Kin 133: Red Electric Skywalker codes Catalytic Blue Kali 25

Red Electric Skywalker

Red Electric Earth
Blue Electric Night Red Electric Skywalker White Electric Worldbridger
  Yellow Spectral Star
I Activate in order to Explore, Bonding Wakefullness.
I seal the output of Space with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.
Happy Galactic Birthday Christine!  Kin 133 is one of the rare Kin numbers that includes it’s Seal (13) and Tone (3). Today’s G-Force is Blue Planetary Hand, and the Occult is Spectral Star.  This is the last day coded by the PSI of  Red Resonant Dragon, which also codes the Galactic Synchronization  Crew 241 in the North Island of Aotearoa.  🙂
Postulate 13.3:  “Beyond imaginal sensory teleportation, whole body transport is the capacity for the third-dimensional entity to experience “displacement” or coordinated functioning in two places at once.  This is only possible because of the development of the alternative fourth-dimensional personality and its capacity to incorporate the third-dimensional’s internal body sensation of “self”.” 
The most recent comment by Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night, caused TMQ to peruse “The Arcturus Probe” again.  The first sentence to see upon opening the book was:  “Only two of the 13 harmonics (tones) possess dynamic imbalance-the Electric and the Magnetic, which are paired with each other.” 
That statement  leads us from Electric Skywalker to Magnetic Skywalker, which codes Quetzalcoatl.
According to “The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time“, Pacal Votan’s second incarnation was as Quetzalcoatl, who was named for the Quetzal Bird.   “A quetzal bird is widely considered to be the most beautiful bird in the world with its bright red under parts and glittering green head and back.”quetzal bird
It’s eggs are incubated by the Female at night (Moon), and by the male during the day (Sun)
Perhaps the 18 day incubation period helped establish the eighteen 20 day periods of the Haab  🙂
Because the Quetzal Bird has a tendency to kill itself when in captivity,  “it is a traditional symbol of liberty in a lot of cultures“.
   Catalytic Blue KALI 25:  “Establish/Catalyze;  Secret Center/Swadhistana:  “My name is the glorious lotus-born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”  Extended Cube 19:  Self-Generation Recharge.
TELEKTONON Day 25:  25=5x5Telecosmic Power of 5.  Receive Power of the Fifth Force.  Learn to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.
This is the 4th week of the Year coded by the Annual Wavespell of Dog or Compassionate One
Today is the 25th day of the the Moon coded by Magnetic “Divine Loyalty“.
This is the 3rd day of Wavespell 11:  Power of Magic;  Electric Skywalker.
It is the 13th day of the central 7th Column of the Tzolkin.
In the Long Count/Quiche Calendar, this day is coded by Resonant Serpent.
This is the 4th day of the second Haab period of 20 days, which began on Kin 129:  Uo:  “Listens in Silence.”   Today is referred to as 4Uo.
When we add the Dreamspell Tzolkin Kins coding the Year (9.5) Moon (10.1) and today (13.3) it equals 2.9: Solar Wind which codes Bolon Ik, Pacal Votan’s beloved,  and S’ace.
S’ace is fond of combining the two counts.  When we add  13.3 and 5.7  together, it is 18.10:  White Planetary Mirror.  Planetary Mirror coded the day (June 15, 1952) that the Tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered.
Section 11;  Verse 3 of the TELEKTONON PROPHECY:
67.  “Perfect was my time of coming.  Perfect was my mission.  Perfect was the time of my going.  Perfect is the discovery of my Prophecy.  Perfect is the Telektonon, the little book the angel of the Lord made St. John of Patmos taste and eat, which you now possess, a treasure for the Day of Truth.”
The “Perfection’ described above is proved by the timing:  The Tomb of Pacal Votan was dedicated 12:60 years before its discovery in 1952, and 13:20 years before our Harmonic Convergence in 2012.
The Seal and Tone of Kin 133: 13 x 3 = 39.  
The Postulate for Kin 39, Blue Cosmic Storm:
19.13: “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 1. 25.     SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE     Kin 133

