MAGIC Turtle Kin 131: Blue Magnetic MonKEY begins Wavespell 11: MAGIC

Blue Magnetic Monkey

Blue Magnetic Monkey
Red Magnetic Dragon Blue Magnetic Monkey Yellow Magnetic Star
  White Cosmic Dog
I Unify in order to Play,  Attracting Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic
with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force is Self-Existing Dragon (11×11=121) , which begins the Central Mystic Column, and the Antipode is Magnetic Dragon (Kin 1) which begins the Tzolkin.   The PSI for Magnetic 23, 24 and 25 is  also a Dragon:  GA.P. Kin 241, Resonant Dragon which anchors the upper right corner of the Tzolkin.  The matching tones of Magnetic Dog Moon and Magnetic Monkey create this Magic Turtle Day.
Postulate 11.1:  “All biological entities called Human possess a Holon, a Fourth-dimensional double, dormant and repressed during 12:60 deviance from norm.  Activation of Holon is an evolutionary development dependent upon release of organic  instinctual consciousness into telepathic continuing consciousness.”

Blue Magnetic Monkey

Yellow Lunar Human
Blue Cosmic Night

White Crystal Wind

Red Electric Skywalker
Red Spectral Dragon

White Self-existing Wizard
Yellow Planetary Sun

Blue Overtone Eagle

Yellow Rhytmic Warrior

Red Resonant Earth

White Galactic Mirror

Blue Solar Storm
 SELI 23:  Flow;  Root “My Mother is the ultimate sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube.   UR EARTH 6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower.
TELEKTONON Day 23 LOVER’S REUNION  Earth-Uranus Time Tunnels Complete 2013.  GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION.  “Emerge from the Warrior’s Labyrinth to celebrate the Reunion of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik!”  “Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!”
During this 3 day PSI period coded by Resonant Dragon, check out Cosmic Serpent Cheetah ‘s beautiful video  for her Mother, Red Resonant Dragon who entered her 93rd year (in Spirit) on the Solar Birthday of Madame Blavatsky (and this blog).  Thank You, Kin 65!
Mike Overtone World-Bridger  feels that “the latest crop circle shows the imprints of our father in heaven’s fingers holding the planet like a loving father holds a baby.”    🙂

Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night realized that this Crop Circle:  

“if it’s not a militaristic RA-emblem……
it can only be our single WING red FIRE….THE WINGS OF THE NOOSPHERE or better:”

                                                                 The timing was perfect,  with this crop circle appearing right after we completely filled in the 9 main chakras and 6 auxilliary chakra Wings of the Seventh Lord of the Ring:   Single Wing Red Fire. 

Here is the Rinri Report that Reimar suggested for greater understanding of the Mystery of the Stone Rinri Project Newsletter. Phoenix Edition, Volume 4, No. 3

The Telektonon Prophecy has 20 Sections, each containing varying amounts of Verses.  For  for the first 9 days of Wavespell 11, we’ll look at the 9 Verses of Section 11“The Prophecy of Seven Generations” .

65.  “I am Pacal Votan, witness of Time.  Telektonon is my gospel.  The talking stone of unifying prophesy is my legacy intended for that special messenger who understands the meaning of my numbers.”

We have now entered the Monkey Genesis of the Blue Western Castle:  Court of Magic.  And, this Wavespell of Magic begins with a beautiful 13 Moon date  :):

N. S.    1. 23. 1. 23.       LOVER’S REUNION    Magic Turtle  131

9 thoughts on “MAGIC Turtle Kin 131: Blue Magnetic MonKEY begins Wavespell 11: MAGIC

  1. As sister Melovia noted this morning… we witnessed a Red Moon last night with smoke from forest fires in British Columbia, Canada… quite awe-inspiring & synchronistic

    Might I add my son Brett Alton KIN 131 Blue Magnetic Monkey to our cube today – on this, his Galactic Birthday? Thank you…

    ~ Mari ~

    • Thanks for this link, B/C (or C/B?) This is one fun guy ~ and I don’t mean mushroom!! LOL

  2. Blessings BE, up holding nooshpere from Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, Red Resonant Dragon Crew 241 tone 7 exstending an open global invitation to PLEASE come HOME , BE safe here Be part of Calendar Reform my/our finances are nil/ to everything love of my sons, we will make room for those that are heart connected by the love of synchronicity following our internal GPS of 13 moon cycle Natures Time Real Time. I am another yourself

  3. Claire/TMQ, I think we should start correlating the Haab calendar into our daily practice. I’ve been researching and correlating the Haab date ever since we’ve started this year and have been following it accordingly.

    The Advanced Calendar Software** (available for download at the website) has HAAB glyphs written in when looking at the full view or the radial plasma practice view.

    Today’s Haab* date (Magnetic Monkey kin 131) would be 2 Uo.
    Tomorrow (Lunar Human kin 132) would be 3 Uo.
    (*below is a website that gives a description on the Haab calendar)


    Formulating Free Will of Change

    In Lak’ech

    • Hi James;

      Thanks for your input, which synchronistically/telepathically arrived at the same time as Burbuja 33’s comment about incorporating the Mayan Quiche.

      The link you gave for the lawoftime address was ‘broken’. Could you send the direct link, because I found no mention of it on their website.

      The beginning of each new Haab month of 20 days is marked by the Vinal Meditation. The current one, fro WO is “Listen in Silence.” The 19th Haab is the 5 days at the end of each 13 Moon year. (as mentioned a Moon ago, when we entered it)

      Your comment that Kin 131 is 2 Wo just now caused TMQ to realize that the Haab utilizes the 0-19 code-thanks!
      Your suggestion and Burbuja 33’s will be implemented soon.

      Thanks to both of you for your input 🙂

      In Lak’ ech,


    when i saw this Crop Circle I picture the Winged sun disc from the sumerians…looking in the net to share i find the link above.

    In pararell, since the DOOT I’v been triying to connect the dreamspell calendar whit the maya qitche…(Visioning the Condor and the Eagle fly together)… I want to share (connect) this link whit you, bacause i belive it’s P-Art of the oness to sincronize whit the cosmic and natural time as ONE…whit respect:

    The true will Prevail…AS ONE

    Peace n’ Harmony

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