Kin 122: White Overtone Wind codes Magnetic Silio 14: Cube 8 on 8/8

White Overtone Wind

White Overtone Dog
Yellow Overtone Human White Overtone Wind Red Overtone Earth
  Blue Solar Storm
I Empower in order to Communicate,  Commanding breath.
I seal the input of Spirit with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Heart.
The Analog, PVCS Red Overtone Earth is a direct match for the Crown-of-Crown Chakra which represents the Noosphere.  The Occult, Blue Solar Storm codes Princess Diana.  Today’s G-Force is  Kin 120:  Yellow Electric Sun , and  Magnetic 14 is always coded by 9.9,  Red Solar Moon.
Postulate 2.5:  “The comprehensive  whole system experience of the Galactic Brain at any given moment  at any given moment  due to the full-spectrum variability of the disposition of the stellar masses throughout the entire field is supremely aesthetic in its nature.” 
SILIO 14:  DISCHARGE;  HEART-Anahata:  “My Role is toAccomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.”  Today we become the HEART of  the Radion Cube and the Codon Cube 52:  Meditation/The Temple.  We DISCHARGE all, including the ANTIPODE Telepathic Time Atom to the HEART of our EARTH.”  From the Octahedral Crystal Core, MEDITATE THE CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE  “One  purpose of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation is to generate a telepathic Wave of Love that connects ourselves with the Center of the Earth, and to help stabilize our EarthThe ultimate goal is to manifest the Earth’s Rainbow Bridge(the Day-Night alternators of our Earth’s magnetic field) by December 21, 2012.  The Rainbow Bridge will also signal that we. as a species, have been able to unify and cooperate spiritually and telepathically.  It is the Bridge of Peace, long-prophesied, that will permanently connect the Third-dimensional Earth with the Fourth and higher dimensions, assuring a lasting Peace and Harmony.
TELEKTONON Day 14:    The first of the last 9 days in the Cube is aphasically  coded by  DALI;  Kin 144.  Song of the 144,000 redeems the White Crystal Wizard
Cube Eight:  ART “By my stored STAR power of ART, may Prophecy target the Victory of the Righteous.  May the beast of ignorance be slain.”   “May Free Will, Peace, Art & Harmony Prevail!”
Gregorian 8/8 coded by Cube Eight:  STAR-ART was commemorated with two stunning formations of ART from the STAR people!  🙂
This delightful Circle appeared as Stanton Bridge in Wiltshire.
It appears to beautifully depict two main parts of 14 segments each, representing the two halves of each Moon, on the day we are at the end of the first half of the first Moon of Red Overtone Moon!  The other 3 components look like Crescent Moons.  🙂
This beautiful formation appeared below the White Horse near Pewsey in Wiltshire.  We’ll explore it in the Blue Rhythmic Night post.  What do you see?
Now we enter the second half of the Moon coded by Magnetic Dog, who exemplifies COMPASSION and DIVINE LOYALTY. 
These values were pivotal to an occultist coded by White Overtone Wind:  Dion Fortune.  Her choice of that name  “was inspired by her family motto “Deo, non fortuna” (Latin for “by God, not fate”).  Dion Fortune reported visions of Atlantis at the age of four, and began writing in 1919.  She wrote “The Mystical Qabalah…which… is regarded by many occultists as one of the best books on magic ever written.”  “Diana L. Paxson, author, sister-in-law and long-time collaborator of Marion Zimmer Bradley, credits Dion Fortune’s work on the mystical aspects of the Arthurian legend as being the inspiration for The Mists of Avalon  (That was the first book TMQ read about King Arthur and Camelot  :))
We’ll close with a quote from this Overtone Wind who resonanted with Moons and Magic:  “A religion without a Goddess is halfway to atheism!”
N. S.  1. 23. 1. 14.     Cube Eight:  ART      Kin 122

10 thoughts on “Kin 122: White Overtone Wind codes Magnetic Silio 14: Cube 8 on 8/8

