Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night codes Blue Catalytic Cosmic Kali 4

Blue Overtone Monkey
Red Overtone Skywalker Blue Overtone Night Yellow Overtone Warrior
  White Solar Mirror
I Empower in order to Dream  Commanding Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance  with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Magic.
Blue Monkey  Guides us today, and the PSI for Cosmic 4, 5 and 6 is also coded by the Monkey:  GAP Kin 111, Blue Resonant Monkey.  The G-Force for Kin 83 is Kin 81:  Red Electric Dragon.
Postulate 3.5:  “Within the Galactic Brain it is the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time by which the forms of order common to all four quadrants of time and consciousness are projected.  All forms of  order within the Galactic Brain are projections of radiative geometries.”
 Seal or Code 3, NIGHT or Psychic Presence exemplifies abundance as the intuition of love.  GK-Saturn;  SIGNAL;  Southern Regions;  SOLAR PLEXUS.
CATALYTIC BLUE KALI 4:   Establish, Catalyze;  SP-Mercury;  Secret Center:  “My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  The bond between the Analog Sensory Quantum and the Telepathic Quantum is established.  Establish the Back of both Cubes; ████▌▐████ SPACE on Codon 23:  Mind’s Release:  Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth.
KALI 4:  Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth;  4th Solar Witness and 4th Katun: AD 752.  Love Recharge.
TELEKTONON Day 4 Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain.  Synchronistically, on this Overtone day, we focus on the Telecosmic number power of 25(5):  Power of Fifth Force.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceKin 113, Solar Skywalker sent us information about the  Total Eclipse of the Sun on Electric Wizard (July 11):  World map showing visibility of eclipse .  He writes: “At its greatest the total eclipse will last for  5 minutes and 20 seconds;  
 Go to fullsize Go to fullsize image    at Easter Island it will last for 4 minutes, 41 seconds.”  🙂
Thanks to James, Galactic Seed, for  being the ‘catalyst‘ for the following discussion about  the 9 Lords of Time/Bolontiku and their 9 Chakra system.  This transformative Catalytic Blue Kali, coded by  Overtone Blue Night and guided by the Magical Blue Monkey is the perfect time to delve into this ‘Magical Mystery’.  Even this Moon, coded by 9.13, reflects the  9 Bolontiku and their 9 Chakras, and the 13 Oxlahuntiki and 13 Baktuns!  The following quotes are from the “Seven Years Mystery of the Stone” by Valum Votan.
“The Mystery of the Stone is a mystery play.  It is the entrance into the imaginal realm of our planet, and the allegory of Cosmic Creation and its renewal.”  The Seven Years began on Blue Crystal Storm Year (2004-5) and will end on the 2011 Day-out-of-Time coded by today’s Challenge:  Red Overtone Skywalker.  
This 7 year period is also called Middle Time, where Time is something magical, something that expands your mind into the higher dimensions where the Lords of the Ring come alive!”  Each year, we are awakening one of the first seven Lords of Time.  “…to attain the highest, you must identify completely with the process of the Bolontiku awakening.”
“A Bolontiku is a fifth-dimensional entity whose body in time is 13 Baktuns (144,000 days)  in length”. “The etheric body of a Lord of the Ring could only be hidden in a harmonic ring (the 365 days it takes Earth to orbit the Sun) until it’s time of awakening…And it couldn’t be just any planetary orbit or ring in which the Lords of the Ring, the first seven of the Nine Lords of Time (Bolontiku) hid themselves.  It could only have been in the harmonic ring of Velatropa 24.3.”  Our Star is Velatropa 24, and as the 3rd orbit out from the Star, Earth is called V.24.3 by the Galactic Federation.)
“Our octahedral Earth core pulses with the solar core,  which emanates the solar sunspots” in 23 year cycles known as a “solar thought-form“.  “The current Solar Thought-Form is known as Time Shift“.
