G.A.P. Kin 147, Blue Self-Existing Hand codes Lunar Catalytic Blue Kali 11

Blue Self-Existing Hand

Blue Self-existing Night
Red Self-existing Earth Blue Self-existing Hand Yellow Self-existing Human
  White Planetary Wizard
I Define in order to Know, Measuring Healing.
I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Self-Existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Abundance.

I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!

Our Challenge is Kin 17Self-Existing Earth and the G-Force is Cosmic Skywalker;  Kin 13Lunar 11’s PSI is 4.11:  Spectral Seed.

7.4 is the Mayan way to write 144:  7×20=140 + 4 = 144.

7.4:  “Subsuming the incidence of celestial harmonics accessible through the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the Telektonon establishes more complex orders of Celestial Harmonics which are historical and interplanetary in nature.  The introduction of the Cube of Law, power of 16 (4×4) (1/2 of 32, 1/4 of 64) amplifies the potential for the mapping of the Biosphere Noosphere Transition.”

  KALI 11:  Catalyzes;  Secret Center:  “My name is the glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat within.”  KALI Establishes the bond between the Antipode Sensory quantum we built these last 3 days, and the Telepathic Quantum we will build during the next 3.  Today:  BACK of the Radion Cube and of  the Cube for Codon 6:  TIME; _____.

 This is the cave of Padhambsava, “the Lotus-Born” who:  ” incarnated as an eight-year-old child appearing in a lotus blossom floating in Lake Dhanakosha.”

TELEKTONON Day 11:  Telepathically redeem Baktun 11:  AD 830;  Holy Wars:  The Sacred 13:20 is overcome by War.

Cube Five:  SEX   By the Power of Prophecy, may the aggressive  force of War be transcended and overcome by sexual Life-force“.  “MAY PEACE & LOVE PREVAIL FOR ALL!”

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceToday’s G-Force is Kin 13:  Skywalker Prophecy.   During Lunar Wizard Year we  awakened the 4th Lord of Time:  Black Iron Garuda Crest:  Invincible Determination.  Our Lunar Skywalker is demonstrating that Indominatability, by pioneering the 13:20 life with courage and “Humbleness. Tranquility and TRUTH“:   

“For many moons I have lived with No vehicle.   No House.   No Cell Phone.   No Computer.   My Choice in this situation has ultimately given me Freedom….”
“Mayan Angel Sent.
To form One Religion.
Universal Religion (UR).
I Am prophecy.  For I am Skywalker.
I am Challenge.  For I am Lunar.

To have An absolute Divine AVATAR, in the Form of Valum Votan…..
I strive Harder.   I give More.   Longer.
AS WE ALL BECOME STRONGER>  2013TimeShipHunabKrew.”

Thank You,  Lunar Skywalker, for inspiring us.”  🙂 

Kin 93 ,Code=E’s words were the first that TMQ read after  awakening from a dream with Valum Votan….  Upon learning that she was to give a talk to a large audience about Galactic Activation Portals in less than two hours (at 1p.m., 1300), she rushed from the room to begin preparing.   When she opened the door to leave, Valum Votan was standing on the other side.  We took an elevator to a higher floor and entered a room, that contained another man, and in which Votan was in a playful MonKEY mood.  🙂

The next e-mail to be read this morning was from  Cheetah Cosmic Serpent, asking about Magic Turtle Days.  Her perfectly-timed question falls on the days whose Postulates discuss our “13:20 Tools”  including The Telektonon which says:   The turtle was chosen “because of the Turtle’s constancy to the Earth, and the recollection of the Thirteen Moons that every Turtle displays on its shell.”   When the tone of a Kin matches the tone of the Moon, it is called a Magic Turtle Day.  The next Magic Turtle Day of this Lunar Moon will be Lunar Mirror on Lunar 22.

“The Telektonon Instruction Manual also says:  True 13:20 time affirms and furthers telepathy by freeing everyone to live according to the natural cycles of the Earth, solar system and Galaxy.” and that:  “The current planetary crisis is actually the climax of an interdimensional, interplanetary time wars, the War of the Heavens.”  “Telektonon, 28 days  THIRTEEN Moons  is a galactic intelligence emergency plan.”

As Lunar Skywalker  wrote:  “We are the Ones, Earth is Counting on.   Im stepping up. MayanTruth..93″  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

Today is Lunar 11 of the Lunar Monkey Moon, another Magic Turtle Day of sorts  🙂 

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 11.     Cube Five:  SEX      Kin 147

10 thoughts on “G.A.P. Kin 147, Blue Self-Existing Hand codes Lunar Catalytic Blue Kali 11

  1. Heart thoughts BE with you. My magic monkey Tracey kin 111 has played havoc with my bio rhythms, but we are holding our love for humanity and BEING the orgasmic love for Aotearoa New Zealand Galactic Calendar Reform. GALACTIC INVITE COME AND BE PART OF FIRST COUNTRY IN THIS PART OF THE UNIVERSE TO ADOPT 13 MOONZ

  2. In Lake’ch
    still guided by abunDance, ……i will start counting spots on turtle shells and looking out for the map of the universe…….

    measuring the day,

    i’d like to define inclusion of my 11-year-old pentacled radiozoa Valentin, ‘a spectral hand 167’ into our holographic cube of truth.

