Kin 119: Blue Lunar Storm codes Magnetic Blue Kali 11: Cube Five

Blue Lunar Storm

Blue Lunar Monkey
Red Lunar Moon Blue Lunar Storm Yellow Lunar Sun
  White Crystal Wind
I Polarise in order to Catalyze,  Stabilizing Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Magic.

Red Resonant Dragon is the G-Force of Lunar Storm.  Magnetic 11 corresponds to the PSI of Kin 6:  Rhythmic World-Bridger.

Postulate 19.2:  ” There is only one star maker and star master,  Lord of all the Universes, and that is God.”

     KALI 11:  Catalyze/Establish;  Secret Center-Svadhistana:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  BACK of RADION Cube and the CODON Cube for  MEDITATION/THE TEMPLE  #52



████▌▐████ (SPACE) on BACK



████▌▐████   U▫G▫C  CYSTEINE

TELEKTONON Day 11:  Baktun 11:  AD830;   HOLY WARS. Quetzalcoatl closes First Millenium with Prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells.  Muhammud as Witness of Truth; Holy Wars exile Christ.  Sacred Overcome by War.

Cube Five:  SEX;  “By my Warrior Serpent sex power, Guided by the Power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of war be transcended and overcome by sexual life-force.”  “May Peace & Love Prevail for all!”

This  display by “The Star Master” is emanating from our own Star:  Velatropa 24:A stunning panoramic image of Lake Superior in Michigan taken by amateur photographer Shawn Malone of Marquette last night

A stunning panoramic image of Lake Superior in Michigan. Michigan was one of the US states which were lucky enough to get a full aurora borealis display last night as the solar tsunami disturbed the Earth’s magnetic field. 

Today, the combined Kins coding the Year (9.5) Moon (10.1) and Day (19.2) equal 18.8.  As a “Galactic Birthday” gift, TMQ received full use of her computer, after 5 days without it.  🙂 (Her actual Galactic Birthday is in 19 days) The repairman showed how her cat OMA (who was dancing on the  keyboard when the problem commenced) had manipulated the keys to cause power to go in the Antipode direction (?!!)  Perhaps OMA  (named for Original Matrix Attained) was reminding us of the Affirmation for  last year:  “Do not forget the origin nor neglect the completion”

Two small formations appeared (created by Humans or Star Artists?) in Wiltshire on Red Cosmic Earth:  The first one: was found at Pewsey Wharf, and the cross was discovered at Lurkeley Hill in East Kennett. 


formation inspired one cerealogist to present  this Blue Mandala.  It’s a beautiful reminder of the Divine on this Blue Kali coded by the Divine 19th Seal: 

N.S.  1. 23. 1. 11.        Cube Five:  SEX       Kin 119


9 thoughts on “Kin 119: Blue Lunar Storm codes Magnetic Blue Kali 11: Cube Five

  1. H-OMA-work is on yesterdaya’s Mirror post.

    Eye jUSt love this!

    May I join you?

    Oma!!! Stop harassing yoUR Mama!!! She has enough to do as it is!!!

  2. on the blue mandala i see the circumpoint arizing as basically in

    circumspect is a verb that is both simultaneous active on the cross and the diagonals …

    this is why the cross is also rotated 45 degrees …

    the interesting thing on number 45 is also in the triangle …

    as we know the line up in a centered illustration of 28 dots gives …

    now add to lines below the base of 7/seven … 8 and 9 …

    what do we count: 28+17=>45 AHA

    Then we see to that figure and see 3 triangels arise and a centervoid!

    24 + 15 + 6 => 45
    aka 3×8 , 3×5 , 3×2

    what is the “noo” base line?
    the one with 9 dots … communicating?

    lets accepts the Divine Guidance, okay?
    in lak’ech ala kin’ethicks

  3. getting unstuck … might be influenced by the talking monkeys …
    from a kinethic perspective potentiall …

    “integral thinking”
    emerging the fuse of the living system rather than something that has no label at all considering the One Principle Reigning all the Time …
    on roYal Wings’

    From Ur’ane, White Solar Wind
    as the “ball kicked”

  4. OMA
    transcends 3 numbers from the 3 maps as instruments:
    15 13 1 => 28+1
    12 13 1 => 25+1
    11 13 1 => 24+1

    where i did not include the +1 factor in the result , simply while that oune is the local -layground for every player at a planetary charge contreebuting the whole idea(L)

    notice L as number 24/2 and as lowercase l , as 1 or mirror inside the torso …

    oma is the dutch label given to grandma … aka granny; probably inherited from 1st granny “smith”, an apple story


  5. Fluid Movements left with True Archetype Heroes.
    The Anasazi Dream State left Traces..
    Pieces forming.
    Others Crumbling.
    Willful Strength.
    With Satori,PATIENCE.
    Restless Traveler.
    Mile Marker 441.
    Eyes With,,,,No More than the Pupil….OF..
    UR Galactic Beam.

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