Magic Turtle Day: Red Lunar Serpent codes Lunar Seli 9; and the 13th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s Death

Today is the G-force of Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm, which is Princess Diana’s Galactic Signature.   The G-Force of Lunar Serpent is Kin 7:  Blue Resonant Hand.  The PSI for  Lunar 9 is Kin 21:  Red Galactic Dragon, the G-Force of 11.11, Valum Votan’s Signature.  Today, Lunar Serpent, is the first Magic Turtle Day of the Lunar MonKEY Moon.
Postulate 5.2:  “It is the Human species alone within the biosphere which induces the moment of biogeochemical climax.  Only the Human enters the transition zone of conscious civilization which, by power of self-reflective thought, becomes an increasingly artificial construct of projected forms dispersed throughout the biosphere.”
   SELI 9:  Flow;  Root: My Mother is the ultimate sphere.  I see the light.”
BOTTOM of Radion Cube.  Place _____TIME on RIGHT face of Cube for Codon 6.
Second year of Prophecy:  1995-1995.  Second Solar Witness, Kin 195 Reawakened Blue Cosmic Eagle Flies Again.
TELEKTONON Day 9:  Baktun 9:  AD 41;  Lords of the Red & Black.  Pacal Votan witnesses Triumph of 13:20 civilization in New World;  Teotihucan & Tiwanaku, confirms teachings of Kontiki Viracocha.
Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE“By my Warrior Night Abundance Power, I regain my 13:20 Telepathic visionary  Power in Abundance.”
“Dr Rubbia says a tonne of the silvery metal – named after the Norse god of thunder, who also gave us Thor’s day or Thursday – produces as much energy as 200 tonnes of uranium, or 3,500,000 tonnes of coal.”  Not sure yet if this is good news…it brings to mind  the precious element that caused the plundering of  Pandora  in Avatar. 
13 years ago today, Princess Diana  died when her vehicle struck the 13th pillar in the Pont de l’Alma Tunnel in Paris.  The sudden loss of the People’s Queen of Hearts caused an unprecedented outpouring of grief around the world  (proven by the emotional monitoring station in Princeton New Jersey)  
Europe ran out of flowers as  tons of flowers were placed upon an impromptu memorial outside Kensington Palace.  The power of the people managed to stir the Royals into action, resulting in her highly ceremonial Funeral at Westminster Abbey. 
Billions of people watched her televised funeral.  Wikipedia doesn’t mention the most stirring eulogy, delivered by her brother Charles:
“Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty.  All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity.  All over the world, a standard bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality.  Someone with a natural nobility who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic.”
Two year’s later, psychologists were still reporting unprecedented levels of depression in people who may have also been reacting to the realization that the death of the most beloved and powerful woman in the world was not an accident. 
Princess Diana left a stunning legacy, in the form of her two sons, William and Harry, whom she loved more than anything in the world.   
     Prince Charles at Princess Diana's funeral 
  Althorp - Princess Diana Burial Site 
Althorp, the regal home  into which Princess Diana was born, and which contains her final resting place in the center of this lake.  Diana was buried with a rosary which was given to her by  another great Humanitarian, Mother Teresa.  Mother  Teresa was planning a huge memorial for Princess Diana, when she, too, suddenly died  5 days after our Queen of Hearts.
The island is in an ornamental lake known as The Round Oval within Althorp Park’s gardens. A path with thirty-six oak trees, marking each year of her life, leads to the Oval.  Four black swans swim in the lake. In the water there are water lilies, which, in addition to white roses, were Diana’s favourite flowers.
   “I don’t go by the rule book… I lead from the heart, not the head”
   Our  QUEEN of HEARTS  continues to inspire and to exemplify  LOVE and  the DIVINE FEMININE.
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 9.          Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE       Kin 145

Red Lunar Serpent

Red Lunar Earth
Blue Lunar Eagle Red Lunar Serpent White Lunar Wizard
  Yellow Crystal Warrior

Red Lunar Serpent

Red Lunar Earth
Blue Lunar Eagle Red Lunar Serpent White Lunar Wizard
  Yellow Crystal Warrior


I Polarise in order to Survive,  Stabilising Instinct.
I seal the store of Life Force with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.

Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed begins Wavespell 12: Flowering, and Lunar Week 2: Dali 8

Yellow Magnetic Seed

Yellow Magnetic Seed
White Magnetic Wizard Yellow Magnetic Seed Blue Magnetic Eagle
  Red Cosmic Earth
I Unify in order to Target,  Attracting Awareness.
I seal the input of Flowering with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Kin 117 (9×13) Red Cosmic Earth is our Guide today.  The G-Force of Kin 144 is 14.4:  Self-Existing Wizard.  The PSI for Lunar 8 is Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm
Postulate 4.1:  “A Planet body is a spirally materialized projection of a primal stellar mass.  Therefore, the planet body participates holonomically in the same structure of process that characterizes the Galactic Brain.”
 Seal 4:   SEED;  Innocent One
 DALI 8:  TARGET;  Crown:  “My Father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat.” 
TOP of the Radion Cube. 
Space:  ___    ____ on BOTTOM of the Cube for Codon 6:  PEOPLE APART:  Tree Defines Life 
UR EARTH 3:  Lunar Earth  Heaven in the Cube.
During White Week Three, we are building the White Antipode Time Atom.
Each day  corresponds  to a fractally time-compressed Year.  Day 8 correlates to 1993-1994, and the First Solar Witness:  White Crystal Wizard,  which coded the day the Tomb of the Red Queen was discovered on June 1, 1994.  
Today in the 7:7::7:7, we “Target the 144,000“, which synchronizes perfectly with today’s Kin 144.
TELEKTONON Day 8:   Baktun 8:  BC 353:  The ANNOINTED ONE.    Pacal Votan witnesses the rise of 13:20 Civilization in the New World: Coming of Christ;  Founding of Palenque;  Spread of Buddha‘s Teachings.
Cube Two:  SPIRIT;  “By my Wind Spirit Warrior Power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself”  “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”

Yellow Magnetic Seed

Red Lunar Serpent
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Blue Crystal Eagle

