Kin 105: Magnetic Serpent begins the Red Serpent Wavespell on Cosmic Alpha 26

 Red Magnetic Serpent


Red Magnetic Serpent
Blue Magnetic Eagle Red Magnetic Serpent White Magnetic Wizard
  Yellow Cosmic Warrior
I Unify in order to Survive,  Attracting Instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.

The last 3 days of each Cosmic Moon (and 13 Moon year) correspond to the PSI Chrono Kin of  GAP Kin 151: Blue Galactic Monkey.  The G-Force for Magnetic Serpent is  Self-Existing Eagle
Postulate 5.1The transition of the Biosphere from the conscious order of instinct to the super conscious order of telepathy is a function of the Law of Time and is referred to as the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is a direct result of exponential biogeochemical complexification and the constant release of “free energy” due to the acceleration of unprecedented thermo-chemical-nuclear transformation of elements.”
 Seal 5, SERPENT GK-Maldek;  POLAR;  North Pole; CROWN.
ALPHA  26:  Release;  GK-Pluto;  Throat:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  Radion Cube:  Right;  Codon Cube 45: ██████████ TIME on Front.
ALPHA  265th Solar Witness, Kin 198:  White Electric Mirror codes 5th of 7 Last Moons of the 13th Baktuns.  5th Mystic Moon coded by Kin 206:  Spectral World-Bridger.  Extended Cube Day 20:  Enlightenment Recharge.
Court of Magic:  Transform Star

Red Magnetic Serpent

White Lunar Worldbridger
Red Cosmic Earth

Yellow Crystal Warrior

Blue Electric Hand
Blue Spectral Eagle

Yellow Self-existing Star
White Planetary Wizard

Red Overtone Moon

White Rhytmic Dog

Blue Resonant Monkey

Yellow Galactic Human

Red Solar Skywalker

Today’s Analog:  14.1   is the reverse of:   Book of Genesis: Chapter 1: Verse 14

1.14:  “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”  

This article is about the largest ‘light’   ever found.  The graphic which shows our Earth, Sun and Star R136a1 (a bit of its  white perimeter shows) next to the Circumpunct which S’ace, Solar Wind sent in today.

  ScaleJames, Galactic Seed sent us perfectly-timed  information about the Seed, which  “corresponds with the Root Chakra, on this daya. Seal 4,  SEED.  GK-Jupiter;  GATEWAY;  South Pole;  ROOT.   The Root Chakra corresponds with the Hebrew letter Shin, which looks similar to a (w)
The Root Chakra also corresponds with a certain Frequency or Hertz. (261.626Hz) Which is also known as the pitch/note of “C”. 

James Galactic Seed also sent us a link :  whose homepage displayed 3 graphics  which  can represent the idea mentioned yesterday  🙂    The three arcs  of 22 (which Kin 22, S’ace wrote about) circles radiating out from the heart of the Switzerland crop circle (see photo in Kin 103 post) coupled with our focus on the 3 Fifth Force oracles coding Awesome Vast Blue Sky led to the following idea for the GM108X Galactic Freedom Day.

On the Day-out-of-Time, we are to Invoke the 6th Lord of the Ring.  On that day we can embody the Crown, Heart and Root Oracle/Chakras of  Awesome Vast Blue SkyWhile all Kin are telepathically involved at each Chakra, a few Kin at each general location are mentioned,  to show the synchronicities that seem to ‘bless’  this method for  using/being  The Bolontiku’s  three principle chakras to  “receive  higher knowledge”  and to more fully “invoke Awesome Vast Blue Sky.”

  New Zealand is the ‘First to See the Light’ and to receive the Cosmic energies.   Mike, Overtone World-Bridger, who is hosting Day-out-of-Time, will  ‘anchor’ the North Island, while TMQ Galactic Mirror anchors  the South Island.  Together, we make a Cosmic Seed, and Seed is the Crown of Crown Chakra (Guide of the Star’s Oracle) and also codes the Root Oracle. 

 At 11:11 on Self-Existing Star, TMQ and Kin in Christchurch will call in the Seven Galactic Directions, followed by the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation.  This will open the flow, and invoke the Closer of the Cycle (which ends at 11:11), Valum Votan. 

