Kin 130: Cosmic Dog codes the end of the Mirror Wavespell, and of the Magnetic Spirit Warrior’s CUBE Journey

White Cosmic Dog

White Cosmic Wizard
Yellow Cosmic Sun White Cosmic Dog Red Cosmic Moon
  Blue Magnetic Monkey
I Endure in order to Love,  Transcending Loyalty.
I seal the process of Heart with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
The Antipode for this Cosmic day is 20.13,  Yellow Cosmic Sun.  The Occult, Magnetic Monkey, codes  Wavespell 11 which begins the ‘return’ half of the Tzolkin at midnight.  The G-Force for Cosmic Dog is Kin 144, Magnetic Seed.  The PSI for Magnetic 22 is 17.4:  Red Self-Existing Earth.
Postulate 10.13“Harmonic rearrangements of the synchronic order are functions of the Biosphere-Noosphere transition.  Following the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge experiment, the resultant telepathy of the harmonic order of PAN consciously engages the Galactic Brain.  The development of the planetary art spore is thence a natural evolutionary deployment of telepathic continuing and super conscious feedback governing the complete noospheric unification of all biospheric functions.”
Today we begin Yellow Week FourBecome Power of Prophecy.  This week we build the Yellow Unified Field Time Atom, and the Cube for
Codon 4:  LISTEN AGAIN;  Tree Shapes Space.
Today, we lay the FIRST Line:  __    __ (SPACE) on the BOTTOM of the Cube.
On SELI we ‘Build the Binary’ with  _____ (TIME) on the RIGHT Face.
Gamma, we ‘Create the Triplet’:  by putting __    __ (SPACE) on the LEFT Face.
On Kali we “Establish the Fourth’ when we put __    __ (SPACE) on the BACK.
On Alpha we will ‘Sound the Fifth’ by placing __    ___ (SPACE) on the FRONT.
We complete the Cube for Codon 4 on Limi by placing ____(TIME) on TOP.
This is   day 2 of Harmonic 33:  Lunar Process;  Formulate Free Will of Challenge.
 DALI 22:  Target;  Crown:  “My Father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat.”
TOP of Radion Cube.
Each day this week encapsulates one of the Last 7 Moons of the 13 Baktuns, which are each coded by the Seven Solar Witnesses:  Today;  White Crystal Wizard.  The Seven Mystic Moons are also time-compressed into each day, beginning with White Resonant Wind today.
TELEKTONON Day 22:  New Jerusalem;  The Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence complete 2012
Pacal Votan’s promise of 13 Baktuns fulfilled by the power of the 9 Lords of Time.  Telepathic redemption of the lost planets becomes source of never-ending victory!”
9th Weaving:   “New Jerusalem as the Crown of Divine Intelligence worn by every human”
Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence  “By my Warrior power of Intelligence, may I help bring all of Humanity to the New Jerusalem of universal life.”
“By the Power of the Cube, may Peace Prevail!”
Here is a news item related to the theme of this annual Wavespell, Divine Loyalty“: Russia has designated  July 28th to the celebration of Christianity.  Facing aggressive atheism and resurgent paganism we remain firm in our belief in God,”

Something to consider on this  Cosmic day of the Compassionate One is:  Many millions of people are in a desperate situation, as one third of Pakistan is currently flooded.  Yet, the international response of aid has been alarmingly absent.

This formation appeared on Kin 129, and here is what Kin 129, Melovia Crystal Moon derived from its location:  AVEBURY + AVENUE + WILTSHIRE + MAIZE =
94 + 68 + 123 + 54 = 339 = 79 Noosphere Constant  🙂

It could be interpreted as highlighting  the center of the Tzolkin, with the Cycle of Return heading up towards O.M.A.  This Circle became known when the Northern Hemisphere is in the Cycle of Becoming, while the Southern Hemisphere has entered the Cycle of Return.  It’s interesting that the responses to the 365th blog were from Melovia in the North, Mike Overtone World-Bridger (who lives at Camelot) in the Southern Hemisphere,  and from Red Cosmic Serpent,  whose commentbridges‘ the two Hemispheres: …many synchronicities  “have led me to England and the Knights Templar and Lancelot and Lady of the Lake. New Zealand is coming at me from every direction.

The 9 Crescents in the Crystal Moon formation also highlight an Overtoned MoonKin 65 mentions photos of a Red  Overtone Moon in her comment  🙂

Together, these two observations could indicate that  this latest crop circle represents  the  Heart of the Tzolkin during the Red Overtone Moon year, illustrating the  connection between the Dreamspell Tzolkin (13 x 20) and the 13 Moon Year (13 x 28). 

What do you see in the brilliant array of Art from the Star People?

