Magic Turtle Kin 91: Blue Cosmic Monkey codes Cosmic Alpha 12; Cube 6

Blue Cosmic Monkey

Blue Cosmic Eagle
Red Cosmic Dragon Blue Cosmic Monkey Yellow Cosmic Star
  White Magnetic Dog
I Endure in order to Play,  Transcending Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
The 2nd Solar Witness, Blue Cosmic Eagle, Guides us today.  The G-Force is Magnetic  Serpent, and the PSI for Cosmic 12 is Red Lunar Moon.  Today is a Cosmic Magic Turtle Day!
Postulate 11.13“The alternative Fourth-dimensional personality complements the Third-dimensional entity’s life configuration, and takes on increasing importance in the development of Galactic Culture.  Ultimately, the secondary personality of the holon is the “soul-boat” which transmigrates between the hyper-organic super conscious and the post-organic  subliminal conscious quadrant of the Galactic Brain.”
Monkeys were in the news today as 15 (Code for today’s Eagle Guide) of them were GUIDED to  ingeniously “RELEASE**” themselves from a Laboratory!  🙂 
ALPHA 12:  RELEASE**;  GK-Mars;  THROAT**:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I RELEASE the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   RADION:  Right;  CODON:  ████▌▐████ SPACE:  Front.
ALPHA 12  5th Solar Witness;  Supreme Golden Maiden Kin 198: Electric Mirror.
This COSMIC Egg may be the Ultimate (elongated) Sphere! 
It’s sometimes known as the “afterglow of creation” because it was the first light to be produced when matter began to form following the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago.
TELEKTONON Day 12:  Baktun 12:  AD 1224;  Hidden Seed.  Triumph of Third Babylon, Vatican.  Pope Gregory XIII Gregorian Calendar imposed in 1582.
Cube Six:  Death  “By my conscious Warrior World-Bridger power, may what has been hidden, now be revealed!”  “May the PEACE of the 13 MOONS way Prevail!”
There are no Seeds in the 5-part Oracles of this week’s 7 Kins, but today is a perfect match for Self-Existing Seed, which codes two of Awesome Vast Blue Sky’s Chakras.
Today, the combined Kins for the Day (11.13) and  Moon (9.13) equal 20.13 plus Year 4.4 equals 4.4, Self-Existing Seed.  This divergence from the ‘Recipe for Awakening the Lord of Time’ gives us an opportunity to be more aware of  the Self-Existing Seed that codes the 2nd Chakra (Heart of the Root) and the 9th Chakra which is the Noosphere..
Yellow Self-existing Sun
White Self-existing Wizard Yellow Self-existing Seed Blue Self-existing Eagle
  Red Planetary Earth
The G-Force of  Yellow Self-Existing Seed is  White Cosmic Dog.  So, Cosmic ‘Divine Loyalty’ overtones the Noosphere for the next 18 days.  🙂 
Self-Existing Seed is the precise Hidden Power of the Earth’s CORE:  Planetary Earth.
The latest  example of Synchronicity and Telepathy from the ‘STAR Artists’:
This CUBE peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace(which looks like ours!  :))  CROP CIRCLE appeared on Danebury Hill, Hampshire England on Spectral Moon, but it wasn’t ‘visible’ to us until the Crystal Dog Round Table in the Northern Hemsiphere, and Magic Turtle Kin 91 here in the Southern Hemisphere.
It’s 19 squares (actually they are cubes with a circle on each) apply to both days: 
For the Crystal Day of “Divine Loyalty“, Luciano began his first comment with:  “Over it are Nineteen.
And We have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and We have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers…”  This Crop Circle depicts the Nineteen geometric forms ‘over our Cube’.
  The reverse spin of Dog is God.  The Postulate for Seal 19‘s chapter is simply titled:  God.
Today, the first Cosmic Kin of the Cosmic Moon of the Cosmic Cube Year 13PROPHECY; is coded by Kin 91, whose reverse spin is 19.
The 12 Circles around the perimeter can denote the 12th  Tone of the Crystal DOG Round Table day in the Northern Hemisphere now, and the 12th day of the Cosmic Moon here.  🙂 
The 20 (19 + 1) Cubes represent Seal 20:  The  SUN:  That was the name of Sura 91, brought to our attention by Luciano, and it is also a reminder of the Vast Awesome Blue Sky’s  3rd Crown of Root Chakra, coded by the SUN. 
The 19 Cubes (that contain circles) and the 12 exterior Circles can also denote the day on which most of the World (the 90% of Earth’s population who live in the Northern Hemisphere)first saw this splendid CUBE CROP CIRCLE:  The 12th day of the Wavespell coded by Seal 19:  Storm!  It was during this Wavespell that we began discussing the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone.  It all began on Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm of Blue Crystal Storm Year.  That is Seal 19, Tone 12.  The 19 Cubes and the 19 circles they contain equal 38, plus 12 exterior circles = 50.  Including the large Cube, there are 51 components to this CUBE Crop Circle.  Kin 51 is Madame Blavatsky’s Signature:  Crystal Monkey, combing the 11th Seal here today, with the Crystal Tone of the Kin in the rest of the World. 
This also seems to be a supporting reference to the 3 Kin Oracles of Awesome Vast Blue Sky! (-Which were shown in the Resonant Moon post) His Crown Oracle is GM108X 8.4, 19.4 codes his Heart Oracle, and 4.4 is his Root Oracle.  These  3 Oracle Kin add up to 11.12;  Kin 51  🙂
There were many lovely comments, and evidence of other writers telepathically connecting to the themes of DIVINE LOYALTY  and COOPERATION on Crystal Dog.  We’ll share these tomorrow, after the Cosmic Crystal Round Table has ended in other parts of the world. 
Treasure the last hours of the Transformative Blue Storm Wavespell  🙂
And, let’s be grateful for this 8-Limbed creature:Image Preview
Oracle Octapus Paul.  By exhibiting his Telepathic Talents, he is making the World more aware of Synchronicity and Telepathy!  🙂    
N. S.  1. 22. 13. 12.        Cube Six:  Death          Magic Turtle Kin 91

