Kin 175: Blue Rhythmic Eagle codes Blue Catalytic Kali on Electric 11

Blue Rhythmic Eagle

Blue Rhytmic Eagle
Red Rhytmic Serpent Blue Rhytmic Eagle Yellow Rhytmic Seed
  White Galactic Worldbridger
I Organise in order to Create,  Balancing Mind.
I seal the output of Vision with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Red Rhythmic Serpent is the Antipode and G-Force today.  Kin 41, Lunar Dragon  “The Interval of God” is the PSI for Electric 11.
Postulate 15.6.  Lift-off for galactic time travel also signals fulfillment of the harmonic rearrangements of the genetic synchronic order, meaning that the 13:20 codes are now a part of the conscious innate evolutionarily self-generating programs of the human biomass. The human biomass autonomously self-adjusting to whatever external conditions, weaving itself within the radiosonic architecture of the planetary art spore, is liberated from the need of any further external props: technology, clothing or learning material.”
  Catalytic BLUE KALIEstablish;  Secret Center“My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”  KALI establishes the link between the White Sensory Quantum we built these first 3 days, and the White Telepathic Quantum we begin building tomorrow.  Today we ‘create’ the Back of the Radion Cube and of the Codon Cube 49:  ____ TIME.
Chakra02.gifSvadisthana is another name for our second chakra.  It’s sacred Sound is HRIM.
TELEKTONON Day 11:  Baktun 11;  AD 830:  Holy WarsPacal Votan returns to Earth Core to supervise “Book of Clear Records  Quetzalcoatl closes First millenium with Prophecy of 13 Heavens, 9 Hells.  Holy Wars exile ChristMuhammed as Witness of Truth.  “Sacred Overcome by War
Cube Five:  Sex;  By my Warrior Serpent Sex power, guided by the power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of War be transcended and overcome by sexual Life- Force.”  “May PEACE and LOVE Prevail for all!”

Overton Hill, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 26th September.  A 7th  (secret circle/wheel) lies a short distance away.  Map Ref: SU133666  The last 4 numbers here add up to 15 and 6=15.6

Here are four Rhythmic Eagles who were each influential visionaries in their different realms:

Rudolf Steiner:  Influential German occultist/anthroposophy/Waldorf schools/biodynamic gardening;  Max Planck:  German physicist credited with quantum theory;  C.S. Lewis: Irish born-British novelist;  and Pablo Picasso: the Prominent Spanish  painter; icon, who epitomizes what Cube Five is all about. 

As Picasso’s numerous biographers – and the artist himself – have confirmed, sex and the women in his life had an enormous influence on his work.     He was a Pacifist who refused to fight  in the Spanish Civil War, and he demonstrated the horrors of War in his large painting;  Guernica.  He celebrated passion, and this was commemorated in an exhibition this past decade, called “The Picasso Érotique show”. Pablo Picasso blue period, self portrait Self-portrait of this Blue Rhythmic Eagle Artist.

“A deep earthquake 90 km. north of White Island in Bay of Plenty was widely felt across the North Island this evening…(Overtone Wizard  14.5) The quake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, struck at 5.14 p.m. at a depth of 280 km, GNS Science reported.”White Island. File photo / Supplied  The numbers are synchronistic (90 and 6.4 were mentioned in the Self-Existing post, and the time mirrored the Kin’s Seal and Tone), and the Earthquake brought our attention to White Island.  This is the 2nd largest earthquake to strike New Zealand this year.  {TMQ read, post-posting, that this was preceded two minutes earlier by two earthquakes in Papua New Guinea:  a 7.2 and a 6.2.  The 3 magnitudes equal a total of 19.8} 

It has been two Wavespells (26 days) since the 7.1 Christchurch Earthquake on 9.6 (Rhythmic Moon)  and many Christchurch residents are still without sewer services,  and/or are still waiting to learn if they can rebuild.

Today, the Law of Time communicated that CHC VI: Book of the Transcendence will arrive a Heptad later than originally expected, and spoke for most of us when they wrote:  “We are very excited about this book and look forward to telepathically synchronizing with everyone in the studying and activation of its various practices!”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 11.      Cube Five:  SEX          Kin 175.

Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard codes Electric 10; Cube 4: Flowering

White Overtone Wizard

White Overtone Wind
Yellow Overtone Seed White Overtone Wizard Red Overtone Serpent
  Blue Solar Hand
I Empower in order to Enchant,  Commanding Receptivity.
I seal the output of Timelessness with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Spirit.
The Occult is a Pacal Votan Clear SignBlue Solar Hand.  The G-Force is 12.3, Electric Human, which codes this 3rd Electric Moon.  Electric 10 is coded by the PSI of  Kin 40:  Magnetic Sun, which is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign  🙂
Postulate 14.5:  “14.5. Stellar excitation is a registration of the life of higher analog functions of other stellar masses whose heliocosmic consciousness has advanced to super and subliminal consciousness.  Stellar excitations peak in moments of galactic synchronization: the subliminal conscious feedback of the galactic fifth force overtone stabilizes universal life at new plateaus between peak excitation crescendos. Stellar plateaus define different evolutionary epochs of planet and star system”.
GAMMA 10:  Pacify;  Third Eye:  “My lineage is the Union of intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I attain the Power of Peace.”  FRONT of Radion Cube.  TIME: _____ on LEFT of Cube for Codon 49.
Chakra06.gifThe 6th Chakra is also called the ‘Brow’ chakra or AJNA.  It’s Sacred Sound is:  HRAHA.
TELEKTONON Day 10:  ” Baktun 10;    AD 435;  MAYA.  Great era of Maya time science on Earth. 
Cube Four:  Flowering  “By my warrior seed flowering power, may the enlightening power of maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
Cube Four:  Flowering “By my warrior seed flowering power, may the enlightening power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”
 Merci Beaucoup to Reimar Cosmic Night peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 

    for this lovely image of an angelic Wizard, Overtoned by  the Sacred Cube, and   The Metatron’s Cube crop circle which appeared on August 1, 2007.  As revealed here, that day was Pacal Votan’s 27th Solar-Galactic Return, i.e., the 27th time his Solar Birthday (August 1) coincided with his Galactic Birthday, Kin 60;  Yellow Galactic Sun