15 thoughts on “Kin 133: Red Electric Skywalker codes Catalytic Blue Kali 25

  1. Okay I’ve got to make a comment here . . . In response to: This is the last day coded by the PSI of Red Resonant Dragon, which also codes the Galactic Synchronization Crew 241 in the North Island of Aotearoa. 🙂

    My mother was/is 241 Resonant Dragon but what do you mean by the last day coded by the PSI? So this relates to New Zealand? I just received my grandfather’s papers and among them was a manual for the Grand Diploma of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand from 1925. It seems that although he was born in Dublin and traveled the seven seas, he spent considerable, very important, time as a brother of the Free Masons . . . Knights Templar . . . Camelot . . . crop circle . . . bottomless deep . . . E X C A L I B U R . . . and back to the Red Overtone Moon photo taken on her birthday . . . next to the photo of the little cheetah cub that I took on her birthday in 2008 in an animal orphanage in Nariboi. I have only been a member of this blog for three weeks. I’ve circumnavigated the Cosmos! Cheetah Cosmic Serpent

  2. Ouroboros!!! UR the cosmos. Shouldn’t take you anytime at all. 😉

    Rewriting some fundamental features of computer chips, Lyric Semiconductor has unveiled its first “probability processor,” a silicon chip that computes with electrical signals that represent chances, not digital 1s and 0s.

    “We’ve essentially started from scratch,” says Ben Vigoda, CEO and founder of the Boston-based startup. Vigoda’s PhD thesis underpins the company’s technology. Starting from scratch makes it possible to implement statistical calculations in a simpler, more power efficient way, he says.

    Do you kNOW where yoUR towel is???

    This Maya is taking watermelon grown by her Noochild Overtone Wizard’s father’s plot in Los Banos, “the baths” tsk tsk, 😉 to work manana to celebrate the bounty of living in natUR-ALL time. Synchronicity is, Si?

    Do you feel that second head growing, Zaphod?

    So humble within this beautiful inquiry that is oUR dialogue.
    …there is no other…
    Everlong in UR service,


  3. So jUSt to reiterate:

    Barssiah 133 (06:55:07) : Your comment is awaiting moderation

    065 – Cosmic Serpent, s’up, yo? 😉

    507 – (reduced by 260) 247 – Cosmic Hand

    They really are try-in-G to help US out…

    😉 😉 😉

    • hi C aka B 😉

      “even Bolon Ik” is set on moderation queue sometimes …

      i suppose this is a systemic which is not filled by data that avoids this custom procedure … we just accept it as “this world” …

      informing: last week i hosted a Mongolian GER on the beach … i dont know ifu , ma dear one, are familiar to this atmosphere – as if entering “home” in a breathing settinG …

      we did a program on Child – Dream – Growing – Human – Fruit

      i see the human is on the fourth stage here where the warrior rules that alley considering the sunseals …

      we had a “hunter” as guest who caught some fresh fish from the sea … in profession that guy is a metallurgist … fanatic on finding ancient traces … (interesting to listen to them stories)

      the weather was perfect and the sea delivered wonderful waves to dive …

      it must have been a resonance on this forum and its members weaving pleasure while remembering the t’eachinGs’ …


  4. My journey of experiences are a once were warrior story. Found out bio-logical father an Irishmen, after years in prison drawing on the strenght of my Maori Whakapapa (lineage), that resevoir kept me alive. To discover through DNA at almost 40 orbitsi’m now approaching my 44th orbit and i’m a new born of 1 orbit and 3 1/2 heptads(weeks). Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand please help make it, give humanity a chance to enjoy real time nature time, sing the songs it’s not too late

  5. Empower the children with the ages of understanding and ownership 7, 14, 21 being 6 is like having a get out of jail free card, but at 7 you start to own your stuff, 14 yr stuff will come, enjoy being pre teen thirteen, parents to practice honesty and accountability, knowing the honesty of alcohol and dis-honesty of drugs are mere tools as are the commodities we are addicted to, keeping heart-bio-rhythm connected is trying when on multiple fronts there are money issues growing not going away, cant even afford almanac, empower the children to see this reality for what it is and dream the dreams of true freedom. Daytime and sleeptime bio-rhythms are merging, staying away from negative thought, imposing and up holding mind-filter through heart (which has mini mind that sends signals to big brain) connection.

