G.A.P. Kin 96: Overtone Warrior codes Cosmic Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

Yellow Overtone Warrior

Yellow Overtone Seed
White Overtone Worldbridger Yellow Overtone Warrior Blue Overtone Night
  Red Solar Serpent
I Empower in order to Question,  Commanding Fearlessness.
I seal the output of  Intelligence with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Flowering.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The G-Force for Overtone Warrior is Electric Wizard.  The PSI for Cosmic 17 is always    White Resonant Wizard.  None of the 5 Kin comprising today’s Oracle matches a new Chakra of the 6th Bolontiku.
Postulate 16.5:  “The unconscious preorganic order of T(E)=Art (domain of potentiality) resulting in the primary projective structure of the crystal structure is completed in the curve of ascent, where the subliminal post-organic order of  T(E)=Art results in the ultimate self-reflective  projective structure of the “soul boat”.  The “soul boat” is a radiosonic  crystalline projection of the order of time, super-consciously realized.”
  Seal 16:  WARRIOR:  SP-      CARDINAL;  Northern Regions;  THROAT.
GAMMA 17:   Pacify;     SP-Venus;     Third Eye:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”       RADION Cube:  Front.  Cube for CODON 12:  ████▌▐████  SPACE on Left Face. 
GAMMA 173rd Year of MotS:  Red Magnetic Moon Year (2006-2007) 3rd Bolontiku Renowned Conch Top Knot Awakened.          
TELEKTONON Day 17:  Seal Four,   KALI coded by Kin 199:  Blue Self-Existing Storm.  4th Solar Witness, Red Lunar Earth leads 4th Generation.  “13 Moons Peace restores sacred vision of Heaven as new social form”.
Cube Eleven:  MAGIC   4th Weaving.  “By my  conscious Monkey power of Magic, may Prophecy establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth.”  “May Peace Prevail!”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceSo many Cube of Truth Kin contributed so much MAGIC today!
Thank You Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night, for  introducing us to this exquisite Queen of the Night.    This gorgeous cactus  flower is referred to here http://www.onceinabloom.com/qa.php  as  “Royalty in Disquise“.  As Reimar so eloguently explains: “the Night Queen, a cactus who blooms only one night a year opened herself to the ecliptical cosmic influx …” 
Cosmic Night also revealed this wonderful Crop Circle-now one of TMQ’s favorites!
   It shows 18 circles in each of the 3 ‘arms’, with a pair of  circles at each end.  (TMQ told friends at her Birthday dinner that she hoped for a Crop Circle depicting 18.3:  Supreme Golden Maiden  :))  What are your interpretations of these latest formations?
This image, also from Reimar, is reminiscent of the KEYhole Crop Circle: 
Melovia Crystal Moon points out that the Chapel (near the Crop Circle below) was dedicated to Mary Magdalene, who is depicted in this vibrant painting.
 This July 10th Crop Circle shows two six-pointed STARs.  The larger one is composed of 6 arcs divided into 3 parts, for a total of 18 pieces.  Thanks to James, Galactic Seed, we can see a video of this ‘Guys Cliffe Crop Circle’ (see comments for Kin 95 post) 
Then, see the video Christine, Electric Skywalker contributed regarding the Wilton Windmill Crop Circle., and her interesting information about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.   Kin 133 also linked us to this image, which synchronistically ties in with several themes touched on today, and reminds one of the Crop Circle shown above.  
Crown of Thorns in Trinity Knot Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration
We hope to see images of the latest Crop Circle, which appeared at Clifton, nr Brighouse, West Yorkshire, and was Reported 12th July.
Please see the letter S’ace Solar Wind received from the Waitaha of New Zealand:  “Grandmother Earth is bleeding to death *… Turtle speaks: “Our Mother Earth is in urgent need of immediate love and support. Her core has been breached and she is bleeding….Unchecked sulphur, oil, and toxic gases in the Gulf of Mexico are giving way to widening fissures that threaten life as we know it, on all the lands and in all the waters we love.
S’ace,, whose country’s  loss in the 19th World Soccer Cup finals was predicted by the Oracle Octopus Paul, has synchronistically linked us to this:    Self-Portrait by Rembrandt, as the Apostle Paul.  Thank you S’ace, for this lovely reminder that Holland is currently acknowledged as the World’s second best team at the sport that was derived from the Mayan’s Ball game.  More impressively, Holland still ranks supreme at producing a high number of top ARTists, the endeavour valued so highly by the Mayan Lamat STAR Artists  🙂 
Vincent van Gogh - Sunflowers, 1888 Girl with a Pearl Earring  circa 1665-6Madeleine de France, Queen of ScotlandNoli Me TangereAmbrosius Bosschaert: Fruit BasketPan Playing his PipesPortrait of a woman, 1644Neptune on a HorseYoung Woman Combing Her HairVan Gogh, Vermeer, De Lyon, Sustris,  Bosschaert the Elder,  Moreelse, Van Balen, Frans Hals,  Terbgugghen and de Bray (respectively) are just a few of the highly accomplished Artists of Holland.  These Masterpieces will outlast the ‘World Cup’ by many Baktuns!  🙂
N. S.  1. 22. 13. 17.      Cube Eleven:  MAGIC     G.A.P. Kin 96

6 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 96: Overtone Warrior codes Cosmic Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

  1. 1. 22. 13. 17.