    ≤he dissolves material issues into atomic mist and spectral light
    in order to know and heal≥ a gift, very very neccessary these days (not only in oUR family-field)……..

    and late, as always, here’s some recapping from the output of my monKEY wavespell-experience, the second one i followed consciously, my first, half a year ago ended with completion of the first round on the tzolkin (52 years) and i hadn’t found this bloGg, yet.
    All the forces -wind, spirit, moon, etc- over the vast periods of time represented on the GameBoards called “Chromatic Time Tunnel”
    the seen and the unseen are overseen by the moonKEY-glyph
    So the whole wave was fine, smoothy blue, the output followed next day, yellow seed (didn’t we just finish a seed year?)
    Overtone moon, lunar monkey moon, my body felt scorched, my mind torn and reading the comments, i dissolved completely…- that is so sweet of you ‘christine sparkling skywalker’, 143 -and s’ace 22, you tOo- ….so i plunged headforward into the pool of tears, … …–… –…– ,is it exactly ‘that’ i’m disavowing…: somewhere deep, deep behind in the darkest chamber of my unconscious, there it lies, hidden on a cupbord-shelf in the upper rear: wrapped up and tossed in wallpaper, the scribble said: does not deserve” :my love for humankind —–never came to my mind that i am part of this unhappy resisting entity http://www.bluebison.net/backgrounds/2006/0506/monkey_boat_night_1024.jpg
    there i was in my little nutshell –on my solitary journey
    in the dark sea of awareness ..
    It is not the ocean of cosmic consciousness !
    It’s the eagle’s emanation, it’s the wheel, that causes those ferocious black waterwalls assembling on either side… http://thetoltecpath.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/lines.jpg?w=300&h=187 Seers who see the Eagle’s emanations call them commands because of their urging force. All living creatures are urged to use the emanations……but they don’t know what they are…..

    and it’s ruthlessness against self and high attention on whats going on every moment, that gets me beyond these emanations.. endurance helps they say…well : i.. http://fsa.zedge.net/content/2/9/4/2/1-3829020-2942-t.jpg

    i’m paddling on…floating on wrenched quadrupled energy-patterns thru the dark sea thru the silence -passageway between worlds
    -amidst the collective unqualified radiosonic mass.
    -deep within the sensory realm of the energy-to-mind-continuum of the galactic karmic brain
    http://www.selfdiscoveryportal.com/4othergraphics/moonlit_water2.jpg TruthfromthehEARTHelps, i remember, the waves are shaking my little soulboat from side to side,…: a mindful line by line destruction of unrecapitulated material handling inorganic being-powers. closed in their P-Box
    …..witnessing and unraveling lines of the matrix:
    -the FOreign-instaLLatYon-trivial, primitive, alien feelings: Cracking the subliminal double yoke of money and deathfear which feed anti-life structures and circuits. Mental body-fields -genetically enslaved flesh / http://media.wisdompractices.org/_thumbs/uploads/librarySSI0011511_Bourne_Web_1_jpg_336x9999_q85.jpg Mind control-fields code overridden by unity-source-code
    I CUT thru to the core of what it means to live in beauty aligned with the earth

    —this is a female dance — http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g208/ammango/goddess/ixchel_cycles233115645_std.jpg

    i’m floating now water mesmerizes into structure

    A metaphysical cruncher: circuitry by which every thing returns to itself.
    The 7 rings of Middle Time, a vortex, that sucks us in. We’re on the last red ring, they all dissolve, when we plunge into the cosmic consciousness….
    i know Single Wing Red Fire , our current BolonTiku is underneath my fragile planks. is over my head in the consuming endless noOospheric cosmos.
    is even streaming unnoticed thru me: is 13 Baktuns long and oUr whole Velatropa 24 solar-ring mental field wide….. http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p277/bonk32000/chap20c.jpg
    this highly dematerialized electrical 5-dimensional Lord of Time-Being, perceptible for us by thinking layers produced and gifted by Kinich Ahau, the Vela-Pulsar and hunabKu21 http://fusionanomaly.net/hunabkudownload.gif
    We tear their alien imagery into oUR broadening mindal sphere.
    Imagination is the capstone of oUR unmitigated strife for impeccability to allow our disavowed parts to BE —those parts that are independant of any thoughts that arise in the mind.

    i am already given to the power that rules my fate.
    And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
    I have no thoughts, so I will see.
    I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
    Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free. http://www.realitysandwich.com/sites/realitysandwich.civicactions.net/files/imagecache/large/flyingbig.jpg?

