G.A.P. Kin 107: Blue Electric Hand codes the last day of the Self-Existing Seed year

Blue Electric Hand

Blue Electric Monkey
Red Electric Earth Blue Electric Hand Yellow Electric Human
  White Spectral Wizard
I Activate in order to Know,  Bonding Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment
with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Magic.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The last day of this 13th year of the final 16 Year Cube is guided by a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 211;  Blue Electric Monkey.  The Challenge is Electric Earth, and the G-Force of Electric Hand is Planetary Dragon.

Postulate 7.3The regularization of daily time according to the biological 28-day, Thirteen Moon cycle, establishes the most commom indicidences of celestial harmonics.  These celestial harmonics are functions of the fourth-dimensional number powers:  4, 5, 7, 13, 14 and 20 (28).  By regularizing the biological order, the cyclic power of time becomes transparent and enlightens the continuing conscious with form-patterns of meaning in accord with the autonomy of the consciousness accessing the forms.”

 Seal 7,  HAND  GK-EarthCORE;  Equatorial Regions;  HEART

 Silio 28:  Heart:  Discharge the Radion Cube and the  Cube for Codon 45 to the Heart of the Earth

OCEAN’S OF PRESENCE  13 Week Cycle closes with the Codon that began it.




“Interestingly this appeared BEFORE the (DooT)meditation…  though it was only posted on the internet today.
What do you think?”

Here is TMQ’s response to the question posed by that writer:

When she began reading all she could find about the Law of Time material early in the Blue Crystal Storm year, so many sources said that DALI (and every new Mooon and Year) always began on Sunday.  For the first several years, she followed the calendar that way, figuring it was more harmonic, and consistent.  She even joked to Valum Votan and the crew at the Law of Time that we would all be ‘on the same page’ in 2009-2010-THIS year.

Towards the end of the Cosmic Seed Year, Valum Votan wrote that we should be visualizing the Roerich Peace symbol on the Cosmic Star Day-out-of-Time, and seek some sort of response from Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  TMQ may have been the only person doing the DooT meditation (and drawing the Roerich Peace symbol) on July 23 (Saturday).  That night, from Lamat Home (the farmhouse she had rented in the middle of the South Island) she saw 3 shooting stars, and prayed for Peace after each one.  Next morning, the Day-out-of-Time crop circle appeared “two days early” as the headlines announced  🙂

This was related for two reasons:  To demonstrate that  the Star People/Circle Artists do respond to us, and to prepare you for the fact that DALI will be on Monday for the Red Overtone Moon year.

A few weeks later,  during a short visit to California, TMQ told her niece and nephew about Lamat Home, and this early Day-out-of-Time crop circle, so that they would understand why she was returning so quickly to her home in New Zealand.  The very next morning, the Lamat Star crop circle appeared!  The photo of that 4-pointed Star crop circle is in tomorrow’s blog, to represent Self-Existing Star.  🙂

During this 52nd Heptad, we have been able to match all 15 parts of the 3 Oracles coding Awesome Vast Blue Sky!  This is a wonderful way to end the year, and it’s a further sign that the 6th Lord of the Ring is now  fully awakenedEvery SILIO, we practice the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, in preparation for the annual Day-out-of-Time  Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation:

“One purpose of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation is to generate a telepathic Wave of Love that connects ourselves with the Center of the Earth, and to help stabilize our Earth.

The ultimate goal is to manifest the Earth’s Rainbow Bridge(the Day-Night alternators of our Earth’s magnetic field) by December 21, 2012.

The Rainbow Bridge will also signal that we. as a species, have been able to unify and cooperate spiritually and telepathically.  It is the Bridge of Peace, long-prophesied, that will permanently connect the Third-dimensional Earth with the Fourth and higher dimensions, assuring a lasting Peace and Harmony.

Take a few deep breaths.  Dissolve any thoughts and negativity.  Inhale Purity and Peace.  Close your eyes and be at Peace.

Now, visualize yourself inside the center of our beautiful, vibrant Earth.

Imagine that you are in the 8-sided Crystal Core at the Heart of the Earth.  Imagine the Analog-Antipode Tetrahedron above you  as a Pyramid with two Red sides and two White sides.  Connected to the base of it is the Blue and Yellow Occult-Unified Field Tetrahedron/Pyramid, which points South.  These form the perimeter of the Octahedral Crystal Core.