  CROWN  ( STAR)         New Zealand-Australia

HEART  (STORM)        Europe-Switzerland

While S’ace, Solar Wind and many other readers live in Europe, and some are  in the vicinity of Russia,  the Crop Circle seemed to pin-point Switzerland.  Reimar (who introduced the Crop Circle) Cosmic Night (3.13) and 18.8 equal 21.21, which invokes the 441 Cube (of Truth) and Hunab Ku.  21.21 reduces to 1.8, Galactic  Dragon, which is the G-Force of Valum Votan.

ROOT  (EARTH)           North/South America– Mt. Shasta 

Mt. Shasta is the Root Chakra of the Earth, which makes the perfect connection with the Bolontiku’s Root Chakra, and with his Root of Root which is coded by Seal 17, Earth. 

Christine, Electric Skywalker,  husband Tiger, P.V.C.S. Lunar Human and Galactic Mirror (local friend of Christine’s) will be there at the location that was activated by Tor Webster:  Synchronistically, those three Kin add up to 3.13, Reimarcreating a beautiful link with the Heart!  That area has the most Kin, including , Burbuja 33, Melovia Crystal Moon and  James, Galactic Seed and our first Galactic Synchronization Crew, to mention a few.  Valum Votan, Spectral Monkey will be in his ‘MonKEY region’ on that day.    🙂

Christine’s guide is Earth, and the KEY  Kin is Kin 137;  Lord Seven Earth who mediates all of the cosmic transmissions from Hunab Ku

The G-Force of Kin 137 is Kin 139:  Princess Diana, Solar Storm, who S’ace mentioned today:  “Lady Diana Spencer  who might still be alive on the planet in the sphere that leads us … all” 

Christine(13.3) and TMQ(18.8) {who invoked the Seven Galactic Directions at 11:11} add up to 11:11, which synchronistically carries the  flow back to the Crown and on  to Hunab Ku  🙂  The next post will show some times, to facilitate synchronized participation.

The  10 in-a-row Galactic Activation Portals begin at Midnight, with Pacal Votan Clear Sign Lunar World-Bridger.  Only a few days  remain in the Cosmic Turtle Moon.  May they be filled with JOY!

N. S.  1. 22. 13. 26.     ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE      Kin 105



16 thoughts on “Kin 105: Magnetic Serpent begins the Red Serpent Wavespell on Cosmic Alpha 26

  1. a noovice offering anecdôte:

    lets first reread this in advance where 105 vibrates 5.1 from tzolkin tapes’tree:

    Postulate 5.1: “The transition of the Biosphere from the conscious order of instinct to the super conscious order of telepathy is a function of the Law of Time and is referred to as the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition. The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is a direct result of exponential biogeochemical complexification and the constant release of “free energy” due to the acceleration of unprecedented thermo-chemical-nuclear transformation of elements.”

    105 iz 365 in kweakspell approach and is resonant to the numbers of days in a Gregorian Spell, we know as the shameanic Gregorian Calendar …

    How funny kweakspell “preaches 22/7 as the DoME” aka Daya of Moon Experience and it is in the 2nd cycle of that spell ending at 2340 kin countdown – what Gregorian day for the planning akashic record?
    that is dec19, 2015 while another sync popped up as striking peanther:
    september 11, 2012 the start of the 4th kweakcycle …

    The notion has to be aware that planning iz about preparing at the first strike … and Cosmo plays with all that … illustrating the Fun of it All … while pLaying in a dynamic unity force as planetary beings “at awe” …

    this as a “first” DôME message on the LifeForce Entry number 5~S’eaL

  2. hi TMQ , nice to have this CIRCUMpunct on your blog!

    it goes with a glimps of what none does:

    it shows 4 tiny black areas outside the ring …
    then it shows 4 bigger black areas within the ring …
    and those 8 rule the empty transparent/white space in the middle – the centerPunCT …

    How to deal with the PunCT …

    Person : universal noosperic See “T”

    which is about the spin: see this image

    Here we see another version of how to interpret the CROP …

    14 triangles at the left and 14 at the right …
    where 14 is the left open hand of the receiving and the other the right closed hand of giving …

    this all in the stream of the 13 dynamic joints in our bodily vessel …
    all confirming the goddess intervals at charge …

    PRAIZE the -all!- Lover Couple(s) at Charge!

