Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon codes Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

Red Self-Existing Dragon

Red Self-existing Earth
Blue Self-existing Monkey Red Self-existing Dragon White Self-existing Mirror
  Yellow Planetary Sun
I Define in order to Nurture,  Measuring Being.
I seal the input of Birth with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.
The G-Force is 7.13, Blue Cosmic Hand  (which codes Burbuja 33 Our ‘Guiding Star’, 8.8, Yellow Galactic Star is the PSI kin for Magnetic 13.  Kin 121 (11×11) is the Galactic Signature of the Law of Time, which was discovered on Overtone 26, December 10th, 1989. Postulate 1.4: Informing equally and uniformly the full spectrum of evolutionary possibilities of  energy, mass, and consciousness, the constant 13:20 frequency of time functions as the Law of Time:  T(E)=Art, Energy factored by Time equals Art.  The quality of beauty is the index of the efficiency of the equation of the Law of Time, perceivable as the Synchronic Order of the Universe at any given moment.”
LIMI 13:  Purify;  Solar Plexus-Manipura:  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.”  LEFT side of RADION Cube;   ____ TIME on TOP completes the 6th side of the Cube for CODON 52:  Meditation/The Temple.
LIMI 13:  UR EARTH 4:  Night Earth.  Triumph of the Religion of Truth. 
TELEKTONON Day 13:    Baktun 13:  AD 1618 to 2012.  Babylon Planet.  Transformation of matter.  Pacal Votan witnesses Planetary Triumph of 12:60 and calls upon Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge to bring the 13 Moons back to life.
Cube Seven:  Accomplishment.  “By the Self-Generating power of the prophecy Hand Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail!”  “By my unconscious telepathic force, May I take back Babylon Planet for the Biosphere!”
During Week/Heptad 1 of this Red Overtone Moon Year, we were able to fill in all Nine Chakras and the Six Supporting Wings of Single Wing Red Fire.    So far this Week, we  filled in
On Crystal Warrior, we filled in the Root-of-Root Chakra (our Earth’s Octahedral Core):  STAR.  Cosmic Earth matched the Crown of Crown (Noosphere):  EARTH, and two Chakras coded by today’s SealDRAGON:  3rd Crown-of-Root (Secret Center) Chakra and 4th Root-of-Heart Solar Plexus Chakra.  On Lunar Storm we filled in the Heart-of-Heart (Heart) Chakra with the SUN; and the Heart-of-Crown (Crown) 8th Chakra with MOON.   The Antipode of tomorrow’s Kin 122: Overtone Wind, will fill in the 7th Root-of-Crown (Third Eye) Chakra with HUMAN.
The only Chakra remaining unmatched this Week will be the 2nd Heart-of-Root (Root) Chakra which is coded by Red SKYWALKER. For the remainder of Week Two, we’ll focus on Seal 13, also known as PROPHET, ‘World Teacher or Culture Bringer; who exemplifies Wisdom as the Spirit of Prophecy as the Wisdom of the future made present.  We only fill in the lateral wings in Weeks where we are able to fill in all 9 Chakras on the vertical axis of Single Wing Red Fire.
Red Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, who Prophesied the 13 Heavens and 9 Hells, and epitomized the Culture Bringer and World Teacher.  Recent excavations near the Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan have revealed a deep tunnel and more:   “the social structure of Teotihuacan remains a Mystery after nearly 100 years of archaeological exploration at the site, which is best known for the towering Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun.”  TMQ believes the Pyramid of the Moon indicates that  their ‘social structure’  held women in  high esteem.
In another part of Mexico, the  hemorrhaging of oil in the Gulf of Mexico began on Crystal Human, 12.12, 119 days ago,  Contrary to government reports that the oil has ‘disappeared’ are contrary to what this satellite image reveals:  The oil now covers 12,000 square miles.   BP Gulf Oil Spill Satellite Image July 28th, 2010
Let’s  ACCOMPLISH   PURIFICATION  of the GULF of MEXICO, for these creatures:
        Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize image
As Rhythmic Sun and Galactic Mirror drove home 40 minutes ago, the Sun peeked through for the first time on this rainy PURIFYING LIMI
Suddenly, there was a vivid double RAINBOW before us!  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 1. 13.     Cube Seven:  Accomplishment      Kin 121

4 thoughts on “Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon codes Limi 13; Cube 7: Accomplishment

  1. So, TMQ. I have a question concerning Codons:

    Ok, so in the new almanac for the overtone moon year, they’ve put in “biphasic” codons for every four days.

    Are we supposed to be building all 3 codons: The Master (Codon 22), Bi-Phasic(Codon 4), as well as the Weekly Codon (Codon 52)?

  2. Two dreams – yesterday morning I jumped on a huge lily pad in the middle of a man made pond that had a plastic skiff on top of it – I was in a brown terrycloth bathrobe and my legs were hanging in the water – when I looked into the bottom of the “tank” eye saw an enormous, black coiled serpent-like body – at least five feet in diameter and hundreds of feet long – at that moment the top of the stalk of the pad began to swirl aggressively around from side to side – I couldn’t see the head of the creature, and I wasn’t really afraid, but I knew I needed to get to land. At which point I was awakened by a text from my friend Crystal Serpent with a picture of a large black semiautomatic weapon. Very weird

  3. The next morning I dreamt of a view from a large house with a deck that led down to a beach – it was just after sunset and the sky was very purple – a large glowing orb came flying down from the sky and decelerated itself just before it dipped into the water and popped back up – it was translucent – almost exacty like Glinda from the Wizard of Oz – and it had a permutating glowing cube inside it changing shape – inverting and twisting in on itself. Beautiful and strange.

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