIN … the WINDmill(er) strikes aGAIN

      here an article from my UCS long distant partner (PERTH)

      the anecdote here is that on Chrismasdaya dec. 25/26 i was visited from a Lady from below Munich/Germany and gifted with many affectionate presents …
      Also 2 Tahirih Medals (as shown in the article) were given to me – kin022 – and YaniQ kin051/052 (born before dawn).

      we both count 074 – Solar Wizard


      now UCS is also aware on JUNE26 and it is somehow inter/trans-connected with an idea that resonates from behind the Central Sun – according the information given to me by the Designer.

      are the many groupies gathering rapidly …

      i think so …


      in my country the Netherlands we “created land” by using WINDmills and get the water “controlled” & people saved in some comfort.


      apart from knowing drinkwater is controlled by over 22 chemical processes in my area, i myself drink it from cans with crystals in it in order to get the natural vitality back …

  2. Good gravy. So…

    1. Locked self out of house as wallet dropped INSIDE the door.
    2. Saw 97th, 98th, 99th 666 plates on the way to work ALTERNATED with two 999 plates.
    3. My Magnetic Worldbridger’s last name is Wilton. 😉
    4. I saw the cross T mirror clouds daya before yesterdaya.

    Let’s open the ROOM.
    Eye stand at the PANDOORA and knock.


  3. the noosphere suggested the flag of guadeloupe …

    iz this flagging a fox (loup) or a steppenwolf (loupe) ?
    can someone inform me … (i’m getting ol’)

    what is that flag narrating as a story-line?

    a sun and a green beam?

    3 warriors?

    tell me some altearnatives ~ as a survival kit!

    • de trio of de ‘Art…tru de Sun…
      Acorn Arco SunDial Ra-Dial Sum
      tri-tree grows
      Sea UR Viva L(12 y 23, crystal lover’s re-uni-ion)
      a hint of B-lue Hue…
      sitting in the G-RAss…and Ant crawls upon mi ARM
      and eye know to look to the SUN
      letting mi eyes drift to me NEZ
      the one sun becumes two..
      binary blow-sums
      breathe of fire…
      may the beach soothe the native tears..
      oUR nose gnosis that it is-is
      to G-eather
      and so we stepp-in-we-olf into the ROOM
      knock knock knocking on Heaven’s DoorA!!!

      • NEZ smells 77 minus 22 = 55

        55 iz about the system where 54 glows …


        wisdom coun’seal “T” aka white solar wind from U’rain

  4. by some trigger i got this info:

    actuall i’m 77-22=55 kin ol’ …
    in DreamSpell Calendar …

    while i’m born again every 022′ 😉 aka 0/zero

    (55kin? i’m 55 years ol’born in 55 … hmmm)

    pretty on sync i C

    • double the 5
      And in the Chi-Angel
      we feel a con-sss-TAN-T
      electrified eagle of vision
      eye send waves to the ashores of UR

  5. Its Limi 27 last day of second wavespell of white northern castle(southern hemispere the first to receive the blessing of life, the rays of our sun). My mate kin 111 and i kin 226 shared our combined kin birthday kin 77, every day in every way i am amazed and grateful and thankyou all. Must admit my heart bio-rhythm has been up and down this cube (week) as i have been allowing my mind to think which is a disposition. Global news real global news on the internet which according to Lord Stirlings Europe blogspot, they want a kill switch for the internet for president Obama. Global research and pacific free press web sites are my favourites as well as Aquarian Solutions with there astrology spin on our mother planets moans and groans. My thoughts have been distracted thinking of a global event happening around this full moon selio 28 last day of 12th moonth and start of third wavespell of White Northern Castle of crossing court of death, refine warrior. Remember heart bio-rhythm is our master key, and everything associated with money, stuff and the Gregorian calendar of death are not congruent with us as galactic universal human beings, and it is not fair, that all mankind should be weighed up after being brainwashed to not follow our hearts, deliberately heart dis-connected by the few that have known and manipulated the knowledge of the cycles of time, those that know that we as human beings are heart driven, disconnect the heart and fill the mind with money, stuff and stress and frustrate using the tool of the Gregorian calendar. Following the stages of 13 moons 20 seals, fingers and toes and thirteen tones that are the thirteen articulations of our bodies, CALENDAR REFORM NOW. This is our only way forward and when i’m found not guilty for growing marijuana(i did it, and admit i was not heart connected when i risked my freedom and the consequences for my two sons that i am sole guardian of, i turned down home detention to bring this 13.20 fight to our court system) our Government will have no choice but to re trial every person imprisoned under Gregorian time date measurement designed to at minimum stress and frustrate. Will stay tuned, I am another yourself.