  3. we have to be careful about this “judging”

    gives notice on 2 WELLs drilled for “SKANDI NEPTUNE” ?

    WELL #A
    Latitude 28.738132500000003
    Longitude -88.36592777777777

    WELL #B
    Latitude 28.73778527777778
    Longitude -88.36682805555554

    Well , i propose the technological allies do their work – with or without WALL STREET KAPITALISM …; what we might do is check up for the numbers set free here 😉 as magicians …

    Mark the Latitude as 28´er where Longitude vibrates 88 minus.
    * 28 as 7777 or 9991
    * 88 as 8 (2x2x2) and 11 => Rainbows Spectral Number

    both give 116 as “just a number” indicating the oncoming WARRIOR : CRYSTAL TONE in this SERPENT WAVE …

    What to say about the digits after the decimal point?

    Well, we see 14 numbers , mark the 7 0/zeroes and 9 7’s in WELL A;
    WELL B gives 9 7’s (6 in a row) and 6 x digits 5 in a row

    What can this indicate in our spell?

    Have Fun!

    • After havin’ indicated the Oracle Spell in Numbers as Coordinates,
      anoother spot on Earth is discovered recently:

      It talks about a Metropolis in Africa:
      Carolina — 25 55′ 53.28″ S / 30 16′ 13.13″ E
      Badplaas — 25 47′ 33.45″ S / 30 40′ 38.76″ E
      Waterval — 25 38′ 07.82″ S / 30 21′ 18.79″ E
      Machadodorp — 25 39′ 22.42″ S / 30 17′ 03.25″ E

      I cannoit see (yet) how the coordinates relate to the former given on WELL #A & #B, which are given in Latitude & Longitude; here we find 2 coordinates on S and 2 on E per spot – probably a whole “square”-area is given where the Metropolis was situated.

      here the picture which indicates this area:

      We see it is at the southern part of the Equator , opposite to the WELLs.

      Let me also point to the fact 2 places are typical Dutch Language:
      * Badplaas (“Badplaats” is a place at the Beach/at a Great Water Resort)
      * Waterval (Waterfall)
      And “dorp” is a village

      Carolina is a name we also find in United States as a State.

      I have to think about this whether there is “a line” given by “the Angels Guiding us” …

      CIA’O S’ace

      • correction:

        i saw the 8 digits as 2 coordinates, which was wrong:

        25 55′ 53.28″ includes 2 symbols : ” and ‘ , they mean minutes and seconds …

        this means we could write 25.555328 as well

        so te 4×2 coordinates pinpoint to the points on the map given.

        interesting to see 4 5’s in a row in this one for Carolina.

        A Carol is a Hymne, a UniQverse.
        In Carolina “ina” makes it a pittoresque spot where people come to sing and have a gathering to celebrate “themselves” …

        Waterfall is a place where Rainbows appear because of the waterdamp arising from the falls

        Badplaas aka Beachspot is a place where people lay down for leisure aka ley-sure: there energize on the LEY-line which is as an Earth Meridian that binds Several Spots in the Planets Body as a Whole interacting its continuous healing aspiration. A LEY is as an alternating current!

        Is that the similar phenomenon time pinpoints at: alternating current.

        As i see this it makes me feel very good …

        The last spot is “Machadodorp” – i have no idea what Machado is/means 😦

        From my UR-spot aboard is resonates to a place where things are put together and fabricated; some kind of industry. It also vibrates the game of “Mikado”.

        Lets see for its Character Valued Oracle:
        13 1 3 8 1 4 12 => 42 (four two as in “for 2”)

        Imagine 4 2 pinpoints to the 2 Lovers Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik also Earth and Urane celebrating the Solar System and its Galaxy within the Multiple Universal Cosmos

        HappY DooT!

        kweakspell notes in SUNdaya in LOVEkweak in BATmoon having Overtone Moon as its Name-Giver and BIRD BIRTHING NOO HUMANITY

  4. Turns out the image you have selected for the Crown Chakra is based on Solfeggio Frequencies. These are in accordance with Notes on a Piano & Chakras in the vehicle.

