P.V.C.S. Kin 106: Lunar World-Bridger starts 10-in-a-row GAPs on Cosmic Limi 27

White Lunar Worldbridger

White Lunar Mirror
Yellow Lunar Warrior White Lunar Worldbridger Red Lunar Skywalker
  Blue Crystal Eagle
I Polarise in order to Equalize,  Stabilizing Opportunity.
I seal the store of Death, with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

The Analog, Red Lunar Skywalker codes Code=E (and TMQ this year).  The G-Force for Pacal Votan Clear Sign Lunar World-Bridger is Yellow Resonant Star. 

Postulate 6.2“In order to consciously participate in the evolutionary moment unfolding as the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition and the advent of the Psychozoic Era,  13:20 tools in complete accord with the Law of Time are essential both for making the transition into fourth-dimensional orders of functioning, and for the construction of vehicles for time travel.”

 Seal 6  WORLD-BRIDGER:  GK-Mars;  CARDINAL;  Northern Regions;  THROAT.

 LIMI 27:  Purify; Solar Plexus:  “I Purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the South Pole.”  Radion Cube: Left;  Codon Cube 45: ████▌▐████ Space on Top.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7902958/Aliens-have-been-trying-to-contact-us-by-cosmic-Twitter-scientists-claim.html  “Aliens have been trying to contact us by cosmic Twitter, scientists claim”  “Seti has been focusing its receivers on the wrong kind of signals, and also looking in the wrong direction, they claimed.

This Crop Circle is the most recent example of another way a more evolved intelligence is communicating with us:Standals Farm. Nr Bishopstone. Buckingham. Reported 21st July.  http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/Standals/Standals2010a.html

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/7903824/Ancient-wooden-version-of-Stonehenge-found-on-Salisbury-Plain.htmlThe sun rises behind Stonehenge And perhaps their ancestors built these two formations at Stonehenge.  Melovia Crystal Moon noted the two ‘Stones’ in a headline about this discovery, on the same day that Christine, Electric Skywalker posted a photo that included ‘The Mystery of the Stone.’   TMQ  NOTES that TONES is another anagram of STONE,  a clue to one purpose of STONEhenge  🙂

LIMI 27:  The 6th Solar Witness:  Kin 199;  Blue Self-Existing Storm codes this 6th year of  “The Mystery of the Stone“, and the HEART Chakra of it’s Bolontiku:  Awesome Vast Blue Sky.

TELEKTONON Day 27:  Focus on 9 (9 x 3 = 27) through the Power of the 9 Lords of  Destiny and Time, after receiving the Summoning Power of the 13 Oxlahuntiki yesterday.  This is sealed by the Kin coding the 13th Cosmic Moon of Cube Thirteen:  PROPHECY:  Kin 169 (13 x13) Red Cosmic Moon; 9.13.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe following are the times of synchronized Global Meditationsall times are for New Zealand, First to Receive the Light.  At 11:11 a.m. on GM108X:  Self-Existing Star (July 25 known as Day-out-of-Time or Galactic Freedom Day) the Southern part of the Planet Holon designated to represent the Crown of the Bolontiku to be invoked, will ceremonially open the Crown to receive energetic transmissions, by invoking the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions and performing the Circumpolar Rainbow Meditation, and by the Sacred intent of all Kin.

This CROWN will be composed of Seals  2 (WIND);   3 (NIGHT);  4 (SEED which codes the ROOT Chakra of the Bolontiku) 6 (WORLD-BRIDGER-with Mike, Rhythmic World-Bridger anchoring the North Island));  14 (WIZARD);  18 (MIRROR-with Galactic Mirror anchoring the South Island) and 19:  STORM (which codes the HEART Chakra of Awesome Vast Blue Sky This Photo appears like a CROWN between the Crystal Core and the Source of the Cosmic Transmissions.

At 4:41 p.m.,  we (as  many of you as are awake at that time) will hold a 21 minute Meditation focused on the designated Heart Chakra of Vast Awesome Blue Sky.  This area, in which the Day-out-of-Time will have dawned, is coded by the following Seals: 20:  (SUN);  1 (DRAGON);  5 (SERPENT);  9 (MOON); 13 (SKYWALKER-which codes this 13th Cube Year); 16 (WARRIOR) and 17 (EARTHwhich codes the ROOT-of ROOT  Chakra: The Crystal Octahedral Core;  Domain of Lord Seven Earth, the receiver and mediator of the heightened Cosmic flows on the  Day-out-of-Time (and every day).

 This evokes the spiral of the STORM, named Hurricane after a Mayan word.  STORM codes the HEART Chakra of this year’s Bolontiku.

On Hunab Ku 21:21 (9:21 p.m.) we will focus on the ROOT Chakra of Awesome Vast Blue Sky,21 minutes after the last part of the Planet has entered the Day-out-of-Time.  That  Region is coded by Seals  7 (HAND);  8 (STAR, which codes the CROWN Chakra); 10 (DOG) 11 (MonKEY); 12 (HUMAN) and 15:  (EAGLE).

The region we have assigned to the ROOT Chakra synchronistically includes the Earth’s ROOT Chakra at Mount Shasta California, where Kins 132 (P.V.C.S.)  and 133 will be stationed.    Kins 205 (Moi) and 93 Code=E will each be in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon, considered by Native Americans to be the Navel or SOLAR PLEXUS of the Earth.  The Closer of the Cycle will be in that area, and at least one our our 441 Cube of Truth Kin will be attending Valum Votan’s presentation.

