Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle codes Cosmic Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

Blue Self-Existing Eagle

Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Self-existing Serpent Blue Self-existing Eagle Yellow Self-existing Seed
  White Planetary Worldbridger
I Define in order to Create,  Measuring Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Magic.
Self-Existing Seed, today’s Analog codes this year, and the 3rd Crown of Root Chakra {Secret Center}of the 6th Bolontiku.
The G-Force of Self-Existing Eagle is Red Cosmic Dragon.  The PSI for Cosmic 16 is  Red Rhythmic Skywalker.
Postulate 15.4“Through the new subliminal conscious programs, experiments in mutual exchange and displacement commence, first at a Terrestrial level, thence to the Interplanetary, Solar/stellar and Galactic levels, initiating the expanded phase of  Galactic Universal life Time Travel.  Mutual exchange and displacement represents a new level of spiritual evolution in which soul-identity  merges Holons into a collective radiosonic mass.”
  Seal 15;  EAGLE SP-Jupiter;  POLAR;  North Pole;  CROWN.
SELI  16:   Flow;  SP-Mercury;  Root:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”    RADION Cube:  Bottom;  Cube for CODON 12: ████▌▐████ SPACE on RIGHT.
2nd Year of the Mystery of the Stone:  Yellow Cosmic Seed:  AD 2005-2006;  2nd Bolontiku“Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness” Awakened.  Jupiter SPVISION (that year matches today’s Kin:  Eagle).
TELEKTONON Day 16:    Seal Three (Gamma), coded by:  White Electric Wizard.  3rd Solar Witness:  Magnetic Warrior fills Cups of Castigated with self-knowledge.
CUBE TEN:  LOVE;  3rd Weaving:  Cups of Castigated filled with Justice.  “By my Dog power of love, may Prophecy pacify the Victory of the Righteous!”  “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this allicted Earth!”
This Crop Circle appeared on July 10 (Lunar Skywalker) 🙂 at Guys Cliffe near the Saxton Mill at Old Milverton in Warwickshire:
 Guy’s Cliffe circa 1880 by Alexander Francis Lydon.
Until we see an overhead view of this 300 foot formation, we can analyze the location.  The value of the letters of Guys Cliffe = 113, for Kin 113:  Red Solar Skywalker (13.9) or 11.3 for Pacal Votan Clear Sign Electric  Monkey.  Cliffe=41, for the Frequency of God.  Initials G.C. = 7 and 3, of Kin 73:  Galactic Skywalker (13.8).  This minor way of evaluating a Crop Circle seems to indicate Skywalker quite strongly, or perhaps, QUETZALCOATL. 
Guys Cliffe sounds like a reverse rhyme of Cliff High, whose report TMQ had read just  prior to discovering this latest Crop Circle.  This feels close enough to a synchronicity to warrant sharing this report, in which he is explaining the data received by evaluating ‘language elevations in internet chatter’, called Webbot Predictions: 
 This report applies from right now through 11/11/2010, and ends with this:  “… it is the mass of humans who run this planet, though they may not rule it, they can shut down and stop anything they choose when they choose, by simply *not* cooperating with … the ‘system’…aka, TPTB.” It was just reported that the Barefoot Bandit was apprehended today, by The Powers that Be.  This 19 year-old, named Colton Harris-Moore …”achieved folk hero status for his uncanny ability to elude authorities for years — on foot, in stolen cars and even airplanes.”  This Yellow Electric Star, also called a “modern Huckleberry Finn” was born 113 days before the 1991 Solar Eclipse, and was captured 19 years later on the day of this Solar Eclipse.
Oracle Octopus Paul was right again, picking Spain as the winner of the 19th World Cup!  Sorry S’ace, Solar Wind,  but let’s make the link in your  comment come true:  That this 19th Championship on the day of the first full  Solar Eclipse in 19 years ends the strife of Competition, and begins the New Era of Cooperation and Peace!
N. S.  1. 22. 13. 16.       Cube Ten:  LOVE           Kin 95

24 thoughts on “Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle codes Cosmic Seli 16; Cube 10: LOVE

  1. the octo-pussY is a perfect animal that beams us into the world of 3×8 hours a daya …

    then realize number 9 to be its very hollow center that is aligned to the cosmic interval …

    realize that 2 god intervals of 41 vow into 81(9)

    Act? simply vow the hands and thumbs up signify the one at hand(s)

    ~~~ after the games

    we realize ourselves we were in a “ban” that guarantees gathered minds for a while on a theme … but then we have more themes to create in one-ness arranged settings ~ may the Spanish Stroll bring up the DeVill 😉

  2. maybe the goalgetter’s name in the final gives us a clue:

    Iniesta: 9 13 9 5 8 7 1 => 22 22 8 => 52

    we know 52 while that sets 4×13 moons in a timecycle of 4 earthyearcycles

    the serial may speak some true thing to:

    see how 9 is followed by 13 first and then by 5 and 8;
    in the 3rd phase of the 7 characters 8 is split in 7 and 1:
    7 tentacles still searching and 1 choosing Spain as the Winner

    the shorty for 22 is as :: which symbol we know as 2 (Lovers)

    then the serial 22 22 8 => :: :: :::: => *: (52)

    also the serial INI ES TA is worth while to investigate its deeper SPEAK:

    INI => Initiate
    ES => Is
    TA => “BORN”

    can u imagine this, dear TMQ’s?