White Electric Worldbridger
White Spectral Wizard

Blue Self-existing Hand
Red Planetary Skywalker

Yellow Overtone Star

Red Rhytmic Moon

White Resonant Dog

Blue Galactic Monkey

Yellow Solar Human
In two days, we begin the run of 10 Galactic Activation Portals, which culminate on Blue Crystal Eagle, which codes our next Crystal Round Table  🙂
This Day-out-of-Time Crop Circle at Round Hill in Wiltshire has inspired several colorful renditions.  This one reminds us of the 5 crescents, representing the Red Overtone Moon Year.  Its Mayan motif could mean that the inner 2 dots represent 2×20=40, plus the 1 dot for one equals 41:  Interval of God.  Today’s Postulate 4.1 can also be interpreted as representing Kin 41:  Lunar Dragon.
This Lunar  Monkey Moon (11.2) and Overtone Moon Year (9.5) equal 20.7, the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Resonant Sun.  Today (4.1) combined with 20.7 equals 4.8, Yellow Galactic Seed which codes James, and our Galactic Synchronization in 2013
In the link provided by S’ace, Solar Wind today, David Icke states his belief that “2013 is more significant than 2012“.    It’s great to have his voice also confirming the positive and more significant “TargetSun symbolof 2013, beyond the fear-laden 2012.
We’ll close with this uplifting information from Christine Electric Skywalker” The Urban Dictionary sums up 143 to mean:  I love you 😉 
So, today is “I Love You” ‘plus one’: =
144 /441 Cube of Truth  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 8.     Cube Two:  SPIRIT       Kin 144

143 is the sum of three consecutive primes (43 + 47 + 53), as well as the sum of seven consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31). But this number is never the sum of an integer and its base 10 digits, making it a self number.
Every positive integer is the sum of at most 143 seventh powers (see Waring’s problem)”.

Kin 143: Cosmic Night codes Silio 7; the End of Wavespell 11, and Start of the Lunar Cube Journey.

Blue Cosmic Night

Blue Cosmic Hand
Red Cosmic Skywalker Blue Cosmic Night Yellow Cosmic Warrior
  White Magnetic Mirror
I Endure in order to Dream, Transcending Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance
with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
Happy Galactic Birthday Reimar!   Today’s Guide is Kin 247 (19×13) Blue Cosmic Hand, which codes Burbuja 33, and the Antipode is Kin 13, Cosmic Skywalker.  The G-Force of Cosmic Night is Red Magnetic Earth, and the PSI for Lunar 7 is Kin 18:  White Overtone Mirror.
Postulate 3.13:  “A dialectic of crystal form and secondary reflex, life, drives the evolutionary progression of preconscious to unconscious, establishing the possibility of self-reflective consciousness and the supreme thought-moment of the knowledge of the Law of Time.  The function of the crystal is to maintain the primal thought-moment through the duration of the evolutionary ptocess.  Invisible and unconscious correlates of time  and consciousness are transmitted by crystals instinctually.”
   SILIO 7:  Discharge;  Heart:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I discharge the Mental Electron neutron at the center of the Earth.”  Place yourself within the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom  and the  Cube for Codon  64:  PREPARED:  galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.  Discharge them and yourself to the Heart of the Earth.From the center of the Earth,  perform the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge rMeditation.


TELEKTONON Day 7:  Baktun 7:  BC 747;  MIND TEACHINGS.  Pacal Votan diverts the lost tribes of the 144,000 into the Cube of Intelligence.

Cube One:  Memory  “By my Free Will power , I elect to become one of the 144,000.   By my Warrior Dragon Memory power, I reclaim and redeem Baktun 7, and vow to release Earth from the prison of  Babylon planet.”

The following news stories demonstrate progress towards ‘releasing Earth:

Two vessels carrying 46 brave and compassionate activists was able to bring aid to some of the ‘prisoners’ of Babylon:

And this news story can be viewed as showing that there is plenty of help ‘waiting in the wings’ to help liberate our Planet:
Crowded: The final image in 2010 shows a vast amount of asteroids within our solar system
It seems likely that some of the growing numbers of ‘asteroids’ since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, are actually craft belonging to Star allies  🙂
Today is Michael Jackson’s Solar-Galactic Return:  He was born 52 years ago, on Blue Cosmic Night.
441 Cube of Truth Kin Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night offered this for the occasion of our first synchronized Crystal Round Table:
“Force of Original Will shows It’s Truth
and a poem which synchronistically flew in:
Past the Turning Point

Stars Say the Word
Vision of Radiant Will
Light is Always Bliss

I Am the Call to Heal
I Am Becoming Real
All is All That Is”

Kin from at least 4 continents joined our synchronized journey to the Earth’s Octahedral Core, where we telepathically cooperated with the Radial Plasmas.

Rainbows witnessed by several Kin seemed to smile upon our intention to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Brige.   Your participation is greatly appreciated, and your feedback is welcomed, so we may learn, in preparation for our next practice on Crystal Eagle, on Lunar 19.

Halfway through the Kin 142 post, the text on TMQ’s computer became miniscule, causing difficulties in writing and reading.  Hopefully this will be rectified before the post for Kin 144 which begins our new Wavespell  at midnight  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 7.     Cube One:  MEMORY    Kin 143