25 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Kin 91: Blue Cosmic Monkey codes Cosmic Alpha 12; Cube 6

  1. Thich Nhat Hanh, October 11,1926, Electric 22, Kin 206 Spectral World-bridger

    If you are motivated by loving kindness and compassion, there are many ways to bring happiness to others right now, starting with kind speech.
    Motivational – Love – Kindness – Compassion

    The way you speak to others can offer them joy, happiness, self-confidence, hope, trust, and enlightenment. Mindful speaking is a deep practice.
    Joyful – Happy – Confident – Hope – Trust – Enlightenment

    When we cannot communicate, we get sick, and as our sickness increases, we suffer and spill our suffering on other people.
    Communication – Suffering – People

    ***First you have to look deeply into the nature of your anger, despair, and suffering to free yourself, so you can be available to others.
    Deep – Suffering – Despairing***

    ***Many of us are not capable of releasing the past, of releasing the suffering of the past. We want to cling to our own suffering.
    Suffering – Past – Insightful***

    By living deeply in the present moment we can understand the past better and we can prepare for a better future.
    Life – Understanding – Past – Future

    You can use your life in a very useful and intelligent way. You can very well transform that negative energy into a positive energy that empowers you and makes life meaningful.
    Life – Transformational – Negative – Energy – Positive Empowerment

    But if we have the energy of compassion and loving kindness in us, the people around us will be influenced by our way of being and living.
    Energy – Compassion – Love – Kindness – People

    Aye, feel yoUR sorrow everytime you post. Something is brewing in you, begging for release and transformation, as is in most of us at some point. I won’t say your melancholy at the sad state of affairs on this marble are not justified; on the contrary, the irony is how the rest of us so blithely grin and bear it that are the real nutjobs. 😉

    You are suffering because you want to suffer. Eye cannot fib.


