Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon codes 7.4 Earthquake in Christchurch on Lunar 13

Red Rhythmic Moon

Red Rhytmic Moon
Blue Rhytmic Storm Red Rhytmic Moon White Rhytmic Dog
  Yellow Galactic Human
I Organise in order to Purify, Balancing Flow.
I seal the process of Universal Water with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Kin 19:  Blue Rhythmic Storm is the G-Force and Challenge for today.   Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 26:  White Cosmic World-Bridger is the PSI for Lunar 13 (2×13=26).
Vinal 3:  ZIP “In order to integrate the Universe.”
   LIMI 13:  PURIFY;  Solar Plexus:  “I consume dualistic thoughts as food.  I PURIFY the Mental Electron Neutron at the North Pole.” 
TELEKTONON Day 13:  Baktun 13:  Babylon Planet.  Planetary triumph of 12:60 complete.  Pacal Votan calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her pledge to bring the 13Moons  (and 13:20) back to life.
Cube Seven:  Accomplishment;  Reclaim and Redeem Baktun 13.  “By the Self-Generating  power of the Prophecy HAND Warrior, may Divine Truth Prevail.   “By my unconscious Telepathic Force, may  I take back Babylon Planet for the Biosphere!”
The Mystery Queen fell asleep last night contemplating the numbers associated with Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon, which 18.8 plus 11.11 equal.  She thought of how the G-Forces of those two Kins, 12.12 and 1.8 equal 13.7, which is Kin 33:  Resonant Skywalker, and that today would be Moon  Day 13, Cube 7,  TMQ’s last thought was  that 18.8 and 9.6 equals 7.1, reminding her of how the 7.1 Earthquake in Tokyo (where she was born) had been the final trigger causing her to begin this blog.

She awoke this morning to the news of a devastating earthquake in Christchurch a few hours earlier.

A minute after writing those words about the 7.1 Earthquake in Japan, the TV news broadcaster announced that the Christchurch Earthquake was downgraded from a 7.4 to a 7.1 Earthquake.  The earthquake struck Christchurch (=138) at 4:35 a.m.,  at a depth of 33 Kilometers.  Thankfully, it struck while most peple were asleep, but there is a tremendous amount of damage, people are without water and power, and the backup batteries of the cell phone towers will run out within the hour. 

Rhythmic Sun’s oldest son (who turned 40 {=P.V.C.S. 20.7}  on 7.4) and others have incurred flooding, as the Avon River emptied itself during the Earthquake.  The airport and central Christchurch are ‘closed’.  Aftershocks (including a 6.1 an hour ago) will continue for days.  “The extent of the damage caused by a massive 7.4 (7.4 = Mayan Kin 144) magnitude earthquake that struck 30km (30=P.V.C.S). west of Christchurch this morning is horrendous.”

They reported that this Earthquake occurred on “a Hidden fault“, reminding one of “The Hidden Seed” of Telektonon/Moon Day 12, which it still is for most of the world.  7 codes the Earthquake, today’s Cube, and the 7.12 Kin coding the 12/21/2012 Solstice.

Water is being trucked into Christchurch (the city known for it’s Pure water), on this day of Universal Water.  Broken sewer lines contribute to make water the biggest current issue.  Let’s join Scott Resonant Star in supporting  🙂

Today’s Gregorian date, 9/4 corresponds to 9.4, Self-Existing Moon; Kin 69 (3x23:  this is Galactic Spin 2369 is the reverse of today’s Seal and Tone: 9.6.  Moon 6; Day 9 is 12/21, the Solstice, reminding us of the long-prophesied 2012 Solstice.  9/4 also represents Seal 9, the 4th in our run of 10 G.A.P.s.

Today is the 41st day of Red Overtone Moon Year.  41 is the Interval of GodChrist = 77 Red Crystal Earth.  Church = Solar Dragon;  1.9=19 = Kin 19, Blue Rhythmic Storm, today’s Antipode and G-Force.

TMQ (Kin 138) led  the first of the global Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditations at 11:11 in Christchurch (=138) on the GM108X  Day-out-of-Time. 