  1. 48 😉 96 😉 144 😉

    Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. II Pg. 48 (emphasis, eye)

    The Hunab Ku is a pure radiating binary principle, resulting in “eight” – the potentiality of the eight gives rise to eight trigrams or triplets with the maximum possibility of using yin and yang in a three-line structURe. Here you have the principle of the triplet – the rhythm. Three lines of a three line structURe give you a maximum of 24 lines. This is the basis of the binary triplet. The heART triplet and visION triplet are the perfect (per-vect[or]) examples of the binary triplet becaUSe the top and bottom (lines) are the same and the middle, the transformatIONal opposite.
    The Hunab Ku and eight triplets create the universal sp’ace. The Hunab Ku has a night side and a dayside – the whole of s-pace. The eightfold triplet describes the potentiality and contents of space. The eightfold universe with the binary law of day/night alteration contains the minimum potentiality (eight triplets) for Change and transformatION – this is the very essence of the timespace cosmology of the Law of Time. The structURe of the Avatar’s wheel of Time represents the matrix for the minimum set of permutations. All eight sets of tirplets combined with each other and doubled into six lines creates 64 (8 x 8) possibilities or 64 DNA codons. The center (Hunab Ku) represents universal space and the second ring represents time that moves space (eight triplets). The difference between the eight and the thirteen, the third ring, is the power of five – the fifth force. The generation of the fifth force tURns space into timespace. The thirteen and the eight have the minimum permutation of 104 (fractal of 104,000 years of the ArctUR-US cycle.
    The thirteen represents the minimum power of time (wavespell) as the circulation of space and makes space dynamic, rather that static, like the number twelve (three foURs or foUR threes creates a stasis). As an irreducible prme, thirteen is a dynamic number – the thirteen moves the eight – the fifth force both moves the center and overtones the center. This Wheel is the most primal cosmology of the timespace. Around the 13 is the 20 – this is the basis of the frequency of synchronizatION 13:20. 4 x 5 = 20. FoUR is the number of perfect measURe. Five is the power of the overtone.
    Again, the minimum circulation of time is thirteen. (Note: while space is a FUN-C-T-ION of binary OPERA-T-ION: 2, 4, 8, 12 time is a NOI-T-C-NUF of odd numbers: 5, 7, 9, 13 – the 20 (=0) BE-IN-G the f-actor that allows for both acceleration and increasing degrees of synchronizatION.)
    The overtone chromatic has to attain perfect measURe and the minimum form of measURe is foUR, hence chromatic 5 x 4 = 20. Everything is an intrinsic order of mathematical structURe. In is a cosmology the 20 represents the slid-in -G scale harmonics re-present static form/red, white, blue yellow – the chromatics are dynamic, so to be stabilized there have to be foUR of them. (4 x 5 = 20) There are three principle types of chromatics: polar, overtone and wisdom.
    The thirteen moons are coded to the 13:20 frequency; the 13:20 frequency is coded to the Avatar’s Wheel of Time.

    We are in the Tv–>8, AKA the Superluminal field conductor right now kiddies…come in the Mirror’s fine! 😉

    The Saros number of the solar eclipse series which began on -1331 😉 February 8 and ended on -15 April 9. The duration of Saros series 48 was 1316.2 years, and it contained 74 solar eclipses.

    The atomic number of cadmium – Chinese nasty plastique (The West did it too, but in the name of the Cold War. Time heals all culpability.)

    The number of Ptolemaic constellations – all kidd-in-G aside, mayhap there is a place for this to exist. On a chakra level of perceptION. It makes more sense for the Sun to be the Fifth Force. The voice of the neighborhood. The ego sits directly at the center making no end of mess. Venutian volatile heart. Martian third-aye, report-in-G for duty in the ridiculoUS Military Industrial Complex we knew we needed. JuPIter and SatURn, (ZeUS and Chronos, respectively) mocking from the balcony like Statler and Waldorf on The Muppet Show.

    Dude, that IS this planet!!! Can oui evolve yet???