    Allegory is truth in Middle Time: she is a subset of 4-dimensional time: the synchronic order of nOw. Developing a new sense mind organ: the holomind perceiver in the corpus callosum.
    Oh warrior’s V- cube journey! eye WE-a¬¬-cum forUR 4.1 o’clock T∑=ÅΩ†-I-chinGs!
    ∞ (translates: oh warriors of the heart! WarisOver, victory of loVe-cube-journeys’s begun.we all welcome 441-Tea(¿~“?)-Time-Teachings)
    Does anyone play ? ….. sound sound n’ sound…nearing harvest…
    remember the holy chords…are those the lost chords, 44
    so to say ¿
    Base chords larger. The Shroud of Bumpin…’–——_-°-ƒ g ªH ©

    On this Starry Clock of the Precession
    Humankind have 16 minutes 14 seconds

    Klatu Barada Nikto!
 The Galactic Federation Comes in Peace!
    Exercise: Whenever you are suffering, become the ocean instead of the wave. What is your experience now? 143 143 143 143 143 413oops i love you all, those i know and those i will know soon in lake’ch reimar

      • EYE LOVE HER!!!
        KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHERFUCKERS!!! The Pyramid is not false. It jUSt has mORE to reveal. Open the C-enter G-ate. Consume the ZERO.

        Two NOObaby twins born todaya in the MonKEY zone!!!
        Super proud supermama. We could certainly use a Hand or Two around here.

        Challenge Reimar.
        Keep BEing.

        The dreams will increase with the ever insistant pull towards nexUS. You mUSt gird yoUR mayan-d. Do not become re-engaged with the negative emotional program. It cannot serve you. U explore the place that needs utmost care. The filmy B-order between the readily perceived as “real” and “fantasy.” The place where the eternal child exists in all. I bow to U. What U mUSt B-EAR. The listening to the subterranean in the convolution of perception of mind and spirit that manifests itself in ever increasing vulgarity, by taste standards; eye reserve no judgement – but UR hardwired to see beneath and that mUSt be difficult.


        Cannot wait to hear about TMQ’s speaking prowess!!! Kick ass and TAKE NAMES!!!

        Flattery WILL get U everywhere. 😉 Hug the next person U C. 😉

  3. Aotearoa New Zealand alpha omega land of the rising sun, makes sense
    we lead the world in realigning planets bio-rhythm of thirteen moons
    and our human internal clocks bio-rhythms of the quartermoon,
    fullmoon, threequartermoon and the no moon called a new moon, there is
    no moon in a new moon cycle, then builds again 13 times of
    synchronicity harmony the rest will sort it self out. Calendar Reform
    Aotearoa New Zealand First Galactic Community

    • Iz only diffic°lt, when i stand completely alone… sweet bArAsHIa, stars invading dragonqueen, with MUt¬tiple talents,
      …… here. But that was the intent o’ this cube, was,’t it? Transforming, purging out, an∂soOn……..negative emotional programs…… to…. idon’t know andthem…. UNI†I~N@‚‚ ¿? it’s EvA^s bite nOw!!!!‘‘‘’’’’

      i thought we build a CUBe here!’¿

      who thinks, we are conjurINg Winnie Puh in DiS gUisE on this blogG
      this is no DisnEy-production!!!!!! although, they will soOn come and try and bUy it, when we keep on flattering and patterning what they find….well, thaz good enough to blind the masses.

  4. One Four Three–
    I-G-K-Nights ElecTriCities!!!
    S-Even came to know-One…
    And Eight was born.
    Eight called Infinity…
    And the trio danced into four!
    Eagle Eyes…
    Sea-Star Spies U
    And we dance in UR G-Race back to Source!!
    Of and on course…
    V.Ore-Tex-T revealing
    that oUR moons bUrth
    Waves that carry us out to See.
    Eye Sea U and U Sea We…
    One Four All
    And all four three!!!
    Two-of-Zero-Alive-in-the-Fifth Force!

    • the true way of breathing is the way of no special way.

      sHe who seeks shall not find because he pushes it away

      And it is not anything.
      For Void is Mind Itself, and Mind Itself is Void

      Calamity is blessing and blessing is calamity. We don’t know what is the beginning. It is beyond our wills……

      what do we have to do?

      Pack oUR bags, (surmise oUR 5 skandhas
      Go to the station without them, (…..)¿!¿
      Catch the train, (…the stream of life)
      And leave oUr self behind. (noOsphere-self attained)
      The practice of meditation is represented by the three monkeys,who cover their eyes, ears and mouths so as to avoid the phenomenal world

      yesterday, when i cYcled thRU ZU-rich a the number-plate on the rEAR o´the car in front said….………
      ÷÷÷…..FR – EE 200………“2o0¿\´……Two-of-Zero-Alive-in-the-Fifth Force!…¶!!!!’?
      looOoove yoUr wAY.s
      waves that carry us out to see
      love for all on this TimeShipCruise
      selamat jarim

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