138 (18.8) and Kin 11 (11.11)   = 149Today is 2 years and 108 days until the Moon 6, Day 9 Solstice on 12/21/2012.  The bells in Cathedral Square in the Heart of Christchurch were ringing loudly during and after this disaster.

Kin 149; Red Rhythmic Moon codes Telektonon card 19; Cube 13

19.13 “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

N. S.  1. 23. 2. 13.    Cube Seven:  ACCOMPLISHMENT    KIN 149


16 thoughts on “Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon codes 7.4 Earthquake in Christchurch on Lunar 13

    • Hi Kim,

      It’s perfect to hear from you here today!

      You were the one who introduced me to the significance of numbers, via 444, about 15 years ago.

      And, you are in your Solar-Galactic year as Kin 33, Resonant Skywalker, 13.7, the same numbers that code this day of the Moon. Will call you on your Saturday 🙂

  1. Dear TMQ,

    I hadn’t heard of this quake until I read your post. So I looked up my personalized iGoogle page and there indeed was a headline:

    Government supports quake-hit Canterbury – all 1260 related »

    Interesting is the [see all 1260 related articles] link!

    Surely your 11:11 meditation is related. Continual thanks for the great work you do towards global peace and the Rainbow Bridge.

    In Lake’ch,

    White Solar Mirror

    • Dear araJara;

      Thank You so much for your wonderful comment!

      Love and Light from one Mirror to another 🙂

  2. Niobium, 41 element
    According to estimates, niobium is 33rd on the list of the most common elements in the Earth’s crust with 20 ppm. Niobium has the largest magnetic penetration depth of any element.

    ’41 is the interval of G.O.D’
    in the Mirrior we have 14

    niobium =
    The fifth-force of the night marries the seed resonating and kin 207,
    crystal hand is born…
    seal 7
    tone 12…
    7×12=84 a rythmic seed in-deed

    in mi dream…after the earthquake the earth opened up.
    listenig in-be-tween these G.A.P.S for it feels like she will
    indeed….O-PAN- and we will have a place to T-RA-n-S-form

    uni-verse-ALL we-Avatars flow!

    • hi MOI et all kin beaming 😉

      i saw your second approach for de-coding Niobium into 124 …
      first half AZ=M uneven numbers from 1-25 and 2nd half ZA=ZN even numbers from 2-26 ; a method i didnt experience B:: …

      it inspired me to see for the bivideotex result having A-M=Z-N=1-13:
      13 9 12 2 9 6 13 => 64
      which is the DNA key number also encoded in the TZOLKIN permutation labyrinth

      apart from having 2x2x2x2x2x2=2**6=64
      also 7×9+1 => 64
      this last approach is parallel to
      3×9+1 => 28

      next to this game …
      i inform u on the 3 watermonsters …
      they are now from the beach in my home …
      an attempt to get them tested in a circuit did not run as i hoped for …
      i think i have them under my pillow here to med’on~wards …

      the AvaTareS’ flowww on Bird~wings Birthing NoospHere … }}}*{{{

  3. I WOKE UP, saying to my son “we need to go to Christchurch to tell the 13 Crest project that mt Hikurangi is home, our place to build our galactic community it’s at New Jerusalem, Ruatoria, and then rang my partner Tracey kin 111 and she told me about the earthquake, i’m 226 together we are Red Reasonate Earth. Aotearoa New Zealand Calendar Reform. Pulse and feed it. then relax and control, galactic culture produces galactic conciousness. i am another yourself