    Dessert 😉 Just yesterdaya! 42!

    Please take comfort in our focus.


  2. On second thought. MonKEY time! Strike that! Reverse it!
    Yes, I mistook June for July becaUSe it’s really Cosmic Alpha 5, damn it. And digital watches are still a pretty neat idea.

    But still, please take comfort in oUR focUS. 😉

    I love cubed Kevin Bacon.

    Six degrees of Wikipedia – a game sharing the challenge to find any particular (nominated) article on Wikipedia using six (or fewer) links from any starting article. There are several slight variants on this game.[18][19]

    Stephen Dolan, a student at Trinity College Dublin, applied graph theory to work out the “closeness” of an article in Wikipedia as its average distance to any other article, to find the center of wikipedia, that is, the article that is closest to all other articles (has minimum closeness), and to find out the shortest route between any two articles. As of 2008, the center of Wikipedia is 2007. From that article, it takes on average 3.45 clicks to get to any of the 2,111,479 articles reachable from it. Disregarding all of the articles that are just lists, years or days of the year, the “real article” closest to the center is United Kingdom, at an average of 3.67 clicks to anywhere else.[20]

    No idea why all those crops need to be circled…Sixth Chakra.

    Hmmm…cube denotes the seven step path through the center. Trinity College? Those who are loyal to Aslan shall feel no fear.

  3. aHA!

    see again:

    what is the similar layer?

    the first 3 layers of the cube illustrate 1-2-3

    but then … the cube hides some pixels in the layers at 1st sight …

    them layers are the layer we un/dis~cover by having Tzolkin / 13 moon / NooSphere med’s … as i see this …

    the CUBE-crop shows 5 dots in the center and 4 layers inbetween then 5 …

    it iz as the YANTRA figure … aYE 😉

    True the triangle exercise on 28 dots just uses 7 layers …

    add 2 layers and number 45 considering dots iz reached …

    maybe that number can only be reached in a Lovers Reunion?

    “i’ll keep on lovin’u ~ alll”

  4. Let’s play!!

    The storm game…in the cosmic world

    19.13 = 247 = 7.13 = 91 = 11.13 = 143 = 3.13 = 39 = 19.13 🙂

    Cosmic Love is here !!!

  5. magicturtleday91 hovers over our localgalacticsmoothearthship of NO Return

    Danebury-Hill – Cube:

    9×3 = 27
    19 Squares visible 8 invisible depicts 19 (vitality as “visible” force n 8 (harmony+ balance) as invisible plasma-precursor
    Guardians o the fire….set angles as trials for unbelievers
    1 Fluidity + 9 Completion = 10 Impeccability…..these are the Juwels of awareness of Dragon Lore: Naguals Revenge (lol) for RepressalEmotionSystemRegulators…saying: invisible GuiDance (made visible by by PV + RQ …….can’t remember right now what i meant with these letters)

    ….what a beautiful cosmic egg… it reminds me of the the story christine digged out with that Lady from Hawaiii, earth + venus having been one as etheric “>Beings” in another galaxy, time-wormwarped into our Velatropa 3d and now……..

    Here is sth from raven, from Dragonforum, a dream:
    10P10 and the Q mirrored making two sickles or sythes
    in the dream i watched the letter Q being cut in half and mirrored and was shown how it makes 2 sickles or sythes, i keep seeing these symbols out in space.
    lol now i am dreaming numbers and letters……end of dream…..Q in half, as .sickles out in space as an eight? , can they look as 8, those mirrorings

    ……i came upon this Q-point, or Q- something the other day, can’t remember…,

    Another thing: I came upon Yeats’ : 28-moon-cycle w.b.Yeats. Twenty-and-eight the phases of the moon,……….next time more…… continuing:

    AlienneLaval.:Returning to the Regulus capstone, this formational project is being constructed through the auspices of the Blue Fire Command……..then TMQ continues…….St. Michael’s Chapel of July 3, 2010 seems to call our attention to a close conjunction between planet Venus and the bright star Regulus in Leo, one week later on July 9-11, 2010 …….a series of ten “diamond” shapes for the blue-white star Regulus:….AL  :…In turn, there are souls among you who are “working” on this project under the BFC to fulfill this Inscription (of Light Language within the geometry of the Regulus capstone). The numeric entry into this field of operation  is 7-9-10-16-44.  This is the Light Mathematic calibration “opening of the scroll” for first level activation.ref: Opening of the Lotus

    You have an idea, what she, alienne, i also don’t know personally, stumbled over her remarks, now and then….. she’s (passive) on the Thubanforum. means with those numbers and cap stone CAPSTONE!!!!!! or bfc…, TMQ?

    Regulus points to outergalactic influx………..while .we eat up our shadows….tumbled thrice…. tumbling the dice………it’s fair and synchronous….and simultane… and a tombful of hearts….exploding with JOY

    and….s’ace: go holland. As my sister is in a’dam and i enjoy your Oranjejongs since ever….. i even saw them live…..cutting down the Azzuri in Bern08……this final is a hard Kqeaknut….the germans sat 70 minutes like the hamster in front of the ssssssnake,, couldn’t imagine, how this was possible… of course, i like the spanien ball-jugglers….foxes on the run

    In Lak’ech reimar

  6. responding to “GO Holland”

    i took a glimpse into the DreamSpell KIN95 – which number 15 as a seal was mentioned in this TMQ-edition

    Blue Self-Existing Eagle
    White Northern Castle of Crossing
    Earth family- Polar Clan- Sky

    I define in order to create
    Measuring mind
    I seal the output of vision
    With the self-existing tone of form
    I am guided by the power of magic
    I am a polar kin I convert the blue galactic spectrum


    What to Say?

    A Thought: while many man are watching the game it is also a potential opportunity to use the event as a tool to transport inbetweenies …

    Extra tools magnifying the transpondence is given by the holograms players wear as bodily attractors to the cells wondering about the cosmic flow at stage …

    This as a BroadCast …


    Moving the Human Race into Alternative Phases

    • hmmm , i also calculated for the kweakspell kin on sunday – SOULdaya in LIFEkweak

      DS95 + LC47 => 3K142 which iz CRYSTAL WIND

      that spice gathered in a beam invokes the stream (!)


      • Kin-eta-prism-a-T (i) C.

        Eta (uppercase Η, lowercase η; Greek: Ητα) is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 8.


        Remember “i” is the imaginary number. 😉

      • selfless rainbow-crystal in the winds of change…….!
        <Measuring 4-Form must be a good Defence……
        <convert the blue galactic short-pass- spectrum of t spanish conquistadores, whence approaching the plumed orange serpent's 'delicate inner rooms', by……magic….
        magic is founded on peace (germans had rank-issues in the fore-field of the semifinals –cannot go more stupid and Bollocks take his leave..-.)

        give all, not being constipated by 'the unknown'.

        swiss team: same: NOT under all circumstance make a mistake , : turns out to kill magic
        …..which yogiboys had…. and robben&co have….
        you mean, a cosmic zuvuya-tone could be infiltrated into the vuvuzela-trance-standing Wave…?

  7. Dr. Donald R. Griffin, who was considered the founder of the modern field involving the study of animal thinking and consciousness, and who early in his career helped unravel the secret of bats’ navigation system, died last Friday in Lexington, Mass. He was 88. As a student, Donald Griffin and a fellow student, Robert Galambos, found that bats could use reflected sounds to detect objects. In 1944, Dr. Griffin coined the term echolocation to describe the phenomenon.
    Born July 3, 1915, Sir Griffin was kin 22… solar winds blowing in…

    tick tock reads 12:21.
    decoded one born on 12/21/69 a few dayas past…
    crystal human.