Pacal Votan’s current incarnation confirmed (while we were meeting at the Waitaha’s sacred grounds on the North Island) that he projected this Crop Circle through his AJNA!  He writes about it here: Is this the analysis  you referred to , Kin 143

This crop circle was laid on 11.11 Long Count, at Sugar Hill, Upper Upham.  Initials 19, 8, 21, 21.  Kin 198 codes the Heart oracle of the 5th Bolon Tiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden (mentioned in Valum Votan’s article above).  21×21=441, the Ultimate 441 Cube Matrix  revealed to us by Kin 11.11The Metatron’s Cube/Galactic Sun formation appeared during a  visit  from a Waitaha Woman, who came from the home of Kin 11 and 185 in Nelson to Kin 138’s home (and stayed 6+ hours).  Thanks to Reimar for bringing it into our discussion on the day we telepathically redeem Baktun 10: The Great era of Maya time science on Earth.   🙂 Mazlan Othman  This 58-year-old Malaysian (minus la-si=Mayan) astro-phsicist has been chosen to be the U.N.’s Ambassador tasked with greeting the first extra-terrestrials  to be officially recognized on Earth.   The numerical value of the letters of her prominently displayed name equals 138:  Galactic Mirror  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceThe Galactic Mirror writing these words greatly appreciates your wonderful comments, which made Self-Existing Skywalker even more special.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 10.    Cube Four:  MAYA Flowering         Kin 174


GAP Kin 173: Red Self-Existing Skywalker codes Electric Seli 9: Cube Three: Abundance

  Red Self-Existing Skywalker

Red Self-existing Moon
Blue Self-existing Night Red Self-existing Skywalker White Self-existing Worldbridger
  Yellow Planetary Star
I Define in order to Explore,  Measuring Wakefulness.
I seal the output of Space with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The Analog, Self-Existing World-Bridger codes Valum Votan this year.  The G-Force of  Kin 173 is Kin 39, Cosmic Storm.  The PSI for Electric 9 (3/9) is  Crystal Mirror.
Postulate 13.4.   “The whole body time transport involving “displacement,” coordinated functioning in two places at once, is the prerequisite for flux tube journeying and the establishment of interplanetary celestial harmonics in preparation for AD 2013.”
 SELI 9Flow;  Root“My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube.  SPACE ___    ___  on RIGHT face of Codon Cube 49.
 TELEKTONON Day 9:  Baktun 9:  AD 41;  Lords of Red & Black.  “Pacal Votan witnesses triumph of 13:20 civilization in New World, Teotihuacan & Tiwanaku”. 

Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE;    “By my superconscious Warrior Night Abundance power, I regain my telepathic 13:20 visionary power in abundance.”  “May Truth and Peace Prevail!”

Reimar, Blue Cosmic Night inserted this visual into the Zuvuya part of his most recent comment regarding:  “learn here, how to pilot…..sum suum kuxan ssuuum  . ”  Zuvuya: two-way, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top cosmic walkie-talkie, electromagnetic information system, flux-tubing cosmic codes electromagnetically; its essence is light. IT harmonizes and synchronizes the various different vibratory frequencies of the bio-electric “subtle bodies” of humanity, the core of planet earth, its electromagnetic fields, the heliocosm (or solar field), and the galactic center HunabKu21 (the Great Central Sun or the “Sun behind the Sun”) Light and consciousness are similar, and primary“.

Here is a feminine form of the Feathered Serpent (also from Kin 143  :))known as Quetzalcoatl or Skywalker,  alongside a  photo of President Obama, the 44th president of the United States,  who is coded by Self-Existing Skywalker.  The man considered by some to be the most powerful man on the planet is shown here in Egyptian garb.  The 42nd President of the U.S.,  Bill Clinton, is also a Red Self-Existing Skywalker.

The first people of New Zealand, the Waitaha,  left “steeped pyramids and other stone structures (that)  point to Phoenician, Egyptian and Libyan relics.”  “The  Waitaha are the People of Peace. Evidence shows the Waitaha are comprised of three different peoples: “The Moriori, who at the time were giants, over 1.8m and superb gardeners, able to grow the kumara 1000km further south than in its South American homeland; the Urukehu, a fair-skinned people also known as the **Starwalkers**  who were skilled at reading the geometry of the stars and were the navigators guiding the people to this land; and the Kiritea or Stone people, who came from Asian lands”. 

The Waitaha landed their first  Waka (large double-hulled canoe) at Tahunanui Beach, and soon after, the first Waitaha baby to be born on New Zealand soil was born there.  At that very same spot,  TMQ led a ritual at dawn on the Magnetic Skywalker Day-out-of -Time.   Today, at 9:06 a.m.,  on Self-Existing Skywalker, across from that same beach, TMQ had a very 12:60 experience.   She is still considering the ramifications, and may share more when it becomes  clearer.  This Skywalker day ended more happily than it began, with a wonderful 90 minute Yoga class.  🙂

Today’s G-Force is Blue Cosmic Storm, whose Postulate is:

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 9.        Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE         GAP  KIN 134

Chakra01.gifMuladhara or Root Chakra corresponds to the Gateway Family.  Its Sacred Sound is HRAM.