    • honesty of alcohol and dis-honesty of drugs a…….äh….???!!!???
      on heart-bio-rhythm merging ? from negative mind-filter holding in lak’ech

  6. Back Home!

    Glad to C U all here and T’here : a’Gain 😉

    Last week i was surprised receiving a wonderful hard~origin posting by US post office – it was not opened to check some “water lily monsters” ; so i see if i can find a trustworthy address to make the analysis in noospheric alliancey …

    (we need some luck and … focus on that try!)

    … “S’ace is fond of combining the two counts.”

    yes , and they create a third one which i label(led) kweakspell 😉

    133 + (133-48) => 218 => white planetary mirror GAP daya INDEED that is resonant on the walk of the talk having both DREAMspell as well as the LONGCOUNT for a real walk ..

    I see DREAMSPELL as the LOVEkweak resonant impulse origin from José and Lloydine who both saw the Bolon Ik Alive on the Planet … by the way : i received the message of two twins active on the solar system:
    Venus and Mars are in ONELINE as well as URANE and JUPITER … do we have expertise on this very profound precision?

    What is the ANGLE?

    My resource on this was Crystal Monkey / Cosmic Human YaniQ … who claimed that the disappearing from the skyline of the first “twin” was synchron on the appearing of the second “Twin” … IUsn’t this a 22 / twentytwo vibration from an almighty systemic signaling human kind kindly?

    ~~~ lets dream and support beamy solar system’ix !


    • as an add i set focus on number 48 which is the running gap between DS & LC from leapday 2008 until leapday 2012 …

      what is the magic return from that GAP … is this the frequency message given by kin 48 – for thy eight ?

      2x3x8 and 4×12 as well … where 2x3x8 signals the worldclock of 3×8 hours a daya – running as a noospheric memory pulse to the everlasting trinity thought which is also in 9991 as the revelation aspiration thumbling “our holy” 7777 – which must be the skull in the ball played on our very ballgame … ; where ball can be catalysed by b*ll into bill (the bill to pay “the rent”)

      i’m very curious when CHC VI is launched – anyone here who can tell?

      that must be the LIMI version … which i vibrated as LIMIMAH – dont know why that was the outcome on that “C” ; recent i saw that it might be related to AH-AU adding that optoin to AH-erlebnis … Radiance & Splendor


      • Okay ~ last one in this serial …

        KweakSpell Set in NooSphere Grid the transfer from Feb29 into DoTE … 3rd “Daya Out of Time” in a row in 2012 as the ultimate starter daya for the dreamspell as planetary ruling energy catalyser to all individuals on the planet as a humidity sovereign spell … from the agents on renaissance to’ur …

        Can U all C this most gracious & overwhelming cleansing reset?


      • Hi S’ace;

        Glad to see you’re ‘back’!

        When ordering Cosmic History Chronicle Volume VI two days ago, the Law of Time said the books will be received by them around September 28th, then shipped the next day. 🙂

        Namaste, TMQ`

    • check the thuban spruzz for the numeral cardinal- and t-crosses all in a line this summer and start fineally dreaming the trash out of your socks. It’s overwhelming. Lilitht’s riding pluto, whi(t)ch is plotting out our childhooddreams squarewise, torn between between saturn-iuppiter-uranus and neptun, i guess. The last one is on 8.24, than a pause, or i don’t know, it’s monkey-wavespell, things going topsy turvy, but fun….
      the best for us all would to relax and do evrything…..that in the end ensues in…. stillness….dropping the human form


  7. (( “Reverbrate on BEing, dream freedom for newborn babies away from the Gregorian Programming, BE the alien, BE the warrior of free will, BE the Universal Galactic Human Being, own your planetary heart bio rhythm of 13 moons” as our control over daytime heart bio-rhythm increases(away from Gregorian money stress) so will control of our dream world, BE who you want us to become, i am another yourself ” ))

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