Kin 142: White Crystal Wind codes our Round Table on Lunar Limi 6


White Crystal Wizard
Yellow Crystal Human White Crystal Wind Red Crystal Earth
  Blue Lunar Storm
I Dedicate in order to Communicate,  Universalizing Breath.
I seal the input of Spirit with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
The Guide for our magical journey today is Kin 194, White Crystal Wizard which is the First Solar Witness, and which coded the discovery of the Tomb of the Red Queen. 
Antipode Red Crystal Earth reminds us of our destination during today’s Round Table. 
The Antipode is  12.12,  Yellow Crystal Human, which codes the (local) Watch and time of our Round Table, and today’s Tower.
The G-Force of Crystal Wind is Spectral SeedThe PSI for Lunar Limi 6 is Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm.
Postulate 2.12:  “Instict is totally a function of T(E)=Art, and represents the “unconscious” order of telepathy.  While instinct is wholly rooted in the organic functions, telepathy is independent of the organic functions of life.  Third-dimensional instinct inclines toward the formation of structures of physical coherence.  Fourth-dimensional telepathy is dissipative and inclines toward radiative navigation in time.”
  LIMI 6:  Purify;  Solar Plexus:  “I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  LEFT side of the Radion Cube.    UR EARTH 2:  Solar Earth, Foundation:  Prophecy Tower.  Katun 6:  -AD 791.  6th Solar Witness:  Kin 166; Blue Self-Existing Storm.
TELEKTONON Day 6:  Free Will Tower;  coded by Seal 12  Human Wisdom.   Baktun 6:  BC 1141.  Imperial Seal  King Wen completes I Ching 8×8 (64).  Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 seals of Prophecy, storing them in the center of the Earth.
  Details of our Crystal Wind Round Table are in the Spectral Dragon post.  Due to technical problems and time constraints, today’s post is abbreviated.
We’ll ‘meet’ on the lawns of Camelot around Noon, and call in the Star People at  12:12 p.m., during today’s 12.12 Watch  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 6.     UR EARTH 2;  Free Will Tower    Crystal Wind Round Table

Kin 141: Red Spectral Dragon; 11th day of Wavespell 11: MAGIC codes Alpha 5

Red Spectral Dragon

Red Spectral Dragon
Blue Spectral Monkey Red Spectral Dragon White Spectral Mirror
  Yellow Electric Sun
I Dissolve in order to Nurture,  Releasing Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s Antipode is 11.11:  Spectral MonKEY.   The G-Force is also a MonKEY:  Galactic
Postulate 1.11:  “The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well.  The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown.”
   ALPHA 5Release;  Throat:  “I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I purify Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  RIGHT side of the Radion Cube. 
Katun Kin 198: -AD 771, 5th Solar Witness;  White Electric Mirror.    “KNOW the MAGIC!”
TELEKTONON Day 5:  Baktun 5 –B.C. 1536;  House of Shang.   Pacal Votan places in order the “Book of Clear Records” and sends King Wen the vision of 7 as 64 hexagrams (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64)  Focus on the number of Cosmic Form:  4.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace     WHITE  CRYSTAL  WIND   ROUND   TABLE
We will gather at the natural amphitheater (now believed to be the true Round Table, which could accommodate up to 1,000 kin) on the lawns of King Arthur’s Castle; Camelot.
This circle, which appeared on Spectral Star (Magnetic 20–Aug. 14) at Goettinger, Germany indicates the time by which we should all be gathered, and the numbers (Roman numeral 12; and Mayan 2 below the clock) indicate the Kin  that codes our first synchronized Round Table on 2.12;  Crystal Wind  🙂
  This gives us 7 minutes to connect and breathe Spirit together. 
Then at 12:12 p.m.  Pacific Daylight Time  on the 12.12 Watch of Crystal Wind, which falls on UR EARTH 2:  Solar Earth (7:7::7:7) and on the Telektonon Free Will Tower Day coded by 12.12, Crystal Human, we will invite the Star People to join us:
Mayan Prayer of  the Seven Galactic  Directions:
****From the East:  House of Light
May wisdom dawn in us, so we may see all things in clarity.
 ****From the North:  House of Night
May wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within.
 ****From the West:  House of Transformation
May wisdom be transformed into right action,
so we may do what must be done.
 ****From the South:  House of the eternal Sun
May right action reap the harvest,
so we may enjoy the fruits of Planetary being.
 ****From Above:  House of Heaven
Where Star People and ancestors gather,
may their blessings be with us now.
****From Below:  House of Earth
May the Heartbeat of her Crystal Core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.
****From the Center:  Galactic Source
Which is everywhere at once,
may everything be known as the light of mutual LOVE
Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!  (3 times)
 All hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature” 
(translation of Mayan blessing)
When we feel the Star People around/with us, we will each make our way to the domain of Lord Seven Earth in our Earth’s octahedral Core
The Star People indicated this ‘bottomless pit’  near the castle which is thought to contain King Arthur’s  sword:  EXCALIBUR.  Letting this magical sword guide us on a counterclockwise spin through the Zuvuyu feels like a wonderful way to reach the Octaherdal core.This graphic (or rather, it’s mirror image) of the crop circle that appeared in Basiano, Italy on Spectral 28 coded by Blue Crystal MonKEY (May 29th, 2010) can  represent our counter-clockwise spiral descent to Earth’s Octahedral Core.

 This circle found near Munich on Cosmic 20 (13/20) coded by Kin 99:  Blue Galactic Storm can represent the 441 Cube of Truth kin and the Star People gathered together.  (Though there will be more than 9, that number brings to mind our 9 Bolontiku’s.

This cave in the Gulf of Mexico-Land of Mayans,  where a 10,000 year old skeleton was found, looks like something we might see as we begin our descent, and it also shows an ancient precedent for the journey we are making.
Inside the underwater cave in Mexico four years after divers stumbled upon the well-preserved corpse
This Formation:conveys the feel as we get closer to  our destination. (Found on Cosmic 4;  Blue Overtone Night (June 30th) at Scheen, Germany **initials=19.7, Noosphere Constant** The exterior point can represent our Round Table at the circular  amphitheater, where we will regather at the end of our journey.
Once we have regrouped in a circle inside the Octahedral Core, take a moment to see our surroundings.Next, we will practic the Rainbow Bridge Meditation together, knowing that:
One purpose of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation is to generate a telepathic Wave of Love that connects ourselves with the Center of the Earth, and to help stabilize our Earth.***The ultimate goal is to manifest the Earth’s Rainbow Bridge- (the Day-Night alternators of our Earth’s magnetic field) by December 21, 2012.***The Rainbow Bridge will also signal that we. as a species, have been able to unify and cooperate spiritually and telepathically. *** It is the Bridge of Peace, long-prophesied, that will permanently connect the Third-dimensional Earth with the Fourth and higher dimensions, assuring a lasting Peace and Harmony.

Take a few deep breaths.  Dissolve any thoughts and negativity.  Inhale Purity and Peace.  Close your eyes and be at Peace with the Earth, Lord Seven Earth, the 9 Lords of the Ring, the Star People and each other.  Feel the Trust and Love permeating through all.