‘Extreme’ Magic Turtle Day; Kin 172: Yellow Electric Human codes Dali 8 of the Electric Human Moon

Yellow Electric Human

Yellow Electric Warrior
White Electric Wind Yellow Electric Human Blue Electric Hand
  Red Spectral Moon
I Activate in order to Influence,  Bonding Wisdom.
I seal the process of Free Will with the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Intelligence.
The G-Force of Electric Human is White Planetary World-Bridger, and the PSI for Electric 8 is Kin 37:  Spectral Earth.
Postulate 12.3:Time transport vehicles correspond to different celestial harmonic functions, personal, historic (inclusive of biogeochemical transductions), interplanetary, and galactic. The vehicles for time travel can only be established in this coordinated sequence.”  Today’s Occult indicates one historic ‘function’:  (9.11)
 DALI 8:  Target;  Crown:  “My Father is intrinsic awareness.  I feel the heat.”  TOP of Radion Cube.  UR EARTH 3:  Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube.
During Heptad 10, White Blue Week Three, we build the Cube for Codon 49Revolution of Time;  Revolution of Telepathy.  Today we place TIME: ____ on the the Bottom.
Chakra07.gifSahasrara,  “When the female kundalini Shakti energy rises to this point, it unites with the male Shiva energy, and a state of liberating Samadhi is attained.”  Polar family corresponds to the Crown Chakra, whose Sacred Sound is OM (=28)
S’ace Solar Wind’s wonderful analysis of the Bear and its constellation included this graphic:
  and this:  “The present pole star, alpha Ursae Minoris, will be at the closest to the pole in 2102 AD”  He notes that this discussion was on the day “I Polarize in order to Play, Stabilizing Illusion.”     
TELEKTONON Day 8:     Baktun 8:  BC 353:  The ANNOINTED ONE.    Pacal Votan witnesses the rise of 13:20 Civilization in the New World: Coming of Christ;  Founding of Palenque;  Spread of Buddha‘s Teachings.
Cube Two:  SPIRIT;  “By my Wind Spirit Warrior Power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself”  “May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!”
This article: shows that we have  ‘High-Level Help” ensuring the Change is towards Peace and Harmony.  This testimony is to be presenteded  to the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on this Magic Turtle Day of Electric Human.


19 facts about America’s de-industrialization:   Since the leader of the Industrial Revolution has had its manufacturing base destroyed in record time, America’s biggest export is now wastepaper. 
The Industrial Revolution began the dense and  materialistic 13th  Baktun which ends in 29 Moons and one day.  Our Challenge is to now ensure the U.S. and other countries become the leaders in the new 13:20 World of Peace and Natural Harmony.
For this Cube Day of  Spirit;  Wind, here is a beautiful song (combining orchestra, vocals and whistling) called “Winds of Change”:  by the Scorpions from  “Moment of Glory”  🙂 
James Galactic Seed speaks for most of us when he writes:  “It’s hard to keep up the “1260 game” when there’s just so much 1320 around us.”  Mike Overtone World-Bridger also speaks of these challenging times, which remind us “It’s darkest before the Dawn”
Each day, Cube of Truth Kin receive more incentives/signs to Manifest our 13:20 Community.  While manifesting the land, as Cheetah Cosmic Serpent has reiterated, let’s heed Mike‘s recent request for new input on the lottery numbers.  That money will be for improving our land, and flying all Kin to it.
 The 6 numbers that best (IMHO) reflect our intent and our Community  are:   
7   (Radial Plasmas;  Chakras;  Days in a Heptad;  Seal 7: Hand codes the 12/21/2012 Solstice and the Tower of Accomplishment; 7×7=49:  Revolution of TIME) 
12   (12×12=144;  Greg. Month and Year of the 12/21/12 Solstice) Seal 12 codes this Magic Turtle day and Moon; Kin 12 is TMQ’s G-Force;  Seal 12 codes the Free Will Tower at the beginning of each Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey; Human adds up to 57;  PVCS Red Overtone Earth
13    ( All of Creation revolves around the sacred Thirteen)
19  GOD (The  succinct title for the Postulates of Seal Nineteen; 19.7 codes the year of our 12/21/12 Solstice, which ends with our Galactic Synchronization)
20   (Key to the 13:20 frequency, 20 Solar Seals, Sun which codes the most (3)  Pacal Votan Clear Signs
21  (Hunab Ku;21×21=441)
  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace           ***7***12***13***19***20***21***      peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
These numbers equal 92,  which codes Yellow HUMAN Wavespell EIGHT:  Power of Free Will.
We UNIFY in order to Influence”   UR and a Divine outcome  🙂
This Cube of vibrant magical colors is from S’;ace Kin 22 who says:  “may it feed the alignment to the Universal Redemption“:
“turtles turtles hear our drum…drum drum bee oUR Heart!
heart heart turtle
turtle”…Thank You Moi Planetary Serpent
A Magic Turtle Day like today’s (when both the Seal and the Tone of the Moon and Kin match) will only occur 3 more times before our 2013 Galactic Synchronization.  We will use the MAGIC for the benefit of all  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 3. 8.    * UR Earth 3 * Cube Two:  SPIRIT  *  Magic Turtle 172

