Kin 81: Red Electric Dragon codes Red Cosmic Moon Moon: Red Seli Two

Kin 81:  Red Electric Dragon

Red Electric Serpent
Blue Electric Monkey Red Electric Dragon White Electric Mirror
  Yellow Spectral Sun
I Activate in order to Nurture,  Bonding Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Life Force.
Today’s Analog is Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Solar Witness, and 5th Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden.  Pacal Votan Clear Sign,  Blue Electric Monkey, whose Kin 211 was represented by the 211 circles of the “Cosmic Mere” Crop Circle.  The G-Force for Electric Dragon is Blue Planetary Eagle, Kin 75.
Postulate 1.3:  “The Frequency of Time, 13:20, remains constant throughout all phases of the evoutionary spectrum, maintaining Synchronic Order throughout all phases simultaneously.”
 Seal or Code 1:  DRAGON or Galactatron anchors the Marka Pole at the North Galactic Pole.  Primal Force exemplifies Being as Knowledge.  SP-Neptune;  CARDINAL;  Northern Regions;  THROAT.
SELI TWO:  FLOWS Luminic Force;  GK-Venus;  ROOT:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”      RADION Cube:   Base;  CODON Cube 23: ████▌▐████ SPACE;  Right.
SELI 2:  Katun 2; -AD 712,  coded by Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle.  “Walk in Beauty
TELEKTONON Day 2: 288,000 Kin;  Baktun 2:  BC 2718,  The Pyramid.  “Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid-vows to remain in the Earthly tomb of materialism until the return of Bolon Ik.  Telepathic union with Fu Hi, China.  Receives telecosmic power of 27 (9).
The GM108X Self-Existing Star Day-out-of-Time is in 27 days.   On that day we will invoke this year’s  awakened Bolontiku:  Awesome Vast Blue Sky,  Sixth Lord of the Ring.   Here is his  “Fifth-Dimensional Nine  Chakra Circuitry”, which is composed of the 3 vertical parts of  the 3 Kin Oracles composing his Crown (Kin 108), Heart (Kin 199) and Root (Kin 4):
Yellow Self-existing Seed
White Self-existing Mirror Yellow Self-existing Star Blue Self-existing Monkey
  Red Planetary Skywalker
Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Self-existing Moon Blue Self-existing Storm Yellow Self-existing Sun
  White Planetary Wind
Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth
The synchronicity of Kin 81 (9×9) on SELI,  which corresponds to our Root Chakra,   during the Wavespell coded by Kin 79 (Noosphere Constant),  makes this a good time ” to introduce  two new Chakras to be activated:  the Root of Root chakra, which extends to and encompasses the Earth’s  octahedral Crystal Core, and the Crown of Crown chakra, which extends to and encompasses the Earth’s Noosphere.  Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 1:  Book of the Throne, page 79  :).  
 The Crown of Crown Chakra for this year’s Bolontiku is Self-Existing Seed–the Guide for Self-Existing Star ( the Crown Oracle shown at the  top).
The Root of Root Chakra is at the Bottom (Self-Existing Seed’s Occult):  Kin 257:  Red Planetary Earth
Oil On Louisiana Coast by Greenpeace USA 2010.  PLANETARY EARTH corresponds to the CORE of our EARTH, during this year of the BP Gulf of Mexico Disaster.  After listening to the latest inteview of Cliff High today, (part 1: of eight, all here) the magnitude and ramifications of this wound to our beloved Earth become clearer.  This interview (based on Webbot predictions)  is corroborated by this report: which refers to this event as “The Gulf Apocalypse’
Because this disaster involves our Earth’s Core, it feels like we should become more  aware of and identified with the 9th Root of Root Chakra:  17.10, Red Planetary Earth.
Valum Votan’s Electric Dragon Year ended on Resonant 14, and the next day the Root and Crown Oracles switched to their current position.   Since then, in a rare synchronicity, the Crown of Crown (4.4) and Root of Root (17.10) are each other’s Hidden Power
 Let’s draw upon that strength and synergy to focus upon our Earth’s octahedral Core.  As Stephanie South wrote on Red Planetary Earth (which was a Magic Turtle Day exactly 3 Moons ago) “Align your Heart with the Earth’s Core.  Breathe in the Planetary Spirit and exhale it as the healing power to spread across the Earth.”
See (Kin 133) Christine’s  wonderful comments yesterday about this Circle reported on Spectral Warrior.  TMQ’s subsequent  revisit to the site ,  allows this post to end on a happy note (or with at least a chuckle, depending upon your beliefs). 
Note the Synchronicity of the Sphere (on Seli:  ” My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere“) and Pyramid (Baktun 2:  “The Pyramid“) 
Pablo Olivares, who posted this graphic analysis, makes this conclusion about this Crop Circle’s meaning:  “We are here. This is our star-ship . This mean that they are here to begin the rescue mission in the Solar System”.  🙂
On this day when we focus on the number 27 (9), here is an interesting fact:  “10,000 crop circles have been reported in 35 countries in the last 27 years”.  Some very advanced and benevolent Star Beings are making a huge effort to communicate with us!
N. S.  1. 22. 13. 2.              WALK IN BEAUTY              Kin 81

4 thoughts on “Kin 81: Red Electric Dragon codes Red Cosmic Moon Moon: Red Seli Two

  1. “On that day we will invoke this year’s awakened Bolontiku: Awesome Vast Blue Sky, Sixth Lord of the Ring. Here is his “Fifth-Dimensional Nine Chakra Circuitry”, which is composed of the 3 vertical parts of the 3 Kin Oracles…”

    TMQ, will you please explain in depth how to decipher the “Fifth-Dimensional Nine Chakra Circuitry”. My understanding to this is limited. Thanks!

    In Lak’ech

    • James, thanks so much for asking!
      Tomorrow’s blog will discuss the Nine Chakras further. 🙂

      In Lak’esh
      Galactic Mirror 138

  2. “BC 2718, The Pyramid”

    also communicates 1891-ness which is in this simple figure:

    note the 18 dots are covered by the red line …
    and mark the outer triangle

    the blue line should cover the inner triangle : 9 dots!

    the inner triangle iz both the unity dot as well the soul-ion : 1 dot

    so 18-9-1 => also 28 dots as 28 daya in a moon period set in 13moon

    2718 => 27 – 18 => 9 …

    and the pyramid iz the single dot itself right in the very center of the whole body as well as to all living “things” as “thoughts2” …

    a very strong symbol uncovered as in-formation crux

    “how space in time synchronizes people and animal and plant and stone”

    what happened 1891 BC or 1891 AD?

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