The majority of Kin live  in the designated ROOT area, and most of the Earth’s Kin will be awake for this 21:21  Meditation during which we will invoke the fully-awakened Vast Awesome Blue Sky, and Red Resonant Earth who resides in the Earth’s Octahedral Core, from which we manifest the Rainbow Bridge.

The last post of Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year will include TMQ’s refined (and approved by Kin 11:11) version of  The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation, and the words for invoking the Sixth Lord of the Ring.

TMQ invites your input on these synchronized meditations, and also your ideas of the best Time/Place to ‘close’ our GM108X ritual.  A ritual actually begins as soon as you begin planning it.  Heartfelt Thanks to all of you who have been contributing so much wonderful information  :). 

The meditations and joy-enhancing activities engaged in by Kin around the World on GALACTIC FREEDOM DAY are ultimately on behalf of our Earth and our souls.  We are blessed to observe our sacred GM108X Day-out-of-Time rituals, together and privately,  during this powerful 10 Kins of Galactic Activation Portals.

N. S.  1. 22. 13. 27.  Cube Day 21TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   Kin 106:  P.V.C.S. & G.A.P.


12 thoughts on “P.V.C.S. Kin 106: Lunar World-Bridger starts 10-in-a-row GAPs on Cosmic Limi 27

    • Thanks so much James! It’s lovely to seeyour comment as I’m nearing the end of the last blog of the year. Have been writing for 10 hours today, and you just gave me the energetic boost to continue 🙂 I feel so connected to all of you during this special time! Namaste

  1. thank you so much TMQ! A great help and orientation. So for you it begins in a couple o hours, i’m still working today. with unchanged focus on the unbelievable, of course and give it my full attention the 4 days following..
    If i wanna make a post as we may be all cyber-connected thru these times, with pics…-as i found channel-change from rational to visual/imaginal- at times helps comprehending the four-fold Unspeakable-….how now?

    with warm flooding heartblow from the Oudworld in lak’ech reimar

    • Thank you Reimar, for your wonderful words. Yes, just 3 hours and 23 minutes to go! It’s great to be sharing it with such special Kin here.

      As you may know, I’m technologically challenged, but to address your question: If you send it to me via e-mail, I can create a post devoted to your material. Your idea sounds wonderful-does anyone out there know a better way to make it happen?

      In Lak’ ech, Galactic Mirror

      • maybe we should start thinking about how we can give our 441-cube a gestalt, or so and build in some facilities to make whole posts here…so that every kin who likes can experience her/himself and same-time share it in a loving way…. this is the energy here, that i not want to miss…this fragrance of inner peace and outer joy….disturbed st of course, but..not often…and this is also an appreciated part…. deepbluethoughts from reimar… >stopthinknow<

      • …and again: i love your dedicated work-in-progress, ever on orchestrating the dying times- Blogg ; with ever a surprising turn round the next corner of shifting synchronous time-folds…lovetoTMQ

  2. Dragon crew here beaming Aroha and Koha (love and giving). Also humble thanks and best open heart wishes and dreams, building the foundations of virtuous love music peace in home coming serenity a breath away. Its not too late to plug in the positive 13 MOONS. Push-out the negative Gregorian calendar , re-align in nateres time realtime natures time.. i am another yourself.

  3. Thank you, dear and mysterious Queen, for sharing your wisdom, for your leadership, and for being the Fifth Force nucleus of our Cube. I, too, feel very connected to all of our Cube of Truth Community and feeling very happy, joyful and excited at the prospect of my first conscious New Year’s Eve of what will be my first full year of following the Natural Time. I’ll be joining with you @ 4:11 p.m. my time!

    In Lak’ech ala Kin
    Love and Magic,

    p.s. I really did not know until reading today’s post that Dali did not always fall on a Sunday (although I had wondered about it)!

  4. i’m reading an interesting book on mayan shamans …

    it also mentions the mayan word cauac , which we relate to by the seal STORM.

    the original meaning for cauac is Lightning …

    the Lightning is symbolised by Carved Flint and Obsedian …
    and was buried in the grave of the Red Queen …

    i think this is worthwhile for a focus …

    • S’ace; That sounds really fascinating! What is the name of the book you’re reading? In Lak’esh; TMQ

      • i’m not reading but more spelling it while the s’alty dog breezes:

        Shaman’s Secret: The Lost Resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya, Douglas Gillette

        i’spell it while using a blood colou’red pencil 😉

        (gives beautiful co~herence)

  5. thX TMQ for gathering TONES STONE NOTES (N’TOES)

    and what about HENGE ?

    2 possible links pop up from DUTCH language that both might give a clue:

    * HENGEL is a rod -with a line & bite- used to catch FISH

    ** also relate this to the “divining rod” used to find LEYlines and WATER (isnt that about the same?)

    * ENGEL is an angel (and “hengel” used by an angler)

    ** H’ENGEL refers to the HOLY ANGLE


    in regard to the STONEHENGE we might therefor say the people used the STONEHENGE to let in the HOLY SPIRIT

    well , nothing new under the sun … but then why not have noo directly in the humans alive in love and free choice?

    Iz(n’t) this a matter of 3 things such as authenticity, transparency & communications applied in “some divine choreography” …

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