Kin 171: Blue Lunar Monkey begins the Cube Journey on Electric Silio 7

Blue Lunar Monkey

Blue Lunar Night
Red Lunar Dragon Blue Lunar Monkey Yellow Lunar Star
  White Crystal Dog
I Polarize in order to Play,  Stabilizing Illusion.
I seal the process of Magic with the Lunar tone of Challenge.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.
Kin 41, discussed yesterday as the Interval of God, is our Challenge today.  Crystal Dog, the Hidden Power reminds us that Seal 10, Dog-God codes the Wavespell for this year, and for these 13 days.  The PSI for the first day of the Electric Spirit Warrior’s 16 day Cube Journey is Yellow Planetary Warrior.
The G-Force of Lunar MonKEY is Kin 33:  Red Resonant Skywalker;  13.7.  Today S’ace, Kin 22 invited Kin 22, Lloydine Solar Wind to participate in our 13:20 discussions here.  Kin 22, and our most revered MonKEY, Kin 11 Valum Votan equal Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker!  
Lloydine  is the Bolon Ik who  inspired her husband, Jose Arguelles for 22 years,  while he was decoding the Tomb of Pacal Votan  and writing books, and she was his co-discoverer of The Law of  Time Lloydine was by his side when he was named the Closer of the Cycle at the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan on 3/3/2002 That day was coded by Resonant Night, the Challenge of  Kin 33Resonant Skywalker3.7  mirrors this 13 Moon date:  Moon 3; Day 7, and the first quarter of the Moon coded by Electric Human, whose  Analog is 7.3  🙂
The G-Force  of Kin 11 (known as Valum Votan since that prophetic day at The Place where Men Become Gods) is  Kin 21, Galactic Dragon,  and this current Moon (12.3) and Year (9.5) combine to make:  1.8.  Synchronistically, 1.8 and TMQ’s G-Force (12.12) equal 13.7, Kin 33. 
On this day (11.2) when S’ace took the initiative to invite Lloydine  to join us, her partner in discovering the Law of Time and creating The Dreamspell (11.11), and the author of this blog (18.8) combine to make 20.8:  Galactic Sun;  Pacal Votan’s  Galactic  Signature and Clear Sign. 
Thank you S’ace, Kin 22, for teleptahically choosing an auspicious day to invite Kin 22 to join us, and Welcome to Bolon Ik;  Lloydine Solar Wind  🙂
Postulate 11.2:  “As fourth-dimensional psycho-genetic pattern of third-dimensional entity, holon receives messages and instructions from two purely fourth-dimensional entities, commonly known as “Angels” or “Guides”  totally impreceptible and unknown to the third-dimensional ego.”
SILIO 7:  Discharge;  Heart:  “My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha.  I discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center  (Heart) of the Earth.”  Infuse the heart of the red Analog telepathic time Atom, and the Cube for Codon 17 with your Spirit.  from the central point where the Time Atom, the Silio Seal and the weekly Rune meet, DISCHARGE and RADIATE Love, Wisdom and Healing.
from the Heart of the Earth, visualize the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation. Heart Chakra, a.k.k. Anahata; “Within it is a yantra of 2 intersecting triangles, forming a Star of David, symbolising a union of the male and female.”  The Core Family corresponds to the 4th Heart Chakra, whose sacred sound is HRAIM
TELEKTONON Day 7 Baktun 7:  BC 747;  Mind Teachings“Pacal Votan diverts the lost tribes of 144,ooo into the Cube of Intelligence.  Witnesses Buddha’s enlightenment.  Conducts the 13 clans and 7 tribes of Galactic Maya into manifestation at Monte Alban”.
Cube One:  Memory;    “By my Free Will power of Prophecy, I elect to be one of the 144,000”  “By my superconscious Warrior Dragon Memory power, I reclaim and redeem Baktun 7, and vow to release Earth from the prison of Babylon Planet.”

The Dog Wavespell  begins with an example of people in need of Compassion, and of  persons who are expressing Divine Loyalty by making a positive difference in this world.

This article describes  the crime against humanity being committed in the United States against innocent Americans.  Victims of the Gulf of Mexico poisoning are found as far North as Ohio.

http: This is the emblem of  “Turtle Women Rising”.  They are honoring Veteran’s when they STAND for PEACE in Washington D.C. during the first 3 days of the next Wavespell, coded by Seal 3, Night.   “Imagine how powerful this can be, listening to our heartbeats growing strong. “One strong heartbeat standing for Peace”. unified by the Heartbeat of the Drum. 

Let’s join the Turtle Women, and remember, during  Wavespell 14:  “Power of Heart” that our Heart radiates the most powerful electro-magnetic field  ” …the heart affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance and personal effectiveness.’

Bears were mentioned a few time here around the Equinox black bear BEAR (2+5+1+18) = 26: a PVCS; Cosmic World-Bridger.  26 is a  fractal of 260, (days in the Tzolkin), and 26,000 (years in the Precession of the Equinox) It takes 26,000 years to cycle through the constellations, and the Great Bear is the third largest constellation. 

This site discusses three energies coming from three major constellations.   “They are the emanations from the Great Bear, from the Pleiades and from Sirius…” The energies coming from the Great Bear are related to the will.” 

Now, it’s time  to enjoy your lovely comments and links  🙂  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 7.      Cube One:  MEMORY       Kin 171

Kin 170: White Magnetic Dog begins Wavespell 14: Love, Compassion and Divine Loyalty

White Magnetic Dog 

White Magnetic Dog
Yellow Magnetic Sun White Magnetic Dog Red Magnetic Moon
  Blue Cosmic Monkey
I Unify in order to Love,  Attracting Loyalty.
I seal the process of Heart with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Magnetic Sun is the Challenge.  Kin 91:  Cosmic MonKEY is the Hidden power. The G-Force is Yellow Self-Existing Sun.  This is the 3rd and last day coded by the PSI of PVCS Rhythmic Mirror.
Postulate 10.1:  “Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order refers to the process of correction, or reform of a range of 12:60 artificial time corruptions and dysfunctionalities from nuclear and toxic waste to programs of war, violence, and social and personal disorder.”
   LIMI 6:  Purify;  Solar Plexus“I consume duaistic thoughts as food.  I purify the Mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.”  LEFT side  of Radion Cube;  SPACE: ___    ___ on TOP of Cube for Codon 17.
UR EARTH 2:  Solar Earth, Foundation:  Prophecy Tower.
Chakra03.gifThe 3rd Chakra is also known as MANIPURA.  Its Sacred Sound is  HRUM.  (=60 Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature)  Signal Family correspond to the Solar Plexus, which  the Mayans call the Kuxan Suum,
TELEKTONON Day 6Free Will Tower, coded by Seal 12:  Human Wisdom Baktun 6:  BC 1141;  Imperial Seal.  “King Wen completes I Ching;  8×8 (64).  Pacal Votan stores the 7 seals of Prophecy at the center of the Earth, where he prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube:  4×4 (16).

