Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror codes Crystal Star Limi 27: Telepathic Memory

White Cosmic Mirror

White Cosmic Wind
Yellow Cosmic Star White Cosmic Mirror Red Cosmic Dragon
  Blue Magnetic Night
I Endure in order to Reflect, Transcending Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
 The G-Force for Cosmic Mirror is Kin  92:  Magnetic Human, which begins the last Wavespell of this White Northern Castle of Crossing.  Seal 12, Human also codes the PSI for the last 3 days of the 12th Moon:  GAP Kin  152; Yellow Solar Human.  Kin 78 reminds us that the sum of the 13 tones of the Pacal Votan Clear Signs equals 78.
Postulate 18.13:  “All time is now.  The synchronic order of T(E)+Art holonomically reflects in the now, the whole evolutionary energy-mind spectrum.  Normalization of functions, whether inorganic, organic, hyperorganic or post-organic, equalizes all orders into now.  God is always present in the now.”
Stephanie South relates this in her ’13 Moon Almanac’ entry for today:  “Mirror code 18 is also the number of the 18-dimensional universe, corresponding to the 18 facets of the double-terminated crystal.” 
 Seal 18, MIRROR or Yogi/Yogini exemplifies Meditation as the knowledge of Hunab Ku.  SP-Neptune**;  SIGNAL;  Northern Regions;  SOLAR PLEXUS**.

LIMI 27:  Purify;  GK-Neptune**;   Solar Plexus**:  “I Consume Dualistic  Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the South Pole.”  Today we complete both Cubes:  LEFT side of RADION Cube and place ██████████ TIME on the  TOP of the Codon Cube 52:  ‘MEDITATION**:  The Temple’.  Today we have a rare triple alignment between LIMI 27 and Seal 18.  🙂

LIMI 27:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY;  6TH Solar Witness, and 6th of the Last 7 Moons coded by:  Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.  6th Mystic  Moon of 2013:  Kin 207:  Blue Crystal Hand..

TELEKTONON Day 27:    BOLONTIKU;  9 Lords of  Destiny and Time.  The Summoning of the Conscious Power of 9.

 Here, the  portal to the Cosmos is Mirrored by a terrestrial passage.      At precisely 11.11 a..m. on 12/21/2012, we will be perfectly aligned with the dark rift of our Galaxy. 

Here is a message from 11.11, Valum Votan, speaking with the colloquial language of  ‘Uncle Joe Zuvuya’:

KNOW that we are the cumulative fulfillment of a wave that has been building for over 5100 years. Everyone is a time capsule…everything we are doing is in partial fulfillment of the planet receiving an evolutionary doctoral degree by 2012….”when the light hits, the dark gets tough. Harmonic Convergence (1987) was like a light going on. Ignorance can’t stand it when a flashlight gets shined in its eyes. So it’s like the craziness is going to be getting more crazy. The people who got some of the light, they’re going crazy too. But they’ve got to hang in there.” Go to fullsize image   Valum Votan will be at this event in Vancouver, B.C. on the GM108X Day-out-of-Time.  🙂

Another Kin  coded by Seal 11 from our Cube of Truth,  Kin 111 Resonant Monkey, celebrated  on our Magic Turtle Crystal Earth, with partner Mike-KiwiAllegiance, who writes:  “My mate kin 111 and i kin 226 shared our combined kin birthday kin 77…Remember heart bio-rhythm is our master key, and everything associated with money, stuff and the Gregorian calendar of death are not congruent with us as galactic universal human beings.”

Michael Jackson   

One year ago today, Michael Jackson passed away on the eve of 50 soldout performances in London.  Here is a  video of his “We are the World” performance.  Michael’s Solar-Galactic Return is on August 28, Blue Cosmic Night.  Let this Butterfly remind us that this is the 21st Hunab Ku day of the Crystal extended Cube Journey.

This  Crop Circle at Savernake Forest near Marlbourough, Wiltshire was reported on June 23rd.      We’ll explore it further tomorrow on Magnetic Storm.  Thanks to  Melovia, Kin 129,  for linking us to this lovely blog, which relates this interpretation by  Werner Johannes Neuner of the May 22 Windmill Crop Circle (on the right)   “it alludes to two dates: The Grand Cross, activated on June 26, 2010, and December 21, 2012. It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution.” Tomorrow  (coded by the Noosphere Constant, Kin 79) “ there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross….  The sun unites two poles, merging them to a unity on June 26. This merging of polarities leads to a short-circuit, or in other words, a cosmic orgasm.” 

 This  image from that site may help to evoke some ‘Telepathic Memories“-or to create new ones  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 27.       TELEPATHIC  MEMORY            Kin  78

5 thoughts on “Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror codes Crystal Star Limi 27: Telepathic Memory

  1. seeing the crop
    can make one realize that they do not represent 6 but 9 … triangles …

    the outer ones show 2 triangles and they are marked by the 2 points at the end … this points to the outer world that somehow illustrates “a duality” between life and love … but then it is a given thing “there is no duality” cause love & life are (inseparable) oneness. ( the adjectives are put in brackets because they are actually obsolete )

    the inner triangles represent the inner trinity crystal clear clairvoyance (and Claire doubles that – synchronizing her name 😉 )


    as i see this from my plane there is alignment with the idea to (re)set and calibrate the 28 daya into the frequency 9991 which delivers 13 daya of moon experience in a regular galaxy and cosmo aligned sovereign truth on earth to exchange our “soils” aka “souls” Bolon Ik aka Urane Beamed Partner Merging Pakal Votan’s Self-Existing Seed

    note how 6 and 9 signify the Cancer Period and i was just a few minutes ago informed we have a partly Shaded Red Moon next kin – Magnetic Storm which “battles” Overtone Monkey (LongCount) and is guided by TreeKweak Rhythmic Dog (79+31=>110) , a Galactic Activation Portal

  2. ( it’s a high sun overflow tiding )

    after a period this TMQ notion caused a fusing thought …

    Stephanie South relates this in her ’13 Moon Almanac’ entry for today: “Mirror code 18 is also the number of the 18-dimensional universe, corresponding to the 18 facets of the double-terminated crystal.”

    then i saw again for the triangle of 28 dots …

    i realized myself that the 18 outer points synchronize on the idea of the 18 dimensions and facets …

    when the love & life dualities fuse then they all merge into 9 “biovoid”s …

    but then what can a biovoid be except the multiple incarnation of GOD?

    this points to the inner conception “everyone is a GOD”

    and immediately the unity idea (28 and 0) ignites chemical kin’ethics

    😉 mirror mirror on the wall

    maybe dimensional originally was meant to be bi~man~sion~all …
    pointing to the fact every relations is trusted on the true love of 2 human beings – which is the base for enliving the trust with 3/4/5/6/7/8/9…all living expressions (as stones, glass, plants, flowers, animal & birds)

  3. True love and virtue, honour, integrity are the true measure of human, to be human is divine compassionate, un conditional love for the babies and the un born babies. I’m just a father who soul crys, crys, crys. “BUT IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO RE-DELIBERATE, PLUG IN THE POSITIVE ” 13 MOONS” PUSH-OUT THE NEGATIVE GREGORIAN CALENDAR, REALIGN IN NATURES TIME REAL TIME NATURES TIME”. BE human, not lowest common denominator, television porno thoughts, learn heart bio rhythm to filter mind telepathy, the real television purified. I am another yourself.

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