G.A.P. Red Resonant Serpent codes Red Cosmic Moon; Red Limi 6

Kin 85:  Red Resonant Serpent

Red Resonant Earth
Blue Resonant Eagle Red Resonant Serpent White Resonant Wizard
  Yellow Resonant Warrior
I Channel in order to Survive, Inspiring instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The Occult is the Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 176:  Yellow Resonant Warrior.  The Fifth-Force for Kin 85 is also a P.V.C.S.:  Kin 87:  Blue Solar Hand.
Postulate 5.7:  “ The discovery of the Law of  Time is  the precise self-reflective trigger initiating the Noosphere-Biosphere transition.  The Biosphere-Noosphere transition represents the self-reflective transition from a purely Third-dimensional operating procedure to a purely Fourth-dimensional understanding and operating procedure.” Seal 5:  SERPENT:  GK-Maldek;  POLAR;  North Pole;  CROWN.
After posting the Kin 84 blog during the Galactic Earth  watch,  Kins 138 and 240 watched a rented film;  “The Lovely Bones“, the latest from New Zealand film-maker, Peter Jackson.  The main character mentions the date of her murder at the beginning and end of the film:  December 6, 1973.  When the film ended, TMQ opened her computer to see the Signature for that date.   First, she edited the blog, to move the Oracle for Red Planetary Earth back into the text (mysteriously, it’s now back at the very bottom (Root) again).  Then Rhythmic Sun watched as she looked up the Kin coding 12/6/1973.  It is Red Planetary Earth!  Kin 240 was even more amazed when TMQ told him that the Kins for the Day, Moon and Year added up to Kin 257:  Red Planetary Earth  🙂
This  synchronistic encouragement to continue our exploration of the Kin coding the Earth’s Octahedral Core this year,  caused TMQ to realize other synchronicities:  Peter Jackson is best known as the man who brought the Lord of the Rings” to onscreen life  🙂 
His name adds up to 137.  Kin 137:  Red Resonant Earth guides us today.  This serves to remind us that Kin 137 codes the Lord Seven Earth, called “Ah Vuc Ti Cab” by the Maya.  From the 7:7:7:7 Telktonon Revelation:  “As the chronographic “keeper” of the resonant power of the Earth’s Core, the Ah Vuc Ti Cab is the Mystic Lord of the Center of the Earth. the mediator of the commands of the Hunab Ku (source of the energetic or radial plasmas) to the rest of the Biosphere.”
Thus, the synchronicity of numbers leads us to connect on a deeper level with the Center of our Earth.  Lord Seven Earth remains constant, the one to continuously telepathically support, while we will focus in particular upon Red Planetary Earth, ‘ during the final Awakening of the Sixth Lord of the Ring:  “Awesome Vast Blue Sky
To clarify, (according to TMQ’s understanding) the  9 Bolontiku, and the 9 Lords of Time are different ways to refer to the Fifth-Dimensional Guardians of Earth.  The First 7 are also called Lords of the Ring, because they  laid their electrical circuits within the Earth and/or  her Orbital Rings, to be awakened during the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone, and they are each coded by one of the Seven Solar Witnesses:  Kins 194 through 200.
 The last two Bolontikus are called the UR Guardians of Inner Time, and correspond to Rhythmic Wizard year (2011-2102) and Resonant Storm (2012-2013).  The 7 Storm year is reflected today: 7th day  of the Storm Wavespell.
Today, Limi Radial Plasma 6, synchronistically  🙂 corresponds to this year’s 6th Lord of the Ring, so it  illustrate how each day of the Week correlates to the Bolontiku and the Solar Witness Kin that codes it.
LIMI 6:  Purify:  SP-EarthSolar Plexus“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.”   Radion Cube: Left;  Codon Cube:  ██████████  TIME on TOP.
LIMI 6:  UR EARTH 2:  Prophecy Foundation Tower of the Inner Earth.  6th Katun Kin 199: -AD 791,  coded by Sixth Solar Witness:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.
TELEKTONON Day 6FREE WILL Tower (12.12) Human Wisdom.  Baktun 6:  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  King Wen completes I Ching 8 x 8 (64).  Pacal Votan claims  7  Seals of Prophecy, storing them in his Uranium crypt at the Center of the Earth, where he prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube 4 x 4 (16)
Thank you, Melovia Crystal Moon, for reminding us that Rhythmic Seed would have been Princess Diana‘s 49th Birthday.  We also note during Week 49, that she died almost 13 years ago.  Her sudden and tragic death remains the planetary event that scored  the  highest  ‘Global Emotional Reading ‘  at Princeton’s monitoring labratory.  Our Queen of Hearts will always be cherished for her  delightfulful qualities and  her Love of Humanity.
In the Kin 39 post, TMQ discussed some of the numbers associated with the Gulf of Mexico
 https://2013andthemysteryqueen.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/g-a-p-kin-39-blue-cosmic-storm-codes-spectral-seli-sixteen-cube-10-love/  Catastrophe, including the fact that it happened on Planetary 17 (Planetary Earth) whose PSI is Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm, and coded by 12.12, which codes today’s Tower guarding the Warrior’s Labyrinth.  It occurred on the 268th day of ‘Kin 199’s Year’.  268-260 = 8.8, our Guiding Star.  Synchronicities show us we are on the right path  🙂
 Blue or Red?“Just as the pressure of the tectonic plates is building, so is the pressure on our brothers and sisters to adjust to the new light frequency and love.   As aspects of the God self,  we love them and honor them with forgiveness for the parts they are playing out”. 
Those who are choosing to make the Third Dimension a living Hell, are catalyzing our participation with our Fifth-dimensional Guardians.  We can also thank them for making it clearer that  (as Cosmic History Chronicles states) The War of the Heavens’ is ‘playing out’ here and now on Planet Earth.  For those who use their Free Will to take the Red Pill, it’s now time for us to unite and cooperate  with Lord Seven Earth and our powerful Fifth-Dimensional allies!
Again, numbers show this is the perfect time to begin the deeper practice of awakening the 6th Lord of the Ring:  Awesome Vast  Blue Sky.  On this day whose numbers reflect the ratio of Solar Spins to Galactic Spins:  5.7, we read Valum Votan’s words:  “In any daily oracle, there are five different Solar Seals.  At the rate of seven times a Heptad (week), 35 options present themselves.”
The RECIPE is to simply match the 5 kin of each daily Fifth Force Oracle (at the beginning of each day’s blog) for this week (which ends with Kin 86) with the vertical 9 Chakra axis of the “ANNUAL ORACLE  TABLET:
Yellow Self-existing Seed
White Self-existing Mirror Yellow Self-existing Star Blue Self-existing Monkey
  Red Planetary Skywalker
Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Self-existing Moon Blue Self-existing Storm Yellow Self-existing Sun
  White Planetary Wind
Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth

If you find a match for all  the 9 Chakras shown here, then you you can begin matching this week’s Kins to the Chakra wings shown here. (in the Support/Analog and Challenge Antipode positions).  “One seal of the  daily oracle can match multiple positions of the  annual oracle, if that is the case.  “Always remember to identify within yourself the locations of the Chakras and Chakra wings.  This is all about your spiritual growth“.

On Cosmic Silio 7, we will compare ‘scores’.  If they don’t agree, it means we all have an opportunity to learn  🙂  So, please submit your scores for this week!  Together,  we will see how closely  the seven  5-part oracles of Week 49  synchronize with the Nine Chakras of the 6th Lord of Time.  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 13. 6.        FREE WILL TOWER        GAP Kin 85

6 thoughts on “G.A.P. Red Resonant Serpent codes Red Cosmic Moon; Red Limi 6

  1. An excerpt from Kin 128, Spectral Star, Caroline Myss’ “Sacred Contracts.”

    Keep Your Attention on Your Highest Potential

    “In working with thousands of people through the years, I’ve discovered that the sure way to find your path – whether by understanding your overall Contract, a particular relationship or event, or an ailment that you want to heal – is to keep your attention on reaching your highest potential. Once you have made this crucial decision, every other decision in your life, from what kind of diet to follow to the manner in which you nurture your spiritual life, takes on a distinctive shape.

    Remember that your highest potential is not your job. We can’t help thinking that the perfect job will provide us with self-esteem and financial security, assure us of personal health and romantic love, and guarantee us an electric social life and creative projects on our own schedule. We cling to this dream in order to cope with the ordinary life challenges that we would rather avoid.

    Fulfilling your highest potential actually means acting on your highest or deepest truth each moment of your life. This involves your occupation, your relationships, your health, and maybe even what movie you see tonight. 😉 Weigh all your decisions against this one criterion: each choice either serves your highest good or detracts from it. Using that simple guide can take a lot of mystery 😉 out of your everyday decisions.

    We aren’t meant to solve all the mysteries in our life, of course. Rather, we are meant to explore the mysteries and discover ourselves one piece of our spirit at a time. (I consume dualistic thoughts as food. OMA.) Gradually we become whole, more conscious, more aware that life is a spiritual journey and everything else is make-believe. Your archetypal companions are the guides of your unconscious. These patterns will surely get you where you are meant to go, because their role is a manifestation of how the Divine keeps up its end of the Contract. You will arrive where you need to be when you need to be there, and you will meet the people you are meant to meet, whether you know it or not. Knowing it, however – recognizing the that everything in your life is organizing around your Contracts – awakens trust, and that is the first step toward making our final choice. Do we trust enough to allow the Divine to make our choices for us? Once we do, then our role in life is only to follow through with those choices. If you find yourself in a relationship that is hurting you deeply, you now have a reference point. Your highest choice is to forgive. You always have the option of understanding that this relationship may have come together to open your heart in just that way. You may not want to act on that insight, but at least you can see it. You have the option, as hard as that may be for your personality and ego to grasp, of appreciating the fact that you were meant to meet this individual. You have a higher perspective from which to view your life, to see that your part in all Contracts is to search for the divine intention hidden within the physical form, and to base your choices on those insights.

    Remind yourself, when you need to, that a Contract is a guarantee that terms have been set. The other party or parties to your Contracts have as much interest in your spiritual growth as you do. Use the energy of that truth to create an extraordinary life in this physical world; don’t just leave your spirit to wander on its own. Keep yourself in present time, in one place, in yourself.

    Above all, remember that we are each following different routes along the same general path that leads us all to the same final task: surrender the self. Only through realizing the futility of spinning our wheels in the direction of personal control do we finally wake up to the truth that we are in control of nothing other than the moment when – or if – we can finally trust that our Sacred Contracts are governed by a force of wisdom much greater than our own. And that the agreements you made prior to birth will lead your spirit back home again.

    This is what surrender looks like.”

    In Lak’ech,

  2. Well, thank you both so much, dear sister Kin, TMQ and Christine, for these wonderful lessons/teachings/gifts! 🙂

  3. CALENDAR REFORM, There can only be natures time, real time, cycles of the moon around our planet cycles of the tides. 13 moons of 4 faces every 28 days of synchronicity. My appointment with the shrink went okay, Krishna was/is a bloke, nice man. Second opinion is required, standard procedure, he said. I am keeping close eye and heart open, these are very real and now times, maintain a support network. I am another yourself

    • Glad to read your good news! And, thanks for the 3/4 Moon reminder 🙂

      In Lak’ Esh, Kin 138

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