White Dog Wavespell

White Magnetic Dog

Blue Lunar Monkey
White Cosmic Wind

Red Crystal Dragon

Yellow Electric Human
Yellow Spectral Sun

Red Self-existing Skywalker
Blue Planetary Storm

White Overtone Wizard

Blue Rhytmic Eagle

Yellow Resonant Warrior

Red Galactic Earth

White Solar Mirror
                                                 POWER OF HEART     🙂
Today there was a huge landslide on the North Island of New Zealand.  The train that crashed into it was shown several times in TV news stories.  Each time, the  number on the train  was prominently displayed:  4156, causing TMQ to realize how those numbers apply to today.
Valum Votan calls 41  “The Interval of God”.  This reminds us that the 13 day Wavespell of Divine Loyalty began today, and that the 13 Moons of this entire year are also coded by Wavespell 14:  Love, Compassion and Divine Loyalty. 
The Postulate for Kin 41 (Lunar Dragon) begins:  “1.2The source of the frequency of time is God, which is visualized at the center of the Galactic Brain.  From this center, the supreme coordinating intelligence of God radiates simultaneously to all points of the Galactic Brain, throughout all of the Galactic Brains which constitute the universal order of God’s design…”
56 is Self-Existing Warrior16.4, reminding us of the Law of the Cube, 16=4 squared. 
4156 adds up to 16, another reminder that we enter the 16 Day Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey  at Midnight.
N. S.  1. 23. 3. 6.       UR Earth 2:  Prophecy Tower    Kin 170


Kin 169: Red Cosmic Moon ends Red Earth Wavespell 13 on Electric Alpha 5

Red Cosmic Moon

Red Cosmic Skywalker
Blue Cosmic Storm Red Cosmic Moon White Cosmic Dog
  Yellow Magnetic Human
I Endure in order to Purify,  Transcending Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Space.
Kin 169 (13×13) is Guided by 13.13, Cosmic SkywalkerThe G-force is Magnetic Night.
Today is the 4th Vinal of the year, which means this is the 60th day of the Red Overtone Moon year.
Vinal 4:  ZOTZ:  “Based on Knowledge
Postulate 9.13: The completion of the preliminary planetary telepathic field experiment of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge establishes the hyperorganic super consciousness as a normative biopsychic potential, and augurs the advent of the Psychozoic era.  Hyperorganic superconsciousness refers to the amplification of sensory experience and projection  as a symbiotic and simultaneous stimulation of energy and information.  Psychozoic refers to the telepathic cordination of all biospheric functions according to the Law of Time:  T(E)=Art.”
  ALPHA 5:   Release;  Throat“My country is the unborn ultimate sphere.  I release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  RIGHT side of Radion cube;  TIME:____ on FRONT of Cube for Codon 17.
Chakra05.gifThe 5th Chakra, THROAT is also called VISUDDHA.  It’s Sacred Sound is HRAIM (=49)
The Cardinal Family corresponds to the Throat Chakra.
TELEKTONON Day 5Baktun 5:  BC 1536;  House of Shang  “Pacal Votan witnesses Moses on the mountain, and inspires Ahknation”

For the end of the EARTH Wavespell, this photo won the award for a competion that honors the Earth:

Winner of the Underwater group and overall winner of the competition: 'Flight of the Rays' by Florian Schulz from Germany, which shows an unprecedented congregation of Munkiana Devil Rays in Baja California Sur, Mexico

German conservation photographer Florian Schulz took this photo  of “Thousands of Munkiana Devil Rays  in Baja California Sur, Mexico“.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace So grateful to Moi Planetary Serpent, for sharing her Crystal Star Round Table experiences, and so much more!  Moi also shared a haunting video called “War Child“;  There is recent progress on the Truth and Peace Front:  Kin  205 reiterated today’s Cosmic Thirteen with her plans to rejoin the Thirteen GrandMothers whose goal (like ours) is to “Unite the Hearts of the World”  🙂 

Christine Electric Skywalker  probably speaks for all of us, when she tells Moi:  “ i am so grateful for yoUR shining example of fearlessness”, and when Kin 133 says this about the Gulf of Mexico Catastrophe:  “Eye continue to be very concerned as i have been from the 4/20 wake up call about the methane clathrate hypothesis…it is incumbent upon all who B-ear witness to continue to practice practice practice the meditations – oUR network is only as strong as its servers. ;)”   Mike Kin 226 concurs:  “THEY are making it worst, the ocean conveyor belt is stopped.” 

 Christine noted many more synchronicities for this 13th day of the 13th Wavespell of Synchronicity.  On the 4th day of Week 9, S’ace Kin 22 related:  “letting the article breeze through ma new cells make me aware of the resonance in number 49 (living whales) and (HRAHA =) 36…4×9=36!

A new reader, Delphi Resonant Moon, who attended TMQ’s talk on Galactic Seed, is ‘serving‘ in this way:  “you inspired me to write one about the gregorian loss of 11 days that i had never heard of and is now going to be the focus of my final years thesis and work.  (Inspiring, especially considering Delphi and her partner have children numbering the same as her Seal! {9 including Solar MonKEY twins, 4 GAPs and a young Lord Seven Earth})   🙂  We welcome this new ‘oracle‘ for the 13 Moon Calendar.  Regarding stars as oracles, Melovia Crystal Moon shared this quote from Linda Goodman:  ““The stars incline, they do not dictate.”