See the Analog-Antipode Tetrahedron above you  as a Pyramid with two Red sides and two White sides.  Connected to the base of it is the Blue and Yellow Occult-Unified Field Tetrahedron/Pyramid, which points South.  These form the perimeter of the Octahedral Crystal Core, which contains us and the 4 Time Atoms, surrounding  us.

We are gathered around  the intensely blazing point of White Light in the center of the 8-sided core.  An etheric column of White Light extends from the blazing center, through the North and South Poles at the Earth’s exterior.

Around this vertical etheric magnetic axis of light are two spiraling Flux Tubes, through which Plasmic energy is continuously passing.  Coiled around each other like two strands of DNA, the Flux Tubes deliver Plasma (electrically charged ions) which enters through the Earth’s Poles, to the blazing point at the center of our Earth.

Visualize the Red Tube spiraling and carrying Positive ions from the North Pole, and then see the entwined Blue Tube carrying the Negative Charged Ions from the South Pole to the Earth’s Center.

At the Northern Pole above us is a cube which is the Red Analog Time Atom.  See it spinning Clockwise.  Then, below us, see the Blue  Occult Time Atom.  It is spinning Counter-Clockwise.

Where the bases of the two Pyramids/Tetrahedrons forming the Octahedron Crystal Core meet, imagine the Horizontal Gravitational plane of the Earth. 

Then, on this horizontal plane visualize two more Time Atoms;  The White Antipode Time Atom is on your Left, and the Yellow Unified Field Time Atom is opposite it, on your Right.  These two Gravitational Time Atoms make a slow Counter-Clockwise motion around the central blazing point of luminosity, and they Stabilize our beautiful planet.

We take time  to clearly see the Crystal Core of the Earth, with it’s 8 faces.  See the Red Northern Time Atom spinning clockwise, while the other three Time Atoms are spinning counter-clock-wise.

Watch the entwined Red and Blue Flux Tubes spiraling around the vertical column of White Light.

Now, from the blazing center of the EARTH’s Octahedral Core, we see a great stream of multi-colored Plasma-filled light shooting out in both directions, towards the North and South Poles.

Visualize and feel these Rainbow-colored streams extending through your central column, which is now aligned with the Earth’s axis.  See the one above your head going through the Earth’s North Pole, making a huge Rainbow arc in front of the Earth, forming the Earth’s Day alternator, which always faces the Sun.

Then, see the Earth’s Night alternator, as a multi-colored stream,  flowing through the bottom of your feet, through the South Pole, and forming a huge Rainbow behind us and the Earth.

These two Rainbow Streams connect the North and South Poles of the Earth, exactly 180 degrees apart from each other. As the Earth slowly revolves on her Polar axis, this Rainbow Bridge remains steady, constant, unmoving in it’s relation to the Sun.

We hold this vision within our Hearts and feel the Peace, as the beautiful Rainbows surround us, and the Earth.  See the full spectrum of RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET encircling us.

Know that we and the Earth are one.  The Rainbow Bridge of World Peace is real.  There is a science behind this, and what we are visualizing now, will be seen by all in 2012.

Now, let these colorful Rainbows permeate into our Earth and into our aura, so our connection with the Earth remains, as we return to our deep breathing, in preparation for our spiral ascent to the grass amphitheater which is our Round Table. 

Let’s telepathically express our GRATITUDE to the Galactic Mediator of the powerful plasmas we use to create the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge:  Kin 137:  Lord Seven Earth, whom the Mayans call Ah Vuc Ti Cab

When all feel ready, we return to the Earth’s surface and regather in our Round Table.  Here is an opportunity to Thank the Star People for the beautiful ART and Guidance they provide.  We acknowledge the 6 fully awakened Bolontiku, and the Seventh one we are now awakening:  Yellow Overtone Sun.  These are the 7 of the 9 Bolontiku who sacrificed their electrical codes, trusting that we will do our part in reawakening them, and  in cooperating to save our Earth.

Now, let’s quiet our minds to receive any messages that  the Star People, the Bolontiku and Spirit  may wish to impart on this Crystal day coded by Wind:  Spirit and Communication

When it feels right, we will say Farewell to these powerful, sacred  energies who graced our Round Table with their presence.  “Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!   All hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature 

The Crystal Round Table Kin who remain can hold hands as we radiate these powerful energies of LOVEPEACE and HEALING into our Earth, and to all of Creation, before returning to the third-dimensional realm, knowing that our bond with the Earth, the Star People, Spirit and each other, has been magically strengthened. 🙂Art

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace The first 3 Kin to signal their participation in our Crystal Wind Round Table were three ‘Magical Maidens’ Christine, Electric Skywalker, Melovia, Crystal Moon and Moi, Planetary Serpent An important part of the lore of Camelot and Excalibur are the three ‘Ladies of the Lake’.  With Moi strategically on the East Coast of North America, Christine on the West Coast, and Melovia anchoring the North, they form a triangle onTurtle Island”.  🙂   Together, these three women are a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Blue Solar Hand; 7.9 also signifies the 7 of the 9 Bolontuki, and the 7 + 9 days of the 16 day Cube Journey.  We’ll interpret this as Pacal Votan’s blessing of them serving as the Ladies of the Lake for our first synchronized journey via Excalibur  to the Center of the Earth; where Pacal Votan spent 78,000 years of vigilant meditation on behalf of Earth and our Salvation.

Our Galactic Synchronization Crew 154 are near the Law of Time, and are empowering the MonKEY bio-region.  The Spectral Wizard GSC includes  Sarah, who codes this  Red Overtone Moon Year, Rachel who as Blue Rhythmic Night is TMQ’s Occult, and Michael, Cosmic Wind, who recently was with Pacal’s current incarnation; Valum Votan, when he spoke about the importance of manifesting the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.  Their local time, 12:12 Pacific Daylight Time determined when we would begin our Round Table.

