Kin 126: Solar World-Bridger codes the Solar Birthday of Madame Blavatsky and of The 2013 Mystery Queen Blog


White Solar Worldbridger

White Solar Wind
Yellow Solar Warrior White Solar Worldbridger Red Solar Skywalker
  Blue Overtone Eagle
I Pulse in order to Equalize,  Realising Opportunity.
I seal the store of Death with the Solar tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
 Antipode 13.9 bears the 13 Oxlahuntiki and 9 Bolontiku.  Guide 2.9 codes Bolon Ik.  The G-Force is Pacal Votan Clear Sign 12.2;  Lunar Human.  The PSI for Magnetic 18 is 13.13, Cosmic Skywalker.
Postulate  6.9 :  “In the Fourth Dimension of Time, social form and telepathic order are a unity.  The Dreamspell Codes completely inform the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Telektonon with subliminal matrices which can only be completely accessed when the 12:60 artificial forms of social organization and communication have been relinquished altogether.”
  KALI 18:  Establish;  Secret Center:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  BACK of the Radion Cube and the Cube for Codon 18Seal 5:  Kin 44, Overtone Seed. 
TELEKTONON Day 18:   Bolontiku of the 5th Year of the Mystery of the Stone, Supreme Golden Maiden,  coded by 5th Solar WitnessWhite Electric Mirror.   5th WeavingUniversal telepathy of 13 Moons Peace releases Earth from illusion of money.
Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL.  By my  Human power of FREE WILL, may Prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!  MAY PEACE PREVAIL!”
TELEKTONON Section6:  Verse 35 (-26=9):  35.  So began the sacred thirteen Baktun count, 3113 years before the birth of the second of the special messengers, the Apostle Jesus Christ, (PRINCE  of PEACE) who sent to you a book of Dark Prophecies, 22 sacred chapters in all, through his appointed witness, John of Patmos.
For more than a century, a point on the top of a hill in south-east London has been recognised as the centre of world time and the official starting point of each new day.  Though still embodied in a mechanical clock, this is still a challenge to the 12:60 structures that are beginning to fall, and a symbol to call attention to TIME  🙂  Let the Moon ‘crowning it’ symbolize the return to the  TRUE NATURAL  TIME of 13 MOONS  “Due to start ticking on Thursday as the faithful begin fasting during the month of Ramadan, the timepiece sits atop the Royal Mecca Clock Tower which dominates Islam’s holiest city”.

This information from that “August is named after Augustus Caesar. August used to be the month called Sextile, which means 6, and Augustus Caesar figured that if Julius had a month named after him, then Augustus also wanted a month named after himself. So he changed Sextile to August and at that time it only had 30 days, February had 29, so he took the 29th day from February and added it to August so it would have 31 just like  July”  The  12:60 Gregorian Calendar is so artificial!   

 One year ago, on August 12 coded by Kin 21,  2013andthemysteryqueen began.  The first blog mentioned the Queen of Intellect:  Madame Blavatsky, whose Solar Birthday is today.  It is fitting that the 179th year of the ‘Precursor of  the Red Queen’  is coded by 6.9 which expresses  the 13 Moon date for 12/21/2012.:  Moon 6;  Day 9.


That intital post also mentioned our Queen of Hearts;  Princess Diana.  This blog began 19 days after the year we awakened Supreme Golden Maiden, who “Sets in Motion the Wheel of Enlightened Communication”.  The anniversary of Princess Diana’s  tragic death falls 19 days later.  That day, August 31, 1997,  registered the highest emotional index at the  monitoring center in Princeton, as the whole world mourned her loss.

For this Wavespell coded by Seal 18, and on this 18th day of Red Overtone Moon year, during the Week we build the Cube for Codon 18, here is  William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 as sung by by Bryan Ferry for the beautiful CD of Artists singing a Tribute to Princess Diana:,+Princess+Of+Wales:+Tribute.htm  (track 6  :)) 

May  LOVEPEACE and DIVINE CONNECTION, to which these two Queens dedicated their lives, be realized by the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE of 2012

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 18.   Cube Twelve:  FREE WILL     Kin 126 


6 thoughts on “Kin 126: Solar World-Bridger codes the Solar Birthday of Madame Blavatsky and of The 2013 Mystery Queen Blog

  1. Mike Kiwiallegiance knows the conveyorbelt of our planets oceans and their thermostate regulators that influence global weather conditions, has been killed by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Aotearoa New Zealand government is in a unique global position to show, hope for our planet by adopting our sacred 13 moon 28 day calendar. Mankind is owed a chance to live in realtime natures time. Calendar reform now. Spare a thought, Godbless and BE the heart connected blessing. I am another yourself

  2. Congratulations, Claire, on having achieved this milestone. And a grateful and heartfelt thank-you for all that you have contributed to the cause of the restoration of Natural Time to this beautiful planet, and all who call Her home … and personally, for being one of the brightest of shining lights upon the path and for creating this space and place for Kin to come and learn and share and connect. Looking forward to the continuation of our journey together!

    With much love,
    In lak’ech ala Kin
    Melovia Red Crystal Moon

  3. Melovia’s sentiments are echoed through us all, truelly grateful, at your service, service for humanity and a chance to live in realtime natures time, cause it’s over for the Gregorian calendar of death.

  4. “May the Cosmic Eagle Fly Again!”

    and happy solar-cosmic birthday ClaireCosmicMother of 441-


    and them…….in medias res:

    8.8.2010 ≈Ω°§¬ ≈

    Steph (a typical detention-candid ate), : remaining inward looking towards his eggs ‘all in one basket’ on planet Earth; avoiding contact with aliens at all costs, as the consequences could be devastating to his survival mode, beyond the next corner; finds oUR future is in space,” by ‘personed’, space flight.”
    Why do i have this strange association with ‘skimmings’, flyers, archons and nightmares, when i red the Bemes-report….is it, because the author is unconscious of the fact of the difference between cyber-circuits and telepathic divine inclusiveness?
    X-RAY-FLARE from sunspot Diagram…dia-grammaton…thats baffling, indeed.
    SUN RA, one of my favoURites (saturnian?), thank you dear B133, here comes the sun-
    ‹‹‹‹‹”””‹‹‹≥Space is the place≤

    ……….,,,,,,,,bottomless pit, the endless void
    surrounds you….another tomorrow
    astro solar infinity
    the Night of the purple moon…….Here comes the sun………..
    saw the ARKestRA at least twice,
    once with the master, always wondered about his self-ordinated title “Master of the Universe”
    kNow i Know.

    21 fractals, folders,, separated by Night/SUN-Tao-glyph….after counting inumerable times.
    2 dragons coiled as HunabKu21 into each other, rolling inside an eclipse
    :frequent mutual inter-
    change- communication.
    but, a year?…and hot + cold?
    Maybe author hkd. the chinese? interpreter is lobbyist of a geothermcorp-croporation?….as swiss and others cropOratios seek alternate ways of generating moneystreams into their field of corpsOrated INterests, drilling holes into mother earth, like moneydrunken junkies, thereby causing minor earthquakes….
    no….telepathic!….to B con tinued….

    • HAWK -ee wouldn’t want to appear….

      and mai-land is a joke, but a nice one, reminds the may-clean, of the spring-Queen which in the meantime goes well into au gus^t≈…..into au Tumn

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