Turtles were mentioned in that talk, and also recently by Reimar Cosmic Night and S’ace Solar Wind  New Zealand just received it’s first tropical green sea turtle.  Let’s pray she survives her long journey through frigid waters, and the medical attention she is receiving.  🙂 

Thanks to Cheetah COSMIC Serpent for this beautiful video:  You’ll learn some amazing facts about our precious bees in “Let it Bee“.  Kin 65 reminds us:  “we need to manifest landChristine showed how so much food can be grown on very little land: Pedro Self-Existing Warrior and Scott Resonant Star  expressed a desire to visit New Zealand, where we intend to establish a 13:20 community.   Reimar COSMIC Night remembered TMQ’s dream of picking winning lottery numbers, -she couldn’t remember them upon awakening, but Mike Overtone World-Bridger has picked our winning numbers: 6,    7,      14,       21,      24,      34  

Kin 143 shared this:   and: “The Nine Mayan Gods (Bolontiku) are the principle deities having dominion over the area of Central America from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the Isthmus of Panama. To the indigenous people of the Mayan area, the Bolontiku have historically fulfilled a cultural role with their power, wisdom, sanction and protection were invoked for all earthly and spiritual transactions – for healing, divination, success in agriculture, trade, politics and war; for help in personal matters such as love, childbearing, grief; for carrying (telepathic) messages over distance; and so on”.  “
 It is also believed that the shell of the turtle is a map of the universe”  ” the holon : existing at a level beyond and preceding the evolution of the noosphere and psi bank, and capable of instrumenting a universal memory field to be released in different stages through the galactic timing frequency, 13:20.”
  Thank You Kin 143  🙂

And, 13:20 brings us back to  Sergio’s comment:  “How does the 13 Moon count in the year affect the process ?  What’s the 20 day count relative to the galaxy?   I tend towards “seeing” the 13 day count as spin related ( Earth Rotation ) and the 20 day count as motion related ( the Earth moving around the sun ) …The better the physics, the better the metaphysics, the better the bridge between 2012 and the civilization we all want to see arrive in 2013.” peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

The White Dog Wavespell Fourteen:  Power of Heart begins at Midnight.

Today’s Challenge/Antipode is coded by Kin 39:  Blue Cosmic Storm.

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 5.                Kin 169

GAP Kin 168: Yellow Crystal Star codes our Round Table on Electric Kali 4

Yellow Crystal Star

Yellow Crystal Sun
White Crystal Mirror Yellow Crystal Star Blue Crystal Monkey
  Red Lunar Skywalker
I Dedicate in order to Beautifiy, Universalizing Art.
I seal the store of Elegance with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
20.12 (Crystal Sun) Guides us today.  The G-Force of Crystal Star  is Kin 230:  Spectral Dog.
The PSI for theses 3 days is GAP and Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 58.  White Rhythmic Mirror coded Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation in 683 AD.
Seal 18:  Mirror, which also codes today’s Challenge, corresponds to Neptune, which was discovered 164 years ago today.
Postulate 8.12The intelligent coordination of different time vector potentialities, through sensory teleportation,  is the primary means for activating different celestial harmonics and establishing the correct foundation for time travel.”
      CATALYTIC BLUE KALI:  Establish;  Secret Center
“My name is the glorious lotus-born.  I catalyze the light-heat within.”
BACK of Radion Cube;  TIME:  ____ on BACK of Cube for Codon 17.
TELEKTONON Day 4:  Baktun 4:  BC 1930;  Sacred Mountain.  “Pacal Votan extends himself into the Sacred Mountain of the West-in the Adoration of the Lamb”  Witnesses Abraham at the Ancient House”.  “(5) By power of Fifth Force, power of 7 becomes conscious power of 28. (7×4)”
These lines remind one of the numbers contained in the report of 74 Stranded Whales” yesterday.  7.4 is Mayan Notation for 144.  49 Whales were still alive, 25 had died.  Square root of 49=7; square root of 25=5, yielding the sacred ratio of 7 Galactic Spins (260 days) tto every Solar Spin (365 days). 
That initial report led to a stream of synchronicities and realizations that lasted till after the Full Moon at 3:18 a.m. during this morning’s Crystal MonKEY watch (Kin 51 which codes H.P.Blavatsky, who is a KEY in the evolutionary leap currently unfolding).  Kaitai = 51, which was also the G-Force of that day’s G-Force. (5×5=25) (which was why Galactic Earth was in red before the discovery of the Whales)
The 36 of the Ajna/Third Eye Chakra’s Sacred Sound (HRAHA = 36) was encountered while re-reading Cosmic History Volume 2 last night:  The 36 compressors of the “Quantinomio Citiobarico or Sole Atom Plasmic Generator”, page 245.  The 138 (18.8) of Spirit’s Bay was reiterated on page 247:  “According to Cosmic Science, there are 8 universes and 18 dimensions”. 
A modified form of the sole atom with its radion producing potential is loaded into the human chakra system”.  This, and the most recently received communication from the Law of Time,  “Activating the Noospheric Human into Solar Consciousness” indicates that a synchronized meditation for  our Crystal Star Round Table  should focus on the Chakra’s. 
That idea was reinforced by this:  Today, 8.12, plus 5.3 (which codes 10/10/2010) equals today’s Hidden/Secret Power:  13.2: Lunar Skywalker.  Today,  let’s focus on the Chakra’s, and today’s Secret Center Chakra in particular.  Chakra02.gifn69Svadhistana (sva = vital force; dhistana = seat). 
This   practice of “Crystal Cooperation”  will help us participate more powerfully in the larger synchronized meditation on the Magic Turtle Meditation 17 days from now. 
We also create our link with the co-authors of Cosmic History Chronicles by ‘meeting‘ at 11:11 a.m. PST (Valum Votan’s Galactic Signature) to ‘prepare’ for the Synchronized Meditation on 10/10/2010 which is coded by 5.3, Stephanie South’s Galactic Signature  🙂   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 
These  graphics from their   soon-to-be-received C.H.C. Volume 6:  Book of the Transcendence” will aid in orienting ourselves.