    Reposting because it’s cut off in the browser. 😉

    48 circles form the perimeter. BeGG-in-G for triplicate. We are that. Oh human, see yoUR divinity. Moon a p-ART of Gene-sis. Mars comes a call-in-G, wants to hear the rhythm…

    The prophecies of 48 Jewish prophets and 7 prophetesses were recorded in the Tanakh for posterity.

    According to the Mishnah, Torah wisdom is acquired via 48 ways (Pirkei Avoth 6:6) That’s gotta make for an accountant’s nightmare. 😉

    Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, sat under a bodhi tree for 48 days attempting to understand the nature of reality and Universe. Buddhism was the result. Not to brag, or anything. 😉

    48 is twice the total number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music (twenty-four), not counting enharmonic equivalents. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier is informally known as The Forty-Eight because it consists of a prelude and a fugue in each major and minor key, for a total of forty-eight pieces.

    Richter??? I barely knew her!!!

    Head-in-G into the Rhythmic Night to charge me Antipodes.

    Melovia? Much love, Lady Luna. Eye feel yoUR cocoon crack-in-G. So proud of you.

    Clair. 😉


    • FoUR oUR info – i have no idea how there is an emoticon in the formula above with sunglasses on. That is jUSt the Cosmic Joke continuing to amaze me.

      Favorite straight joke ever:

      What does a snail say when it’s riding on the back of a tURtle?

      Joke first heard by stand up Will D-UR-st circa 1992 on stand up clip show “The A List” on Comedy Central. I am the Rainman of such ilk. 😉


    NGC 48 (2MASS near-infrared)
    Observation data (J2000 epoch)
    Constellation Andromeda
    Right ascension 00h 14m 02.2s[1]
    Declination +48° 14′ 05″[1]
    Redshift 0.005924[1]
    Helio Radial velocity 1776 ± 8 km/s[1]
    Distance 142 ± 79 Mly
    (43.6 ± 24.3 Mpc)[2]
    Type SABbc[1]
    Apparent dimensions (V) 1.4′ x 0.9′[1]
    Apparent magnitude (V) 14.4[1]



    The code for international direct dial phone calls to Poland.

    On the band tool’s album, Ænima, there is a song named Forty-Six & 2; the sum of which is 48.

    Oh MonKEY. You make me into a cannibal!!! 😉


    • Hi Rambo;

      There are two systems in use. The ‘Long Count’ is the system revived/maintained by the indigenous Mayans.
      The count used here (called the Dreamspell) derives from the information left upon the Tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque (the Galactic Mayan who carnated here in order to leaves critical clues for Humanity during this unprecedented shift) Pacal Votan knew that at this point in History, we would have lost/forgotten the ‘true count’ of days.
      This most elaborate Tomb was decoded by Valum Votan (known as Jose Arguelles until he was proclaimed The Closer of the Cycle by sacred leaders of 9 different indigenous groups) and released as the Dreamspell.
      The inherent Harmony of the Dreamspell is demonstrated through daily synchronicities.
      Both counts are based on the Mayans most sacred (of around 17 different calendars or synchronometers) of 20 Seals and 13 Tones, but the Dreamspell coordinated with the 13 Moon Calendar is the one used on this site.
      The 260 Kin of the Dreamspell code each Day, each Moon, each 13 Moon Year, and even larger cycles of Time.
      By re-aligning with the Tzolkin (Dreamspell or Long Count) and The 13 Moon Calendar, (whose common factor is the Sacred 13) we are once again in ‘synch’ and resonating with all of Earth’s species (except some Humans), all of the planetary cycles, and all of Creation.
      Welcome to the Time of Harmony!
      In Lak’ ech,
      The Mystery Queen

  3. Barssiah, I totally agree with you that the first crop circle is DEFINITELY related to the Sun. I just read this in the news, and the shape and waveform of the (1st/top picture) crop circle is exactly the same. It struck so deeply in my core, I had to look the video up to show you guys:

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