Kin 98: Resonant Mirror codes Cube Year 13; Moon 13, Day 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

White Resonant Mirror

White Resonant Dog
Yellow Resonant Star White Resonant Mirror Red Resonant Dragon
  Blue Resonant Night
I Channel in order to Reflect,  Inspiring Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Heart
The G-Force for Resonant Mirror is Kin 100:  Solar Sun (Sky).  The PSI for Cosmic 19 is 16.9, Yellow Solar Warrior
Today’s AntipodeSTAR, fills in the Heart of Crown Chakra of Awesome Vast Blue Sky:  his 8th  Saharara CROWN Chakra.  
With two days remaining in this Week, we have filled in these Chakras of the 6th Lord of Time:
(1) Root of Root/EARTH CORE:  EARTH,  (2) Heart of Root/ROOT:  SEED;  (4) Root of Heart/SOLAR PLEXUS:  WIND;  (6)  Crown of Heart/THROAT:  EAGLE;  (8) Heart of Crown/CROWN:  STAR;  (9) Heart of Crown/NOOSPHERE:  SEED.
Postulate 18.7:  “Choice of entry to parallel universes is dependent on evolution into pure mind.  The choice to continue the experience of subliminal angelhood is conferred by God as a reward for striving.  The striving of angelhood for reassignment in a parallel universe is a function of the moral value known as Bodhisattva, enlightenment being.”
 Seal 18:  MIRROR. 
SP-Neptune;  SIGNAL;  Southern Regions;  SOLAR PLEXUS.
   ALPHA 19:      Release;  SP-Mars;  Throat:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”    RADION:  Right;  Cube for CODON 12:  ██████████ TIME; Front. 
ALPHA 19:  5th Year of The Mystery of the Stone:  Blue Electric Storm;  2008-2009.  5th Solar Witness:  18.3,  Electric Mirror which also codes the 5th Bolontiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden, who was awakened that year  🙂
TELEKTONON Day 19:  Seal 6, Limi, coded by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon.  “Victory of the White Horse.”  6th Bolontiku, Blue Self-Existing Storm.  “13 Moons Peace way of universal telepathy becomes path of Biospheric restoration.”
Cube Thirteen:  PROPHECY.  6th Weaving/oath:  “Victory of the White Horse Purifies the Biosphere”. 
“By my SkyWalker power of Prophecy, may Prophecy Purify Victory of the 13 Moons way as the Triumph of the Religion of TRUTH.” 
“May PEACE regenerate the Biosphere!”
The Solar Plexus codes the Chakra for today’s Signal Kin and the aphasic Seal 6: LIMI.  Because every Day-out-of-Time is coded by Signal Family, let’s examine the Solar Plexus, which  the Galactic Mayans call the Kuxan Suum.
The Native American Indians believe(d) that the Grand Canyon (in Arizona) was the umbilical cord (Solar Plexus) of our Earth.  (Maybe that is where the largest double circle of the latest crop circle belongs,  :))  Synchronistically, Reimar Cosmic Night mentions the Iroquois today.  They were an American Indian tribe: “In the 16th century or earlier, the Iroquois came together in an association known today as the Iroquois League, or the “League of Peace and Power“.   This flag was “created from purple and white wampum beads centuries ago to symbolize the union forged when the former enemies buried their weapons under the Great Tree of Peace.”[22] It represents the original five nations that were united by the Peacemaker and Hiawatha. The tree symbol in the center represents an Eastern White Pine, the needles of which are clustered in groups of five.” 
