Kin 120: Yellow Electric Sun codes Yellow Magnetic Apha 12; Cube Six


Yellow Electric Seed
White Electric Dog Yellow Electric Sun Blue Electric Storm
  Red Spectral Dragon
I Activate in order to Enlighten, Bonding Life.
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Flowering.
Analog, Electric Storm, coded the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone.  The G-Force of Electric Sun is Planetary Wizard.  The PSI for Magnetic 12 is 7.7:   Blue Resonant Hand.
Postulate 0.3:  “These sciences do not actually describe  the effect of time in governing the order of movement in space.  By (x,y,z) variable coordinates, space science measures duration of movement of bodies in space, but duration is not time.  Duration is merely a relative measure of movement between three relatively assigned points in space.  The principle of the measure of the duration of space underlies the third-dimensional concepts of time as well.  The measurement of time incorporated in the mechanical clock measures the duration of movement of a body within an arc or degree of a circle in space.  This has nothing to do with the actual nature of time.”
Yin (__  __) corresponds to SPACE, while Yang (____) denotes TIME.  Today we place the 5th line of Codon 52 (__  __) Space on the FRONT of its Cube.
  ALPHA 12:  RELEASE;  THROAT-Visuddha:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  RIGHT side of RADION Cube.  Today we begin building the  Telepathic Quantum of the White Telepathic Time Atom..
During Week Two, we telepathically connnect with the 7 years of Prophecy: 1993-2000.  Today corresponds to the 5th year (1997-1998) and the Reawakening of the 5th Solar Witness:  White Electric Mirror.
TELEKTONON Day 12:  Baktun 12:  AD 1224;  Hidden Seed.  Triumph of Third Babylon:  Vatican.  Perfection of the mechanical clock.  “Woman clothed in the Sunconquest of 13:20.  Gregorian Calendar imposed in 1582.
Cube Six:  Death.  “By my warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!”  “May the Peace of the 13 Moon way Prevail!”
On this day coded by the SUN, check out SOLAR Roadways.  Sott Brusaw, the creator of this beautiful vision, believes that if the  roads in America were constructed of the solar panels he has designed, they would provide more than enough power for America’s needs, and for other parts of the world also!  Your driveway would deliver the energy for all of your needs to your doorstep  :).  “Imagine a world-wide system where the “lit” half of the world is always powering the “dark” half of the world!”
The latest Crop Circle appeared on Blue Lunar Storm “at a special place called Trent Barrow”:
Trent Barrow is known as a bottomless pit.”The pool in this earthwork is one of the places here King Arthur ‘s sword Excalibur is said to have been thrown  This site is only a few miles from South Cadbury Castle which is often believed to be the site of Camelot.  We await aerial photos.
E-X-C-A-L-I-B-U-R codes the last 9 years leading to our Galactic Seed Synchronization in 2013.  This year, while we are awakening the 7th Lord of the Ring:  Single Wing Red Fire, we declare: 
By my Wizard power of Timelessness, and the mystic letter “B”, may I enchant Excalibur with the Starborn remembrance of the Nine Lords of Time!”
Do you feel the Magic building?  🙂  Kin of the 441 Cube of Truth are contributing Magic and Beauty with their images and prose.  Just now, TMQ arose from writing to free a huge bumblebee who came indoors to inspect Rhythmic Sun’s glorious orchids-a reminder of the spectacular image  ( of Bumblebees feasting on a flower, sent by Christine, Electric SkywalkerBumblebees are a Sacred emblem of Royalty.Royalty Free RF Clipart Illustration Of Honey Combs In A Hive by HitToonand their Honeycombs create Cubes.  “The Priestesses of Artemis, the Goddess of the mountains and the forest and the Moon, were called Melissonomoi, Beekeepers.”  “Bees have an ancient reputation as the bringers of order.  Bees are “attracted to the heavenly fragrances of flowers, from which they make the divine nectar, honey”.
Also look at Christine’s fabulous images of the Radial Plasma display orchestrated by our Sun and Lord Seven Earth.  OMA (the feline) is trying to follow Christine’s advice  :), while our other Skywalker, Code=E  also wrote of  OMA:  “Eyes With,,,,No More than the Pupil….OF..OMA…”  “Mile Marker 441”  “Fluid Movements left with True Archetype Heroes.  The Anasazi Dream State left Traces.”  Anasazi, were the presursors of the ‘Cliff Dwellers’ and Mayan-related Hopi Indians.  Kin 93 has our full love and support as disseminates ‘Mayan Truth’   in the vicinity of the Sacred Mountain’ visited by Pacal Votan, and everywhere he travels  🙂
Moi, Planetary Serpent has sent some very interesting reports from the perimeter of the Gulf of Mexico, including a Cosmic Earth dream we hope is not Prophetic  🙂  (Just looked at the clock for the first time since I rescued the Bumblebee:   4:41 p.m.!)  Moi poetically expresses her attunement with the Radial Plasmas, Kin from other countries, the Sea Life and Rainbows:  “lookin’ for my rainbow   And for ‘Laguz’  which ‘is the water forming that refines the mystery’.  You’ll be richly rewarded by viewing the wonderful comments and links from these Kin and from S’ace Solar Wind these past few days.  🙂
This Crop Circle highlights 5 CIRCUMPUNCTS. (created in a way to confirm that this formation is  the creation of the Star People)  The letters of CIRCUMPUNCT add up to 141.  (Valum Votan’s name and TMQ’s both add up to 141)  Kin 141 is Red Spectral Dragon, the HIDDEN POWER of today
 These two Occult Kin (Electric Sun and Spectral Dragon bookend‘ the 7th Mystic column we enter at Midnight  🙂  The 7th column of the Tzolkin contains the Galactic Signatures (and their Occults) of several 441 Cube of Truth Kin. peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 23. 1. 12.  Cube Six;  A Cosmic Race once Again   Kin 120

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