  3. On Easter Island the Solar Eclipse was Experienced by its population plus many visitors/tourists.

    Here an article

    This opening line initiated a Personal Dream Version in Noo~Alignment:
    “It is one of the solar system’s most awe-inspiring sights”

    Having this on the Insight Seal Eagle might Aspire Co(s)mic Insights’!

  4. some ion crossed my empty mind filling it with curiosity that brigtenes the cat:


    came from the OCTOpussys NAME …

    pretty cool how 55 year ol’ Rembrandt painted this MESSAGE to the PEOPLE

    The Dutch may need this, “suffering the celebration” in crisis, what crisis time …


  5. here is the artist HAJO giving an impression in a Dutch Paper:

    i recommend u all to see for a T in the cartoon …

    it might be the signal from both Bolon Ik and the Jaguar … (Moon)


    • thX MeloviAH!

      i read it is also related to the life and existence of HENRY XIII

      which brings up a great piece of art by YES & Rick Wakeman – AWAKEman?

      6 wives? 6sensed womanizers?

      • Way too many sequence/sequins/see Q ins… Hee! Me Likey Lyrics! But virtuosity, Yes. 😉

    • Thank you so much Melovia.
      Aye have a Magdalene i haven’t consistent access to. She, my beautiful Magnetic Skywalker exemplifies the tower/pillar.

      Consistently in the four Gospels, Mary Magdalene seems to be distinguished from other women named Mary[10] by adding “Magdalene” (η Μαγδαληνή) to her name.[3] Traditionally, this has been interpreted to mean that she was from Magdala, a town thought to have been on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Luke 8:2 says that she was actually “called Magdalene.” In Aramaic, “magdala” means “tower” or “elevated, great, magnificent”.[11]

  6. to amplify…..initiate is born….say: initiate is TA….is a Thought Adjuster, which….actually WHO is the essence of all the 11:11 and cmgsn- messages, which i allow myself to receive since years, i dare merely mention… it’s the most near and completely clear issue, and though the most disavowed fact, cause its precondition is this inevitable and fragile Being-state (not condition,…more process of conquering 12/60-matrix)) of that naked humbleness of our intrinsic (well)Being…….great thought lol

    these dreamlike english landscapes with their enchanting castels…..miraculous!

    Over eclipse night Zurich landscapes was gifted with a (very rare) phenomenon in Hochfelden:,1000/images/content/1/8/6/18682523/2/topelement.jpg hope it works
    There were 104! comments to the stupid accompagnying article, one weirder than the other, not one demonstrated a halfway intelligent approach…..and the gifted peasant filed a declaration against “unknown”, cause of his 2000¿-dollar loss….tz tz tz…

    and the NightQueen, a cactus who blooms only one night a year opened herself to the ecliptical cosmic influx, also in zurich,1000/images/content/1/1/5/11569382/1/topelement.jpg
    it smells like chocolate and vanille….yum

  7. you can’t see in the picture, but in the video, there’s another 6 pointed star in the middle of the design.

  8. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, lass dein Haar herunter…..
    “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair, so I can climb up to get into your underwear!”. Beastie Boys verwenden diesen Mythos, auf ihrem 1989 erschienen Album “Paul’s Boutique”

    threefold…3×4 compounds in the middle as 13 plus
    18 + 2 +ÎÁØÎÅØ 60 = 73
    godmother as overprotective parent, a german trail of tears…..
    in la’kech reimar


    The Crown of Thorns are a symbol for Good Friday…which is when I totaled my car. 😉


    Both this cURrent and following circle appeared on New Moons.

    Oddly in my perusings this symmetry showed itself…current output of CERN in the last three months…

    That one appeared June 23, 2009 – Catalytic Kali, Crystal 25, Kin 231 Planetary MonKEY, Guided by Self-generation.

    After a short break in order to carry out machine development, the LHC began delivering collisions with more protons per bunch and several bunches per beam, thereby dramatically increasing the number of collisions per second. The integrated luminosity delivered to the experiments – a combined measure of the number of protons in each beam, their energy, and how tightly squeezed the beams are – rose to 32 inverse nanobarns at the end of June, double the luminosity at the beginning of high-energy collisions on 30 March.

    Higher luminosity means more collisions, and consequently more precious data for physicists. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), which distributes LHC data to physicists all over the world for analysis, has seen a rise in average data throughput over the past month from around 420MB per second to over 820MB per second.

    Proverbs 15:19 (New International Version)

    19 The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns,
    but the path of the upright is a highway.

    The numbers find their way…

    13.3. The puppet and the robot 😉

    This metaphor is similar to that of the movie. The body-mind organism is nothing but a puppet which moves according to the way its strings are pulled (e.g., by thoughts and impulses that appear from nowhere) and according to its mechanical construction (its conditioning). A more contemporary version would be the robot that performs a task according to instructions that are fed to it and according to its programming. Neither the puppet nor the robot can initiate any thoughts or actions of its own. There is no need to be depressed by this because we are not the body-mind organism; we are the Awareness of the body-mind organism.