This image could also remind us of the 5 Earth Families of the Dreamspell, with the central ‘Tree’ representing the Kuxan Suum of the Signal Family-or the Cosmic Tree shown on Pacal Votan’s tomb.On the Day-out-of-Time, our entire planet connects through the Solar Plexus/Kuxan Suum which ultimately leads to our Source/HUNAB KU.
Valum Votan describes how the 4th-dimensional structure of Timeship Earth is coded by horizontally  the 5 Earth Families. and their respective Chakras.  Earth  processes the cosmic energies, beginning  with the Root  Chakra  guarded by the Gateway Family at the South Pole.   Then it moves up to the Crown, guarded by the Polar Family.  The flow continues to the Throat Chakra  the Cardinal Family and the Heart Chakra, guarded by the Core Family.   When it reaches the Solar Plexus, guarded by Signal Family, these powerful energies leave our Biosphere and head to the Heart of the Galaxy. 
In two more of these 5 day cycles it will be the Day-out-of-Time.  That day, coded by GM108X (GMX=Galactic Mayan (mind) Transmissions, Kin 108 = Yellow Self-Existing Star.)  will be the most powerful day for the exchange of energy/information (“Information is energy structured according to the receiver for which it is intended”)   with the Galaxy and Cosmos. 
In 5 days, the 18th Vinal (of 20 days) will end.  The 19th Vinal is a 5 day Uayeb, and culminates with the Day-out-of-Time. 
 The first 4 Earth Families code 91 days.  Signal Family codes only the Day-out-of-Time, but that one day is equal to at least 1/4 of the Year.  It is hoped that the above information has helped to emphasize the importance of the GM108X Day-out-of-Time, which is also a Galactic Activation Portal this year! 
The Mystery Queen intends to spend the 5 day Uayeb Purification Cycle in Meditation in preparation for Yellow Self-Existing Star“Expect a between the worlds transmission”
 Stephanie South, Electric Serpent describes today, Resonant Mirror as  “The day of Attunement and Meditation Mirror reflects reality perfectly without distortion or distraction.”  Kin 185 offers this quote from Padambsava:  “To keep the silence of Mind, do not let yourself be governed by discursive thoughts and distractions.”
This is a great day for Meditation and Attunement with the Divine.  During this Cosmic 13th Moon of the 13th Cube Year of PROPHECY, today is Day 19Cube 13 PROPHECY
Today, the combined Kins of Day (18.7) Moon (9.13) and Year add up to 11.11, Galactic Signature of the Closer of the cycle, which ends at 11:11 on 12/21/2012Tomorrow they will add up to 12.12, which codes that date  and the G-Force of  TMQ.  {This is TMQ’s 334th post.  334-260=74(14.9) 74=144 (7×20+4)  12×12=144} 
Tomorrow,  the Long Count combines Seal 11 and Tone 12:  Blue Crystal Monkey which codes (in V.V.’s words) the “Progenitor of the Red Queen:  Madame Blavatsky”.  Tomorrow is coded by 19.8 [can represent Kin 198 for Supreme Golden Maiden]
Day 19;  Cube 13 corresponds to the 6th Seal, LIMI (Solar Plexus like today’s Signal Kin) and is coded by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon, the combined Kin of 11.11 and 18.8
Cosmic 14 began a period of exactly 7 Moons during which their combined annual Kins (6.4 and 13.2) equals 19.6, Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm.  Kin  19 is the G-Force and Challenge of  Red Rhythmic Moon  🙂
              19.13:     “All is number.   God is a number.   God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 22. 13. 19.    Cube THIRTEEN:  PROPHECY         Kin 98

