kin 129: Red Crystal Moon on Hunab Ku 21 codes our Round Table

Red Crystal Moon

Red Crystal Dragon
Blue Crystal Storm Red Crystal Moon White Crystal Dog
  Yellow Lunar Human
I Dedicate in order to Purify,  Universalizing Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water
with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Birth.
Happy Galactic Birthday Melovia Cystal Moon!  The Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Lunar Human, which codes TigerThe G-Force is Spectral MonKEY,  which is the signature of Valum Votan and another 441 Cube of Truth Kin, Moi’s son, E-Star.  The PSI coding Magnetic Hunab Ku 21 is  Electric Warrior.
Postulate 9.12:  “The release of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge… restores and activates the planet’s dormant magnetic polar flux tube regulators.  Its successful completion augurs the triumph of sensory teleportation (the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge) as an established evolutionary possibility, placing the species and the biosphere once again  within the spiritual evolutionary trajectory of the Galactic Brain.”
Today begins Vinal 2:  “Listens in Silence”.
Telektonon Day 21:  New Heaven-New Earth;  2000-2011.
Establishment of the Noosphere;  Humanity attains full 4th dimensional understanding and Galactic memory:  Returns to the Garden.
CUBE Fifteen:  VISION  8th Weaving:  ” Victory of the 144,000. “
“By my Eagle power of VISION, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised second creation Peace!”
On each SILIO we rehearse the manifestation of the CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE from the Center of the Earth.  First we place ourselves inside the Cubes we created this week:  the  Blue Occult Time Atom and the Cube for Codon 18, and DISCHARGE all to the HEART of the Earth. 
Place your hands (or better yet, the SILIO seal) upon your Heart Chakra while saying:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I DISCHARGE the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  After your RAINBOW BRIDGE Meditation, RADIATE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING to all of Creation. 
Note the 12 petals of the green symbol representing the  Heart Chakra.  🙂  Every Moonly Hunab Ku Silio 21 combines the 12 (x12= 144) and the 21 (x21= 441). 
 Today is special, as the 21st day of the Year falls on a day Toned by 12 (9.12:   9 + 12 = 21) combining for this CRYSTAL ROUND TABLE  of the   144-441 CUBE of TRUTH.
 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceAs our ‘Birthday Kin’  Melovia  noted, one’s first impression of the most recent crop circle is that of the GrailThe Sacred CHALICE figures prominently in the legends of King Arthur, the inspiration for our Round Table.  So many crop circles of 2010 indicated (through their locations) Camelot, and  E-X-C-A-L-I-B-U-R which codes these last 9 years leading to our 2013 Galactic Synchronization. 
It feels perfect that this season was crowned by a formation that represents the Holy Grail.  It is created in such a way to  remind us of the 7 Chakras between the First RooT-of-Root Chakra, the Earth’s Octahedral CORE, and the NOOSPHERE.  It also evokes the 9 Lords of Time:  the 7 Lords of the Ring  and the 8th and 9th Bolontiku who represent U and R:  Universal Religion.
Christine Electric Skywalker contributed many intriguing synchronicities and links including “2010 is the Year of Adoration” (see Spectral Star);  one about memes which was literally thought-provoking, and  a fascinating one  (about Compassion and Empathy) which James Galactic Seed also enjoyed.  He also provided several links  🙂 for Red Cosmic Serpent
Kim, Resonant Skywalker (TMQ’s friend for over 13 years) sent this today, appropriate for this 7th day of the week, and this Seventh year of the Mystery of the Stone:  God’s order may be observed in the hatching of eggs:
 -the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days;
 -those of the canary in 14 days;
 -those of the barnyard hen in 21 days;
 -The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days;
 -those of the mallard in 35 days;
 -The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days.
(Notice, they are all divisible by seven, the number of days in a week!)”
Code=E Lunar Skywalker remains poetically connected and devoted to ‘the big picture’.  He writes:  “441 Cube.
Prophetic Peace, Voice Tube
.  I Feel oUR change.  Our Desire. Our Radiant Fire.
Can we take this Farther? 
With healin-G Properties. To offer to Thee suffering…
Our Time is of Essence. To Test this lesson.  Truth is Real.
How do ya’ll feel.???
Space Wrangler on a Visionary White Horse.
Wisdom. Galactic Kingdom.  Galactic Dreamspell, right on course.
I am of 13.  Recalling Our Dream Team.
The Moment is made.  The price is paid.
Intention of Comfort.  Compassion of Hunab Court.
5th Force Matrix.  Changing Faces.  In different places.
144.  Opens the Door.  Let My Eagle Soar.
When Eye say that I love u. Words are not enough.
mY galactic Family………………………Home Sweet Home.”  🙂  🙂
Lunar Skywalker’s equally beautiful second poem (Planetary Hand) ends with:  “Unconditional Love Bow
Shoots Life into the Heart?  2013TimeshipHunabKrew…..