N. S.  1. 23. 1. 22.   Cube Sixteen:  INTELLIGENCE   Kin 130


11 thoughts on “Kin 130: Cosmic Dog codes the end of the Mirror Wavespell, and of the Magnetic Spirit Warrior’s CUBE Journey

  1. As I couldn’t figure out how to post a photo, I created an imovie and posted it to youtube: In the creation of the day that was White Solar Worldbridger, a dragonfly came to me, still breathing. This would have been my mother’s 93rd birthday as Red Resonant Dragon. This day also brought a butterfly emergence and the death of the sacred Golden Bee caught in the spiderweb of yet another queen of spiders. This was the anniversary of the 2013 and the Mystery Queen? blog and my introduction to Madame Blatvatsky who shares the Gregorian birthdate of my mother. From the depths of the ocean and the Queen of the sea, Carthaginian where my mother and I had eaten sausage together on the bow, to the pulse of the Red Overtone Moon broadcasting her red message to the Red Queen now for all humankind to see.

  2. {H to He…WhoAmTheOnlyOne}
    hi kin

    what a beautiful gift: if it’s not a militaristic RA-emblem……
    it can only be our single WING red FIRE….THE WINGS OF THE NOOSPHERE or better: …..A set of high, middle and lower worlds. The shaman has to visit them, to learn by experience:

    exp means first of all ‘gravity’: Everything that perceives has mass. Not necessarily physical mass, but mass just the same. Energy is gathered to form awareness. Gathered energy has substance and mass.
    The bubble is affected by friction, albeit very very slowly,…. as ‘time’ goes!
    When we inhabit the energy body, time ceases to exist and gravity is not an obstacle, and so we fly in our dreaming body as we move toward our singularity as a matter of intent.
    “Time is the friction generated by gravity.” (This is a mushroom-wisdom i found, surfin…)

    …so here we are in the Lost & Found-Cube……… many beautiful new kin arriving………and so many “old” ‘..if you call ‘up to’ 1 year old) sense-spOres thrivin…

    fineally , …with the seventh bolontiku, i managed somehow to enter the stonemystery7……rinri II, 4,3 is an introduction for beginners, like me….

    against the tide; the warrior, _ confronted with unexplicable ODDS : engaging in a fencing match with your opponent’’s B-team_(see : ‘shadow’ in the ‘almanach of conjured magic),
    __in his/her strife for survival needs a shield…..
    (who of you kin know sth about the 4 or 5 “ground”-shields of the UR races from the arcturus probe?)
    ..this shield is very much a shield in the beginning, however, once the warrior has entered the temple of death and has learned to dance the edges, the steps of his dance and the swiftness of her movements are all that is required, from this moment on the warrior uses her shield, not as a protection from the sharpshooters of the universe, but as a means, whereby he strives to embrace more and more of life with her HEART.
    In time this striving becomes a passion- a passion that is all consuming and utterly inclusive. aphorism by theun mares

    Divine Loyalty
    Lancelot and the Lady of the Lake in their all consuming dance of fire and ice

    ….healing as a topic on this cube , is a great idea….who mentioned this?

    (.79…..n.constant?…still a mystery to me, is it the constant of constant change?) the Unknown’s callin…. in lak’ech blue cosmic night

    • noOmorrow ‘s comin in

      complementary quote:

      “Truth, Beauty & Goodness” In The Urantia Book
      …Blind and unforeseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth. P.556 – §9

      …Most of what a mortal would call providential is not; his judgment of such matters is very handicapped by lack of farsighted vision into the true meanings of the circumstances of life. P.1305 – §4
      in lak’ech reimar

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  4. I think the latest crop circle shows the imprints of our father in heaven’s fingers holding the planet like a loving father holds a baby. i am another yourself BE the blessing

  5. on the formation i “am astonished”!

    it is a bird signaling 9 kin in a formation …

    say 109 is the year-kin overtone moon … by 109+260=369 then 369 is a 9’er and a true bird giving the kweak-number map as decodex …

    so, what is 129 in kweak?

    129+20=389 which is a part of bird 387 (hand); note 129 as the second (challenging!) moon seal in this year … of 369

    what can u C and what does that showww?

  6. while walking on 2 legs often to wake up the “third one” i offer another decoding to the one offered:

    94 + 68 + 123 + 54 = 339 = 79 Noosphere Constant 🙂

    in short the bivideotex alternative (A-M=Z-N=1-13):
    30 35 71 29 => 165 <= 11×15 / 11x5x3
    the tzolkin delivers the magic square 85-165-176-96 where serpent 7/9 and warrior 7/5 cooperate "a ghostrider experience"

    note that maize gives 29 which also vibrates 7/11/18 in the under-water-conscious-ness-Y (hidden thing popup); the numbercode of that is striking: 13 1 9 1 5 having 9 as the centre / centerfold ; thew outer values 13 and 5 match 18 (mirror seal number)

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