  4. some more Nobbium}Nƒ‹O‹®˚AtioM…and to reMember… “The tzolkin is really a filtration pattern of divine light.
    christchURch reminds me of an incident, which took place somewhere on the tURtlesHell end may, when a huge Christ Statue, 20 meters or so, made of styropor or similar, CAUGHT (red wing)Fire, by a lightning. i will bring the pic later, can’t find it now……here’s another
    and then soon thisis to align with
    Two-of-Zero-Alive-in-the-Fifth Force!….rrrr wonder why the bells ring..
    i wonder why the earth sings
    chaOtic nOdes can nOw anywhere appEAR
    even on remOte lines
    still wonder why the bolontiku coughs…….(VV:“By your awakening them, their imaginal existence will resurrect your imaginal universe, and you will finally determine how to grant your souls the right to attain the ascenDANCy
    ……»; I……..
    is it because a(c)hmedinehjaDs appearance here at least twice with his chaff-blunt
    vulturite rafts?
    He’s a woman-hater, underminer of all female self-honour , torturer of women’s rights, psychically nullifying all that carrYs breasts
    -does not shirk even physical excravation
    ask the IranIan feminist——
    ø][Ç#“±{} –— MOVEment, Mméchézlesétoilés‘!
    …and ask s’ace about the catholic reps….in lakech night143

  5. Twenty thirteen and the mystery queen, i answered your question on where? before i read your question. Mount Hikurangi there is a settlement their called New Jerusalem in Ruatoria on the East Coast of Aotearoa New Zealand, that is what i awoke thinking, and thankyou from my galactic universal bio-rhythm connected heart from following the beautiful fases of our moon sun and planets. I am here at service loving the dedication of sharing the freedom, my resources and ability to break the poverty trap i am in makes me beat myself up. Our galactic crew kin 241 from Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand 30 Camelot place Glenfield are an open portal(all welcome) for travellers for our galactic community, and any assistance to lead us to BE self sufficient with all we are. I am stuck in the poverty trap as solo dad Galactic Crew Red Resonate Dragon kin 241, i am another yourself

  6. I call on the love of the babies, i call on the love of the unborn babies, i call on the love of my unborn baby. I’m just a father, a man a brother a son an uncle, i am another yourself

  7. (2×13=26). 4.5 Pacal Votan meditates, turns the wheel, enlightens and catalyzes divine loyalty and Unconditional love gets conscious of telecosmic numbers from bolon Ik…The matrices of time and space are derived from the dimension of number
    thirteen moves consciousness.
    Pulses and catalyzes self-generation
    What wheel, you ask, feeling distortions…….is it a fan blowing….is it the MotherWheelTorsionField, coded by the is a BigMemOry Matrix …..flowing…The ‘big picture’ encompasses your cosmic ID of being within Spacetime simultaneously with being without it.
    it allows the polarisation of fearbased agendas to surface to become processed by new data

    What is the growing rowing of cardinal- and T-squares matching in Cardinal signs all about, on oUR Heaven’s Tent?
    A stalemate between opposing forces
    to give way thru hardSHIP
    to someTHing radi|CÅlly new.

    Radially new Matrix
    -GrOund Order…-… infinitely fractalizing CapaCity…-…
    5 – Part Radial Form = 5th Force
    a whole System of .holonomic Universal Religion Knowledge
    self-regulating information,
    subliminal, pure spiritual function
    5th force is love, and cosmic love is ruthless
    Too many women with ‘darkMaiden’-Qualities become victims–
    she is tender and vulnerable: has the power to respond —
    but has to be protected by ‘bright maiden’

    spirit saying to the bride; “come”*FP5H2dsL3wLrJZMX3TedWoOFnB9f9IKxnXXpy/sunlighteye.jpg?width=139&height=104
    Oh Eye See

O everts to I,
 inverts to O,
at C cubed

Simplified as:

    Zero Cubed = One

    the measure of 12 will spawn the crime

    Thirteen and one are OnE
    Inbetween the magical 7
    where does the prAYers of the directions dart
    if not, yes where.. to hell lol
    Earth’s wizards kNOW better:

    The Taboo- nature of the thirteen seemsto step from the
    mysterious 13. moon. The wavespell uses the 13 to create the sacred “G”
    an essential fractal in the understanding of the radial nature of time and time-travel
    . If i cannot PURIFY the Mental Electron Neutron i’ll be EaTen by my dualistic thoughts” – if i gave up silent knowledge for the world of reason
    i’d succumb to the selfpity of the phenomenal world
    in lak’ech, and goOd Night 143, you brave sleeping warriors of the cube of rut or ruth -zuvuya decide-

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