In the center of this giant 8-sided core is an intensely blazing point of White Light.  An etheric column of White Light extends from the blazing center, through the North and South Poles at the Earth’s exterior.

Around this vertical etheric magnetic axis of light are two spiraling Flux Tubes, through which Plasmic energy is continuously passing.  Coiled around each other like two strands of DNA, the Flux Tubes deliver Plasma (electrically charged ions) which enters through the Earth’s Poles, to the blazing point at the center of our Earth.

Visualize the Red Tube spiraling and carrying Positive ions from the North Pole, and then see the entwined Blue Tube carrying the Negative Charged Ions from the South Pole to the Earth’s Center.

At the Northern Pole above you is a cube which is the Red Analog Time Atom.  See it spinning Clockwise.  Then, below you, see the Blue  Occult Time Atom.  It is spinning Counter-Clockwise.

Where the bases of the two Pyramids/Tetrahedrons forming the Octahedron Crystal Core meet, imagine the Horizontal Gravitational plane of the Earth. 

Then, on this horizontal plane visualize two more Time Atoms;  The White Antipode Time Atom is on your Left, and the Yellow Unified Field Time Atom is opposite it, on your Right.  These two Gravitational Time Atoms make a slow Counter-Clockwise motion around the central blazing point of luminosity, and they Stabilize our beautiful planet.

Take time now to clearly see the Crystal Core of the Earth, with it’s 8 faces.  See the Red Northern Time Atom spinning clockwise, while the other three Time Atoms are spinning counter-clock-wise.

Watch the entwined Red and Blue Flux Tubes spiraling around the vertical column of White Light.

Now, from the blazing center of the EARTH’s Octahedral Core, visualize a great stream of multi-colored Plasma-filled light shooting out in both directions, towards the North and South Poles.

Visualize these Rainbowcolored streams extending through your central column, which is now aligned with the Earth’s axis.  See the one above your head going through the Earth’s North Pole, making a huge Rainbow arc in front of the Earth, forming the Earth’s Day alternator, which always faces the Sun.

Then, see the Earth’s Night alternator, as a multi-colored stream,  flowing through the bottom of your feet, through the South Pole, and forming a huge Rainbow behind you and the Earth.

These two Rainbow Streams connect the North and South Poles of the Earth, exactly 180 degrees apart from each other. As the Earth slowly revolves on her Polar axis, this Rainbow Bridge remains steady, constant, unmoving in it’s relation to the Sun.

Hold this vision within your Heart and feel the Peace, as the beautiful Rainbows surround you, and the Earth.  See the full spectrum of RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET encircling you.

Know that you and the Earth are one.  The Rainbow Bridge of World Peace is real.  There is a science behind this, and what you are visualizing now, will be seen by all in 2012.

Now, let these colorful Rainbows permeate into our Earth and into your aura, so your connection with the Earth remains, as you return to your deep breathing, and to this place, now filled with telepathic waves of Love.Art

CHRIST = 77 = Red Crystal Earth.  CHURCH = 61 =1.9 = 19 

Christchurch =  White Galactic Mirror.  

7.3 + 4.4 + 9.13 = 20.7, Pacal Votan Clear Sign

Cube Thirteen Year:  PROPHECY

19.13:   “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”


N. S.  1. 22. 13. 28.     UR EARTH 7  *Ah Vuc Ti Cab*    Kin 107



3 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 107: Blue Electric Hand codes the last day of the Self-Existing Seed year

  1. Dragon 241 galactic crew here wishing open heart mind and spirit wishes and dreams, for the love of the babies for the love of the un-born babies ..cause it’s over for the Gregorian calendar of death. DOOT Day stay in the GAP of the meditation, give time a hug, hug yourself, i am another yourself.

  2. Thank you, dear and mysterious Queen, for sharing your wisdom, for your leadership, and for being the Fifth Force nucleus of our Cube. I, too, feel very connected to all of our Cube of Truth Community and feeling very happy, joyful and excited at the prospect of my first conscious New Year’s Eve of what will be my first full year of following the Natural Time. I’ll be joining with you @ 4:11 p.m. my time!

    In Lak’ech ala Kin
    Love and Magic,

    p.s. I really did not know until reading today’s post that Dali did not always fall on a Sunday (although I had wondered about it)!

  3. There is so much sync here in Monkey town – will have much to relate when through the portal !!!
    Catching consciousness by the tale 
    The MounTain is AMAZING!!!

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