 4By 11:11 a.m. PSDT (6:11 a.m. on kin 169 in the Night Bio-region) let’s each imagine ourselves elevated in our respective Bio-Regions, looking down upon the Earth.  Image

After a few minutes of feeling our connection with each other, and the Earth below,  let’s begin with the  Prayer of Seven Galactic Directions.

1The image on the right shows us each oriented as transducers of the Plasmas/cosmic energies originating from Hunab Ku, signified by the 441 Cube Matrix.

They pass through the Noosphere shown as the 8×8 matrix of the 64 DNA Codons.

After the plasmas enter through our Crown chakra, they activate our own polar axis, as they pass through our Chakras.  Today  we’ll be receiving/transducing the Catalytic Blue Kali Plasma in our Secret Center

Feel your Secret Center as the Sole Atom Plasmic Generator shown in the center of the first graphic.  Men will be churning the Catalytic Blue KALI  in a counter-clockwise motion;  women will be swirling it in a clock-wise direction.   See the Earth’s Crystal Core below, which is  the ultimate destination of this powerful, sacred catalyzing fluid. 

Visualize Kali as the outer symbol of the plasma within your Secret center as you begin to:

“1. Breathe in through both nostrils (4 counts)
2. Hold breath in (4 counts)
3. Breath out through both nostrils (4 counts)
4. Hold breath out (4 counts)

Follow the pranayams with  natural mind meditation. Really focus on the technique – dissolve the thoughts with the outbreath and cultivate the GAP between the thoughts where your true face resides.’ 

After about 20 minutes of meditation chant the mantra for HRIM (Secret Center – Kali)
for one whole breath, visualizing this chakra and the Blue Kali inside it. Visualize the chakra opening to Solar Consciousness, then send the Blue Kali to the HEART of the Earth.”

Close with: HRAIM (3x) for your  Heart Chakra and the Heart of our Earth.  When ready, reconnect with your body, and with all of us around the Planet’s Holon.   Give Thanks to the Star People who joined us, and to Lord Seven Earth, who mediates these sacred Plasmas on behalf of all.  Image

We’ll conclude the Cyber Sphere of  our Yellow Crystal Star Round Table on the Red Cosmic Moon post.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 4.   G.A.P. Kin 168:  Crystal Star

Kin 167: Blue Spectral Hand codes Gamma 3 of Electric Moon 3 on the ‘Full Moon Equinox”

Blue Spectral Hand

Blue Spectral Hand
Red Spectral Earth Blue Spectral Hand Yellow Spectral Human
  White Electric Wizard
I Dissolve in order to Know,  Releasing Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Spectral tone of Liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Hidden Power, Electric Wizard mirrors this Moon’s Electric tone, and the Antipode/Challenge, Spectral Earth mirrors this 11th day of the Earth’s Wavespell.  The G-Force of Spectral Hand is Red Galactic Earth.
Postulate 7.11:  “Historic celestial events are the telepathic explorations in time based upon a specific historic event date, which then defines the specific historical space-point and its time vector potentialities.  Through celestial harmonics, historic processes which had been unconsciously or karmically erroneous, may be experienced and synchronically rearranged  according to evolving dynamics of  continuing consciousness.”
 GAMMA 3:  PACIFY;  Third Eye“I attain the Power of PEACE“.
FRONT of RADION Cube;  SPACE:___    ___ on LEFT of Codon Cube.   Katun Kin 197; 3rd Solar Witness:  Red Lunar Earth.
TELEKTONON Day 3Baktun 3:  BC 2324;  The WHEEL.  Pacal Votan enters the meditation that moves the wheel. 
Chakra06.gifAJNA:    is known as the third eye chakra and is linked to the pineal gland which may inform a model of its envisioning. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up. Ajna’s key issues involve balancing the higher & lower selves and trusting inner guidance. Ajna’s inner aspect relates to the access of intuition. Mentally, Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Emotionally, Ajna deals with clarity on an intuitive level.
The Sacred Sound of the Third Eye/Ajna is HRAHA {8+18+1+8+1=36.} 

For Day 3 of Moon 3, here are 3 bees enjoying a Sunflower  🙂Bees on a sunflower - Britain's bees need youo  The author of this article  “…believe(s) the pollination levels have dropped by as much as 50 per cent” in Britain.

Another ‘3’ for today:  Kin 167:  Blue Spectral Hand codes THREE Kin who are involved in promoting Spirituality on our planet:

Yogi Bhajan;  The Kundalini Yoga Master)
Ammachi;       The Indian spiritual teacher, known as  “The Hugging Saint“, and Jean Houston:  Human Potential  Author

Yogi Bhajan 

A grim three is contained in this chilling report:  “All three warning signs are documented to be occurring in the Gulf “ (of Mexico)

Here are Three Powerful and Positive Meditations:

We are already preparing ourselves for the first one on the Magic Turtle Day on 10/10/10.  More to come  🙂

The Autumnal Equinox (Spring Equinox for 10% of us) is  today, Sept. 22, 2010,  at 11:09 P.M “In the language of science, an equinox is either of two points on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect. For the rest of us, it’s one of two times a year when the Sun crosses the equator, and the day and night are of approximately equal length. 

Four hours and 9 minutes later,  (3.18 a.m. during the Crystal MonKEY watch of Crystal Star ) the Moon is at its ‘Fullest’.     