We are glad to welcome our newest Kin, who is the first of our South American readers to reveal himself:  PEDRiN56 from Brasil.  He provides a conscious presence to the South of the Mayan civilization. 
Scott is a Yellow Resonant Star, who happens to be in his Galactic Star 8.8 year.  8.8, as the Guide of Galactic Seed which codes  the 2013 Galactic Synchronization, is our Guiding Star  🙂 
Scott in Eastern Canada and PEDRiN64 in Brasil create an anchor in the North and South.
In Europe,  it will be the 19.2; Lunar Storm watch when they join the Round Table.  S’ace  Solar Wind matches the Seal coding this Crystal Round Table, and Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night codes the day it will be for Kin in the Southern Hemisphere:   Blue Cosmic Night, during the Watch coded by Burbuja 33:   Blue Cosmic Hand.  Mikekiwiallegiance Overtone World-Bridger,  TMQ and others will be invoking the Star People at 7:12 a.m., a reminder of the Crystal Hand that codes 12/21/2012; which in turn reminds us of the 144 (12×12) Community of the 441 (21×21) Cube of Truth.  Code=E Lunar Skywalker named us, and he is telepathically joining us from the heart of  Turtle Island and the Noosphere.
There are so many numbers, crop circles and synchronicities that provide powerful support for this inaugural synchronized Crystal Wind Round TableAll readers are encouraged to join in.  One needn’t understand the ‘codes and language’.  All that is required is your sincere intent. We are synchronizing in time and with each other so that together we  connect  with Spirit, practice manifesting the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, and bring the MAGIC of CAMELOT and EXCALIBUR to life! 
V  expresses it this way:
Our Crystal Wind Round Table is happpening on the most auspicious PSI:
Kin:  39; Blue Cosmic Storm.
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 5.       KNOW  THE   MAGIC!             Kin 141
 our Earth’s Guardians.
Mayan Prayer of  the Seven Galactic  Directions:
****From the East:  House of Light
May wisdom dawn in us, so we may see all things in clarity.
 ****From the North:  House of Night
May wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within.
 ****From the West:  House of Transformation
May wisdom be transformed into right action,
so we may do what must be done.
 ****From the South:  House of the eternal Sun
May right action reap the harvest,
so we may enjoy the fruits of Planetary being.
 ****From Above:  House of Heaven
Where Star People and ancestors gather,
may their blessings be with us now.
****From Below:  House of Earth
May the Heartbeat of her Crystal Core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.
****From the Center:  Galactic Source
Which is everywhere at once,
may everything be known as the light of mutual LOVE
Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!  (3 times)
 All hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature” 
(translation of Mayan blessing)
When we feel the Star People around/with us, we will each make our way to the domain of Lord Seven Earth in our Earth’s octahedral Core
The Star People indicated this ‘bottomless pit’  near the castle which is thought to contain King Arthur’s  sword:  EXCALIBUR.  Letting this magical sword guide us on a counterclockwise spin through the Zuvuyu feels like a wonderful way to reach the Octaherdal core.This graphic (or rather, it’s mirror image) of the crop circle that appeared in Basiano, Italy on Spectral 28 coded by Blue Crystal MonKEY (May 29th, 2010) can  represent our counter-clockwise spiral descent to Earth’s Octahedral Core.

 This circle found near Munich on Cosmic 20 (13/20) coded by Kin 99:  Blue Galactic Storm can represent the 441 Cube of Truth kin and the Star People gathered together.  (Though there will be more than 9, that number brings

Kin 140: Yellow Planetary Sun codes Lunar Catalytic Blue Kali 4

Yellow Planetary Sun

Yellow Planetary Star
White Planetary Dog Yellow Planetary Sun Blue Planetary Storm
  Red Self-existing Dragon
I Perfect in order to Enlighten,  Producing Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Elegance.
The G-Force for Planetary Sun is Kin 18:  White Overtone Mirror, and the PSI for Lunar 4, 5 and 6 is Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm  :).  Kin 140 and it’s Occult, Kin 121:  Self-Existing Dragon, are the first and last Kins of the 7th central column.
Postulate 0.10 “By becoming conscious, the Law of Time alters the possibilities of telepathic interaction between given bodies.  The conscious alterations of telepathy between given bodies in which the Law of Time has become conscious determine a nexus of possibilities called the dynamics of time, or celestial harmonics.”
 Catalytic Blue KALI 4Establish/Catalyze;  Secret Center/Swadhistana:  “My name is the glorious lotus-born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”   Create the BACK of the Radion Cube and of the Cube for Codon 64:  PREPARED.
Telepathically connect to Katun 4; -AD 752 coded by 4th Solar Witness:  Kin 197;  Red Lunar Earth.   LOVE RECHARGE
TELEKTONON Day 5:  Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain.  Focus on 5:  Power of the Fifth Force.
 Codon 64:   Prepared:  ‘Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions’  describes our goal on the Galactic  Synchronization; 2013, coded by  Kin 164Galactic Seed.
Here is a synchronicity that may demonstrate others unconsciously tapping into the Noosphere.  During the past 36 hours, TMQ received speaking invitations from two different organizations, who each picked the day before phoning.
The first date is Lunar 28 (9/19), coded by Yellow Galactic Seed, and the other is on  Self-Existing 15 (11/1) coded by Kin 207:  Blue Crystal Hand.  How interesting that they chose the two Kin that code the 2013 Galactic Synchronization, and the 12/21/2012 Solstice!

On this 10th day of the MonKEY Wavespell, and 4th day of the Lunar MonKEY Moon, here is a photo of an Indonesian monKEY who has adopted a kitten, which is quickly becoming a cat:  Humans need to be showing that sort of compassion for each other. 