    What I’ve gathered and Came Across, in the past few moments, are these synchronicities within from different sources:

    Root -C – UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
    Sacral/Secret – D – RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
    Solar Plexus – E – MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
    Heart -F – FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
    Throat – G – SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
    Third Eye -A – LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
    Crown – B – SI – 963 Hz – Numinous Accord

    This is blending Solfeggio Frequencies with Chakra Balancing. For Numerology purposes, you can see the palindromes of other notes within the octave (ie: 396/639/963, 417/741, 528/852)
    (to read about Solfeggio Frequency History and Definition.)

    Shedding Light
    – In Lak’ech

  5. So sorry to disrupt yoUR calculations, my love, but it is only going to be myself and Mr. P.V.C.S. traveling to the mountain. Which equals 5, Overtone Serpent…sssaaaaayyyyy…

    I am blinded by the illuminations everyone has brought today! It fills my heart with love and resolve.

    This is a painting that my Self-existing Seed painted of my cross cloud dream. It blows my mind. Layered over my Alex Grey tote from my Galactic Mirror with the Mystery of the Stone peeking out. I took this two daya ago. Ha to the HA you minxy henge! It is a speaker system, kids. For the biggest party EVER!

    Breathe deep these days,

    • Christine, It’s wonderful that you two will be at Mt. Shasta! And it doesn’t actually change the synchronicity, when yousubstitute theGalactic Mirrorin the Southern Hemisphere. Have apowerful magical time atour Earth’sRootChakra. We’ll be connecting with you-with love and resolve :)

  6. welll welll welll

    how the world goes around …

    after just having finished a comment with “HappY DooT! kweakspell notes in SUNdaya in LOVEkweak in BATmoon having Overtone Moon as its Name-Giver and BIRD BIRTHING NOO HUMANITY”

    A guy from the CLub of Budapest (president Ervin LASZLO) engages with a Jewish Free End who does “the Hope” and they inform me on the tortuga site: on the DooT

    Why not have the serpent bite its own tail, anyway?

    “My Personal Resonance on that Doot?” it is DEATH

    And from DEATH arizes an opportunity, as we were teached …

    So, celebrate the daya after the “DooT” as the NOO BIRD BIRTHING as the PHOEN’IX aka CLEANSINGING WIZARD with the wholly bunch aligned !

    😉 ain’t that funnY …

  7. Hi mike here, cosmic blessings to everyone out there, i am another yourself. Aotearoa New Zealand beginning and end, everyone knows there’s something different about us Kiwi, we are going to show the world how to live in love, peace and harmony. Firstly the need to free minds from television,radio,newspapers,billboards the endless worry of bills and money that are a diliberate tool to seperate ourselves from our hearts intention. Our hearts natural intentions are to live/exist in harmony, those that know the cycles of time have exploited this knowledge. The land of the rising sun, heavens children. Global Research realnews websites and Pacific Free Press websites, blogs such as Lord Stirling’s Europe blogspot and Jeff Rense are all saying the same scary stuff, about global bankster elite illuminate ww III The one global dollar. Already read between the lines in whats going on with investors in this country. We as the people cant trust a government that knows about our galactic earth and universal connection and still continues to up hold a charade of wellness. We need to value the prisoners in our jails, a peace in Aotearoa New Zealand, there are good men that need to come together, valueing the women and children, free the children from school curriculums basic universal human rights stuff. Fight the honesty in the courts of all drugs being made honest , questioning the honesty of alcohol, and putting the responcibility of educating the children back in the parents hands witrh community support aroha and koha stuff,love and giving.
    ((BE THE MEDIA))

    • BEinG the MEDIA iz a High Recommendation for ReceivinG David Icke:

      ENJOY what we are going through!

      Bon VoY’age!
      Bolon Ik
      aka LongCount CrystalSun220VolT

  8. Greetings to All!
    When TMQ tried to post the Lunar World-Bridger blog before Noon (when the next day’s date appears), there was a problem with this Christchurch hotel’s Internet, and I also lost all that I had written before getting online, so it will be rewritten and posted in a few hours.
    We are all now in the Galactic Activation Portal Zone! 🙂
    In Lak’ esh,
    Galactic Mirror

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