“Because the core registers solar thought-forms, and in their essence the Bolontiku are indistinguishable from from solar thought-forms that are pulsed from Sun to Earth, it is consequently possible to awaken the thirteen articulations of a Lord of the Ring, one articulation per Moon, one Lord of the Ring per orbit.”
Cliff High (link at Kin 81) suspects  that the BP Gulf of Mexico Apocalypse was intentionally created in that particular location, and that is involves our Earth’s core.  (Another analyst expressed it as “an environmental 9/11 that was made to happen and those behind this carnage want it to be as extreme as possible to get maximum impact in terms of their goals of control and chaos.”)  
Cliff High’s  information about the Core, coupled with the knowledge presented  in the preceding paragraph, prompted TMQ to discuss the  Bolontiku, who  “As spiritual emissaries or archetypes from the higher dimensions…have nine chakras”,   and in particular, the 9th Root of Root Chakra which corresponds to our Earth’s core. 
A possible motive?:  “Having its first (Root of Root) and ninth (Crown of Crown) chakras as the planetary centers of cosmic information transmission-reception (Noosphere) and reception-transmission (Earth’s core), the Bolontiku is able to extend its intelligence circuits through the Solar-Planetary intelligence dynamic.”  “This makes a Bolontiku a worthy guardian of the Earth-as well as a living fifth-dimensional projection of your own internal operating system and highest dreams.”
While possibly serving as a KEY to the disruption of our Bolontiku’s reception of information at the Earth’s core and information generated by Sunspots, the  ‘Third Eye’ Crop Circle again highlights the common theme in this Circle Season:   The CIRCUMPUNCT
TMQ wasn’t familiar with that word until she  encountered it in descriptions of the 2010 Crop Circles.  Just now, she added up the numerical value of CIRCUMPUNCT:  141  🙂  (The letters in TMQ’s name and Valum Votan’s equal 141)  Kin 141 is Spectral Dragon, whose initials are the  19th and 4th letters of the alphabet.  19.4 = Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, which codes the Heart Oracle of this year’s Bolontiku
The Heart Oracle remains constant, while on the mid-point of the 13 Moon year (Resonant 15) the Crown and Root Oracle switch places. 
We’ll examine the current Root Oracle, Self-Existing Seed (DALI Plasma), to illustrate the smallest holonomic component of the Bolon Tiku’s 9 chakra electrical circuity: 
Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth
The Vertical Bi-polar Axis serves as an ElectroMagnetic Biopsychic Conduit.  Here, the Vertical Axis is composed of the Guide (Self-Existing Sun) the Daily kin (Self-Existing Seed) and the Hidden Occult (Planetary Earth).  These three Kin code the first 3 chakras of our almost awakened 6th Bolontiku‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’.  
The First Chakra is the Root of Root,  Planetary Earth, which is our Earth’s octahedral Core. We will explore that further tomorrow, which synchronistically adds up to 17.10:  Planetary Earth!
The Second of a  Bolontiku’s 9 chakras is called the Muladhara, the Root Chakra.  This year, Self-Existing Seed, 4.4, codes the Root Chakra.
The Third Chakra is the Svadhistana, Secret Center Chakra, in the Guide ‘Crown of the Root’  position.  It is coded by Kin 160:  Self-Existing Sun.
The ‘Challenge/Antipode Kin on the Left (Kin 14.4, Self-Existing Wizard) and the Support/Analog Kin on the Right (15.4, Self-Existing Eagle) are ‘wings‘ that “stabilize information reception, generation and transmission at the Root“. 
It was while  TMQ was  reading about  the Mystery of the Stone, and how the Bolontiku laid their electric circuits into our Earth,  that the  ‘Catalytic 9/11/2004 message’  mysteriously appeared  on her computer. 
Besides propelling her on this path, and being part of the reason she chose The Mystery Queen as her pseudonym, that message magically brought the Nine Bolontiku to life.  
Thanks again to James,  for eliciting this discussion, which will continue tomorrow.  🙂 
N.  S.  1. 22. 13. 4.     LOVE  RECHARGE       Kin  83