9 thoughts on “Kin 98: Resonant Mirror codes Cube Year 13; Moon 13, Day 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY

  1. Wanna talk prophecy? Interesting UFO connect-ions from this one…

    It’s the 41st Mutual UFO Network Symposium. Interval of DoggoD, anyone? Synchronously dURing the DOOT? In Denver??? The Mile High City??? Hope-fully true divine trans-missions ensue…

    The Three-D’rs may catch up jUSt yet. Eye have FAITH in laughter, lovefools and fuel. If FOX could build a show around the GM108X they would have by now. 😉 The op-PORT-TUNE-ity is nigh. Get out yoUR old f-ash-ion-ed humility – respect yoUR M-other. iT is high TiME. iT is rarely easy. iT is always worth iT.

    I’v/we’ve listened to/two/too much “I am Ra.” 😉 Ha to the HA!

    So the sojourn keeps morphing. Can you please email me the coordinates required to view the annointing place at Shasta? Mr. P.V.C.S. and possibly his Paterfamilias may be in atten-dance. 😉 You have NO idea how funny that is.

    Head caving in…

    • Thanks, Christine, for the interesting links 🙂

      The last one seems to explain why so many seers lived in caves.

      Denver, during the DOOT, 41st conference…Interval of God, though, considering the location (i.e. Denver Airport’s art) Divine Intervention might be more appropriate. Should be interesting to follow up on.

      It’s great that you’ll be in a natural, more sacred place, truly conducive to Divine Transmissions. So glad 12.2 Tiger et al will be there too!
      Will do my best to track down the tall red-headed man from Glastonbury, or his companions. Haven’t been in touch since I changed my e-mail 3 years ago, but do have leads to follow. Will e-mail the results- hopefully soon.
      Love Laughter and Truth,
      Galactic Mirror

  2. Another quick day in Aucklands district court, trying to free minds the only way i know or can, as i have two young sons to think about. Wondering can anyone donate a new year calendar please. I struggle to feed my family, i have no money but i’m wealthy with the love of my family. Dont forget DOOT and calendar reform party 30 Camelot place Glenfield Auckland NZ, BE GOD BLESSED i am another yourself

  3. aGain on 108 perspectives iz this thought that entered my mind as a mathematical true thing which is pure knowledge:

    i read about the fact 3 corners of a triangle together always sum up into 180 degrees. which is a pure 108 similar frequancy of “9”.

    this as the easy part … then the Question may rise “what is the number of degrees that arises from teh complementary corners?”

    so , how to deal with this universal perfection orchestrating invitation?

    say every bifurcation-point of the triangle is a whole dot aka circle of 360 degrees … then tree of that make 3×360 degrees => 1080 degrees (wow that is “9” too and 1 + 8 😉

    we have the similar perspective now and 1080 minus 180 gives 900 degrees as result for the sum of the complementary angles as “ANGELS” …

    Then … isn’t the figure 900 close to “98” considering 2 zeroes as lemniscating cycles?

    &joy the plea~sure S’ace

  4. seeing the figures i get fired 😉

    1 as the 1 Hunab’Ku CosmicGod travelin’ Kuxan Suum (2 lovers! Time & Space)

    22 as Pacal Votan’s Lover on Urane: Bolon Ik (and mystery 2+2 & 2×2 => 4 /:: )

    13 as numbers of moon a year …
    also number of “4moons” in 4 years
    (notice each year has 3x4moons +1moon; 4 years deliver 4x1moon=4moon)

    19 is the holy number in the Quran ; it cycles in the clock of 20 = 0 / zero

    Then i see(Ra) for the number in Kweak: – FAdaya
    The sound given to the FAdaya in VOIDkweak iz:
    ))) ~ DALIMÈR ~ (((

    Note that the Kweak PSI is still 3 x 24 hours away from the DREAMspell Ticker … this will change within a “kweek” … into 0/zero for the next YEAR … OVERTONE MOON (theme: uniQversal water & purification)

    “Walk On” or “Walk on the Wild Side”

    • (HMMM ::got)

      can be considered as a tribute to the 1st kweakyear which is based on 9 … nine cycles of tzolkin celebrating each kin as a nineR … as we see this number 98 is no 9’er – how many times we add 260 to get a niner on 98?

      actually this 98 is already 356 (14) as it is 98 + 260 having the 2nd kweakcycle from july 23/2009 (two”thou”sand and nine) …

      decoding linguistical science from shamans germs into wizards …

      flying as quick birds ~ hummmingbirds!

    • That IZ all there IZ, ma free end!! record ~ ray=chord 🙂

      BP says they have stopped the flow for the first time in three moons. They said it was 2:25p.m. local time, but I bet it was 2:28 (Resonant Star watch 😉 ) !

      • isn’t this a wonderful Bifurcation Point regarding the Human Race ~ capable to divert “a direction” into “an even more human one” …

        PerFecTioN 😉

        (at last / at l’east / in every newDaya)

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