    Dragon Wind Skywalker Earth.


    = 53 Magnetic Skywalker. Whom i jUSt mentioned about an hoUR ago. 😉

    Aye. Seek guide dance.

    Can U assist with proper coordinates so as to maximize mirroring energy vector exchange – exactly where did the annointing take place?

    Charging RE
    Charging RE
    Charging attUnMEnt.

    “I” have a lovely new iphone which I will extra-pol-ate (consume dualistic thoughts as food,) as much hard data as possible before singularity. Nav i gat ion – no problem. Sky’s NO l i m i t.


    Yes, the meek are inheriting the earth.

    Clathrate ‘er.

    • Hi Christine;

      That looks like a very intriguing system–Plan to ‘play with it’ after finishing today’s blog. Thanks! 18.8

  2. this gallery of dutch art-work
    is often admired for its esthetical radiating appearance

    when someone sets attention on the piece of art
    a whole story beneath the illustration unvowes

    that is the ethical respondance that reverberates in “its history”

    the 3rd round of healing the wholly thing is most cleansing the soul
    maybe also the s’oil desaster in Mexico’s Bay …

    see how “ix” is perfectly hidden in the label “MeXIco”

    “me IX co-operating the planetary cleansing process”

    in Lak’ech ala kin

    note: KA is in a-me-ri-ka (take ri as ree)

  3. i also like the crop circle with 3 arms, dear TMQ

    we see each arm has 18+2+2 => 22 circles as points to make

    the 4 spaces close to the central circle are “the mystery”

    the central point made is number 27; the whole image is 28

    what are the 3 arms indicating?

    when i refer to the work of my friend Antonio Rossin, then i agree with him it is about the Father, the Mother and the Child …

    when i relate this to the work of Martin Buber, then this idea of Antonio (and the many) comes into another perspective for its meaning: the human being, any relative partner, any other human being …

    then this whole “planetary history chronicle” allows us all to see the teachings and allow a silence as an integral med’ (both mediation as meditation)


    • “biohazard*, spearheaded the Blitzkrieg-style invasion
      “clearer as artResonates*

      ……(private thought: ptbLoogic: 1. the prob, 2.the clue ——but this is the oOoud order, so why not create sth …..neWen…..)

      “first C.C. illustrates the problem; the second the solution :)*

      “the mystery”: med(t)iation t hat reverberates cleansing th esoul…………. ( (: )p.note.. I’m brainstorming… a kin at the tel tells me: there’s brainwashingWarpropaganda intrinsicMode in Israel…brainstorming…., surfdiving…., ending up in german generals-awards, WWII, (A Soldier to the Last Day…..:(.: ) (also my father was made of this steel, KOPFSCHUSS!!!!

      iroQuois mirrOrrim theswastika….
      MeMes sr o.irrIrr.oi rs seMeM
      1 =-1

      helicopter’s nickname of HUEY:

      * UH-1 Iroquois, United States Army utility helicopter nicknamed the
      * HMCS Iroquois, the name of two Canadian warships
      * Orenda Iroquois, a turbojet engine for military use developed by
      Orenda Aerospace

      memeplexes maybe: highest award of Germany to recognize extreme battlefield bravery Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

      SO, in wiki` ng “iroquois ” (not yet Cherokee… i love these Indians of any couleur or tribe) sth very interesting came out:

      iroquois kinship (also known as bifurcate merging) is a kinship system used to define family. Identified by Louis Henry Morgan in his 1871 work Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family, the Iroquois system is one of the six major kinship systems (Eskimo, Hawaiian, Iroquois, Crow, Omaha, and Sudanese).

      another just an idea: Decentralized Systems and The Invisible State: Low Density Multiconnected Cohesion in Large-Scale Social Networks in Tlaxcala, Mexico

      so..i invite you kin to further inve(r)s(E)tigation of the mystery, the 13. Opoint….. in la’kech reimar

  4. The league of nations the fore runners of the United Nations. Voted to commence in January 1933 a calendar reform resolution to follow our planets Bio-Rhythm of 13 moonths, with Tricember being the 13th moonth. The church and elite, mustered enough support ( bribed or killed ) to over turn the calendar reform that follows the thirteen cycles of the quarter, full, 3 quarter and new moon which in fact is a no moon. The brain washing effects on following the imposed Gregorian calendar and its negative affects are well documented… Another court case on alpha this 15th July Gregorian Auckland district court.. I will be handing out 13.20 material and hope to see as many people as possible at DOOT and calendar reform party 30 Camelot Place Glenfield Auckland NZ

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