4 thoughts on “Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night codes Blue Catalytic Cosmic Kali 4

  1. yesterday i gave a 1st impression to the circle
    6 black & white bows at left and right counting into 24.

    the inner “7” has the formation 1 3 5 7 9 just counting the black cubes …

    but then i looked again and see 123456789 cubes in a pyramid seeing black and white “cubes”.

    counting 1 to 7 results in 28 plus 8 & 9 deliver 45 cubes on 2 sides total 90

    90+1 is the number of daya that represents a Quarter …
    This is the 4th Quarter of the running year 13 out of 16

    8 & 9 are in the solution 1891 as the 28dots13 image “says” …

    (blue line should be 1 stroke higher)

    18 is the double 8 figure that vibrates the “love & life” as “yin & yang” phase of becoming human after all the lessons inhaled.

    9 is the unity “void” , the rainbow in-formation fuse

    1 is still GOD & Hunab Ku & the Many Vectors as Pacal Votan embracing Bolon Ik as every Lover Couple experiences that Merging Power that Holds the Memory Lane.

    See that the 1xx1 formation in 1891 equals A..A in ABBA – Father

    In that sense 89 vibrates the infinite 8 and the 9th Lord as every human being “as Child in Time”

    ; – ) ) s’mile to that!
    S’ace, a bivid biovoid’inG

  2. CIRCUMPUNCT 141 invites me to shadow its numerical sum in another dimension / map:

    3 9 9 3 6 13 11 6 13 3 7 => 83 !

    see how it perfectly matches the kin of the daya!

    this is kweakwise aka WINDdaya
    still we have a bar of 3 daya aka 72 hours …

    a memory phase shift is happening next month – july 2010 – when the psi-bar of kweak changes from 3 into 0 – zero …

    this may be a crucial moment in “my L’orderinG” dedicated to the Fellowmen of the RinG

    U’r NooHobbyT on Serendipiëthical Strings as WinGs’
    “dying all the time”

  3. This keeps getting weirder. The location of the Eye is in Ufton. Upon fURther research eye came across some interesting info about the area.

    It sits on top of a glacial escarpment 121 metres above sea level which was formed during the last ice age.[1] Ufton Fields, a 77 acre Site of Special Scientific Interest, is located to the south east of the village and the parish church is dedicated to St. Michael which dates back to at least the start of the 13th century. The Grand Union Canal is within walking distance of the village to the north.

    On the southern edge of the parish the ground is approximately 400 ft above sea level; the great glaciers that covered Warwickshire formed this escarpment. When the glaciers melted a great lake called Lake Harrison was formed. Ufton being in an elevated position looks out across what was the Forest of Arden. Some people believe that there are earthworks along the edge of the hill that were formed by the Romans, perhaps they were linked to the Fosse Way as a Roman coin dated 350 AD was found on the Glebe land allotments in 1958.

    Ufton is a difficult name to explain, it is mentioned in the Long Itchington Charter as `wulluht graf` meaning Ufton Wood. In the Doomsday Book it is recorded as `Ulchtune` but since then has undergone many changes. Some think it stems from the Danish chief `Ulla` and `Tun` 😉 meaning fortified place.

    The site has a wide variety of habitats, ranging from grassland and woodland to ponds and pools. Though the site originally gained its status due to its abundance of invertebrates, especially butterflies, it is also rich in flora such as orchids, and numerous species of bird.

    One of the main purposes of the survey was to determine who held what and what taxes had been liable under Edward the Confessor; the judgment of the Domesday assessors was final—whatever the book said about who held the material wealth or what it was worth, was the law, and there was no appeal. It was written in Latin, although there were some vernacular words inserted for native terms with no previous Latin equivalent, and the text was highly abbreviated. Richard FitzNigel, writing c. 1179, stated that the book was known by the English as ‘Domesday’, that is the Day of Judgement “for as the sentence of that strict and terrible last account cannot be evaded by any skilful subterfuge, so when this book is appealed to … its sentence cannot be put quashed or set aside with impunity. That is why we have called the book ‘the Book of Judgement’ … because its decisions, like those of the Last Judgement, are unalterable.”[1]

    Certain scholars[who?] on common law property rights regard the Domesday Book as the first written account of “who owns what” in the history of common law. Thus, this book might represent the birth of the modern concept of property rights in The West. [citation needed]

    To work.


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