    • …or a cyborg,

      the (not as such percebtible abyss) one step before realizing the Awareness of being infiltrated by the body-mind Programmaton

  10. i got this message in my mailbox – did not see a weblink, so i share it :

    “URGENT: (Maori) Nation of Waitaha

    Corporate owned media only tells what they wish the public to believe.

    Top scientists have recently spoken the alarming truth via the internet and Coast to Coast Radio. The Indigenous Peoples know the truth:

    The BP oil has pierced the arterial system, the Heart of The Mother.

    The sea floor is now cracking and buckling with other arterial gushings spewing out the Life Force of Mother Earth with the potential to destroy all oceans, and more.

    People Power is called for now. Please join the Waitaba Nation and all humanity
    to save and help heal our planet, our home. It CAN be done as we join as One.

    Please forward this email widely and around the globe.

    Thank you,

    Little Swallow

    Urgent call to action from: The “Nation of Waitaha” – early Maori; the first inhabitants of New Zealand, a pale-skinned people who had sailed there from Easter Island more than 2000 years before Polynesians arrived.

    A messenger came to our Waitaha people over the weekend. The message is the catalyst to begin the work in earnest, to bring, health, beauty and harmony to all living things on our beloved planet. The time is now. Everyone can help. The state of and on the earth are of Atlantian proportions.
    Our Grandchildren need us to ACT NOW!!!!

    We all need to focus our energy and aroha on our beloved Grandmother Earth. She is suffering and is mortally wounded. The ancient ones are asking for us to contribute to her healing by going to the waters to pray/convey our messages, morning and night. It is crucial to the survival of life as we know it.

    All that is required is pure intent from the heart. We are of the Water. All things are of the Water, all water is connected. We all need to pray at, with, in/over the water to assist in turning the tide so to speak, to heal the Earth’s ruptured core. This will help the ancient ones work in bringing balance and healing to our beloved Grand/Mother. This is what they ask of us. This simple act will help prevent a repeat of the catastrophe which befell Atlantis. Yes, it is that serious.

    We must form a circle of aroha around our beloved Grandmother Earth every sunrise and every sunset. We must be courageous and strong. Kia u, be steadfast, kia mataara, be alert, kia manawanui, be forever strong of heart … for the sake of our Grandchildren now and for the future.


    *Grandmother Earth is bleeding to death *
    *What we can do now*

    Turtle speaks: “Our Mother Earth is in urgent need of immediate love and support. Her core has been breached and she is bleeding.

    Unchecked sulphur, oil, and toxic gases in the Gulf of Mexico are giving way to widening fissures that threaten life as we know it, on all the lands and in all the waters we love.

    ~ It need not be so ~

    The Ancient Ones are calling on humankind to go to the waters.”

    For the sake of our dear mokopuna and generations of grandchildren to come,the time is critical. And so,
    Dear human kind.. All Our Relations.. Let us answer the call of the ancestors and join our hearts in intention to curtail the hemorrhage, address the underlying grief and wrong-thinking, and send love to our beloved Grandmother Earth.

    THE TIME IS NOW: July 25 through 30, astrological likelihood for further breakdown of old structures such as we have seen is ripe.

    However, on July 12 (New Zealand time) the sun sextiles Mars, and Venus and Regulus are aligned. We experience a solar eclipsecrossing through the Pacific and directly over the emotional, naval center of the earth (Rapanui / Easter Island).

    We exit the tunnel, which began at the lunar eclipse and Grand Cross on June 26. This will be the opportune window to avert further injury and to begin restoration of our beautiful Mother.

    ~ We Are Water ~

    All things are alive and connected through water. Water is a conscious conduit and instantaneous transmitter of intention. Our intention is that we not go again the way of Atlantis, but
    to replenish and rejoin our Mother in truth, beauty and harmony.

    We call for prayer-gatherings over local waterways.

    This Sunday, July 11th at dawn and at dusk in preparation for the great shadow eclipse, and again gathering on Monday the 12th at the actual time of the eclipse:
    (7:35am NZ time.) Go to for your local time.

    Those nearby are invited to come to Waikirikiri River at White Cliffs Domain, out of Christchurch, New Zealand at 7:30am, and again at 6pm, both days.

    Please share this timely intention worldwide via e-chains and websites.

    And individually.. beginning immediately, with every morning and evening star.. Let us send from our hearts, messages of deeply felt apology and love, through bright Venus to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Let us re-imagine, with our hearts, her waters once again crystalline and shimmering with life and light. We need not try to understand how this will be accomplished, but envision it so, with great love. United in purpose, the will of the highest good shall become manifest.

    Let it be so.”

  11. Utterly bizarre. The intuition is telling. New iPhone. The Devil’s toolkit. Interface adjust.

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