To which MikeKiwiAllegiance Overtone World-Bridger responded:  “(( Stay under the rainbow, stay under the rainbow, stay under the rainbow of the rising sun. Alpha Omega begining and end, Aotearoa New Zealand…”
 Moi Planetary Serpent is still ministering along the Gulf Coast and sends news of Kin exemplifying The Compassionate One and Divine Loyalty, whose Wavespell codes this year. Solar Skywalker and Lunar Wind help youth through their Project Lighthouse:  and SoJA  (Soldiers of Jah Army) also raising vibrations through their music.  JAH = 19:  GOD..
Cubes, Circumpuncts and Camelot were the predominant themes this Crop Circle seasonReimar Cosmic Night sent this Cube: He also reminds us that Crop Circles require our discernment:  “Maybe author hkd. the chinese? interpreter is lobbyist of a geothermcorp-croporation?….as swiss and others cropOratios seek alternate ways of generating moneystreams…”  Reimar expressed this VISION for our 441 Cube of Truth growing “or x π, in a synchronous involution/evolution, mirroring oUR divergate and convergate in paths of true heArt.”
Red Cosmic Serpent  probably spoke for many readers when she wrote:  “I have to say that my conscious mind has absolutely no clue about what is being written here.”   She is correct in expressing that entering The Middle Time between the old 12:60 and the new/original 13:20 requires ‘learning a new language’.
Happily, Kin 65 continues:  “But the information is getting inside. I don’t know how to write in your language but thank you for bringing these codes and symbols and crop circles and Lancelot to me!”  🙂
This week crowned by the Holy Grail also contained the Galactic Birthdays of two 441 Cube of Truth Kin, Rachel Rhythmic Night and Melovia Crystal Moon.  The G-Forces of three more members 11.11:  Valum Votan and E-Star today and 12.12 (TMQ yesterday) occurred during this special week when we were able to match all 15 Chakras of the Seventh Bolontiku.  The Solar Birthday of this blog elicited many beautiful messages from YOU, and today is the 365th blog,  which falls on the Hunab Ku 21 Crystal Round Table
This week also contained the 179th Solar Birthday of the one Valum Votan calls the Pre-cursor of the Red Queen“:  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.  She devoted her life to laying the groundwork for the Closing of the Cycle, and according to The Mystery of the Stone, “Turns the KEY to our Evolutionary leap into the Sixth Sun of Consciousness. 
 Here is another article responding to Friday the 13th:–  Another news report told of a 13 year old who was struck by lightning at 13:13 on Friday the 13th.(He’ll be fine)  13 is imprinted as a special number, and The 13 Moon Calendar will show more people how 13 reconnects us with all of creation, enabling us to enter the Sixth Sun of Consciousness via our Harmonic Convergence in 2012.
This  Moon, coded by Magnetic Dog  (10.1) and today, Red Crystal Moon (9.12) equal 19.13, Blue Cosmic Storm, Kin 39.  This reminds one of a mysterious comment (re-quoted below)  sent to the posts coded by these numbers:  15.11 (which is what the two kin of the Lighthouse equal); 9.6 (which is what the G-Forces of today and yesterday add up to) and 3.6 (Rachel’s Galactic Birthday which began this week).  These 3 Kin add up to 27. 23-which reduced by  20.13 becomes  7.10
Blue Planetary Hand fell on the 19th day of this year:  Magnetic 19:  Cube 13.  which was Magnetic Storm (19.1) in the Long Count.  
That ‘triple comment’ ended with the Postulate for Kin 39.  (3 x 39 =Kin 118, Magnetic  Mirror which codes this Wavespell that leads us to the Heart of the Tzolkin tomorrow 🙂 
As Melovia Crystal Moon says:  “Hold on to UR magic wands, Kin! We are in the Mystical Centre of the Mystical Centre….
And, as Moi palindromically writes:  LOVE IS SI EVOL  🙂  Imagine the center of the Tzolkin between the S S (19-19)  🙂
Most of the preceding was written before TMQ retired for the evening.  She awakened a few hours later from a dream involving several of the 441 Cube Kin on the green lawns of a Castle.  The clock read 2:12 a.m., causing the following realization: 
Our next Crystal Round Table is on 2.12:  Crystal Wind.   So many synchronicities indicate this is the day for our first synchronized Round Table practice of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge!
The G-Force of Crystal Wind (Kin 142)  is 14.11; which codes the Galactic Synchronization Crew in the Pacific Northwest of the Monkey bio-region. 
Michael Cosmic Wind relayed Valum Votan’s focus on the Rainbow Bridge during his GM108X presentation, so let’s engage the power of the 144-441 Cube of Truth in that VISION!
Our next  Crystal Round Table is on Lunar 6 (2/6) .  The Day(2.12) Moon (11.2) and Year (9.5) will add up to 2.6 that day.
TMQ proposes that at 12:12 p.m. on Crystal Wind ( local time for  GSC 154 and many other Kin) we engage in a group exploration and enactment of the CIRCUMPLOAR RAINBOW BRIDGE.  That will be 12 minutes into the 12.12 Antipode  Watch of Crystal Human, of the Free Will Tower day coded by 12.12   :
This is the perfect time for us to visit the Core of our Crystal Earth (which codes the Analog of Crystal Wind!)  together!  🙂

