G.A.P. Kin 93: Lunar Skywalker codes Cosmic Silio 14, Cube 8: Art

Red Lunar Skywalker

Red Lunar Serpent
Blue Lunar Night Red Lunar Skywalker White Lunar Worldbridger
  Yellow Crystal Star
I Polarise in order to Explore,  Stabilising Wakefullness.
I seal the output of Space with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Life Force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Lunar World-Bridger is today’s Analog.  Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star reminds us that the Star People, who  leave significant Art in the fields for us,  truly are our Hidden Power  :).  Kin 93’s G-Force is the Resonant Blue Eagle who resonates with our Vision of a joyous Reunion in the Original Matrix Obtained.  The PSI for Cosmic 14 is Kin 251, Blue Self-Existing MonKEY.
Postulate 13.2 states:  Whole body time transport is the capacity to extend through the now into continuing and super conscious.  This is achieved through total holographic projection, whose quality is proportionate to the vividness and completeness of the alternative fouth-dimensional personality to incorporate the third-dimensional internal body sensation usually referred to as “self”.”
 Seal 13, SKYWALKER SP-Mars;  SIGNAL;  Southern Regions;  Solar Plexus.
Code=E, Red Lunar Skywalker checked in on his Galactic Birthday  :). “With Challenge to Come Through. How Can I tell y’all how much Ive missed U…Prosperity in Disguise”.  We’re glad you’re ‘back’!
Luciano We Remember UR offered a relevant quote from Valum Votan’s “Closing of the Cycle” booklet, which applies to the Lunar tone:   “That one whom I might deem to be my enemy or my antagonist, is really giving me the opportunity to evolve out of the lesser state of polarity to the higher state of transcendent consciousness… Where there is polarity, create the harmony.”
Moi reduced some numbers to 6.6:  “rythmic worldbridger on the edge–”.  Synchronistically, today (13.2) and this Moon (9.13) and Year (4.4) add up to 6.6!   
July 10th is  the 154th Solar Birthday of Nicolas Tessla, www.enterprisemission.com/images/hyper/tesla.jpg the King of Science http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla. (G.A.P. Kin 43,  Self-Existing Night)

On Crystal D0g, Queen Elizabeth famous-relationships.topsynergy.com/!photos/Queen_Elizabeth_II.jpg‘convened a Round Table at the United Nations’.  She http://www.rense.com/general91/hail.htm challenged the United Nations to spearhead the international response to global dangers and promote prosperity and dignity for all the world’s inhabitants”.

Pete Bethune Peter Betheune, the New Zealand anti-whaling activist has been imprisoned in Japan for 5 months, since his arrest for boarding a whaling ship that had intentionally destroyed his new Hi-Tech anti-whaling ship.  Supporters of Mr. Betheune were delighted  that his 2 year prison sentence was suspended.  He returned to New Zealand and his family today.

Sadly, Moko, the popular Dolphin who delighted Kiwis and visitors from around the world (some came expressly to play with Moko) was found dead this week. This story http://www.stuff.co.nz/312295describes how Moko rescued some whales.  deepseanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/moko_dolphin.jpg media.nzherald.co.nz/webcontent/image/jpg/4206527.jpg  Image Preview Image Preview  Image Preview Image Preview  Image Preview 

The last preceding  photo, also shown here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30137923@N05/3982146948/ 

illustrates IRONIC POLARITY. (The 3 men are in a BP boat).Moko tailwalks for a surfski by Diveworks Charters.

 Playful loving MOKO will be greatly missed. 

For Cosmic Cube Eight:   STAR:  ART,we have received this beautiful formation from the STAR ARTists  🙂  Because it seems purposely placed in Cley Hill, TMQ explored that name.  Synchronistically, the letters in Cley Hill add up to 86.  The numbers that Reimar, Cosmic Night, sent in:  7, 9, 10, 16 and 44 also add up to 86!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this latest Crop Circle.

TMQ is delighted by all of your wonderful comments on her Solar Birthday, which appropiately ‘began’ at 12:21 in the P.V.C.S. Watch of Lunar World-Bridger.  12×12 = 144 (which is what she (18.8) plus (6.6-today’s combined kin)  equals today!) 21×21 = 441 : CUBE OF TRUTH:  Us!peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceCubes were beautifully emphasized by the Designs placed in fields this Week by the STAR ARTists

SILIO 14:  Today we place the Cubes we built this Week (the Radion Cube, the White Antipode Telepathic Time Atom, and the Cube for Codon 35:  Mind Expanding) into the Earth’s Octahedral Core containing the Master Time Molecule.“As the composite of the four Telepathic Time Atoms, the Master Time Molecule is the integral whole form which animates the terrestrial nucleus governing the Earth in its hyperdimensional mental orbit through Galactic Time.  This is the Gyroscope of Timeship Earth 2013“.

Timeship Earth 2013 is how we navigate the new evolutionary cycle – the Noosphere, the time of universal peace, harmony and telepathy.”  🙂Art

N. S.  1. 22. 13. 14.      Cube Fourteen:  ART      Kin 93: Lunar Skywalker

One thought on “G.A.P. Kin 93: Lunar Skywalker codes Cosmic Silio 14, Cube 8: Art

  1. MOKO is a playfull numeric oracle reading:

    13 12 11 12 => 48

    then what is 48 for 4 years running?

    see the GAP between DreamSpell and LongCount:

    93 & 45 give 48 as their aligning break …

    pretty groovy when we say 93 governs 27 while 9 to 3 spell “kweak” and
    also 3 cubic layers of 9 dots in the last 2 crops … nurturing “bread” and “serials”

    45 is familiar when we have the triangle from 123456789 counting into 45

    also the Quarters I Ching (DNA) code we synchronize in 2 weeks …

    “For Eight” is a ol’time code to med’ on the infinite … at charge

    nine iz its sovereign leader at each breath … pulsing heart(h)


    MOKO ::*:: OOK M where M shows the V’owL between 2 mirrors shining beaMs’

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