Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes Dali 1 of the Lunar Moon of Challenge

 Red Resonant Earth

Red Resonant Moon
Blue Resonant Hand Red Resonant Earth White Resonant Wind
  Yellow Resonant Seed
I Channel in order to Evolve,  Inspiring Synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Resonant tone of Attunment.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
The G-force of Resonant Earth is Kin 139:  Blue Solar Storm, a reminder of Princess Diana, 8 days before the 13th anniversary of her tragic death.  The first 3 days of Lunar Moon always correspond to the PSI of Kin 22:  White Solar Wind.
Kin 137 codes Lord Seven Earth, whom the Galactic Mayans call  Ah Vuc Ti Cab.   From the Center of the Earth, he mediates the Plasmas flowing from Hunab Ku into our Earth through her poles.  Until the Mid-Year Shift, he is sharing his domain with the 7th Lord of the Ring’s Root-of-Root Chakra coded by Kin 48:  Yellow Solar Star
The totem for every Lunar Moon of Challenge is the Scorpion, and this Lunar Moon is coded by Kin 171:  Blue Lunar Monkey, whose Oracle is:
Blue Lunar Night
Red Lunar Dragon Blue Lunar Monkey Yellow Lunar Star
  White Crystal Dog
I Polarise in order to Play,  Stabilising Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.
Postulate 17.7:  “Through participation in the Galactic Federation, angels possess a guiding capacity which is intelligently directed by feedback from the coordinating design of God.  This guiding capacity allows angels to be appointed to any one of the infinite spectrum of bodies in time evolved through the energy-to-mind continuum of the Galactic Brain.”
During the next 28 days, the Moon (11.2) and Year (9.5) together are a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 20:  Yellow Resonant Sun.  The G-Force of Lunar Monkey is 13.7Red Resonant Skywalker.
During the first Heptad  of Lunar Monkey Moon, we are building the Cube for
Codon 64:  PREPARED:  Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.
7th Verse of  Section 11 of The Telektonon Prophecy:
71.  “Then will come the three Baktun’s of Babel, the coming exile of 12:60 time.  Thirteen years after this tenth Baktun shall come the last prophetic roundThirteen Cycles of Heaven, each 52 years, followed by Nine Cycles of Hell, each also 52 years.   When the third round of Heaven begins,  the Messenger of the Last Call will come to you, Quetzalcoatl-Kukulkan, the prophet by name.”
13 and 9 were just now mentioned on the 6:00 news here:  50 million tons of ice calved off of a glacier at Mt. Cook-Aoriki (proposed site of a 13 Moon center)  The largest piece is 13 stories high and the 9 rugby fields wide.
Another ‘9 happened here in New Zealand:  Mike Overtone World-Bridger’s son galactic Jack, blue magic (planetary) monkey kin 231 crew member of red resonant dragon 241, celebrated his 9th orbit on this beautiful living spaceship called the noosphere, know the knowing. Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform.))  Happy Birthday Jack! 🙂
Today’s G-Force, Kin 139 can also designate 13.9, Solar Skywalker.  13 plus 9 equal 22, the Kin number of Bolon IkSolar Wind, which codes the PSI for these  3 days. 
Another news item synchronized with the 13 Moon Calendar was “The world’s most famous right ankle“.  While Kin in the rest of the world were still awakening the Right Ankle of Single Wing Red Fire,  New Zealand was focused on the injured Right Ankle of  New Zealand All-Black Dan Carter,  the world’s best number 10 (rugby kicker).  🙂
Today is Telektonon Day 1, which is coded by Bolon Ik’s Spirit Tower
We telepathically connect with Baktun 1:  BC 3113;  The Star Planting, when  Pacal Votan enters Earth, and beholds Christ and the 144,000 Kin of the Sacred Count.  Votan also conducts the Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge.
On this day coded by Red Resonant Earth, here is an interesting observation: 
“It is interesting to note, that in the past,  6.0 earthquakes caused global alarm through-out the planet… however, now they are not even being mentioned in the news… and I was quite shocked to see that they have not only increased, but dramically increased since the middle of last month … … yes, Mother Earth is in Motion !  (found at the Wingmakers Forum)

Crop Circles and Earth Energies

Very often crop formations appear where powerful ley lines intersect– or the Earth’s magnetic energy lines. This is often at the same place where megalithic sites such as Stonehenge are found. Dowsing can be done within the formations after the crop has been plowed when there are no longer traces of physical evidence.


 The ‘Julia Set’ crop circle appeared across the road from Stonehenge during daylight hours on 7/7/1996.  The  Antipode of Resonant Earth is 7.7, and Blue Resonant Hand also codes today’s Spirit Tower. 

Here is an example of the ‘art work’ by Kin 137:   Lord Seven Earth.
N. S.  1. 23. 2. 1.  UR EARTH 1SPIRIT Tower   Kin 137
CODON 64;  PREPARED:  Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions
Today, we lay the FIRST Line:  ___    ___ (SPACE) on the BOTTOM of the Cube.
On SELI we ‘Build the Binary’ with  ____ (TIME) on the RIGHT Face.
Gamma, we ‘Create the Triplet’:  by putting ___     ___ (SPACE) on the LEFT Face.
On Kali we “Establish the Fourth’ when we put ____ (TIME) on the BACK.
On Alpha we will ‘Sound the Fifth’ by placing ___   ___ (SPACE) on the FRONT.
We complete the Cube for Codon 4 on Limi by placing _____(TIME) on TOP.

DALI:  Target;  CROWN:  “My father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat.”  Today we begin building the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom.  TOP of Radion Cube. 

UR EARTH 1:  Outer Earth,  Foundation Spirit Tower. 

Katun Kin 194:  Dedication of Pacal Votan’s Tomb.  AD 692.

3 thoughts on “Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes Dali 1 of the Lunar Moon of Challenge

  1. Awesome post, TMQ! (It’s lovely to find it already here in the morning!) I can never thank you enough for so informing and inspiring and supporting my journey ~ and that of many others, I am sure! The information and knowledgeable insight you provide is so very needed and appreciated. You are already having your Galactic Birthday, so HAPPY GALACTIC BIRTHDAY Kin 138!!

    And how lovely and synchronistic is it that our S’ace Kin 022 embodies the PSI/Chrono Kin that codes the first 3 days (2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) of this 2nd Lunar Month, which include both your and Princess Diana’s Galactic birthdays, during the First Quarter whose Master Rune is Codon 22!! Very auspicious indeed!

    The Great Game is afoot, and Magic abounds!!

    With much love,
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  2. and the ugliness persists

    rape of Gaia =
    rape of Self


    the new Spike Lee documentary is on right now in the US

    the M-pathic drive is ramping up

    it requires oUR gaze to not avert

    to ignore is to not understand the law of one

    the pain is immense

    the M-other divide is difficult to separate, no?

    the joy is complete


    m(eye) guide is yoUR partner

    in this divine dance

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