    Hello Loves.
    What an asignment!
    D.O.T.S everywhere…
    Eye find mi seaElf between worlds…between words.
    D.O.O.T., how eye love thee…
    switch the ‘D’ to an ‘R’ and we have the ‘R.O.O.T’.
    In Bis of Bee Air of de Zona.
    De Zone-A…
    with kin 200 and kin 1…
    GSC 146, electric worldbridger.
    On Wave St…
    snails leave their shells for mi everywhere…
    D.O.O.T will happen here for US.
    For mi, a door opened… a key was placed in mi hand…
    a RU-m made
    And it is as though eye am in an E.T.UR-nal day-out-of-time…
    Steps…steps and more steps…
    OsheArt eveywhere…
    16 dayas…
    this close to the vortex time moves differently
    Blood Clan Flow-er-in-G thru mi
    Mi site has been updated a bit…

    to play…
    leave -E-Star eggs in the mailboxes…
    and this clip sets UR fingers a nooving too;

    more soon cum….
    But yes.
    D.O.O.T. is here for mi.
    Sol much movement…(Solar winds, what do you have to say for UR seaElfs?)
    releasing into the echo’s embrace
    P-U-ll-in-G dots thru matter
    like matter is a muse-in-G
    Light comforts mi
    And yet eye’m born of the deepest abyss
    Sum-times…eye crave the dark matter
    And just when eye’ve slipped into the sum of the chi-in-G
    A whirling dervish of Light swoops mi up
    And eye’m off aGain
    Sihk-in-G the comfort of Light
    ‘Tis no wonder we dance to the echo of the beats…
    Feets tapping-
    Thighs slapping
    Thunder clapping

    eye dream with U All…
    …All U with dream eye

    • correction MOI: August 3 was Donalds birthdaya / kin022*
      also LC210* merging into 3K232 =) spectral human
      * indicates Galactic Activation Portal

      november 7, 2003 he passed at DS258 spectral mirror; LC208 Cosmic Star merging into 3K466 / 206 Spectral Worldbridger (Warrior Wave)

      note 12.21 is parallel to & YX.XY (in a map)

  8. we started ‘EM’ for the gardens three dayas past…
    barley, molasses and rice?
    marry-in-E = 266-260= 6
    rythmic worldbridger on the edge–
    home on de path of Ne-P-Tune
    Into ya We-AvaTARA
    True to de Atom-in-ya-Sphere

    Yes. July 3, 1969 would bring us to the rythmic dragon–
    6(homeoRomeoPath) + 22 (Sir Griffin and SeaAce) + 201 (mi core’s re-direction) + 205 + 92 for the daya= 526-441=85
    resonating in the Sir Pan Tea field

    Grateful for the video clip from oUR TMQ on the alignments!
    The address for Wave St…where compassportals is gestating and D.O.O.T is penetrating is 138 B Wave St!!!!!

    well–it is the in between where we lay oUR heads…
    the Bark Park for EmmaG is below, and the town is a playground to plant and in inoculate with the ArtSpore (much of which is as well seasoned as a sourdough starter) and the AvaTara’s Yardin is above…
    But true be true, Poseidon sits bennetHer 138!!! Calling US to B the Wave!!!

    cosmical xoxo

    Oh Planetary Sun!!!
    How do Eye love thee? Let me count the Ways!!
    UR uni-verse-All FIRE perrrrrrrrrfects mi Life!
    Manifesting, “!IN-Light-IN!”
    The Men-T(E)=Art
    of mi ‘Art
    Say, ‘Produce the Plan-T-Air-E!’ AliGnMen-T-All with de Sol and
    Tierra of Tara
    Cum flow-er-in-G
    in ja waters!

    Shasta be mi B-urth place!
    Hello Halo of Light to the Kin!
    There is a Merlin there, kin 246, makes
    portals of glass and goes by the name Zenon
    Xenon on oUR:RU puntual period-Eye-Call table
    be 54
    a G-AS-is-OUS full specT-RUM bringer….
    May the hills open for you
    And may UR Red -ING as
    you Grace the Skies with UR Walk Miss Christ of Inna


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