“9. Never forget, children of the day of Truth:peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceAll is number. God is a number. God is in all”. 

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 21.        Cube 15:  VISION      Crystal Moon Round Table

5 thoughts on “kin 129: Red Crystal Moon on Hunab Ku 21 codes our Round Table

  1. What a fantastic first ‘conscious’ Galactic Birthday!!! It’s 4:44 p.m. as I write these words). Just back from floating in the Crystal clear waters of the Shuswap River (just me, no ‘devices’… 🙂 ) which seemed just so perfect on this Crystal Universal Water day!! Definitely feeling the connection with our Cube Kin and sending happy, floating-under-clear-blue-sky vibes to all with much love and gratitude. And I’ve spent the last few nights sleeping (for a time at least) out on my trampoline (pulled out into the middle of a field) under an incredible canopy of stars and watching the meteor show!!

    Thanks, TMQ, for a ‘stellar’ post and UR good wishes! Hugs all around!! Round Table synchronization achieved! Circumpolar Bridge activated!

    In lak’ech.
    Red Crystal Moon

  2. Thankyou, we are blessed with our love and knowing. I live at Camelot place with Joseph and Jack my sons, the Camelot sequence in the “Time of Prophecy ” 26 years of harmonic convergence, has been a guideing force. My galactic mate Tracey kin 111 has been a growing experience learning so much in one orbit of our beautiful 13 moon heart connected calendar. I feel like a coward not standing up shouting “it’s over for the Gregorian calendar of death”. Aotearoa New Zealand if i had half my grand fathers strength i would shut down all ports and airports, and informed all the people every where that we are the “ART of PEACE”. Love and respect, honour and virtue for humanities sake.

  3. I wish I could figure out how to attach a photo as I have one of the Red Overtone Moon that I took on the night of my Mother’s birthday (she passed in 2003). I took her spirit to the top of the Hyatt to watch the meteor shower. Didn’t see a shooting star, but I caught a photo of red overtone energy pulses radiating from the moon. My mother’s birthday was also the anniversary of this blog and the birthdate of the Mystery Queen?

    There have been constant synchroniciies that have led me to England and the Knights Templar and Lancelot and Lady of the Lake. New Zealand is coming at me from every direction. My Grandfather was born in Dublin and traveled the seven seas but I recently got some papers of his from my dad and it seems he was a Free Mason and I have a Master Mason Diploma from the Grand Lodge in New Zealand.

    I thank James Galactic Seed for the links. I haven’t had the opportunity to dive down that rabbit hole yet. There are too many miracles taking place right outside my back door. Kin 65

  4. Freemasons, red cross, salvation army and the list is long of those dear hearts that thought they were following a rightous path, not realizing the Gregorian calendars negative effects and those that new about our 13 cycles of our moon and treated us the masses as cash cattle, the dear hearts truelly did not know they were being used by the global elite rothchild and co.

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