Kin 79: Magnetic Storm, begins Wavespell 7 and concludes the Crystal Star Moon

Blue Magnetic Storm

Blue Magnetic Storm
Red Magnetic Moon Blue Magnetic Storm Yellow Magnetic Sun
  White Cosmic Wind
I Unify in order to Catalyze, attracting Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Kin 79;  Blue Magnetic Storm, is known as the ‘Noosphere Constant’ because it represents the difference between a PSI plate of 520 Kin (2×260) and the 441 Cube Matrix:  520-441= 79
Yesterday’s Guide, Kin 182:  Cosmic Wind is today’s Hidden Power.  The Analog of Kin 79 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin   40:  Yellow Magnetic Sun.  Today’s  G-Force is Kin 69:  Red Self-Existing Moon.
Postulate 19.1:  “There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”
 BLUE STORM Wavespell Seven:     Power of SELF-GENERATION

Blue Magnetic Storm

Yellow Lunar Sun
Blue Cosmic Monkey

White Crystal Dog

Red Electric Dragon
Red Spectral Moon

White Self-existing Wind
Yellow Planetary Star

Blue Overtone Night

Yellow Rhytmic Seed

Red Resonant Serpent

White Galactic Worldbridger

Blue Solar Hand

 Seal 19 STORM or World-Changer exemplifies energy and self-generation as the love of Hunab Ku.  SP-Pluto;  GATEWAY;  South Pole;  ROOT.

SILIO 28:  Discharge;  GK-Uranus;  Heart:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”   The Unified Field Time Atom is complete.  “As an Earth Wizard in league with God, the Divine ONE, you are telepathically rehearsing the perfection of the human soul.  We complete the Radion Cube and the Cube for ‘Codon 52: ‘ Meditation/The Temple:  Telepathy Establishes the Temple” by infusing their center/Hearts with our Spirit.

Visualize the Radion Cube around the Codon Cube, like a glove over a hand.  Then, place your visualization of the Yellow Unified Field  Time Atom  vertically within the Cube.  Discharge all to the Heart of the Earth, and “From the Central point, where the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and the weekly Rune meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.

SILIO 28:  UR EARTH 7;  Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower.   Silio 28 telepathically corresponds to the 7th Solar Witness and the very last Moon of the 13 Baktuns, both coded by Kin 200:  Yellow Overtone Sun.  It also correlates to the 7th Mystic Moon of 2013, coded by Kin 208:  Yellow Cosmic Star.

TELEKTONON Day 28:  Palace of Heaven; Uranus unveiled.  “Tower of Babel redeemed as Spirit Tower of the telepathic redemption of the lost planets.  Bolon Ik remains here, while Pacal Votan descends to Earth to undertake another 13 Moons Turtle, 28 Day Journey, joining Heaven and Earth.”

The 12th Moon of Cooperation, coded by Yellow Crystal Star, ends at midnight.  It concudes with a Full Moon and a partial Lunar eclipse: eclipse of the moon . 

During the 12th Moon we have been awakening the 12th articulation of this year’s Bolontiku:  “Awesome  Vast Blue Sky.”  As you put your intent into ‘Energizing and Self-Generating’ the Left Ankle of this massive creature, know that this is a most powerful time to be doing so.  The  Heart Oracle of the 6th Bolontiku/Lord of Time is coded by Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, and today is the beginning of the Blue Storm Wavespell of Self-Generation‘The Mystery of the Stone’ describes the 6th Bolontiku as:  “Navigation of Self-Generation“.

The 12th Crystal Moon, coded by the Yellow Star : Artist and Beauty; has been blessed with 12 creations of Beauty and  Art, in the form of Crop Circles!   This appeared on  Blue Planetary Eagle (June 22) at Hawton, nr Newark. Nottinghamshire.  “There is a very slight line bisecting the circle, perpendicular to the tramlines. This line is aligned with the June Solstice sunset, and the December Solstice sunrise. The small river next to the circle is also orientated to the December Solstice sunset“. 

 This Circle, which appeared the next day, Red Crystal Earth,  has analysts asking: 

This drawing shows a Cube contained within the Design. 

The latest Circle also depicts  a Cube:    On Cosmic Mirror (June 25th), this formation was discovered at White Sleet Hill, near Mere (Mirror?) Wiltshire.  “Six key circles surround a seventh circle in the middle. Eighteen circles provide an outer ring.

We have Beauty, Numbers and Mystery to ponder, thanks to the Circle Artists, as the Crystal  Moon coded by Lamat Star:  Art and Beauty, draws to an end.

Enjoy the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse which usher in the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, coded by Kin 169:  Red Cosmic Moon!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 12. 28.   Earth in Heaven SPIRIT Tower       Kin 79:  Noosphere Constant

2 thoughts on “Kin 79: Magnetic Storm, begins Wavespell 7 and concludes the Crystal Star Moon

  1. another awesome wavespell, starts with storm (my partners daughter kin 219) and ends with magic monkey my partner kin 111 also my sons and i add up to dragon 241 + 111 + 219 = magic monkey kin 51 . Full moon today, day 14 of 28 day heart bio-rhythm consciousness, following no-moon (new moon) cycle. Thinking 12th to 13th articulation welcoming the Cosmic moonth thirteen moonth of natures time real time.

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