Kin 97: Red Rhythmic EARTH codes Catalytic Blue Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

Red Rhythmic Earth

Red Rhytmic Earth
Blue Rhytmic Hand Red Rhytmic Earth White Rhytmic Wind
  Yellow Galactic Seed
I Organise in order to Evolve, Balancing Synchronicity.
I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today puts our focus on Earth, as the Kin Oracle and its Guide.  The Hidden Power is Yellow Galactic Seed (embodied by James) hich codes our Galactic Synchronization in 2013.  Today’s G-Force is the same as the Antipode:  Blue Rhythmic Hand.  The PSI for Cosmic 18 is Blue Galactic Eagle.
Earth matches the 1st Root-of-Root Chakra of Awesome Vast Blue Sky, which is actually our Earth’s Octahedral Core.  That Chakra is specifically coded by 17.10 Planetary Earth.  Today’s Kin 17 matches it’s Seal, and the combined Kin for today (17.6 + 9.13 +4.4) equal 10.10, for it’s Tone.  
10.10, Planetary Dog is a double reminder  that only 10 days remain in the Self-Existing Seed Year.
 Postulate 17.6“The Galactic Federation of hyper-dimensional mind is the future order and organization of all consciousness, intelligently ramified in degrees and ranks, stored according to a comprehensive knowldege of all phases of the evolutionary spectrum constituting the Galactic Brain.  The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God and the Divine Order, which can only be effected by through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.”
 Seal 17,  EARTH:  SP-Uranus;  CORE;  Equatorial Regions;  HEART. 
KALI 18Establish-Catalyze;  SP-Earth;  Sacral/Secret Center“My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  BACK of both the RADION Cube and the CODON Cube 12:  TIME ██████████ 

Kali 18:  UR Earth 5:  Day Earth.  4th Year of the MotS:  2007-2008 coded by Lunar Wizard.  4th Lord of Time:  Black Iron Garuda Crest awakened.

TELEKTONON DAY 18:  Seal 5 Alpha, coded by Kin 44:  Yellow Overtone Seed.  5th Solar Witness:  White Electric Mirror.  “Universal telepathy of 13 Moons releases Earth from illusion of money:  Humanity becomes a Cosmic race once again!”
Cube Twelve:  Free Will,  5th weaving:  Fall of Babylon releases 13 Moons way into art of Earth meditation”  “By my human power of Free Will, may Prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the Power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!  “May PEACE Prevail!”
A French enthusiast of Crop Circles ilustrates our CHALLENGE to REGENERATE the BIOSPHERE through his interpretation of the July 10, Guys Cliffe formation:

The symbol in the centre of the figure is the well known symbol for nuclear energy, weapons and extreme hazard. The external form is the symbol for biological hazard.Now let’s see the international situation. There is always this intuition that crop circles are closely linked to current affairs, what is really happening here and now on Earth. To the east, the armies gather against Iran, whose navy has been on alert for several weeks, or days, whatever. Americans, like Israelis, are heavily armed and they have developed nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons, which  sophistication is terrifying, and they want to use these. This is the first nuclear and biological danger. to the west, another kind of war is in action. The Gulf of Mexico, BP, private militias, the U.S. military also prohibit access, no story, no movies. However, the magnitude of the leak _ but can we still call it a leak? _ Is such that they are considering using nuclear bombs to stop the effusion of the Earth. Again there are biochemical hazards, since with the oil we now know there is benzene, hydrogen sulphide, and countless other toxins….”This figure in the fields shows clearly, in the clearest possible way that these two dangers are now combined, and everywhere

Clifton, nr Brighouse, West Yorkshire;   12th July:

Assuming that  this preliminary drawing of the 7/12 Crop Circle (Crystal Hand 7.12 codes 12/21/2012) is roughly accurate,  (and is oriented the way the Star People intended)  this is what first came to mind: 

Perhaps this  represents the Bolontiku’s middle 7 Chakras laterally aligned with the Earth’s 7 Chakras.  If so, how would you assign the correlations?

 The 13 Inspirational Planetary Chakras, the Female Rainbow Serpent, and the Male Plumed Serpent on a map of the world.

For example, which of Earth’s 7 Chakras would align with the small and large ‘double circled’ circles?

‘The lower circle would represent the First Chakra: the  Earth’s Core, which we filled in today with both the Seal and Guide of Earth.  The upper circle would then denote the 9th Crown Chakra, the Noosphere.

Here is some information regarding our Earth’s Core, to help us envision the Root of Root Chakra.  According to this information, the Core is located 1,800 miles (2,900 Kilometers) below the Earth’s surface.  “The outer core is about 1,370 miles (2,200 km) thick. Because the earth rotates, the outer core spins around the inner core and that causes the earth’s magnetism.”  “The inner core – the center of earth – is solid and about 780 miles (1,250 km ) thick.  TMQ trusts that this is actually the  Octahedral Core, where  the radial plasmas are stored.  This is the Domain of the Ah Vuc Ti Cab, Lord Seven Earth (Kin 137, Red Resonant Earth).

  Another reference to the Noosphere is found in this beautiful  Crop Circle

that  Reimar, Cosmic Night, shared with us yesterday.  As S’ace , Solar Wind pointed out, there are 18 plus 2 pairs of circles in each arm, for a total of 22.  If we begin at the center, there are 3 arms of 26 components.  3 x 26 equals 78, plus the center makes a total of 79 parts to this formation.  Kin 79 is the Noosphere Constant.  🙂

This news item says that historians now have proof that the Round Table of King Arthur is more than a legend:  “

The discovery of the shrine within the amphitheater means that Chester was the site of King Arthur’s court and his legendary Round Table…”

On this last “Earth” day of the Self-Existing Seed year, let’s practice the ‘art of Earth Meditation”  as Valum Votan described in his “Prelude to the Noosphere” report.  “go within and transform the consciousness of the planet….realizing Earth as a continuity, an instantaneous simultaneity of unified wholeness,  If you find it difficult to enter into this samadhi, then make sure you have a globe and make that the focus of your meditation. When you have a globe you are seeing the Earth as it is seen from outer space. Then you can see it is a single indivisible whole, a unified totality”.  Let’s join with Lord Seven Earth in practicing 

 the samadhi of unification with the

N. S.  1. 22. 13. 18.     Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL      Kin 97


3 thoughts on “Kin 97: Red Rhythmic EARTH codes Catalytic Blue Kali 18; Cube 12: Free Will

  1. Subtlety is overrated. Eye see/saw the biohazard clearer as art. Resonates with the Star of David chakra. Hmmm…

    Alex Grey Kin 230

  2. There is no poison for which there does not exist an antidote.

    The first C.C. illustrates the problem; the second the solution 🙂

    So let’s be Noospherically constant in our telepathic union in radiating love, joy, wisdom… which IS Truth…

    Love is the answer, and the Truth shall set you/me/us (and the Earth) free 🙂

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