  6. Aho and a’ la kin-E.c.T-in-G

    mi Poe-M we-ants to flow in con-stant rythme
    to con-verse without the Uni-verse is a song with-out a tune…
    and eye rune…ISE ‘is the Concentrated Will that ripens the Time Space’
    Ripening the Room
    we call O.M.A to P.A.W
    and gnosis that oUR Don has Risen.
    Eye will have a Sol-Sit in a par dia…part of E….
    Head east…
    to the Bisbee to bUrth amore Arco-Types thru the medi-UM of masks and cost-UMS….
    Art Show here in Vega to Close cycle…Limi @ 4 tick-tock…corner of Russel and Rainbow…
    then East…Air-Zona…
    B-Urth D.O.O.T in Bisbee.
    Then further east…
    to local-eyez near the G-ulf…
    in recent draw-in-Gs Eye drew a map of the mundo
    and Doors appeared…surrounding oUR coasts…
    a Key in the Sea…
    Eye feel the Ship…Chi-P
    Cuerpo…Cure the Po..
    Body is My Temple-Tree-Arco-Iris
    ROAR! the Pact…sewing on Spirit Warrior Clothes…
    sum red…
    sum with green outer circle
    three inner circles are red, yellow and blue.
    Unting us under the Castles, the Kin of G, the Directions…
    One Plant-Based Blood…
    Moving by the 13:20 time…
    that’s it though…MOVING
    Eye will sit near the G-ULF and dream of the Ship…
    Eye will camp on the coast…
    and sew on patchi-s of ROAR-IK…
    To De-Claire-if-Eye that
    ‘My body is my temple’…
    And my Temple is a Tree
    And the Tree is a Ship
    This CUBE is OUR Room–
    And it is IX-PAN-D-IN-G
    wizard of Planetaty Art Network Forming the ‘G’ in oUR Spaces
    the G in our Races
    G-Spot, like it or not,
    here we CUM
    to the eye of the storm–
    crystal 28–full moon–
    radiating play
    this our Cause-Mic-All Play!!
    When we leave oUR homes on the 12:60 s’oil–
    and re-fuse to go in-doors–
    then the RA! Roars!!
    And will they then say, you must go in-side?
    We may reply, ‘Eye have. And Eye have found that my body is my Temple. Eye am OMA.’
    People fill the streets…furniture to the parks…
    no rent is paid…
    Does a law form against us being ‘homeless’? Do they ship us to the ‘missions’ when the space is overflowing…
    or de just keep on Roma-in-G?
    We must not pay rent…
    let them take our prisons away…
    we will play…
    and make ART
    and Quest-ION the Author-IT-E that guards oUR sacred sites…
    these are oUR rites…
    To-Geather…in the Spaces…Making Room for the NooSphere…Noo S-Kin…
    soup kitchi-ins on the corner…
    clay ovens bake us bread…
    natty dread–
    bathe in the Sea…
    And see what Sea….
    upon the emOcean rising tide
    We will not hide any longer
    we are G-row-IN-G Stronger
    The public spaces are open–
    and sum-times we must move…
    and move…
    and move….
    “you don’t have to go now, but you can’t stay here…”
    So we learn to dance.
    take a chi-ance and swim in the streets…
    upon the beeches…
    leave UR key in the mailbox…
    and “If you walk away eye’ll walk away too…”

    • Oh Moi!!! Melovia!!! S’ace!!! Kiwi!!! TMQ!!! O-PEN (Write yOUR portal! Create it!)
      Stopped paying the MORT GAGE last March. On a house that has lost 65% of its value from the false inFLATed lie of a mark-et, what dupes we were! Eye also removed the battery from the one analog clock in the living room that came with the house two years ago – the tick! It gets in the ear and gives a tic like a tick bUR- rowing into the cortex demanding to pulse at an alternate frequency. At the time jUSt before eye found Dreamspell. 😉

      At work closing the morning receipts the last “drop” on the deposit was $669 – and the final deposit was $969.

      Saw my foURth 666 plate on the way home = 100, then sneakily followed by yet anoother 999 plate. PLATE = SLAVE in predictive text.

      The Cancer moon is pulling me pulling me pulling me…

  7. Still knocking. 😉 😉 😉


    These sciences do not actually describe the effect of time in governing the order of movement in space. By (x,y,z) variable coordinates, space science measures duration of movement between bodies in space, but duration is not time. Duration is merely a relative measure of movement between three relatively assigned points in space. The principle of the measure of the duration of space underlies the third-dimensional concepts of time, as well. The measurement of time incorporated in the mechanical clock measures the duration of movement of a body within one arc or degree of a circle in space. This has nothing to do with the actual natURe of T-i-me.

    Remember: i is the imaginary number. 😉


    • u opened a door in my 55 ol’ mind, dear Christine

      “Remember: i is the imaginary number.”

      that iz: in Holland we use the combination “ij” pronounced as “ei” as in WuWei …

      it is part of words as
      wij – we
      jij – you
      zij – she
      ijk – calibrate
      rijk – rich
      Rijk – empire

      valuating the characters i and j give 9 and 10 …

      10 is the clock where 9 ticks …

      this may mean u are not expected to be perfect … although the aim to be your perfect self iz always making the dream come true … with the other ones ticking

      😉 thX s’ace

      28 iz the clock for 27 …
      as each number+1 is the clock for the given number … (aka vibration measured in frequencies)

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