Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker codes Magnetic Alpha 5 of Red Overtone Moon Year


Red Solar Moon
Blue Solar Night Red Solar Skywalker White Solar Worldbridger
  Yellow Overtone Star
I Pulse in order to Explore, Realising Wakefulness.
I seal the output of Space with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-Force is Blue Lunar Storm. 
 The Year and Moon combined (19.6) plus today (13.9) equal 12.2, which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Kin 132:  Lunar Human  (which codes 441 Cube of Truth Kin, Tiger  :))
Postulate 13.9:  “The activity of the aggregate of alternative personalities is determined by the host bodies collective agreement on the goal of time travel.”
 Seal 13, SKYWALKER SP-Mars;  SIGNAL;  Southern Regions;  Solar Plexus.
 ALPHA 5:  Release;  SP-Venus;  Throat-VISUDDHA “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  RADION Cube:  Right;  Codon Cube:  __ __ SPACE on Front.
Alpha 5:  Fifth Bolontiku, White Electric Mirror codes Katun Kin 198: -AD 771.  Know the Magic.”
Telektonon Day 5Baktun 5:  BC 1536;  House of Shang.

S’ace Solar Wind wrote:  “Quite a hymne given by all those crop circles ~ humanmade or beamed: they all count as spiritual inspirations communicating Planetary Art kNitWork”

Christine Electric Skywalker wondered about  “the actual directional orientation math – do the brave souls who contribute the photos give us the ability to see their relative coordinate expression…”

James Galactic Seed considered whether the Wheel  “design was meant to be flawed?”  to which TMQ responded:  “The perceived flaws do serve to bring extra attention to the WHEEL formation, and to our system of 7 CHAKRAS, and the 9 Chakra system of the 9 Bolontiku”.

The statements about the newest crop circle (below) seem to indicate an attempt to discredit the authenticity of at least one formation. 

This formation of 13 circles and 2 crescents was found in the East Field, near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, on Kin 112:  Galactic Human.  Some are claiming that two men managed to lay down this formation while   “many people were camped on the hills and night watching. So it was really likely any circle makers would be spotted. There was also two balls of light spotted by two gentlemen on the hill.”

This CIRCUMPUNCT also appeared on July 29th, at Stanton St. Bernard, near All Cannings, again in Wiltshire.  The Circumpunct has been an enduring theme during this Crop Circle season.  Wikipedia  lists 21 different items that the  Sun symbolCircumpunct or ‘circled dot’ can represent.   One of them is the  Ordi, the symbol of the Divine Order, representing Chaos, Light, Life, Freedom, Good, Happiness, Infinity, and Existence.  That’s a good one to focus on, especially during this Moon coded by Divine Loyalty.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 5.       KNOW THE MAGIC       G.A.P.  Kin 113

One thought on “Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker codes Magnetic Alpha 5 of Red Overtone Moon Year

  1. nice crop … and i “C” a family of 2 parents and 2 children forming the mystery and mystic number of 4 aka :: …

    and they together relate to the world – the other 9 – as their universe …

    conquering that uniQverse delivers the outcome from all potentials within that class of 4 as a natural continuum transpassing the planet through the aeons many souls have experienced that “long” and “longing” …

    the most far away dot from the family is the circumpoint, i suppose …

    that iz the healing ONE, having the wholly family as a perspective …


    maybe the highest man iz the masculine principle; the next one iz the M’other; then the sunny son and his sister as a 4th one who knits the 9 … in service for the 3 behind her … (quite a responsibility & -ability)


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