800,000 Pakistanians are now stranded, and can only be reached by air.  This is the worst humanitarian disaster in recent history.  14 million people are affected by this calamity, and Islamic charities are being prevented from helping.flooding has devastated Pakistan, leaving millions of people without shelter, water, food and sanitation. Photo: REUTERS/Adrees Latif, courtesy of Donate to the Pakistan floods response

Tomorrow, Spectral Dragon (1.11) we will  ‘meet’ our newest  Kin, and detail our plans for the synchronized  Crystal Wind Round Table at 12.12 the following day. 
1.11 describes  annual  Perseid meteor shower:  ” An unusual aspect of its orbit is that it is presently captured into a 1:11 orbital resonance with Jupiter; it completes one orbit for every 11 of Jupiter.  (just now saw that it is 1:41 a.m.;  1.11 is Kin 141  :))
Enjoy these photos from around the world of last week’s Perseid meteor shower
A meteor streaks past stars in the night sky over Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 4.                  LOVE RECHARGE          KIN 140

Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm codes Lunar Gamma 3; and Princess Diana: Our QUEEN of HEARTS

Blue Solar Storm

Blue Solar Eagle
Red Solar Moon Blue Solar Storm Yellow Solar Sun
  White Overtone Wind
I Pulse in order to Catalyze,  Realising Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Vision.
Today’s G-Force is Kin 145:  Red Lunar Serpent.  This is the last PSI day coded by Kin 22:  White Solar Wind.
Postulate 19.9:  “To be at God is Judgement Day.  Judgement Day is defined by the discovery of the Law of Time, which is both the final revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly, where, before, for lack of  the science of time, there had only been manifest error.  The Biosphere-Noosphere Transition is the external ripening of the cosmic unconscious, and is synonymous with the  Judgement Day sequence of the discovery of the Law of Time.”
  Seal 19:  STORM;  Self-Generation
 GAMMA 3:  Pacify;  Third Eye:  “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere.  I attain the POWER of PEACE.”  FRONT of Radion Cube.  Katun 3 (  AD 732) coded by third Solar Witness Yellow Magnetic Warrior. 
Here is an interesting article about personal magnetism:
TELEKTONON Day 3:  Baktun 3:  BC 2324;  The Wheel.  Pacal Votan enters the meditation that moves the Wheel.
This article shows how our Earth is Purifying the oil plume from the Gulf of Mexico:
This one gives a comprehensive update about this ‘Greatest ever Environmental Crime”:
Princess Diana exemplified the Compassionate One, and as a Solar Storm,  embodied the enlightening and catalytic energy of Divine Loyalty and Unconditional Love.   It’s interesting that her G-Force, Red Lunar Serpent codes the 13th anniversary of her death on August 31. 
Feeling ill during Princess Diana’s Galactic Return (here) while it was  Galactic Mirror where most of you reside, gave TMQ  a chance to reflect further upon the strong bond she feels with our Queen of Hearts.  ( And a  speaking invitation  from a psychic here named Diana was received during the Solar Eagle Watch  :)) 
I was in Paris when Princess Diana died, and after a phone call from the U.S. relayed the tragic news, was one of the first mourners at  the Ponte D’Alma Tunnel.  That morning I began collecting every newspaper and magazine available, for the next two years -even the ones in French. The front page articles in the French newspapers that day said she had sustained a broken arm, but no life-threatening injuries.  The two hour ride in an ambulance to the Pitie-Saltpetriere Hospital  only 10 minutes away is where Diana became mortally wounded.
TMQ gathered enough information to write a book about Princess Diana, and that was prior to realizing that we are next to each other in the Tzolkin.  Diana was born 9 years minus 9 days after TMQ, placing us both in the Cosmic Turtle Moon.  (We even share the Stuart bloodline, with my maternal Grandfather named Charles Stuart —-)
The (still) unprecedented global outpouring of grief upon learning that the most famous woman in the world had died, shows that she truly is also the most beloved woman: our Queen of HeartsPrincess Diana symbolizes the Divine Feminine, and her son, Prince William, Resonant Wizard Go to fullsize image has so many signs (including his auspicious birth on  a  Solar Eclipse during the Summer Solstice)   that he is destined to play a  magical role in the Return of Camelot.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOur first synchronized Crystal Round Table falls between Princess Diana’s Galactic Birthday  and the 13th anniversary of her death at the 13th pylon,  on 8/31/1997 (also the birthday of TMQ’s sister Ann)
The inspiration for this Round Table began when TMQ awoke at 2:12, after a dream about several 441 Cube of Truth Kin gathered on the lawns of a castle.  Realizing our next Round Table would be on 2.12, Crystal Wind led to the
idea for this  Round Table beginning at 12:12 p.m. during the 12.12  watch of White Crystal Wind.
All suggestions and  ideas for our first synchronized Crystal Wind Round Table are happily welcomed.  Details, including your input,  and/or who will ‘be there’ will be discussed in the post on Kin 141:  Spectral Dragon. 
At this point, the vision begins with us sitting in a circle on the green lawns of Cadbury Castle, then taking the Zuvuya through the bottomless pond thought to contain EXCALIBUR, to the Crystal Core of our Earth for our Rainbow Bridge Meditation.  Recent crop circles drew our attention to these places. 
Our sacred ritual has begun!peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 
Thank you for all of your kind thoughts, written and/or telepathically sent  🙂
N. S. 1. 23. 2. 3.         PURIFICATION RECHARGE        Kin 139

Kin 138: White Galactic Mirror codes Seli 2 of Moon 2; the Full Moon; V.Vernadsky; and The Mystery Queen

