Kin 143: Cosmic Night codes Silio 7; the End of Wavespell 11, and Start of the Lunar Cube Journey.

Blue Cosmic Night

Blue Cosmic Hand
Red Cosmic Skywalker Blue Cosmic Night Yellow Cosmic Warrior
  White Magnetic Mirror
I Endure in order to Dream, Transcending Intuition.
I seal the input of Abundance
with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.
Happy Galactic Birthday Reimar!   Today’s Guide is Kin 247 (19×13) Blue Cosmic Hand, which codes Burbuja 33, and the Antipode is Kin 13, Cosmic Skywalker.  The G-Force of Cosmic Night is Red Magnetic Earth, and the PSI for Lunar 7 is Kin 18:  White Overtone Mirror.
Postulate 3.13:  “A dialectic of crystal form and secondary reflex, life, drives the evolutionary progression of preconscious to unconscious, establishing the possibility of self-reflective consciousness and the supreme thought-moment of the knowledge of the Law of Time.  The function of the crystal is to maintain the primal thought-moment through the duration of the evolutionary ptocess.  Invisible and unconscious correlates of time  and consciousness are transmitted by crystals instinctually.”
   SILIO 7:  Discharge;  Heart:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I discharge the Mental Electron neutron at the center of the Earth.”  Place yourself within the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom  and the  Cube for Codon  64:  PREPARED:  galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions.  Discharge them and yourself to the Heart of the Earth.From the center of the Earth,  perform the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge rMeditation.


TELEKTONON Day 7:  Baktun 7:  BC 747;  MIND TEACHINGS.  Pacal Votan diverts the lost tribes of the 144,000 into the Cube of Intelligence.

Cube One:  Memory  “By my Free Will power , I elect to become one of the 144,000.   By my Warrior Dragon Memory power, I reclaim and redeem Baktun 7, and vow to release Earth from the prison of  Babylon planet.”

The following news stories demonstrate progress towards ‘releasing Earth:

Two vessels carrying 46 brave and compassionate activists was able to bring aid to some of the ‘prisoners’ of Babylon:

And this news story can be viewed as showing that there is plenty of help ‘waiting in the wings’ to help liberate our Planet:
Crowded: The final image in 2010 shows a vast amount of asteroids within our solar system
It seems likely that some of the growing numbers of ‘asteroids’ since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, are actually craft belonging to Star allies  🙂
Today is Michael Jackson’s Solar-Galactic Return:  He was born 52 years ago, on Blue Cosmic Night.
441 Cube of Truth Kin Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night offered this for the occasion of our first synchronized Crystal Round Table:
“Force of Original Will shows It’s Truth
and a poem which synchronistically flew in:
Past the Turning Point

Stars Say the Word
Vision of Radiant Will
Light is Always Bliss

I Am the Call to Heal
I Am Becoming Real
All is All That Is”

Kin from at least 4 continents joined our synchronized journey to the Earth’s Octahedral Core, where we telepathically cooperated with the Radial Plasmas.

Rainbows witnessed by several Kin seemed to smile upon our intention to manifest the Circumpolar Rainbow Brige.   Your participation is greatly appreciated, and your feedback is welcomed, so we may learn, in preparation for our next practice on Crystal Eagle, on Lunar 19.

Halfway through the Kin 142 post, the text on TMQ’s computer became miniscule, causing difficulties in writing and reading.  Hopefully this will be rectified before the post for Kin 144 which begins our new Wavespell  at midnight  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 7.     Cube One:  MEMORY    Kin 143




6 thoughts on “Kin 143: Cosmic Night codes Silio 7; the End of Wavespell 11, and Start of the Lunar Cube Journey.

  1. on our s’ynchronized journey i just saw a very s’well talk from David Icke in an interview promoting his oncoming Prague tour in September

    here is that particular take 5 …

    when u over t’here have seen that take, know i’m curious on u’r feedback 😉

    it is a beautiful K’night!

    } suppose we all are, just that {

    • Sir S’ace, we missed you while you were ‘away’ 🙂 It’s always so good to get kweak’d!! As for David, I note how he uses UR phrase ‘tipping point’ … always good food for thought!


      • even ur }{{{hugg}}}{ is a birdy dear Melovia!

        thX for slamming me into the S’irius Order 😉

        do you think that is related to iris & isis & diana?

        (iz PEDRiN 56 a Warrior4?)

  2. .TMK, even the zóiómmm in the left ear was there… just on time.
    It’s working…
    I’m so glad \o/

  3. Happy GB Reimar!

    The Urban Dictionary sums up 143 to mean
    I love you 😉

    143 is the sum of three consecutive primes (43 + 47 + 53), as well as the sum of seven consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31). But this number is never the sum of an integer and its base 10 digits, making it a self number.

    Every positive integer is the sum of at most 143 seventh powers (see Waring’s problem).

    We sail into oUR sub/un/super/supra conscoiUSness to learn the eternal truth that the waking dream is what mUSt be overcome. MonKEY spell nearly complete…


  4. the vibration in 143 also hits pi

    3 self one four all ~ all four one self tHree

    is a Three Musceteers slogan to unite in the fEight

    “3 self” is resonant to the roerich peace flag

    and then we know Roerich was involved in designing the DOLLAR bill symbolics

    there is a PEACE LINK through the ages … as the cornerst’one of the familyTree


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