 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceTomorrow’s post will review the wonderful recent contributions from  the 441 Cube of Truth Kin, and our plans for our GAP Crystal Star Round Table. 

As always, your ideas and suggestions are encouraged  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

This heart-breaking news just came in:  Beached whales

“Volunteers are being sought to save whales who have stranded at Spirits Bay north of KaitaiaSeventy four pilot whales are spread across two kilometre of beach.  49 are alive and 25 dead, with more still stranding.  There are still up to 50 whales just off-shore.”   Are there any Kin up North who can help?

Kaitai = 51, the Kin that codes the watch containing the Full Moon (and Madame Blavatsky).  Mike Kin 226 recently wrote about that area as the place from which the Spirits leave Aotearoa.  Spirits Bay = 138.

N. S.  1. 23. 3. 3.               Kin 167

Kin 166: White Planetary World-Bridger codes Electric Seli 2

White Planetary Worldbridger

White Planetary Wizard
Yellow Planetary Warrior White Planetary Worldbridger Red Planetary Skywalker
  Blue Self-existing Eagle
I Perfect in order to Equalize,  Producing Opportunity.
I seal the store of Death
with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Timelessness.
The  Seals comprising Kin  166’s  Oracle are the 13: Skywalker (Support);   14: Wizard (Guide);   15:  Eagle (Hidden Power);  and 16:  Warrior (Challenge).  The G-Force is Kin 44:  Overtone Seed.
Happy Solar Return/Birthday to Mikekiwiallegiance!  Planetary World-Bridger is the Galactic Return of   Matt in the Eagle bio-region.
Postulate 6.10:  “The unifying power of celestial harmonics, the system of coordinates which establishes the synchronic order of Universe for any given moment, endows the Dreamspell as the knowledge base  for a level of fourth-dimensional mental functioninng hitherto unknown, and which completes the evolutionary sequence of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.”
  SELI 2:  FLOW;  ROOT:  “My mother is the ultimate sphere.  I see the light.”  BOTTOM of Radion Cube;  SPACE:  ___    ___ on RIGHT face of cube for Codon 17.  Katun 196.
Chakra01.gif The first chakra, the Root or Muladhara.  Physically, Muladhara governs sexuality, mentally it governs stability, emotionally it governs sensuality, and spiritually it governs a sense of security.  The Sacred Sound for Muladhara is HRAM:  8+18+1+13= 40,  P.V.C.S. Magnetic Sun.
TELEKTONON Day 2:  Baktun 2:  BC 2718;  The PYRAMID.  “Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid;  vows to remain in the Earthly tomb of materialism until the return of Bolon Ik/Divine Feminine.” 
Today, the 2nd day of Heptad 9, we focus on the telecosmic number power of 9.
Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image  Go to fullsize image 

This article is another example of scientists “catching up to something Valum Votan wrote about years earlier:

Spns of nitrogen
You will recognize features in this article that are discussed in the Postulates for Seal 10; which deal with reversing molecular spin, and in the 7:7::7:7 Instruction Manual, to name a few places where Votan discusses what this ‘discovery‘ is about.  This principle explains how we  will manifest the Rainbow Bridge, and reconnect the flux tubes of Earth and Uranus, along with  other telepathic tasks for which we are preparing.  “The researchers developed and implemented a special kind of quantum control over a single quantum magnetic moment (spin) of an atomic-sized impurity in diamond.” 

Mike Kin226  and TMQ began the 3rd Moon of Activation and Service with  a wonderful  conversation during which Mike sang some beautiful, uplifting songs about the 13:20 vision.  The conversation also confirmed that there is not a site actually available.  We  need to manifest money for land that will sustain our 13:20 community

Besides wishing  a Happy 44th Birthday to Mike today, let’s join him in  telepathically focusing on his selection of Lottery numbers, knowing that the proceeds are to be used for the highest intent;  benefitting our fledgling community and our beloved Earth. 

Let’s visualize these numbers being chosen on  the Powerball 7 Lottery this 9th Heptad.     

6,    7,      14,       21,      24,      34   These numbers add up to 106, which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Lunar World-Bridger.

Here are some empowering synchronicites to contemplate on this Planetary day of Manifestation.  Mike’s 44th year on the planet is coded by Kin 166 whose  G-Force is 44 (Overtone Seed)  His son Joseph (whose 11th Birthday was one week ago on Electric Storm) carries the Galactic Signature of Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed  🙂 

These 44s are during the Overtone Moon year, when 4.5 and 9.5 equal 13.10Planetary Skywalker, today’s Support!  The World-Bridger is the Support of the current Root Chakra (Skywalker) of the 7th Lord of the Ring, and Mike, Overtone World-Bridger is the precise Analog of the Root Chakra, coded by 13.5.  At the mid-year shift, that will become the Crown Oracle, a sign of the rise of our New Jerusalem.

May these synchronicities be signs that we are successfully manifesting the ROOT(today’s Chakra)/BASE for our 13:20 Community in the First land to see the Sun and the 12/21 Solstice. 

May our  intentions and efforts be magically reinforced  by the Full Moon on the special Equinox tomorrow  🙂 

6   *World-Bridger codes today; Mike; the Root Support, and sum of these 6 numbers

7   *Hand of Accomplishment codes the current Tower)

14  *This is the 14th Wizard year of the 16 year cube);   

21  *            Hunab Ku 21  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

24  * Our Sun’ Veletropa 24)

34   *Resonant Wizard:  Codes Merlin of Camelot and  Prince William. 

                   Mike, Joseph and Jack live at Camelot Place  🙂


These beautiful paintings by Planetary World-Bridger Paul Cezanne  evoke images of what we are co-creating here and now :):

N. S. 1. 23. 3. 2.                     Kin 166:  Planetary World-Bridger