White Galactic Wind
Yellow Galactic Star White Galactic Mirror Red Galactic Dragon
  Blue Rhytmic Night
I Harmonize in order to Reflect,  Modeling Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Galactic tone of Integrity.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
The Challenge of Kin 138 is  Galactic Star, our Guide on Galactic Synchronization 2013.   
The Occult, Kin 123:  Rhythmic Night is Rachel’s Galactic Signature.
Today’s Analog is Kin 21:  Galactic Dragon, which is the Galactic Signature of this blog, and the G-Force of Valum Votan.  (21×21=441
 The G-Force of Galactic Mirror is Kin 12:  Crystal Human (12×12=144).
Postulate 18.8:  “Mahabodhisattvas are angelic orders who choose galactic transmigration.  Bodhisattvic striving is ceaselessly directed toward limitless whole field realization of radiance and luminosity through the entire radially infinite mirror universe of infinite Galactic Brains and world systems.”
Cosmic History  Volume 2:  Avatar refers to Mahabodhisattvas as Galactic Mayans.
   Seal 18:  MIRROR reflects TRUTH, and exemplifies Meditation. 
The Mirror also reflects the Eagles view of The Pyramid.
Telektonon Day 2:  Baktun 2;   BC 2718 (=18  :)) The Pyramid.  Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid-vows to remain in Earthly tomb of materialism until the return of Bolon Ik”. (whose Kin 22 codes today’s PSI Kin, and is reflected in today’s 13 Moon date of 2.2.)
  SELI 2:  Flow;  Root:  “My Mother is the ultimate sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube.
Katun Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle;  AD  712.  WALK in BEAUTY
Vladimir  Vernadsky  was a Russian  mineralogist and geochemist who is considered one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and of radiogeology.[1] His ideas of noosphere were an important contribution to Russian cosmism   Here: 
Valum Votan reviews The Biosphere  by V. Vernadsky, which gives “us a genuinely integrative and holistic perception of our role in the processes of the natural order and in the evolutionary scheme of things”
Besides sharing the  initials of V.V. (more 22‘s for today  :)), the numerical values of the letters in both of their names  (and TMQ’s) each add up to  141.  Spectral Dragon begins the 8th of the 13 columns of the Tzolkin.  Incidentally, 1.11 plus 18.8 = 19.19, which is Kin 19. Blue Rhythmic Storm.
the massive galaxy M87: Pictured: spectacular 'galactic super volcano explosion' captured by Nasa telescope
That story  leads  to the other eruption, in the Gulf of the GALACTIC Mayans.
Today’s G-Force, 12.12:  Crystal Human coded the day that the Volcano of Oil began gushing in the Gulf of Mexico.  The oil field was originally named ‘Crazy Horse’ whose letters have the numerical value of 138:  Galactic Mirror.  The name was changed (in response to protests by the Lakota Sioux) to “Thunder Horse“.  
Some see a bucking Stallion  in this image of the Gulf of Mexico: 
That image is reminiscent of this ominous-looking bucking stallion at the Denver Airport, home of abundant ‘New World Order symbols:
This article mentions:  Petroleum Petroleum: a Prophecy. In this short story, a gigantic oil spill pollutes the Gulf of Mexico: a terrorist act against humanity.”  It was written in 1903 by Gustaf Meyrink an insider who “had all kinds of occult connections.”
Thunder Horse, Oil Field of the Apocalypse also talks of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
It appears to TMQ that these various uses of the Horse are attempts by the elite  to usurp a more ancient, powerful and postive image of the Horse which  the Star People often  indicate, by placing Crop Circles near the White Horse at Uffington.
 This formation  which appeared on our GM108X Day-out-of-Time  points directly to The White Horse of Uffington.
 “By tradition, The Uffington White Horse was made in honor of
                                    the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon
Kin 19 (from above) reminds us of Day 19:    VICTORY of the WHITE HORSE
Victory of the White Horse purifies the Biosphere“.  (Including the Gulf of Mexico)
               “May PROPHECY purify Victory of the 13 Moons way as
                                the TRIUMPH of the Religion of TRUTH!”
                  N. S.  1. 23. 2. 2.            WALK in BEAUTY           Kin 138

Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes Dali 1 of the Lunar Moon of Challenge

 Red Resonant Earth

Red Resonant Moon
Blue Resonant Hand Red Resonant Earth White Resonant Wind
  Yellow Resonant Seed
I Channel in order to Evolve,  Inspiring Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
The G-force of Resonant Earth is Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm, a reminder of Princess Diana, 8 days before the 13th anniversary of her tragic death.  The first 3 days of Lunar Moon always correspond to the PSI of Kin 22:  White Solar Wind.
Kin 137 codes Lord Seven Earth, whom the Galactic Mayans call  Ah Vuc Ti Cab.   From the Center of the Earth, he mediates the Plasmas flowing from Hunab Ku into our Earth through her poles.  Until the Mid-Year Shift, he is sharing his domain with the 7th Lord of the Ring’s Root-of-Root Chakra coded by Kin 48:  Yellow Solar Star
The totem for every Lunar Moon of Challenge is the Scorpion, and this Lunar Moon is coded by Kin 171:  Blue Lunar Monkey, whose Oracle is:
Blue Lunar Night
Red Lunar Dragon Blue Lunar Monkey Yellow Lunar Star
  White Crystal Dog
I Polarise in order to Play,  Stabilising Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.
Postulate 17.7:  “Through participation in the Galactic Federation, angels possess a guiding capacity which is intelligently directed by feedback from the coordinating design of God.  This guiding capacity allows angels to be appointed to any one of the infinite spectrum of bodies in time evolved through the energy-to-mind continuum of the Galactic Brain.”
During the next 28 days, the Moon (11.2) and Year (9.5) together are a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20:  Yellow Resonant Sun.  The G-Force of Lunar Monkey is 13.7Red Resonant Skywalker.
During the first Heptad  of Lunar Monkey Moon, we are building the Cube for
Codon 64:  PREPARED:  Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.
7th Verse of  Section 11 of The Telektonon Prophecy:
71.  “Then will come the three Baktun’s of Babel, the coming exile of 12:60 time.  Thirteen years after this tenth Baktun shall come the last prophetic roundThirteen Cycles of Heaven, each 52 years, followed by Nine Cycles of Hell, each also 52 years.   When the third round of Heaven begins,  the Messenger of the Last Call will come to you, Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan, the prophet by name.”
13 and 9 were just now mentioned on the 6:00 news here:  50 million tons of ice calved off of a glacier at Mt. Cook-Aoriki (proposed site of a 13 Moon center)  The largest piece is 13 stories high and the 9 rugby fields wide.
Another ‘9 happened here in New Zealand:  Mike Overtone World-Bridger’s son galactic Jack, blue magic (planetary) monkey kin 231 crew member of red resonant dragon 241, celebrated his 9th orbit on this beautiful living spaceship called the noosphere, know the knowing. Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform.))  Happy Birthday Jack! 🙂
Today’s G-Force, Kin 139 can also designate 13.9, Solar Skywalker.  13 plus 9 equal 22, the Kin number of Bolon IkSolar Wind, which codes the PSI for these  3 days. 
Another news item synchronized with the 13 Moon Calendar was “The world’s most famous right ankle“.  While Kin in the rest of the world were still awakening the Right Ankle of Single Wing Red Fire,  New Zealand was focused on the injured Right Ankle of  New Zealand All-Black Dan Carter,  the world’s best number 10 (rugby kicker).  🙂
Today is Telektonon Day 1, which is coded by Bolon Ik’s Spirit Tower
We telepathically connect with Baktun 1:  BC 3113;  The Star Planting, when  Pacal Votan enters Earth, and beholds Christ and the 144,000 Kin of the Sacred Count.  Votan also conducts the Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge.
On this day coded by Red Resonant Earth, here is an interesting observation: 
“It is interesting to note, that in the past,  6.0 earthquakes caused global alarm through-out the planet… however, now they are not even being mentioned in the news… and I was quite shocked to see that they have not only increased, but dramically increased since the middle of last month … … yes, Mother Earth is in Motion !  (found at the Wingmakers Forum)

Crop Circles and Earth Energies

Very often crop formations appear where powerful ley lines intersect– or the Earth’s magnetic energy lines. This is often at the same place where megalithic sites such as Stonehenge are found. Dowsing can be done within the formations after the crop has been plowed when there are no longer traces of physical evidence.


 The ‘Julia Set’ crop circle appeared across the road from Stonehenge during daylight hours on 7/7/1996.  The  Antipode of Resonant Earth is 7.7, and Blue Resonant Hand also codes today’s Spirit Tower. 

Here is an example of the ‘art work’ by Kin 137:   Lord Seven Earth.
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 1.  UR EARTH 1SPIRIT Tower   Kin 137
CODON 64;  PREPARED:  Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions
Today, we lay the FIRST Line:  ___    ___ (SPACE) on the BOTTOM of the Cube.
On SELI we ‘Build the Binary’ with  ____ (TIME) on the RIGHT Face.
Gamma, we ‘Create the Triplet’:  by putting ___     ___ (SPACE) on the LEFT Face.
On Kali we “Establish the Fourth’ when we put ____ (TIME) on the BACK.
On Alpha we will ‘Sound the Fifth’ by placing ___   ___ (SPACE) on the FRONT.
We complete the Cube for Codon 4 on Limi by placing _____(TIME) on TOP.

DALI:  Target;  CROWN:  “My father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat.”  Today we begin building the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom.  TOP of Radion Cube. 

UR EARTH 1:  Outer Earth,  Foundation Spirit Tower. 

Katun Kin 194:  Dedication of Pacal Votan’s Tomb.  AD 692.

Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior codes the last day of Magnetic Dog Moon


Yellow Rhytmic Warrior
White Rhytmic Worldbridger Yellow Rhytmic Warrior Blue Rhytmic Night
  Red Galactic Serpent
I Organise in order to Question,  Balancing Fearlessness.
I seal the output of Intelligence with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The G-Force is the same as the the Antipode:  Rhythmic World-Bridger.  These last 3 days of Magnetic Moon correspond to the PSI of  Kin 260:  Cosmic Sun:  20.13.
The 364 PSI Chrono days of the 13 Moon year accommodate the  260  Kins of the Tzolkin by having each of the 52 Gap Kin coding the 3 days corresponding to the Tower Days at the beginning and end of each Moon (Days 1-3 and 26-29) and the Tower days at the beginning (days 4-6) and end (days 23-25) of each 16 day Cube Journey. 
The remaining 108 Kins  correspond to each Moon’s  16 day Cube Journeys  (13×16=108) It’s interesting to note that the  Magnetic Moon Towers are coded by the 4 ‘corners of the Tzolkin’, and progress radially from there.
Postulate 16.6:  “Entrance into the Dominion of time through the conscious self-reflective discovery of the Law of Time actually initiates the “cycle of return”.  Cycle of Return refers to that moment in the stellar evolution when atomic-cellular expansion becomes regressive, and the correct process of excitation of primary material can only be induced by self-reflective consciousness.  As self-reflective consciousness increases, mass diminishes, volume expands, and weight decreases.  This decreases is proprotionate to the releases of radion, resulting in continuing and super conscious expansion of prrimary thermic and luminic properties.”

   SILIO 28:   Discharge;  HEART:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I discharge the Mental electron Neutron at the center of the Earth“.     UR EARTH 7:  Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower.  The 28th day of each Moon corresponds to the Return of the Seventh Solar Witness:  Kin 200;  Yellow Overtone Sun.

Place yourself within the Yellow Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom  and the  Cube for Codon 4.  Discharge them and yourself to the Heart of the Earth.From the center of the Earth, where the 4 Time Atoms we telepathically created this Moon now reside, perform the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation.


Galactic Crew Red Resonant Dragon saw a rainbow over the near full moon, on Yellow Rhythmic Warrior day, it was beautiful, a galactic biblical moment seeing a  part rainbow and it’s complete arch imagined over the moon, that was radiant in the 4.44 pm evening afternoon sky.((Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform.))
”  Thank you Mike, Overtone World-Bridger for sharing this beautiful Vision!

TELEKTONON Day 28:  Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik end their 4 day Heaven Walk in the Palace of Heaven.  We all celebrate the  Tower of Babel’s redemption as the Spirit Tower of the telepathic redemption of the lost planets.  From here, Pacal Votan descends to Earth, where we will join him at Midnight, to undertake another 13 Moons Turtles, 28 day journey, joining Heaven and Earth.

 The 28th day of each Moon corresponds to the Return of the Seventh Solar Witness:  Kin 200;  Yellow Overtone Sun.  Kin 200 codes the Heart oracle of Single Wing Red Fire, the 7th Lord of Time whom we are awakening this year, one Moon at a time.  This Magnetic Dog Moon we have awakened his First  (of 13) Articulation.  Before midnight, take time to envision his Right Magnetic Ankle fully awakened.  Take Heart in knowing we matched all 15 of his Chakras this Moon!

At Midnight, we enter the Lunar Monkey Moon on the center of the 11th Blue Monkey Wavespell of MAGIC  🙂

The 6th Verse of Section 11 of  The Telektonon Prophecy is:

70.  “After the Seven Generations, the end of the Baktun.  Ten Baktuns gone, the glorious Age of Maya gone, the long count of my days to be completed at 1,440,000 Kin, the mystic number of the elect, multiplied by Ten.”

This is the final day of the Moon coded by Seal  Ten:  Dog-God;  Divine Loyalty.

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 28.  Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower     Kin 136